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dholbachgood morning07:09
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ahayzent1mp, Hey, I see that header.height doesn't work anymore, is there a replacement for this? or do we have to be more imaginative in our layouts :-)11:39
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t1mpahayzen: Page.header.height :)11:53
* ahayzen tries that11:53
t1mpahayzen: do you want to set it or only read it?11:53
t1mpahayzen: there is new header API coming (some of it landed already, not all of it)11:53
ahayzent1mp, read it, as some things have a topMargin of the header height11:53
t1mpahayzen: Page now has a property Item header11:53
ahayzenbefore we were doing header.height .. and that is now failing for some reason11:54
t1mpahayzen: so you can set that to anything you like, to get your own header. header: PageHeader { title: page.title } will give you the header that you know.11:54
t1mpahayzen: since it is an item (parented to the Page), you could even anchor to it now11:54
t1mpahayzen: I'm still finishing up some stuff for the new header, like automatic back buttons in a PageStack or AdaptivePageLayout11:55
t1mpand some things are finished but not yet landed (like header height synchronization between columns in an AdaptivePageLayout)11:55
ahayzent1mp, oh cool :-) we still have that music-app convergence branch waiting for the bugs to be finished :-) did you see the video ?11:55
t1mpahayzen: I should have it all done this week, and landed next week11:55
t1mpahayzen: no, which video?11:55
t1mpahayzen: which bugs were those?11:55
ahayzent1mp, Alan made it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n3hmABdD7XU11:56
ahayzent1mp, these were the bugs IIRC pad.lv/1492343 pad.lv/1489591 pad.lv/1489850 .. and we need the Header component to add head actions to the right sidebar11:58
t1mpahayzen: I haven't worked on the sections bugs yet :( and I'm on holidays from next week12:03
t1mpthis week I won't have time to do it12:03
t1mpzsombi: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/+bug/1492343 is still in progress?12:04
ahayzenmaybe i'll have to start hacking on the UITK again lol12:04
ubot5Launchpad bug 1492343 in ubuntu-ui-toolkit (Ubuntu) "Pages hidden in an AdpativePageLayout stack have their width changed to zero" [High,In progress]12:04
t1mpahayzen: yes, sure :)12:04
ahayzenhaha :-)12:04
zsombit1mp: no, fix released :)12:04
t1mpahayzen: faenil made a branch with Sections that includes scrolling of the sections. Maybe that branch solved it.12:04
t1mpzsombi: ok :) the bug status was not updated automatically12:04
ahayzeni haven't tried it in a while so maybe12:04
zsombit1mp: yeah...12:04
t1mpahayzen: talk to faenil about that branch. It is in my backlog to get it in UITK but it will take a while before I can start working on it12:05
ahayzenok :-)12:05
ahayzent1mp, will the Header component be done this week?12:05
ahayzenas its really the header component and the overflowing that are the major ones ... then the stack resetting to index 0 each time after that12:06
t1mpahayzen: the PageHeader, yes.12:06
ahayzencool :-)12:06
ahayzent1mp, and this is all targeted for OTA8 right ?12:06
t1mpahayzen: there will be updates in the future though (support for subtitle+icons, adaptive number of actions, visual tweaks)12:06
t1mpahayzen: what's the date for OTA8?12:07
ahayzenerm 'soon'12:07
t1mpI think the PageHeader should land next week12:07
ahayzenah cool that should be in it then :-)12:07
t1mpI just work hard to get it in our staging this week before I go on holidays :)12:07
ahayzenhaha :-)12:07
* t1mp lunchtime, bbl12:09
jgdxhow is ubuntu app development on wily?12:14
jgdxany particularly annoying issues?12:15
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popeyballoons: do we still need to merge manually for weather? https://code.launchpad.net/~ahayzen/ubuntu-weather-app/fix-ap-tests-001/+merge/27533513:31
ahayzenpopey, we don't merge manually ;-) i meant we don't have autopilot running on that13:32
popeywell, we have had to manually merge some13:32
popeywasn't sure if weather was one13:33
ahayzenpopey, all jenkins does is run pep8/pyflakes and then merge it for us :-) ... sorry i confused you13:33
popeyI'm easily confused13:33
ahayzenit was weather and/or music before jenkins was linked to remix/reboot series13:33
popeyalso, I ran AP on that manually locally, so I'm happy to merge13:33
ahayzenbfiller, Hey, we added support for content-hub export in music a few weeks ago, is there any chance in getting bug 1268097 a milestone? you can see the implementation for the selection side from clock here https://code.launchpad.net/~nik90/ubuntu-clock-app/custom-alarm-sound/+merge/268499 which system-settings would be able to copy so it should be pretty simple todo :-)13:38
ubot5bug 1268097 in content-hub (Ubuntu) "[System settings] Can't set user-supplied ring tone" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/126809713:38
popeyahayzen: building new weather click...13:38
popey(with key)13:39
ahayzenpopey, hehe thanks :-)13:39
bfillerahayzen: looking13:41
ahayzenthanks :-)13:41
snizzoahayzen: I'm more less having it working with Playlist element :) but I'm becoming really crazy13:43
ahayzensnizzo, awesome :-) it should hopefully get more stable in the coming weeks13:44
bfillerahayzen: so the basic idea is system settings would allow you to set a custom ringtone by doing a content-hub import from music app?13:46
bfillerkenvandine: ^^^^13:46
ahayzenbfiller, yup, the way it works in clock is there is the list of built-in sounds.. then there is a custom button which opens content-hub import for music... it then imports that as an extra option to use for your alarm sound13:47
ahayzensomething very similar for selecting the ringtone would be quite nice :-)13:48
bfillerahayzen: makes sense, does it just play a segment of the song, or the whole thing? Not sure what would make sense for the ringtone - seems you'd need to pick the section of the song and then loop on that13:49
ahayzenbfiller, it just starts from the beginning, but thats up to the app end not music, we just export the whole thing13:49
bfillerahayzen: right13:49
bfillerahayzen: what does clock do?13:49
ahayzenyou could start it at X seconds i guess, but all other phones i've seen just start it from the beginning13:49
ahayzenstart from the beginning IIRC13:49
bfillerahayzen: at least for phase 1 it could just start at beginning and play first 5 seconds and loop, in future allow selecting part of song would be good13:50
ahayzeni think it would be preferred to play the whole track? or until a hang up/pick up has been done? but then i'm not a designer ;-)13:51
bfillerahayzen: that could work too I guess13:51
ahayzenas thats what clock as well and what other phones do13:51
bfillerahayzen: it sounds pretty easy to do, ota8 queue is getting pretty full already I'll see if we have time and if not will schedule for ota913:52
ahayzenbfiller, awesome thanks, try it with clock and see what you think :-)13:52
bfillerahayzen: will do13:52
bfillerahayzen: has clock and music app landed with that support yet?13:53
ahayzenbfiller, yup back in September13:53
kenvandinebfiller, yeah13:57
popeyahayzen: okay, new weather click uploaded and set the qa task to ready for qa14:05
balloonsahayzen, this run doesn't have the network issues anymore (aka, it is actually running). https://core-apps-jenkins.ubuntu.com/job/adt-krillin/26/console14:07
ahayzenpopey, sweet thanks :-) and balloons also awesome :-)14:08
* ahayzen pretends he didn't just see a FAIL from AP ... ;-)14:08
balloonsthere's actually quite a few passes in there, not too bad14:09
balloonsi need to make sure it's generating a subunit file artifact probably14:09
ahayzeni wouldn't be surprised if music had 1 or 2 failing14:09
ahayzenheh the test_pressing_prev_after_5_seconds one is failing14:11
balloonsyea, just one failure. really, good stuff14:11
mhall119alexabreu: ping, do you have an api docs package for js scopes that I can start looking at importing?15:04
alexabreumhall119, most likely today, the branch is pending +1ing15:05
mhall119alexabreu: cool, thanks15:05
alexabreumhall119, https://code.launchpad.net/~abreu-alexandre/unity-js-scopes/doc/+merge/27448815:05
alexabreumhall119, it needs a copyright update ...15:05
mhall119alexabreu: and will you be getting it into wily's archives, or will it go into xenial?15:05
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alexabreumhall119, x most likely, ... but avail from V onward from a ppa15:06
mhall119ok...pulling updates from a PPA will be difficult, I'm not sure how to identify "the latest version" from a PPA15:07
mhall119or a wget-able URL for those packages15:08
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dpmmhall119, how did you install the ci-tool?15:18
mhall119citrain? I don't remember where I got that15:20
dpmor in other words, how did you install silo 22?15:20
mhall119dpm: looks like the ubuntu-sdk-team PPA is where I got it, phablet-tools-citrain15:22
mhall119oSoMoN: any idea why https://cdn.sencha.com/touch/sencha-touch-2.4.1/examples/kitchensink/index.html#demo/basiclist doesn't scroll in Oxide?15:24
mhall119hmmm, doesn't scroll in Chrome either, so maybe it's them that's broken15:26
dpmmhall119, ok, cool. Then the next step, how did you specify the silo?15:26
dpm$ citrain --help15:26
dpmusage: /usr/bin/citrain COMMAND SILO-NUMBER [DEVICE-PASSWORD]15:26
dpmSILO-NUMBER not a number15:26
dpmthe "not a number" bit is a bit puzzling15:26
mhall119dpm: 022 is the silo number15:27
oSoMoNmhall119, if it doesn’t scroll in chrome either, there’s a good chance they’re broken indeed15:27
mhall119dpm: citrain device-upgrade 022 000015:27
oSoMoNmhall119, is that on desktop or phone?15:27
mhall119is the command I use15:27
mhall119oSoMoN: both15:27
mhall119oSoMoN: scrolls properly in Firefox15:27
dpmmhall119, ok, thanks15:27
mhall119oSoMoN: some other UI components of the Sencha toolkit weren't working either, like sliders and toggles15:28
oSoMoNyeah, that page looks obviously broken15:28
oSoMoNit scrolls but when released springs back into place15:29
oSoMoNnot an oxide bug I think15:29
mhall119ok, thanks15:29
mhall119dpm: you might need to manually apt-get install dmz-cursor-theme before running citrain15:30
mhall119if citrain removes Unity8 from your phone, that's the problem15:30
dpmouch, so I better install it manually just in case15:30
mhall119unless the newest citrain tool has fixed it,yeah15:31
mhall119if you happen to remove unity8, you can reboot into recovery and re-flash the device15:31
* mhall119 became good at that15:31
mzanettipopey, are we?15:31
mzanettito meet or not to meet. that's the question :)15:31
popeymzanetti: indeed, in another meet right now...15:31
mzanettiok, np15:32
davaahello everyone16:00
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snizzoahayzen: switching from Sequential to Loop and vice versa doesn't work :( but that bug was already present in the fixme16:17
ahayzensnizzo, yup it does seem to work if you wait for two EOS's16:23
ahayzenor switching from shuffle to sequential16:24
ahayzenend of stream16:24
snizzowait... You mean doing Sequential -> Shuffle -> Loop works?16:24
ahayzensnizzo, similar to #7 on my list ? https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xzI4D6knVJ6VmXxqJ2gyGSMowbtVVoNPgQl1fywim_U/edit16:24
ahayzensnizzo, oh yeah the onPlaybackModeChanged never happens as well, we bind to our actual setting.repeat/shuffle16:25
ahayzenjhodapp, ^^ that was another missing emit signal16:25
jhodappahayzen, that's already in the list if I remember correctly16:26
ahayzenjhodapp, yup think it is, just to confirm :-)16:26
snizzohowever, Playlist now works in my app16:26
jhodappsnizzo, nice16:26
snizzoone thing I never understood is removeSource16:26
snizzoI found the src of QPlaylist class I think... and there was the c++ class but instead of source things were called "media"16:27
snizzolike addMedia() removeMedia()16:27
jhodappsnizzo, yeah they're not consistently named16:27
jhodappin this instance, media and source are the same16:27
snizzoI just use addSource() and clear()16:27
snizzoand it works16:27
jhodappif that gets the job done then great :)16:27
snizzoyes. Now, this implementation will remain the same until OTA8?16:28
snizzoin stable channel phones I mean, like factory e4.5 ubuntu16:29
jhodappsnizzo, yes in general, I might add to the API but the existing API items won't change16:29
jhodappsnizzo, also doing bug fixing behind-the-scenes16:29
snizzomy main fear is to have based some logic on bugs :P16:30
snizzoWindows ME approved16:30
snizzothank you for having helped me btw16:30
jhodappsnizzo, you're welcome16:31
jhodappglad it worked out16:31
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gh16itoHey all, I'm trying to fix a Mint applet to work with Cinnamon on Ubuntu, and I'm having a bit of trouble. This is the one I'm trying to update: https://github.com/robin92/cinnamon-power-applet/blob/master/power%40airlog.pisz.pl/applet.js#L3920:20
gh16itoOne problem is that apparently the syntax is a bit different (I'm getting syntax errors if I run something like this: https://github.com/robin92/cinnamon-power-applet/blob/master/power%40airlog.pisz.pl/applet.js#L51 without putting each line in quotes with a concatenation operator between them, but that's at least taken care of.20:21
gh16itoThe other problem is that, from what I gather, imports.dbus is deprecated (http://segfault.linuxmint.com/2014/08/attention-applet-desklet-extension-developers/)20:21
gh16itoSo I need to convert from dbus.makeProxyClass to Gio.DBusProxy.makeProxyWrapper()20:22
gh16itoBut when I do this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12896799/20:22
gh16itoI get the following error: "<interface> elements can only be embedded in <node> elements"20:22
gh16itoANy thoughts?20:22
gh16itoThe naive method of just wrapping it in <node></node> does not work.20:25
gh16itoFigured it out.20:35
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