israeldahlcjwatson can I ask you where your genisoimage stuff is for ppc?00:39
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dholbachgood morning07:09
Laneymvo: hi, nobody knows how to update changelogs.ubuntu.com, any chance you can teach? :)08:50
Laneyand hi!08:50
Laney1. bzr up; 2. cp; seems to be it08:52
seb128Laney, what is to update on there?08:52
seb128Laney, ignore that08:53
pittiseb128: point to the update tarball in wily-updates08:53
seb128yeah, stupid question :p08:53
pittiwe really don't want to respin for that08:53
mvoLaney: sure! bdmurray also knows09:02
mvoLaney: but yeah, its just that, update branch, cp in place (diff before for good karma) :)09:02
Laneymvo: I'm guessing bdmurray is in bed now. :P09:02
Laneymvo: how's it going, btw?09:02
mvoLaney: indeed09:02
mvoLaney: good, snappy is planed to release today as well09:03
mvoLaney: so I'm excited about two releases at the same day!09:03
mvoLaney: and you? all good?09:03
mvo15.10 looks great on my machines so far09:03
Laneyyep, I'm in BF now rounding off the last corners09:04
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rbasakSo I got bitten by a missing lvm2 after I do-release-upgraded to Wily yesterday, making my system unbootable.10:05
rbasakI thought it got autoremoved, but now I'm wondering if I ever had lvm2 installed in the first place. I have been using cryptsetup on disk block devices directly for years. So device mapper but no LVM.10:06
rbasakIs it possible that I never had lvm2 installed, it worked before, but latest cryptroot now requires lvm2 to be installed so that's why I broke? And could that apply to others?10:06
rbasakNo sign of lvm2 in /var/log/apt/ except when I installed it to fix the issue.10:07
infinityrbasak: Are you saying cryptsetup and/or dmsetup has an undeclared dep on lvm2?10:10
rbasakMaybe, yes. Although I can't find it in the code right now, my system seemed to be broken until I installed lvm2.10:10
rbasakI did have another issue though so I'm not absolutely sure.10:10
rbasak(and that wone was my fault)10:11
pittirbasak: and it wasn't just that this triggered an initramfs rebuild or the like?10:11
pittiI just did like 10 test installs with encrypted swap at least, which does need a good chunk of the cryptsetup stuff10:11
pitti(without LVM)10:11
infinityA failed upgrade may have also failed to run update-initramfs, this is a fair point.10:11
rbasakMy upgrade did also fail because of the invoke-rc.d issue.10:12
pittia week or so ago I installed the wily daily with encrypting / and /home partitions, without LVM10:12
pitti(i. e. manual partitioning), which worked fine too10:12
rbasakSo my case muddled multiple issues up so I'm not entirely clear on the individual issues.10:12
pitti(as part of investigating bug 1506139)10:12
ubottubug 1506139 in systemd (Ubuntu) "15.10beta crashes encrypted swap partition" [High,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/150613910:12
rbasakAlso I failed to mount /boot on my first attempt to run update-initramfs on the failed booted system so that confused things further.10:12
pittirbasak: so if you can reproduce this somehow, running update-initramfs -u instead of installing lvm might be insightful10:13
pittirbasak: or, do you still have that system? does it still boot after purging lvm again?10:13
pittirbasak: invoke-rc.d issue is fixed now, btw10:13
rbasakIt's my main system.10:13
rbasakI could try removing lvm2, making sure update-initramfs has run and then see what happens.10:14
pittirbasak: keep an ubuntu live system usb stick around, just in case :)10:14
rbasakpitti: :)10:14
pittithis do-release-upgrade bug was quite a bummer indeed :/10:14
rbasakpitti: I have an external USB drive caddy thing that can make .iso files on it pretend to be USB CDROMs.10:14
rbasakIt has a menu thing on it so I can select what to boot. Very handy.10:15
infinityrbasak: Neat.10:15
rbasakSo when I traced the problem yesterday, I was getting the error "cryptsetup: lvm is not available" sent to plymouth. I tracked that down in my initramfs to be coming from cryptroot, IIRC, after a test for /sbin/lvm.10:16
rbasakBut now I don't see that code at all, nor that string.10:17
rbasakSo I think I might have just had an out-of-date initramfs10:17
rbasakPossibly caused by the invoke-rc.d failure? Though I did do an "apt-get -f install" afterwards so I'm surprised update-initramfs didn't run then.10:17
pittirbasak: how did you fix the upgrade, btw? apt-get -f install and another dist-upgrade?10:17
rbasakYes, which actually did nothing.10:17
rbasakI did an autoremove after that, which removed a ton of things, but not lvm2 according to my logs.10:18
pittirbasak: apt-get -f install ought to have done a lot of stuff; it didn't?10:18
pittidist-upgrade, maybe not10:18
rbasakNot that I recall10:19
rbasakLogs say otherwise10:21
rbasakNo that's September. Hmm.10:21
rbasakYeah no sign of dist-upgrade having run in my logs. Presumably because it did nothing as I recall?10:22
rbasakAnyway, I don't think that's related.10:22
rbasakOK I figured it out10:26
rbasakIt's a useless error message, that's all.10:27
rbasakIf cryptroot can't find the source block device, it tries to activate LVM vgs. If that fails because lvm2 wasn't installed, then it prints "cryptsetup: lvm is not available".10:27
rbasakEven though the root cause is that the block device doesn't exist rather than LVM not being available (which was irrelevant in my case)10:27
rbasakOnly after I installed lvm2 and re-ran update-initramfs did I see the real issue, which was that /dev/sda3 (or whatever) was missing because my printer made it become /dev/sdb3.10:28
cjwatsonyour *printer*?10:29
cjwatsonplease feed paper with printed bootloader to boot.10:29
rbasakI didn't switch to UUIDs yesterday incidentally. I have no idea what to do about cswap because presumably the UUID will change every boot.10:29
rbasakYep. My printer.10:29
rbasakApparently it presents a disk.10:29
rbasakI presume that disk has drivers for Windows or something.10:29
cjwatson(or maybe you can send files to it that way?)10:30
cjwatsonit would make sense for a scanner.10:30
rbasakMy solution for now (because I don't know what to do with crypted swap) is to turn off the printer before booting.10:30
rbasakIt is also a scanner.10:30
rbasakSO yeah, maybe.10:31
cjwatsonthere's a luksUUID which can go in crypttab10:31
cjwatsonI think10:31
cjwatsoncryptsetup luksUUID thingy10:31
rbasakWill that change every time if I used /dev/random for the swap key, though?10:31
cjwatsonthen that goes as the second field in crypttab10:31
rbasakAnd the "swap" option?10:31
cjwatsonI don't *think* so ...10:31
rbasakThanks! I'll try that.10:31
cjwatsonthis is all vague memory though I'm afraid10:32
rbasakNot now though. It's a pain to recover and it's my main machine so I'll be offline for too long I think.10:32
pittirbasak: you either use luks or you use /dev/random as a key, you can't have both10:32
rbasakThere is a bug in the cryptroot initramfs script I should report about the misleading error message though.10:32
cjwatsonah I forgot /dev/random was non-luksy10:33
pittirbasak: but ecryptfs-setup-swap now uses an offset=1024 for a "random key" swap partition to preserve the partition type header and UUID10:33
pittirbasak: so you can use UUID= in crypttab, and it'll stay around10:33
* rbasak wonders what that has to do with ecryptfs10:33
pittithis was one of the ancient bugs in ecryptfs which only got uncovered in vivid10:33
pittirbasak: ecryptfs-setup-swap is being used if you choose to encrypt your home dir, and that sets up a randomized encrypted swap partition10:34
pittirbasak: i. e. it's what the installer uses10:34
pittiif you do this by hand, you can do whatever schema, of course10:34
rbasakAh. I'm not using ecryptfs10:34
pittibut I recommend sticking to UUIDs, for the non-reliable names you mentioned10:34
rbasakpitti: so with a crypttab of: cswap/dev/sda1/dev/randomswap10:36
pittirbasak: yeah, no uuids with that10:36
rbasakI can made sda1 UUID and it'll work?10:36
rbasakBecause it does the offset thing?10:36
pittirbasak: /dev/random'izing the entire  partition doesn't leave anything stable behind10:36
pittirbasak: the approach of e-setup-swap is to mkswap on the partition normally, and use offset=1024 in crypttab to keep the first 1 KiB intact10:37
pittirbasak: then you can use the UUID of sda1 instead10:37
rbasakSo: cswap UUID=... /dev/random offset=1024,swap?10:38
rbasakGot it. Thanks!10:38
pittirbasak: you can also literally use ecryptfs-setup-swap (after creating an unencrypted swap), that'll set up everything10:39
rbasakI'm not keen on it using /dev/urandom.10:41
rbasakVery little entropy available at boot. Many people's swap keys might end up the same.10:41
rbasak(or from a limited set)10:41
rbasakMaybe not so bad for bare metal. I don't know.10:41
rbasakAnyway, thank all. I can make many improvements based on this.10:42
* pitti found http://www.2uo.de/myths-about-urandom/ an interesting read10:43
rbasak"Linux's /dev/urandom happily gives you not-so-random numbers before the kernel even had the chance to gather entropy. When is that? At system start, booting the computer."10:46
rbasakThat's the bit I mean.10:46
rbasakAfter a while it's fine. But I'm not convinced about the entropy available in initramfs.10:46
pittirbasak: right, I wasn't saying you were wrong, just that it's an interesting read (I happened to remember while we were talking about it)10:47
rbasakAh OK, sorry.10:47
pittibut nevertheless, hanging eternally in initramfs doesn't sound appealing either10:47
rbasakIt doesn't seem to hang much for me.10:47
pittiand if it rarely/never hangs, then urandom is just as good as random10:47
rbasakAgreed. I guess it depends on what failure case you want. I want hang rather than boot with poor swap key entropy :)10:48
pittirbasak: but yeah, feel free to talk kirkland into changing it to /dev/random (but I'm not convinced that this is a good idea especially for virtual envs)10:48
pittirbasak: well, what *I* really want is to stop creating swap partitions by default10:49
pittiit's IMHO so utterly EBW10:49
pittiif you set them up manually, fine10:49
rbasakWhy? EBW?10:50
rbasakYou want swap files instead, or no swap at all?10:52
pittirbasak: on machines with reasonaly much RAM, no swap at all; or at most dynamic swap files, yes10:54
pittirbasak: because they are usually just a waste of space, and we managed to screw them up for many years10:55
rbasakA property of swap I like is that memory leaks or forgotten background process data ends up in swap, leaving my system RAM more available for buffers and cache (and less likely to OOM). Convenient on long lived systems.10:55
pittii. e. due to at least three different bugs we managed to set up systems without swap space since pre-trusty, and nobody complained :)10:56
rbasakA property of swap I don't like is that thrashing happens instead of OOM in various error conditions.10:56
rbasakI'd like some swap thrash detection that activates the oom killer.10:57
rbasakI was surprised to see that my Ubuntu phone has swap in it.10:58
rbasakI have a slow disk (never bought an SSD) so having plenty of RAM available for caching is important to me.10:59
popeyrbasak: I'd rather the shell and indicators were swapped out when webbrowser eats ram, than the shell getting oomkilled repeatedly10:59
popey(obv I'd rather browser didn't eat ram, but hey, can't have it all)10:59
rbasakpopey: that's just a case of tuning the oom parameters and limiting memory available to apps though, right?11:00
rbasakA swapped out shell and indicators reflects badly on the performance of the phone as a whole.11:00
popeydepends how quick you can swap them back in11:00
rbasakAnd makes it difficult to kill the browser if I want, too.11:00
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xnoxhow to correctly mark upgrade bugs, to be flagged up?13:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1508921 in libsolv (Ubuntu) "possibly missing correct replaces/breaks" [Undecided,New]13:06
Laneyupload in the unapproved queue? :)13:08
xnoxLaney: hehe13:11
xnoxLaney: i would like to trow a toy out of my crib and claim i'm a customer =))))))))))))))13:12
xnoxanyway 1.2k packages to upgrade still13:12
dokoseb128, Laney: looks like a regression introduced with glib2.0? https://launchpadlibrarian.net/221953895/buildlog_ubuntu-wily-amd64.ubuntu-app-launch_0.5%2B15.10.20150817-0ubuntu1_BUILDING.txt.gz13:19
Laneyin what way?13:20
Laneylooks like a function which returns a bool is not doing so to me13:20
dokowell, it built before, now fails13:21
seb128doko, seems like a but in ubuntu-app-launch bug13:21
Laneybecause they fixed g_return_if_fail to work13:21
seb128doko, remember the bug I pinged you about recently that turned out to be a glib one13:22
seb128that's what fixed that error to work13:22
seb128doko, https://git.gnome.org/browse/glib/commit/?h=glib-2-46&id=ab26dd54337544275ff8bb61eb227aed83a8ed8013:22
dokoohh, that one13:25
dokohmm, didn't touch doxygen, but https://launchpadlibrarian.net/221968264/buildlog_ubuntu-wily-amd64.xorg-gtest_0.7.1-0ubuntu1_BUILDING.txt.gz ...13:25
dokotjaalton, could you have a look at https://launchpadlibrarian.net/221956818/buildlog_ubuntu-wily-amd64.xorg-server_2%3A1.17.2-1ubuntu9_BUILDING.txt.gz ? this is with the binutils from the ubuntu-toolchain-r/power8 PPA13:27
tjaaltondoko: so it's not powerpc or ppc64el?13:42
tjaaltonhmm no, I see the bug now13:43
tjaaltonguess it has never built?13:43
tjaaltonoh amd64 too, I'm blind13:49
tjaaltonso why is it checking for Xmir twice?13:50
tjaalton..because it runs configure for two targets in parallel13:58
tjaaltondunno why it fails, tbg13:58
tjaaltoncan't find libmirclient, though it's installed14:00
tjaaltonI'll let ancell figure this out..14:01
smoseranyone want to ack or violently nack my suggested patch https://code.launchpad.net/~smoser/ubuntu-dev-tools/lp1508948-rmadison-sid-is-unstable/+merge/27535114:05
rbasaksmoser: ah, you pinned that down in the end? Good job.14:06
smosernow i can use rbasak's git workflow without dget :)14:07
xnoxdget is dead =) use dgit!14:07
* xnox giggles14:07
smoserwe should improve https://github.com/basak/ubuntu-git-tools to just automatically do the imports.14:09
rbasakThough I also want to have a central place for imported git trees14:09
rbasakAnd I think the plan is that eventually LP will have a git tree available for every package14:10
rbasakAt which point no need to import14:10
cjwatsonyes we definitely want to do dgit on LP14:12
cjwatsonincluding with default package repository locations so that it's lp:ubuntu/+source/SRC14:13
cjwatsonbut I need to fix dgit to handle LP first14:13
=== infinity changed the topic of #ubuntu-devel to: Wily (15.10) Released! | Archive: closed | Devel of Ubuntu (not support or app devel) | build failures: http://qa.ubuntuwire.com/ftbfs/ | #ubuntu for support and discussion of precise-vivid | #ubuntu-app-devel for app development on Ubuntu http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment | See #ubuntu-bugs for http://bit.ly/lv8soi | Patch Pilots:
infinityxnox: Going to come to the office to visit and pat us all on the back?14:51
xnoxinfinity: today? tomorrow? =)14:52
infinityxnox: In a couple of hours.14:53
LaneyCome help us open Xenial14:53
xnoxinfinity: i am busy between 5:30 and 6:30. Coming before is cutting it close, so can come in after =)14:56
xnoxinfinity: i'll text Laney14:57
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pittipete-woods: released/uploaded dbusmock 0.16.1, and uploaded backports to vivid+wily overlay PPA15:34
pittipete-woods: sorry for the delay, release week "fun" and all that15:35
dokobarry, make python3.5 the default from the start, or wait until later?15:37
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pete-woodspitti: no worries. I understand you have a very busy role. thanks very much! :)15:58
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dokotvoss, great, the last MIR updated dropped the mir-client-platform-mesa-dev file ...16:09
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dokotjaalton, it's https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mir/+bug/150900516:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1509005 in mir (Ubuntu) "mir-client-platform-mesa-dev pkg-config file dropped" [Critical,Confirmed]16:15
tjaaltondoko: ah :)16:15
seb128kgunn, ^16:16
kgunnseb128: doko tjaalton ack, getting someone from mir team to hop on that16:18
barrydoko: i'd opt for the sooner the better.  do you think we should wait for uos or the sprint?16:27
dokobarry, I'm fine with it, but we probably need some quick fixing tomorrow and next week16:28
barrydoko: will you do an archive rebuild afterward making it default?  yes, let's get fixes in asap16:29
dokobarry, take this one, from yesterday, with 3.5 as the default: http://people.ubuntuwire.org/~wgrant/rebuild-ftbfs-test/test-rebuild-20151021-wily.html  main only16:32
barrydoko: doesn't look too bad.  let's wait on django until 1.8 hits unstable16:33
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dokobarry, why? it's in experimental, you could it sync from there too16:38
barrydoko: that's true.  i think there's still some question about the django stack compatibility w/1.8, but django itself won't be 3.5 compatible if we don't sync it.  let's do it16:40
barryand we'll just follow debian during this transition16:40
barrydoko: what's the eta for xenial opening?16:51
dokoshould be ready tonight for toolchain uploads16:52
barrydoko: +116:53
dokobarry, http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/transitions/html/python3.5.html17:33
barrydoko: ack17:35
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Lukealesage: ping18:39
alesageLuke hi18:39
Lukedid you take the picture on your G+ background?18:39
Lukeof chicago18:39
alesageLuke no I didn't18:40
Lukedo you know who did?18:40
Lukelooks awesome btw18:40
alesageLuke hmm good q, might be able to trace18:40
alesageLuke, glad you like it18:40
Lukereverse search? yeah18:40
alesageLuke, I must've encountered it here (reverse-search FTW) https://www.reddit.com/r/chicago/comments/2e51og/tilt_shift_of_downtown/18:47
Lukecool thanks18:48
rcjHow do I make LP aware of the upstream git tree for a package such that MoM will take over and keep things fresh?19:02
rcjSpecifically http://pad.lv/u/keychain needs to know about https://github.com/funtoo/keychain19:03
sarnoldinfinity: (from dasjoe in #ubuntu-server) is http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/wily/release/ supposed to have only ppc64el and powerpc images? thanks  :)19:41
knomeslangasek, heya! thought i'd ping you about the xubuntu core merge proposals now; we'd totally prefer to merge the patches now without needing to rebase. and congrats for the release! :)21:04
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cjwatsonrcj: MoM has no awareness of upstream trees, nor of upstream in general.  Its purpose is to merge things from Debian.21:40
cjwatsonrcj: And even then it's only informational, it won't do things for you.21:40
jgjlHi, yay for 15.10!21:40
jgjlany hints where to find the poll mode drivers for DPDK?21:41
rcjcjwatson, thanks for clearing that up21:41

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