Mr_KaShAnAis the 15.10 version released?12:35
Mr_KaShAnAi saw it on cdimage.ubuntu.com12:35
Picinot yet13:19
Mr_KaShAnAit'll be released today in the afternoon?13:19
Mr_KaShAnAk thx13:26
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ethan_m42which linux kernel should I install in lubuntu 15.10 Wily Werewolf?18:47
redwolfkernel? then one shipped with :)18:48
ethan_m42should I install 4.2 or 4.3RC?18:48
redwolfI wouldn't change the 4.218:49
ethan_m42redwolf you have a similar nick name with werewolf18:49
redwolfbut that's my advise18:49
ethan_m42if I put a 4.3 will it have problems?18:51
redwolfnot many, as the only thing it changed inside is a major driver inclusion18:51
redwolfalso, it'll be upgraded in a couple months, with any possible bug fixed18:52
ianorlinI would use 4.2 unless you have specific problems19:04
redwolfethan_m42, YES :D19:04
redwolfI am a wolf :)19:05
ethan_m42I tried to upgrade from 15.04 to 15.10 and it downloads for too long19:08
ethan_m42it does not stop to download stuff19:08
ethan_m42ist it normal?19:08
redwolfethan_m42, depending on your connection, it may last more than 1 hour19:09
redwolfdon't worry, Windows needs 8 hours :D19:09
ethan_m42my connection is not slow19:09
redwolfmaybe the mirror you selected or the one by default is not responding19:09
redwolfalso everybody is accessing our servers right now :)19:10
ianorlinyeah the servers get lots of people like omg new install on release day19:10
Kamilionethan_m42: shouldn't have any problems building 4.3 yourself. You'll probably need to build a couple other things tied to the kernel version, like linux-tools for perf and btrfs-tools for the 'btrfs' tool.19:56
ethan_m42I am not that advanced19:57
KamilionThere should be no reason to, unless you have some preproduction intel hardware that 4.2.0-16 won't recognize.19:57
ethan_m42ok I stay with 4.219:57
ethan_m42it sounds ok19:57
Kamilionif you check the changelog for 4.2.0-16, it says it cherrypicked a few commits from 4.3RC19:58
KamilionIt's unlikely you'd ever notice the difference unless you're a hardware developer.19:58
jog1how can one group like windows in the panel?19:59
Kamilionand if any security issues are taken care of in 4.3, you'll get an update to 4.2.0-16 from the cherrypick, probably.19:59
Kamilionjog1: I am not sure lxpanel has support for that; but if it does and you find out how, I'd sure like to know as well.19:59
jog1Kamilion, there should be a way20:02
Kamilionjog1: are you saying that meaning, you have seen screenshots of that behavior and are trying to replicate it, or are you meaning "it is something that should be done if it has not already been"?20:03
Kamilionstupid ambiguous english language. *grumble*20:04
KamilionI know win7 does it; and it's been something I've wanted to see in lxpanel for a while, however LXDE seems to have died off when razor-qt and lxde joined forces to become the lxqt project20:05
Kamilionso don't expect to see it, if it's not already a supported feature that can just be turned on.20:06
ianorlinI think if you have like a really new intel integrated graphics that just came out a few months ago I think gained something better in 4.3 I think20:10
ianorlinwell those new processors have been hard to get20:10
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Kamilionwoo, my ratio's just gone over 30 for the lubuntu ISOs.20:29
Kamilionupload speeds are finally slowing down too, there's nobody left to blast 3.5MB/sec at now20:29
Kamilionjust little DSL lines choking down 600KB/sec20:30

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