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tvosstrainguards, I would like to have https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/548 landed to wily overlay08:02
robru|sicktvoss: if you set the destination ppa to the overlay you can click publish on it08:04
robru|sicktvoss: there's a dropdown menu you can select the overlay from, just double click in the field08:05
tvossrobru|sick, ah, so wily + overlay ppa08:05
tvosscool, let me try to hit publish :)08:05
robru|sicktvoss: looks good08:05
tvossah, I'm not authorized to upload :)08:06
robru|sicktvoss: you need a core dev then, I'm afraid i can't help you there08:06
tvossrobru|sick, ack and thx08:07
robru|sicktvoss: you're welcome08:07
tvossrobru|sick, and get well soon :)08:07
robru|sicktvoss: thanks, will sleep it off tonight08:08
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Saviqsil2100, re: translations, I don't think there's really any other way, translators should use rc (if we start using it as actual rc), we need a string freeze @ which point we release to rc, give translators a few days to do translations and start testing then09:01
sil2100Saviq: yeah, but I don't want to force translators to have to use rc even at best... since even though it's safer than rc-proposed, the first images we build in rc will be untested, so they could have some issues on their main phones09:03
Saviqsil2100, how else are they supposed to see new, untranslated, or changed, strings09:03
Saviqsil2100, otherwise you release untranslated images to users09:03
jibelsil2100, I agree with Saviq there is no other way than using a pre-release image09:04
Saviqsil2100, if we treat translation changes as "safer", you could update just the langpacks post-testing09:04
seb128we could also publish a list of new strings in the coming ota09:05
seb128but it would mean keeping track of string changes09:05
Saviqseb128, well, should be easy to get .po diffs09:05
Saviqseb128, but, it's not just about the strings09:05
sil2100seb128: we already do something like that, since LP has the new strings earlier - the problem is that they do not know the context of some of the strings09:05
Saviqexactly, or how much space they have09:06
jibelseb128, right but without context and the layout on the phones it's hard to figure out what the translation should be. The physical space on the screen is a hard constraint09:06
seb128there is not one phone and screen size though09:06
seb128so that's not really an argument09:06
Saviqwell, 40GU is our smallest target09:06
seb128right, so now you change from "test on your device" to "test on a 40GU"09:07
seb128ideally the emulator would make that easy09:07
Saviqif it wasn't as slow as it is... but sure, I treat the emulator == device09:08
Saviqbut I'm probably slightly different than community folk just trying to help, not brick their phones09:09
rvrmardy: ping10:22
mardyrvr: pong10:30
rvrmardy: Hey10:30
rvrmardy: Silo 210:30
rvrmardy: «I have created a Google account. I have granted access in System Settings > Accounts to both YouTube and Contacts. Two issues: YouTube scope doesn't hide the "Log in YouTube" button»10:30
rvrmardy: «Clicking in "Import contacts from Google" opens the Google login dialog to introduce the credentials.»10:31
mardyrvr: brb, got to reboot10:32
mardyrvr: ok; the second one seems normal10:36
mardyrvr: what happens when you tap on the Log in Youtube button?10:36
rvrmardy: Even though the account has been created and permission granted?10:37
mardyrvr: wait, does it asks you to authorize a service, or to enter your credentials?10:37
rvrmardy: Yes10:38
rvrmardy: The button doesn't do anything, apparently10:38
rvrIt reloads the page, but doesn't go away10:38
mardyrvr: can you please try without the silo?10:42
Saviqbrendand, kudos on picking up the behemoth silo ;), let me know please if you have any questions10:45
brendandSaviq, np i'm currently filling my armory10:45
brendandlet's see, assault rifle, check. grenades, check. 8 inch hunting knife, check10:46
brendandbody armour, check10:46
Saviqtrainguards, https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/445 somehow got SILO DIRTY for unity8, even though I rebuilt it yesterday and no one released unity8 in the mean time11:05
Saviqoh ok, duflu merged trunk... bad timing11:06
Saviqis this going to be a problem for publishing?11:06
sil2100Saviq: silos now can also be marked as dirty if someone pushes a new commit to any of the branches - anyway, so did anyone release unity8 in the end, or is it that case right now?11:07
Saviqsil2100, one of the branches got a trunk merge after it was built in the silo, so there's no change really11:07
Saviqsil2100, we can safely ignore that commit11:08
Saviqsil2100, just not sure what the result's gonna be when publishing (should I WATCH_ONLY?)11:09
sil2100Saviq: hmm, good question, might cause some problems11:22
sil2100Saviq: try watch-only, but with all the recent changes that Robert made I'm not sure if watch-only does what it was doing in the past anymore11:23
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rvrmardy: Same without the silo11:33
mardyrvr: that's kind of good news :-)11:33
Saviqsil2100, it'll likely just go back to dirty the next time it does the checks... but let's try11:34
mardyrvr: rc-proposed?11:34
rvrmardy: Good news for the silo, but it's not working as expected11:34
rvrmardy: Yes11:34
rvrIf I granted permissions to Contacts, why does it ask again? And YouTube scope seems broken.11:35
mardyrvr: since it's already landed, can you please file a couple of bugs?11:35
mardyrvr: one is the local permission to use the account, the other one is Google request to authorize the app -- but I'll check11:36
Saviqsil2100, actually, watch_only didn't clear the flag, let's see what happens11:36
rvrmardy: In Contacts, the dialog to fill the Google account credentials is displayed11:37
mardyrvr: mmm... I tried just now: deleted the account, re-created, enabled contacts from system settings:11:38
mardyrvr: the transfers indicator showed an error, with "tap to retry" suggestion11:39
mardyrvr: I tapped, it retried, and it worked, with no question asked11:39
mardyrvr: can you tell me exactly your steps?11:39
rvrmardy: 1. System Settings > Accounts > Create Google Account.11:39
rvrmardy: 2. Edit account to grant permissions to Contacts and YouTube11:40
rvrmardy: 3. Open Contacts, click on Import contacts from Google11:40
rvrmardy: At this point, the Google login page appears11:41
mardyrvr: don't you get the transfer icon in the indicators, as soon as you enable Contacts in the account?11:43
rvrmardy: Yes11:45
rvrmardy: But no error11:45
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* Mirv freeing up 10GB of PPA space :)11:48
mardyrvr: that's weird, so there is a working sync after creating the account, but it doesn't work from the calendar app...11:52
mardyrvr: did you install the first version of buteo landing, which was later reverted?11:52
rvrmardy: I'm latest using rc-proposed11:53
rvrI'm using latest rc-proposed11:53
mardyrvr: yes, but I mean, if you once installed that (broken) silo, the accounts.db file might still contain wrong infos11:53
mardyrvr: unless you wiped the device11:54
rvrmardy: The device is wiped for each silo11:56
mardyrvr: ok, then please can you try again while running this: OAU_LOGGING_LEVEL=2 OAU_DAEMON_TIMEOUT=9999 online-accounts-service11:59
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rvrmardy: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12893637/12:07
rvrmardy: That's without the silo12:08
ubot5Launchpad bug 1508903 in Online Accounts setup for Ubuntu Touch "[Contacts] Permission dialog shows in already granted account" [Undecided,New]12:13
mardyrvr: you know what? it's not using the same account, it's actually creating another account12:14
rvrmardy: I suppose it's not recognizing the existing one12:15
mardyrvr: can you also paste the output of "account-console show <google-account-id>", where the google account id is returned by account-console list?12:19
rvrmardy: https://pastebin.canonical.com/142430/12:21
mardyrvr: thanks; looks like this is a regression in calendar, I'll comment on the bug12:23
rvrmardy: In calendar?12:23
mardyrvr: contacts, calendar, same thing ;-)12:24
rvrmardy: Ah, ok12:24
rvrmardy: The account tester app is failing. "Error 4"12:33
rvrmardy: signon-apparmor-extension is installed12:34
mardyrvr: are you testing the silo 2 now, or still on vanilla rc-proposed?12:39
mardyrvr: in any case, could you please try again with OAU_LOGGING_LEVEL=2 OAU_DAEMON_TIMEOUT=9999 online-accounts-service ?12:44
rvrmardy: Silo :)12:55
rvrmardy: Forget it, it was an expected error12:57
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brendandare these issues known about? http://paste.ubuntu.com/12893982/13:20
sil2100brendand: hm, no, I don't think so13:21
sil2100brendand: is that with proper PPA pinning?13:22
rvrmardy: Approving silo 213:34
rvrmardy: I filled another bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-system-settings-online-accounts/+bug/150893513:34
ubot5Launchpad bug 1508935 in Online Accounts setup for Ubuntu Touch "[Account tester] Test case password-query fails" [Undecided,New]13:34
rvrrenatu: ping13:36
renaturvr, pong13:36
rvrrenatu: om26er has been trying to install silo 55 in OTA7 without luck13:36
rvrrenatu: https://trello.com/c/Sof1bEKA/2397-540-ubuntu-landing-055-address-book-service-bfiller13:36
rvrrenatu: Should be installed in rc-proposed instead?13:37
rvrOTA7 lacks dependencies13:37
renaturvr, did we update evolution-data-server libraries?13:37
rvrrenatu: I don't know13:37
renatuVersion of libstdc++6:armhf on system is 4.9.2-10ubuntu13.13:37
renatuit is complaning about evolution-data-server libraries and stdc++ versions13:38
renaturvr, I do not have controls over these libraries, I can try push a new build on the silo to check if it will fix the problems13:39
rvrrenatu: I could install it in rc-proposed13:39
rvrrenatu: But om26er was trying to do it in OTA7, as explained in the merge proposal13:39
renaturvr, do I need to change something in the silo to create packages for OTA7?13:40
Mirvjibel: hey. I don't see cachio here but request 531 / silo 014 was marked as Passed but the ticket was not updated.13:40
renaturvr, I do not know why the silo is creating packages incompatible with the libraries on OTA713:41
rvrrenatu: Hmm13:42
rvrrenatu: I'm going to take look to it. Why is OTA7 a requirement?13:42
rvrMirv: I see13:42
renaturvr, OTA7 is not a requirement13:42
rvrMirv: Maybe he has no bileto powers13:42
rvrMirv: Approving13:42
renaturvr, it will be land on OTA813:42
Mirvrvr: thank you! possibly so.13:43
renaturvr, ok I see the test plan ask to install OTA6. I will update that.13:45
rvrrenatu: Ok13:46
renaturvr, done13:46
rvrrobru|sick: Can you add cachio to bileto (qa-team)?13:46
sil2100rvr: I can do that if needed :)13:47
rvrsil2100: Yes, please :)13:48
rvrrenatu: I'm reading the steps here https://code.launchpad.net/~renatofilho/address-book-service/fix-facebook-account-import/+merge/27507613:50
rvrrenatu: * Install OTA7 or older image on phone13:50
rvrrenatu: Step '''Install the last version of the package "buteo-sync-plugins-contacts-google" and "address-book-updater"''' ... is this equivalent to install the silo packages?13:50
renatu rvr, I added a extra step: Flash proposed image;13:51
rvrrenatu: Same URL?13:52
rvrStill see the same steps13:54
renaturvr, for me it is showing:13:54
renatuOpen system settings and create one account (Account D):13:54
renatuMake sure that contact sync is disabled for this account13:54
renatuFlash proposed image;13:54
renatuInstall the last version of the package "buteo-sync-plugins-contacts-google" and "address-book-updater"13:54
renatureboot the phone13:54
rvrrenatu: Flash without wiping?13:55
renatulet me update that13:56
rvrWeird, in https://code.launchpad.net/~renatofilho/address-book-service/fix-facebook-account-import/+merge/275076 I still see the old steps13:56
rvrom26er: You? ^13:56
om26errvr, yeah they are the same as they were previously13:57
rvrom26er: renatu has updated the steps, see above13:57
renaturvr, ok sorry I have been updating the test plan page: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Process/Merges/TestPlan/buteo-sync13:58
renaturvr, I will update the MR description13:58
rvrrenatu: Aaaaaahhhhhh13:58
om26errenatu, is buteo-sync-plugins-contacts-google not installed by default ?13:59
renatuom26er, yes they are on proposed13:59
rvrbarry: ping13:59
om26errenatu, hmm, so I don't need to install it then ? or do I have to downgrade to the previous version of this package ?14:01
renatuom26er, you need to install the packages on silo14:02
om26errenatu, the silo does not contain buteo-sync-plugins-contacts-google it only contains address-book-service14:03
om26errenatu, https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/ubuntu/landing-05514:05
renatuyes in this case just install the silo14:06
renatuI will update the description14:06
davmor2popey: oh I like it14:47
davmor2popey: I thought well that bug number one not fixed and then I tapped the today and up it scrolled very swish14:48
davmor2and the bottom one pops it's details up rather than down that's 2 out of 2 woohoo! now to find some new issues ;)14:51
Saviqbrendand, how's your armour, holding? need a med-pack?14:52
davmor2popey: found a bug15:00
davmor2popey: 19 kph is not 19 mph for wind15:01
davmor2popey: 19kmh is about 12 mph15:01
davmor2kph even15:02
ahayzendavmor2, not more issues! ;-)15:05
davmor2ahayzen: flick between mph and kmh surely the numbers should change ;)15:05
ahayzenthey do for me..15:05
davmor2kph even15:06
ahayzenwhich provider and is that the day delegate or the today info ?15:06
ahayzendavmor2, oh you mean the numbers would change good point!15:06
davmor2ahayzen: both providers on the default location page for any day including today15:06
davmor2ahayzen: indeed 19 kph != 19mph more like 12mph15:07
ahayzendavmor2, haha who wrote this!15:07
* ahayzen hides15:07
davmor2ahayzen: ermmmmmm I forget his name15:07
ahayzenbzr blame will tell us ;-)15:08
davmor2ahayzen: I just blame popey ™ any way15:08
ahayzendavmor2, right investigating, you can report a bug and assign to me if you want :-)15:09
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ahayzendavmor2, haha, so if you change the temperature from C to F i bet the wind value will change ;-)15:12
Saviqdavmor2, have you seen brendand? I'm worried silo 22 kiled him...15:13
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davmor2Saviq: bath is a long way from wolverhampton dude ;)15:13
davmor2ahayzen: what muppet wrote that ;)15:14
Saviqdavmor2, not sure what it has to do with the fact you don't take regular baths15:16
SaviqI work from  home, too15:16
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davmor2Saviq: yes an I can't see you either :P15:17
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* Saviq wipes the camera lens15:18
davmor2Saviq: oh dude seriously put some clothes on no one needs to see that.  /me buys some more mind bleach15:19
sil2100slangasek: hey! I see the xenial series is up on LP, feel free to do the wily-overlay batch copy once you see the time is right and give us a sign to re-target the CI Train15:26
om26ersil2100, Hi!15:27
slangaseksil2100: ah, we should probably do that asap15:27
om26ersil2100, I need to bless https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/54015:27
om26ersil2100, I would probably need permissions to do that, can you give me permissions ?15:28
sil2100om26er: sure!15:28
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davmor2Saviq: there you go resurrected brendand for you15:29
davmor2Saviq: don't be killing him again I only have the one potion available till I complete the next quest15:29
sil2100om26er: added!15:30
sil2100rvr: oh and I almost forgot about your request, added that person now - sorry for the delay!15:30
rvrsil2100: Thanks15:30
sil2100jibel, robru|sick, rvr, davmor2: anything to discuss besides celebrating wily release?15:34
jibelsil2100, nothing from me15:34
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popeydavmor2: http://people.canonical.com/~alan/weather/com.ubuntu.weather_3.0.150_all.click for you - fixes your bug16:01
jibelrvr, why is 23 still blocked?16:02
rvrjibel: barry haven't pinged back16:02
jibelbarry, ^16:02
jibelbarry, there is a comment on this card https://trello.com/c/lGitnxvO/2373-514-ubuntu-landing-023-system-image-barry16:03
davmor2ahayzen: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-weather-app/+bug/150899816:03
ubot5Launchpad bug 1508998 in Ubuntu Weather App "Numbers are not recalculated on unit change for wind speed" [Undecided,New]16:03
davmor2popey: oh nice16:04
ahayzendavmor2, already fixed :-P16:04
popeydavmor2: added link to the citrain task16:04
davmor2popey: thanks16:05
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popeydavmor2: give us a ping if you find any more :)16:22
barryjibel: i apparently can't log into trello any more.  getting a pw reset16:26
davmor2popey: will do16:32
barryrvr: do you have a few minutes to talk about the test b failure?16:36
rvrbarry: Sure16:36
barryrvr: what does it mean "s-i-cli doesn't unset auto downloads?"16:37
rvrbarry: system-image-cli is self-consistent, it gets and sets its autodownload status correctly16:38
rvrbarry: but is not consistent with System Settings16:38
rvrbarry: When I unset autodownloading with system-image-cli, System Settings says otherwise16:39
barryrvr: i guess that's a bug in system-settings?16:40
davmor2ahayzen, popey: that's better :)16:40
ahayzendavmor2, :-)16:40
barryrvr: who owns system-settings these days?16:41
rvrbarry: Ask kenvandine16:41
davmor2ahayzen: how can tell if the refresh has happened?16:41
ahayzendavmor2, when the spinner stops spinning? or the bouncing stops bouncing ?16:42
ahayzenor if the data changes16:42
ahayzendavmor2, you could load you cache folder with the data from the autopilot tests16:42
ahayzenthen you would see it all change16:42
davmor2ahayzen: I mean for the refresh interval to test it is actually refreshing16:43
ahayzenah hmm16:43
ahayzenchange the time on your clock ?16:43
barryrvr: okay, while waiting for kenvandine to respond, let me ask about the other problem i think you reported.  you're not seeing updates because of another system-settings issue, or is that a system-image problem?16:43
davmor2ahayzen: is there a timestamp on the data?16:43
ahayzendavmor2, not sure think that was hijacked from the old app, let me check16:44
rvrbarry: Well, I don't know whether the problem is in System Settings or in system-image, but I did "Wait for it to say there is an update available" and in the main screen, I couldn't see the new image notification16:45
barryrvr: did you explicitly check for updates?16:46
rvrbarry: I followed the test plan16:46
ahayzendavmor2, hmm i'm not sure if that auto-refreshes or if when you restart the app it then uses that to determine if its loading from the cache or if it needs to go to the web16:46
rvrbarry: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Process/Merges/TestPlan/ubuntu-system-image#Test_B_--_Good_Path_Automatic_Download_Current_Packages16:47
rvrbarry: As I didn't get the notification, I stopped to ask whether that was expected or not16:47
davmor2ahayzen: okay I'll have a look at the data see if it has a timestamp and play a bit16:47
barryrvr: note that for s-i 3 you only follow the first Test A and B.  i suppose i should relabel those so it's not confusing16:48
barryrvr: but i will also double check on my phone16:48
ahayzendavmor2, this is the bit of code it hits if its any use http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-weather-dev/ubuntu-weather-app/reboot/view/head:/app/data/WeatherApi.js#L77116:48
rvrbarry: Oh, right, don't worry I was using test plan for system-image 316:49
rvrIt's clear16:49
barryrvr: cool16:49
davmor2ahayzen: thanks I'll have a look after16:49
barryrvr: i'm on ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/bq-aquaris.en r14916:50
barryrvr: let me install si 3.0.2 from the silo and test it16:50
rvrbarry: Ok16:50
davmor2ahayzen: yeap looks like it updates on close and reopen  if it passes the time selected by the look of it but I'll have a confirmation in 8 minutes16:55
ahayzendavmor2, sweet :-)16:55
kenvandinebarry, rvr: hey, mostly jgdx and myself16:58
barryrvr: hmm. i see "Auto download Never" now16:58
barryafter i install s-i 3.0.2, and reboot16:58
rvrbarry: Hmmm16:59
jgdxbarry, reminds me, we need to stop using Info if you backport s-i 3 to vivid+overlay, right?16:59
barryjgdx: right.  use .Information()16:59
jgdxbarry, I have an MP for that16:59
barryjgdx: cool.  rvr, jgdx, kenvandine one thing i am seeing though: if i set auto_download=0 via system-image-cli, system-settings doesn't see the change17:01
barryi'm guessing it caches it and doesn't recheck17:01
barryhowever, if i swipe up the s-s panel and relaunch, it sees the change17:02
jgdxbarry, while page open, or do you back->re-enter?17:02
barryjgdx: back->re-enter17:02
jgdxkenvandine, shouldn't be any caching between panel “sessions” should there?17:03
kenvandineit might not get the property changes17:04
kenvandineso won't see the value changed until it restarts17:04
jgdxbarry, that sends a dbus signal?17:04
kenvandineunless it was changed in settings17:04
barryjgdx: yes, it should send a SettingChanged signal with the key and new value17:05
jgdxokay, maybe it's not hooked yp17:05
kenvandinemy guess is we don't handle that signal17:05
barryjgdx, kenvandine swipe-up->relaunch does work17:05
barryjgdx, kenvandine, rvr so the other thing i see is that on manual download, while i do get an offer for r155 (i'm on r149), i don't see any progress during the download.  might want to check that you're handling UpdateProgress signals correctly too17:10
* barry will update the trello17:11
kenvandinebarry, mind filing a bug?17:12
barrykenvandine: on both signal issues, or just UP?17:13
kenvandineboth please17:13
kenvandineone bug for both is fine17:13
barrykenvandine: ack17:13
davmor2ahayzen, popey, pmcgowan ^17:14
davmor2popey: now just publish the right one ;)17:15
popeybrilliant news, thanks davmor217:16
barryrvr, jgdx, kenvandine at least the --set issue isn't a bug in system-settings i think.  i think the signal doesn't get set when system-image-cli is used17:17
barryi'm still going to file the bug, but i'll add a bugtask to system-image for that, though 1) i'm not sure if i can make that work; 2) it's an odd corner case anyway since "normal people" don't use the cli17:18
rvrbarry: I see17:19
rvrbarry: Hmm17:20
rvrbarry: I'm re-running test B to check the rest of it17:20
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barryrvr: okay.  jgdx, kenvandine LP: #150902217:23
ubot5Launchpad bug 1509022 in ubuntu-system-settings (Ubuntu) "system-settings may not be responding to system-image D-Bus signals" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/150902217:23
rvrbarry: Great, thanks17:24
barryrvr: thanks!17:26
kenvandinebarry, thx17:27
rvrbarry: Test B17:40
rvrbarry: Open System Settings panel17:40
rvrbarry: I go to Updates17:40
rvrbarry: And, although I set system-image-cli --set auto_download=0, Updates says it downloads when wifi available17:41
rvrbarry: Anyway, I installed that update17:41
rvrbarry: After the phone is rebooted, I rm -f /etc/system-image/config.d/02_testing.ini17:42
rvrbarry: Test plan says "Open System Settings panel, then Updates. It should report that your Software is up to date"17:42
rvrbarry: But it downloads the image again17:42
rvrbarry: cat: /etc/system-image/config.d/02_testing.ini: No such file or directory17:43
jhodappsil2100, ping17:43
jhodappcyphermox, hey can you do me a quick favor and push qtmultimedia-opensource-src from ppa:jhodapp/ubuntu/ppa to silo 15 please?17:46
jhodappcyphermox, source package only17:46
barryrvr: i think i left off a step.  after printf'ing to 02_testing.ini, system-image-dbus needs to be restarted.  let me verify and update the wiki17:46
popeydavmor2: ahayzen published :) (the right one)17:46
barryrvr: or you can wait for it to timeout, but that's no fun17:47
rvrbarry: I see17:48
cyphermoxjhodapp: stuff is building, do you still need the copy?17:49
jhodappcyphermox, yeah, if the build is in the way feel free to cancel it17:49
jhodappcyphermox, thanks for doing that, going to grab lunch quickly...bbiab17:51
dobeyrvr: hey. sorry, forgot to approve the one branch in our iap silo. it's approved now :)17:52
cyphermoxjhodapp: copied; it's building now17:52
rvrdobey: Great!17:52
=== robru|sick is now known as robru
robrusil2100: I'm here to enable xenial if you want to EOD17:54
sil2100robru: hey! You feeling good enough?17:55
robrusil2100: oh yeah, just slept a bit late, feeling fresh now17:55
sil2100robru: ok, didn't start the switch yet, I'm deep in Qt debugging now17:55
rvrbarry: Ok, killing system-image-dbus does the trick17:55
robrusil2100: alright17:55
sil2100I suppose you would do it much faster than me anyway17:55
rvrbarry: System up-to-date17:55
rvrrobru: Welcome back17:56
robrurvr: thanks17:57
barryrvr: cool.  wiki page updated17:58
robrusil2100: slangasek: ok bileto trunk is updated for xenial, just waiting on #webops to do a rollout (vanguard is on lunch)18:04
sil2100robru: excellent, thanks! Now just the train needs to be switched back to not to land to the overlay for x18:04
robrusil2100: oh right, heh, on it ;-)18:04
slangasekrobru: why did you leave wily+vivid as a target and remove trusty+precise?18:05
slangasekrobru: and where is the logic that tells it to land xenial to the main archive instead of the overlay ppa?  I couldn't figure this out looking at the code18:05
rvrbarry: Silo approved18:05
robruslangasek: left wily+vivid for transitional purposes. weird results happen if we do a hard/instantateous cutover, eg, silos mid-publish won't be able to find the packages during the migration check. removed trusty+precise because that was more of just an example that I don't think anybody was actually using.18:06
slangasektvoss: hi, just replied to your comment on LP: #127878018:11
ubot5Launchpad bug 1278780 in apport (Ubuntu) "apport takes too long to write crash report, appears to lock up phone" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/127878018:11
tvossslangasek, cool18:12
slangasektvoss: summary: I like the sendfile idea, but want to discuss further why you classify unmapping of graphics buffers as "quite dangerous" :)18:13
tvossslangasek, yup, just read through your comment. So the problem is: it is not as simple as unmapping a buffer, and we have no idea what an underlying driver might do if we call "free graphics buffer"18:14
tvossif it was an munmap, fine with me18:15
slangasektvoss: ok; why is it not that simple? :)18:15
slangasekwe've segfaulted.  You don't get to do any other cleanup in this case18:15
slangasekis it because you don't have enough info to call munmap()?18:15
tvossslangasek, we use gralloc, with a binaryblob providing us with the actual implementation18:15
tvossslangasek, we don't call munmap, but would call into a binary blob we don't own and have no idea what it is doing :)18:16
tvossslangasek, so "mapped graphics buffers" does not mean mmap'd in the general case18:16
alexabreurobru, ping18:17
slangasektvoss: de facto, if it's been mapped into the process's memory space, it should be possible to unmap it18:17
robrualexabreu: pong18:18
slangasekusing munmap()18:18
robrusil2100: slangasek: ok, xenial+vivid is live in bileto production18:18
slangasekrobru: did you see my second question, about where the logic lives to tell it that xenial is landing to the main archive and not the overlay?18:18
robruslangasek: yep, that's fixed in cu2d and also in production already18:19
robruslangasek: or sorry, you wanted to know *where* the logic is?18:19
slangasekrobru: ok, so I was just looking at the wrong repo - thanks18:19
robruslangasek: yeah check the latest commit at lp:cupstream2distro18:19
tvossslangasek, sure, although I would like to make sure we at least have an idea of how things might go wrong. also: ashmem and pmem ftw, you never know what a driver uses18:19
slangasekrobru: I wanted to know why I couldn't find it, and I also wanted to know it was done ;)18:19
robruslangasek: heh, looking at the scrollback, yeah I somehow missed your entire second message there18:20
tvossslangasek, don't get me wrong: minimizing the memory footprint is a great idea, but it needs further thought to minimize the risk of corrupting graphics driver state18:20
alexabreurobru, have a mns to check something w/ me?18:20
robrualexabreu: sure, what's up?18:20
alexabreurobru, https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/unity-js-scopes-wily-armhf-ci/23/console check at the bottom, ... the copyright errors, ... & the associated branch seems to be fine in terms of deb copy http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~abreu-alexandre/unity-js-scopes/doc/view/head:/debian/copyright18:21
sil2100robru: the train code is in lp:cupstream2distro if anything ;)18:21
slangasektvoss: ok.  I am confident that if it's in the process's address space, munmap() DTRT in this context, but I agree we should make sure18:21
sil2100I mean, slangasek18:22
sil2100But I see robru already mentioned that18:22
* sil2100 gets back to his code as he clearly missed some backlog18:22
davmor2popey, ahayzen: yay new app on stable phone \o/18:22
robrualexabreu: I'm not really familiar with whatever tool is doing the copyright scan, but the first thing I'd check is the headers of those files themselves. Perhaps it wants a copyright header directly in every file? I'm not sure it cares about debian/copyright18:24
alexabreurobru, yes but that's the thing, those are files that are generated everytime there is a doc update, ... & the headers are from upstream, this would be a bummer if I had to script those headers to be tweaked (which seems is what I'll have to do)  ... I was wondering if there was something else obvious18:26
robruhmmm, I wonder how badly the opening of xenial will exacerbate our disk space issues in the train...18:26
robrualexabreu: yeah, not sure, sorry. I've never seen a project enforce copyright checks at build time, or at least I've never seen it fail.18:27
alexabreuok thx, I'll add those headers :/18:28
davmor2ahayzen, popey: so I guess the next app update to land is likely to be music app right?18:40
Saviqbrendand, hey, any update on silo 22 testing, you're awfully quiet about it, not sure if a good sign or bad :)19:51
slangasekrobru: and if we're saying that wily+vivid won't land anymore as-is but will become xenial+vivid, is there any reason to continue supporting that as an option right now, as opposed to forcing the transition?19:58
slangasek(not that I think we need to push a bileto deployment just for this, necessarily)19:58
robruslangasek: well my concern was that if there were any wily+vivid silos that were currently migrating the train wouldn't be able to track them any longer, but of course none are migrating because the copy to overlay PPA is instant.20:19
robruslangasek: I'll drop the option from trunk but won't roll it out until later20:20
kenvandinerobru, ^^ what do we need to do for that?20:49
kenvandinerobru, ah, that's what you guys have been talking about :)20:49
robrukenvandine: check my email on phone ml20:49
robrukenvandine: need to bin-copy wily packages to xenial within the ppa, then delete wily packages, then set request to xenial+vivid, then publish20:51
kenvandineyeah, this silo has already been through qa20:51
robrukenvandine: that's fine, it's a bin copy20:51
* kenvandine copies20:52
robrukenvandine: the thing is there won't be any more copies from wily overlay to xenial so if we let you publish to wily overlay then xenial would get left behind20:53
kenvandinerobru, do i need to wait for the copied binaries to be published for xenial before publishing again?  or is it fine if they are pending still?20:54
robrukenvandine: i would wait... I'm not sure how that would work if you didn't20:55
kenvandinebfiller, ^^ i've fixed the silo and copied the binaries, but need to wait for the copied binary to be published in the silo ppa before trying to publish again20:56
robrukenvandine: well, yeah, because snakefruit needs to call copyPackage do if it's still pending that'll fail i think20:56
kenvandineyeah, i figured20:56
robruHeh, need to wait for it to publish before you can publish, awesome overload between train & archive terminology20:57
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brendandkgunn, about silo 22, i had a whole heap of unrelated trouble with my device earlier today. just starting on it now21:40
brendandkgunn, it seems to be gleefully removing most of the packages in the system :/21:41
kgunnbrendand: do you have the latest citrain ?21:43
kgunnif you use the latest version from21:43
kgunnit shouldn't gleefully remove packages anymore21:43
kgunnbrendand: and when i say "citrain" i mean citrain tool...to do device-upgrade21:44
robrubrendand: what's the output of 'apt-cache policy phablet-tools-citrain' ?21:44
kenvandinebfiller, i think we have to rebuild silo 55 :/21:45
robrukenvandine: wait21:45
kenvandinerobru, got a solution?21:45
robrukenvandine: I'm thinking.21:45
kenvandineignore dest?21:45
robrukenvandine: maybe21:46
kenvandineyeah... that's exactly the right thing :)21:46
robrukenvandine: this would be the result of different package versions in wily vs in xenial21:46
kenvandineit'll make xenial newer21:46
kenvandinewhich is fine21:46
robrukenvandine: that option would override this check, yes, I'm just trying to reason through if that's actually the right thing to do or if that'll cause unintended problems21:46
kenvandinefine right?21:47
robrukenvandine: I don't understand why address-book-service appears in that error message twice with two different version numbers.21:48
robrukenvandine: 0212 is the vivid version21:49
robru1015 is the xenial (from wily overlay version)21:49
kenvandinewhat about the vivid overlay?21:49
robrukenvandine: this is really weird, hang on21:50
kenvandineok... i need to run out for a bit21:50
kenvandinei'll check back in a bit later21:50
robrukenvandine: you didn't delete the wily version, that might be related21:51
robrukenvandine: ok it looks legit. the 1015 version being complained about is in the changelog of the one being published, so I guess it's ok21:53
robrukenvandine: feel free to publish when you get back21:53
robrufirst train publication to xenial is progressing ^22:05
brendandkgunn, robru - the ppa changed then i guess - any particular reason for that?22:26
robrubrendand: what ppa were you using? Generally I publish to phablet-team/tools and then Mirv copies it to sdk ppa22:26
brendandrobru, right, that would have been the one - phablet-team/tools22:27
robrubrendand: yeah phablet-team/tools has the latest version.22:27
brendandalthough it looks like i don't have that enabled... strange22:27
brendandkgunn, got it installed now will give feedback by tomorrow22:50
kgunnbrendand: thanks man!22:55
kgunnsorry you had trouble22:56

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