Ben64:( tj left00:20
daftykinsi reckon his Huskies smuggled him away from the PC :>00:21
Ben64i had another java question for him00:21
Ben64stupid java and its signed everythings00:22
lotuspsychjegood morning to all04:58
lotuspsychjeXX is born05:03
ubot5Ubuntu 16.04 (Xenial Xerus) will be the 24th release of Ubuntu. Announcement at http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1479 - Discussion in #ubuntu+105:10
lotuspsychjetravnewmatic: morning05:34
bohemiandan81greetings everybody05:42
bohemiandan81new here05:42
lotuspsychjehi there05:42
bohemiandan81hi lotus05:42
lotuspsychjewich ubuntu version are you on bohemiandan8105:42
bohemiandan81I am on a fairly fresh version of ubuntu05:42
bohemiandan81i will have to check the version05:42
lotuspsychjebohemiandan81: lsb_release -a from terminal05:42
bohemiandan8114.04 i believe05:43
lotuspsychjebohemiandan81: welcome to the community05:43
bohemiandan81thank you. happy to be here05:44
lotuspsychjebohemiandan81: if you need anything or have questions, welcome to ask them in #ubuntu05:44
bohemiandan81i am definitely a noob at this, but I will be going to school for net security and would like to have a firm knowledge of linux before i start classes05:44
lotuspsychje!manual | bohemiandan81 start here :p05:45
ubot5bohemiandan81 start here :p: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/05:45
bohemiandan81thank you. can I ask some more questions?05:46
lotuspsychjesure mate05:46
bohemiandan81once I have a grasp on the usage of linux, what would you recommend i focus on next in terms of useful skills for networking?05:47
lotuspsychjebohemiandan81: it all depends what you wanna do mate05:47
lotuspsychjebohemiandan81: many erea's to explore05:48
bohemiandan81that makes sense05:48
bohemiandan81I would like to be in network security05:48
lotuspsychjebohemiandan81: the ##networking guys are specialist for this..05:49
lotuspsychje!security | bohemiandan81 or read here also05:49
ubot5bohemiandan81 or read here also: Security Updates are dealt with here:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Security - See also !root, !firewall and !server05:49
bohemiandan81excellent, thank you.05:50
lotuspsychjebohemiandan81: there is also ubuntu server, if you interested in the networking part05:50
lotuspsychjebohemiandan81: #ubuntu-server05:50
lotuspsychjebohemiandan81: join a few channels, idle and make up your mind where to go :p05:50
bohemiandan81that sounds like a fair plan to pursue05:51
bohemiandan81thank you for your assistance, i appreciate it.05:51
lotuspsychjeno sweat mate05:51
lotuspsychjedepo: welcome05:52
bohemiandan81are there any etiquette rules in these rooms or is it just generally "don't be a turd"?05:52
ubot5The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines05:52
bohemiandan81thanks again05:52
lotuspsychjeno prob mate, welcome to the ubuntu community05:53
lotuspsychjebohemiandan81: this channel here, is more for ubuntu discussions05:53
lotuspsychjebohemiandan81: ass #ubuntu-offtopic is for more far away chitchat05:54
bohemiandan81okay. gotcha. i was recommended here by the people at #ubuntu05:54
lotuspsychjeyeah lol that was me05:54
bohemiandan81nice. well, at present im not sure what all to ask, so I will start by reading the manual, then I will proceed to lurk a bit and get a feel for where I would like to focus.05:57
bohemiandan81and while Im here I will be nice, helpful when I can be, respectful always, and not make a nuisance of myself in general.05:57
lotuspsychjebohemiandan81: if you like networking and security, there's alot to learn and handy packages out there05:58
lotuspsychjebohemiandan81: thats a great attitude05:58
bohemiandan81thanks. it seems to just be a great way to be when around people.05:59
bohemiandan81it's not as easy irl but im working on it.05:59
bohemiandan81where would i find those aforementioned packages, so that I can make a note of it and do some research?06:00
lotuspsychjebohemiandan81: i would start first wich way to go, what will you been doing06:00
lotuspsychjebohemiandan81: when knowing, you will come to the right packages06:00
bohemiandan81that also makes a lot of sense. I will stick with my plan then. Read, lurk, interact when ready. lol06:01
lotuspsychjebohemiandan81: example: you want an own network with ubuntu-server and start tighten security=get network security tools06:01
bohemiandan81that would be cool.06:02
depohello, is there any official page or smth "time left until 15.10" ?06:03
lotuspsychje!wily | depo06:03
ubot5depo: Ubuntu 15.10 (Wily Werewolf) will be the 23rd release of Ubuntu. Discussion in #ubuntu+106:03
lotuspsychje!releases | depo06:03
ubot5depo: Ubuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 9 months to 5 years. More info at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases & http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases06:03
lotuspsychjedepo: normally it will be during the day of 2306:03
bohemiandan81hey lotus, thank you for your time and attention tonight. Im gonna get started on the reading right now.06:04
depobecause i'am in europe, its already 22 :)06:04
lotuspsychjebohemiandan81: good luck!06:04
bohemiandan81most of my free time is around this time so I am sure I will see you again.06:04
depothanks for the help :)06:04
bohemiandan81thank you, im sure Im gonna need a bit of luck before this adventure is through. lol06:04
bohemiandan81have a good night.06:04
lotuspsychjebohemiandan81: this adventure never ends :p06:04
bohemiandan81whew, i was afraid of what I would be doing if it ever did end.06:05
lotuspsychjebohemiandan81: ive been on ubuntu for years and still learning every day06:05
bohemiandan81i like that.06:05
bohemiandan81do i need to announce afk as a courtesy when i go?06:05
lotuspsychjebohemiandan81: better just idle and not too much advertising around06:06
bohemiandan81gotcha. see you soon, im sure. night.06:06
lotuspsychjenite nite06:06
lotuspsychjeDaekdroom: afrernoon11:20
lotuspsychjenew lts is born11:20
ubot5Ubuntu 16.04 (Xenial Xerus) will be the 24th release of Ubuntu. Announcement at http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1479 - Discussion in #ubuntu+111:21
DaekdroomI'm aware.11:21
lotuspsychjehi eric11:44
EriC^^hi lotuspsychje11:45
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: did you see new lts name11:45
EriC^^haha yeah11:45
lotuspsychje!xenial | cfhowlett11:48
ubot5cfhowlett: Ubuntu 16.04 (Xenial Xerus) will be the 24th release of Ubuntu. Announcement at http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1479 - Discussion in #ubuntu+111:48
Ben64not getting alpha for 2 months probably11:49
cfhowlettxenial???!!!! seriously???11:49
cfhowlettI is disappointed11:49
Ben64what did you expect11:49
lotuspsychjecfhowlett: what did you wanted ?11:49
cfhowlettand what the hell is a xerus11:49
lotuspsychjea groundhog from africa something11:50
Ben64which one would you have picked11:51
lotuspsychjewe have been discussing this before Ben64 was pretty good laugh :p11:53
ioriai wrote an instant message app ubu-win ....11:57
ioriain python11:57
lotuspsychjewhat does it do?11:57
ioriaon win you have to install python and python gtk11:57
ioriait send short message11:58
iorialike "hello... have you done ?"11:58
lotuspsychjeto where ioria11:59
ioriato your friend or collegue11:59
ioriaon a lan11:59
ioriaonce you could use smbclient ... and net send on win xp ...12:00
iorianow win 7 is different12:00
EriC^^i taught my friend the net send thing on windows once in uni12:03
EriC^^he went and sent it system wide to every body on campus12:03
EriC^^lol, jackass12:03
EriC^^they came and told him wtf and he got into some trouble, he thought he was being funny or something12:04
EriC^^he was pretty funny in a sense though12:05
EriC^^he stole a telescope from uni and put it on his balcony12:05
EriC^^lol, he was a physics major12:05
EriC^^haha, he was like come over i want to show you mars or something12:05
ioria"a beautiful mind"...12:05
ioriathere is water on mars....12:07
EriC^^yeah i read once there's like 10,000 planets where there should be water12:07
EriC^^they found water on mars though? for sure i mean?12:07
ioriapity... but maybe there is beer12:08
ioriastella artois, exactly12:08
cfhowlettmartian suds; the brew for when you're a long LONG way from home.12:08
lotuspsychjebelgian beer is the best indeed12:09
ioriairish rocks, although12:10
ioriapilsner... interesting12:11
HackerIIits smooth and will like tennessee moonshine, catch you with your pants down12:12
lotuspsychjeare these official or daily builds?12:14
ioriaseems official....12:14
lotuspsychjetnx to google12:14
HackerIICanonical Revives the Ubuntu Developer Summit Event, Calls it UbuCon Summit12:20
cfhowlettreally?  link?12:21
lotuspsychjeyeah readed that on softpedia12:21
* cfhowlett English Teacher senses tingling ..."readed"? 12:21
ubot5Please remember that #ubuntu, #kubuntu, #xubuntu, #edubuntu, and #lubuntu are support channels. To countdown to !Vivid release and then party once it happens, join #ubuntu-release-party - For in-person parties, see http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/global/3075/12:30
lotuspsychjefor those who wanna pre-party12:31
ioriaVivid ?12:31
lotuspsychjeseems like someone needs to update trigger12:32
lotuspsychjelemme report to ops12:32
ioriawerewolf is coming to turn you12:32
ioria"An Ubuntu Werewolf in London"12:34
lotuspsychjebbl guys12:44
lotuspsychjehave a goog wily release!12:44
=== g4mby is now known as PaulW2U
lotuspsychjegood evening guys15:40
daftykinshallo \o how do?15:41
lotuspsychjehey daftykins :p15:41
lotuspsychjefine tnx mate15:41
daftykinsany fun customers out there in the real world of late?15:41
lotuspsychjebashing-om said you had fun recently with some user?15:42
daftykinshmm, there are so many i can't think of just one :)15:43
TJ-It's the aliens :)15:43
daftykins"In this test, the (Samsung) 950 Pro’s sequential read and write speeds actually exceed Samsung’s claims: the 256GB model peaked at 2299MB/sec sequential read and 944MB/sec write; the 512GB model hit 2592MB/sec read and 1525MB/sec write."15:44
daftykinsah, PCI-Express direct attached SSDs with the NVMe protocol :>15:45
lotuspsychjeso a sata version of 950 wont be possible right only nvm?15:46
daftykinsthere wouldn't be any point, SATA has been rubbish for ages :)15:48
daftykinsif you look at any SSD benchmark sites, pretty much every single recently released one now just groups together at the maximum SATA 6Gbps speeds15:48
lotuspsychjedaftykins: so you think future pc's will ditch sata?15:48
daftykinsno, they already have :D15:49
daftykinsi did a build over a year ago now where there's a nice M.2 slot directly beneath the CPU socket on a cheap i3 haswell build15:49
lotuspsychjedaftykins: but i will have manu customers with 'older' pc's to upgrade to ubuntu + ssd +sata15:49
daftykinsthe boot speeds are just crazy15:49
daftykinswell the 850s will stay around :)15:49
lotuspsychjeyeah and 10 years warranty15:50
daftykinsi don't think that'll matter much, 3D NAND is so much more tolerant15:50
lotuspsychjedaftykins: so you suggest i buy barebones with M.2 in the future15:51
daftykinsoh for the love of Tux, PanV is back15:52
lotuspsychje+query ubottu15:52
daftykinslotuspsychje: yep, at least when performance is in the criteria15:52
lotuspsychjeok tnx for the hint daftykins15:52
daftykinsno problemo :)15:52
daftykinsyou might want to read up on M.2, as not every socket was born equal15:53
daftykinsthey all have different forms =|15:53
OerHeksm2 is the future indeed, avoiding the SSD hog.15:53
lotuspsychjedoes all m.2 have that nvm?15:53
OerHeksespecially MLC multilevel cel i understand15:53
daftykinsNVMe is protocol level so it'd be implemented by the systems EFI15:54
lotuspsychjelemme read that brb15:55
daftykinshmm these reviews seem to state there are still plenty of power management bugs to work out15:55
ioriaupgrading my external disk to wolfy ....15:57
lotuspsychjegood evening wileee16:00
lotuspsychjewileee: wily is out and xenial is born :p16:02
daftykinsbe nice once February is here and 15.04 is dead, then it's back to just 3 releases16:02
lotuspsychjeprecise dies also soon right16:03
ioriaflash player is really having some big problems.... i keep it just to see how many  damages can do ....16:05
lotuspsychjeioria: how do you test16:06
ioriawatching my firefox page graying out16:06
ioriairresponsive ... some minutes ....16:06
lotuspsychjeioria: system76 ditched flash player on their machines16:07
ioriasometimes irrecoverable16:07
ioriaespecially when the page has that flash-advertising window16:09
lotuspsychjeioria: i wonder if system76 still uses firefox then?16:11
lotuspsychjeive also read some distro uses a tuned firefox with the peperflash from chromium16:11
ioriawell, there are wrappers for firefox and derivatives16:12
ioriano,    ppa  but they don't work very well, like Fresh Player16:13
ioriathey use pepper16:13
iorialibpepflashplugin.... works only on youtube and few sites16:14
lotuspsychje!info freshplayerplugin16:14
ubot5Package freshplayerplugin does not exist in vivid16:14
lotuspsychjeppa indeed16:14
ioriabasically they take pepper from chrome and adapt it for firefox ...16:15
lotuspsychjewould be nice to have something like that in repos16:15
lotuspsychjeand take flashplugin out of restricted-extras16:16
ioriayep... still testing16:16
lotuspsychjemaybe in xenial..who knows16:16
lotuspsychjeioria: ive also read canonical is thinking of default browser on future versions16:18
lotuspsychjeioria: you know wich plugin webbrowser-app uses?16:19
lotuspsychjeflash or pepper16:19
ioriareally ? interesting .... no, sorry16:19
ioriathere is also adobe-flashplugin from Canonical Partner... you have to enable the repo16:20
daftykinsi think Google made a mistake pushing pepperflash, it's just allowing it to stay around longer16:20
daftykinswebsites should start being shamed for having non-HTML5 players16:20
lotuspsychjeyeah very vulnarable16:20
ioriahtml5 is very interesting ....16:20
daftykinsi just decided to virtualise Apples latest and greatest ;)16:24
lotuspsychjedaftykins: looks like docky :p16:25
lotuspsychjew10 on the left?16:26
daftykinsdon't worry the KiTTY session is to an ubuntu server ;)16:27
lotuspsychjemicrosoft appologized for pushing w10 unchosen updates :p16:28
ioriawow ... the 4. kernel ...16:29
ioriacpu pentium t4500, usb drive - complete upgrade , 28  minutes16:30
lotuspsychjeioria: nice116:30
iorialet's see ... now16:30
lotuspsychjeioria: 4.2 OR 4.3 NOW?16:31
ioriagive me a sec ....16:31
lotuspsychjeok tnx ioria16:33
ioriaubottu is already working for wily...16:57
lotuspsychje!info rar17:03
ubot5rar (source: rar): Archiver for .rar files. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 2:5.2.1b2-1 (vivid), package size 547 kB, installed size 1486 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)17:03
ioria!info rar wily17:03
ubot5rar (source: rar): Archiver for .rar files. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 2:5.3.b2-1 (wily), package size 546 kB, installed size 1451 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)17:03
daftykinshmm so it's not become the default yet17:04
daftykinswell, different bot17:04
iorialotuspsychje, test ubottu in pm17:04
lotuspsychjeioria: yep shows docky for wily now17:05
lotuspsychjeioria: maybe ubottu needs a restart or something first17:06
lotuspsychjeioria: webbrower-app gets detected as chromium 35 and adobe flash doesnt get detected17:13
lotuspsychjeplaying youtubes flawless17:13
ioria!info chromium-browser wily17:14
ubot5chromium-browser (source: chromium-browser): Chromium web browser, open-source version of Chrome. In component universe, is optional. Version 45.0.2454.101-0ubuntu1.1201 (wily), package size 53636 kB, installed size 197682 kB17:14
lotuspsychje!info webbrower-app17:14
ubot5Package webbrower-app does not exist in vivid17:14
lotuspsychje!info webbrowser-app17:15
ubot5webbrowser-app (source: webbrowser-app): Ubuntu web browser. In component main, is optional. Version 0.23+15.04.20150416-0ubuntu1 (vivid), package size 709 kB, installed size 1572 kB17:15
lotuspsychjei used a browser/flash detect website17:15
ioria!info  webbrowser-app wily17:16
ubot5webbrowser-app (source: webbrowser-app): Ubuntu web browser. In component main, is optional. Version 0.23+15.10.20150929-0ubuntu1 (wily), package size 721 kB, installed size 1928 kB17:16
ioriafor adobe you have to enable the repo17:16
lotuspsychjeyeah i dont want adobe17:17
lotuspsychjejust wanted to test whats default in webbrowser-app17:17
lotuspsychjetrying to find peperflash detectors online now17:17
lotuspsychjehi there Bashing-om17:30
Bashing-omlotuspsychje: o/ Hey ! .. Release day .. how much of a pounding are we taking ?17:31
lotuspsychjeBashing-om: 15.10 issues are very calm, the community very active discussing in channels17:32
lotuspsychjeBashing-om: and !xenial is born :p17:32
ioriaoh... really ?17:33
Bashing-omlotuspsychje:  Good deal .. good news, I was and am expeccting a pounding for FGLRX  in 15.10 // NOT ! .17:34
lotuspsychjeioria: born as in codename :p17:34
ubot5Ubuntu 16.04 (Xenial Xerus) will be the 24th release of Ubuntu. Announcement at http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1479 - Discussion in #ubuntu+117:34
TJ-Not just as XX; toolchain upload tonight17:34
lotuspsychjeTJ-: but we have to wait to join #ubuntu+1 some more time right?17:35
TJ-Well, it's development so -devel of course :)17:35
lotuspsychjeTJ-: #ubuntu-release is spamming xenial stuff all over :p17:36
TJ-+1 is for when the alpha/beta ISO releases go out really17:36
lotuspsychjeah right17:36
TJ-I wonder why? Not like that channel would get lots of drive-by drop-ins; must annoy the regulars17:36
lotuspsychje161 users and active atm17:37
lotuspsychjeTJ-: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/XenialXerus/ReleaseSchedule17:47
lotuspsychjeits gonna be a happy newyear17:47
HackerIIheh, lets hope it dont collapse beforehand17:50
lotuspsychjeubuntu or the world :p17:51
* HackerII is waiting for 16.0417:52
lotuspsychjedecember 31 and lets do some heavy bug hunting :p17:52
lotuspsychjethen my next goal in life will be converting all machines in the worl to xenial17:52
lotuspsychjeand beat gill bates17:52
HackerIIwe have enough bugs in the whitehouse, we need a professional terminex17:53
HackerIIbeat bill17:53
HackerIIhe and hillary should get a room together17:53
TJ-Looks like kubuntu is going to peter out now, which is a shame17:56
TJ-Jonathan Riddell has stepped down as release manager. You recall the bust-up with Canonical earlier in the year, well he's had enough17:57
TJ-He's 1 of only 2 majorly competent packaging devs for KDE/Kubuntu. The others are well-meaning amateurs but haven't yet built up the skill set to fill his place.17:58
HackerIIi can do it18:02
HackerIIin my sleep18:02
HackerIIel oh el18:02
HackerIIi have special tech meds18:03
HackerIIcircuital, resisterol, and cputol18:03
lotuspsychjerohipnol i know...18:04
daftykinsand so the masses are flooding in18:04
lotuspsychjedaftykins: yep, lucky us to solve :p18:05
lotuspsychjehi philipballew18:18
philipballewlotuspsychje, hello. What are you up to?18:21
daftykinswe're battling the hordes of 15.10 upgraders.18:21
lotuspsychjephilipballew: wily is out and !xenial is born18:21
lotuspsychjeplenty to do :p18:22
philipballewlotuspsychje, I ungraded last week for all my machines.18:22
philipballewTonight I am gonna hit askubuntu and try to answer as many questions as I can.18:22
philipballewif I finish that, then the forms18:22
lotuspsychjephilipballew: didnt knew you also do support18:23
philipballewlotuspsychje, I do everything I can for Ubuntu18:23
philipballewim not as skilled as some, but I do all that I can18:23
philipballewlotuspsychje, where in the world are you now?18:23
lotuspsychjephilipballew: Bashing-om will be your mate then, he also support the ubuntuforums18:23
daftykinsi tried a few askubuntu ones once, but it's annoying not having realtime info18:23
lotuspsychjephilipballew: .be @ 20h2318:23
daftykinsplus you wonder if they go off and try things before they get to your reply ;)18:23
philipballewdaftykins, its a mind of its own for sure18:24
philipballewits a good way if you already know the answer18:24
lotuspsychjei like askbuntu answers as they get voted18:24
daftykinsyay fixed my first 15.10 issue18:24
lotuspsychjedaftykins: wich would that be?18:24
daftykinsguy with a Dell, synaptics touchpad didn't work despite this Xorg log: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12896069/18:25
philipballewI once met a guy at starbcks who bought me coffee so I could install missing drivers on his laptop18:25
daftykinsso i found and suggested: http://askubuntu.com/questions/623598/dell-inspiron-7347-inactive-cursor-with-my-touchpad-on-ubuntu-14-0418:25
daftykinsphilipballew: haha :D *buntu?18:25
philipballewdaftykins, totally was!18:25
lotuspsychjeah yess, we seen this on 15.04 too quiet splash i8042.nopnp18:26
daftykinsmaybe i'll write a blog post about it so folks find results online18:26
lotuspsychjeyou have a blogger daftykins ?18:27
philipballewI could write a blog post about daftykins writing a blog post.18:28
daftykinswell, i haven't written anything since like 2 years ago and i just run it from home so it's not very reliable (dynamic IP)18:28
daftykinsyay lets all blog circularly18:28
lotuspsychjewould be nice to log all solved issues + what solved it18:29
daftykinstrouble is it all becomes obsolete so fast18:29
Bashing-omlotuspsychje: ^ now we talking - build a data base !18:30
daftykinsweeding out the no longer relevant posts would be more work than keeping the already outdated wiki and help pages on ubuntu.com current18:30
daftykinsthat guide i linked uses "sudo -H gedit /file" is that really a safe way instead of gksu/gksudo ?18:32
daftykinsi checked the manpage and see -H is homepath changing18:32
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: wb eric!18:38
EriC^^thanks lotuspsychje18:40
EriC^^did you try 15.10 yet?18:41
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: im sticking to lts mate :p so no18:42
EriC^^me too, just for a vm18:42
EriC^^( basically just for the wallpapers and see how it feels like :D )18:42
EriC^^i'm downloading now18:42
lotuspsychjenice1 daftykins18:42
daftykinshmm both my xbox and last.fm widgets are broken18:43
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: ill grab xenial alpha at december 3118:43
EriC^^nice writeup daftykins18:43
daftykinshehe thanks, i mostly just copied the result on askubuntu.com and labelled it as 15.10 though - so any new users googling can find it :)18:43
EriC^^why dec 31?18:44
EriC^^oh ok18:44
EriC^^the alpha18:44
EriC^^i hope the wallpapers are nice18:45
EriC^^it's almost done18:45
EriC^^lotuspsychje: how's the shop coming together mate?18:46
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: were trying to find a proper house to buy first18:49
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: it needs a room for home shop where i will place the showroom :p18:49
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: daftykins and OerHeks suggested me M.2 machines for the future :p18:49
EriC^^cool, what's M.2 machines?18:50
OerHekssure, apple got a version that has the highest speeds18:50
OerHeksm2 flashmemory18:50
OerHeksthe folow up on ssd sata18:51
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: <daftykins> http://arstechnica.co.uk/gadgets/2015/02/understanding-m-2-the-interface-that-will-speed-up-your-next-ssd/18:51
daftykins"new" form factor SSDs that are PCIe 4x native with NVMe instead of AHCI :)18:51
lotuspsychjeso i will be hunting m.2 barebones18:51
OerHeksnext step will be no difference between ram and storage18:51
EriC^^seems very cool18:53
EriC^^when my current hdd explodes i'll get a ssd i guess18:53
EriC^^never used one before18:53
lotuspsychjethe image i have in mind is ubuntu phone = ubuntu tablet = ubuntu netbook = ubuntu multimedia laptop = ubuntu home desktop = ubuntu gaming desktop18:53
lotuspsychjeall ssd powered and lts + ubuntu touch18:54
OerHekshttps://azerty.nl/8-5743-794909/addonics-m2-pcie-ssd-adapter.html + https://azerty.nl/8-5931-717161/kingston-ssdnow-solid-state-.html18:54
daftykinsno point using adapters really, if your BIOS/EFI can't boot PCIe devices with NVMe, you're knackered18:55
daftykinsok for solely-storage of course18:56
lotuspsychjeits so hard to find barebones, not sure where to get them18:56
OerHeksbut this one is not 600 mbit, but 2150 mbit https://azerty.nl/0-5931-820994/samsung-sm951-series-ssd-solid-state-drive-256-gb-intern-m-2-2280-pci-express-x4-ahci-bulk.html18:56
daftykinslaptops or say, mini ITX things?18:56
daftykinsyeah SM951 is the older one18:57
lotuspsychjedaftykins: i will be needing them all18:57
lotuspsychjedaftykins: maybe ill do those mini for home desktops18:57
daftykinsi think the Intel NUCs come with M.2 as standard18:58
lotuspsychjedaftykins: yeah, but we had some ubuntu issues on those nucs also on users18:58
lotuspsychjeremember a few18:58
OerHeksseeding ratio 1.5 in 4 hrs now19:02
OerHeksx 6 isos19:03
daftykinshow big is the 64-bit wily desktop image up to now?19:03
OerHeks1,18 gb19:04
EriC^^it's 1.1gb19:04
EriC^^well 1.0gib it says here19:04
OerHeks2248 x 512kb19:06
daftykinssoon a 2GB flashd rive won't cut it ;)19:06
OerHeksubuntustudio 2.3GiB19:07
OerHeksbut that one i would expect 3.9 gb19:08
lotuspsychjewow big19:08
daftykinsoh dear, is omgubuntu suggesting people trash their lovely installations with PPAs from the word go again?19:09
* daftykins glances19:09
OerHeksoh, fonts and themes i presume?19:09
lotuspsychjeany speed improvements to dash on 15.10?19:10
OerHeksI don't know, still on 15.0419:11
* daftykins pats his server VM19:12
lotuspsychjesteam controller added, nice19:12
lotuspsychje!info telegram19:15
ubot5Package telegram does not exist in vivid19:16
lotuspsychje!info telegram wily19:16
ubot5Package telegram does not exist in wily19:16
lotuspsychjemust be the telegram desktop they show https://insights.ubuntu.com/2015/10/22/whats-new-in-ubuntu-15-10-desktop-and-devices/19:17
OerHeksmaybe it is under social accounts pre programmed19:18
lotuspsychjeah could be OerHeks19:18
EriC^^the new prompt is colored19:24
EriC^^wallpapers suck19:24
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: can you check the social accounts for telegram please?19:25
EriC^^doesn't seem to have telegram19:26
lotuspsychjeok tnx19:26
EriC^^you mean the settings > online accounts? facebook yahoo google etc?19:26
lotuspsychjeany new ones?19:26
EriC^^no they're actually less19:27
lotuspsychjei wonder why they didnt add telegram to official repos yet19:27
lotuspsychjesuch a nice package19:28
lotuspsychjeyou can try it from here for desktop: https://desktop.telegram.org/19:29
OerHekshmm https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ntp = ntp (1:4.2.6.p5+dfsg-3ubuntu8) and http://support.ntp.org/bin/view/Main/SecurityNotice#Recent_Vulnerabilities  says it is fixed in ntp-4.2.8p419:31
lotuspsychjeseems like they add a telegram ppa here: http://www.tecmint.com/things-to-do-after-fresh-installation-of-ubuntu-15-10-desktop/2/19:49
lotuspsychjenite nite all20:06
Ben64those "x things to do after installing ubuntu" are dumb20:30
Ben64because everyone is the same and wants the same things, right?20:31
OerHeks1000 steps to keep you buzy with ubuntu 15.10 until next release20:53
OerHeks( incl. eat & drink, sleep, walk instructions )20:55
daftykinsBen64: agreed, plus it treats a new OS like a toy21:16
OerHekswow my compliments for the makers of this demo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VoeCcCQuJrM21:49
daftykinsquite professional indeed21:55
wileeelike hypnotic man21:59
OerHeksthose loops can easily be made with ubuntu studio22:00
OerHeksratio 2.2-2.9 x 6 isos in 6 hrs22:04

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