eliaspsdarkxst I changed the ~wilyX number manually on the debdiffs, with an editor. Is that ok? Also, with a new upstream release, that number is reset back to 1 or 0?00:01
eliaspsBecause there are multiple packages with both zeros and ones. one has a 0.1 too.00:01
darkxsteliasps, doesnt really matter if start at 1 or 0, but if you use `dch -l~wily` , it will automatically use 100:03
eliaspsOk then, I'll use that! Thanks. Why some packages have to be syncs from debian?00:04
darkxstbecause they don't have any ubuntu specific changes, then we just sync from debian00:05
eliaspsOk. Thanks!00:05
eliaspsThe remaining debdiffs are on the same location (http://people.ubuntu.com/~eliasps/files/debdiffs/). I'll do the syncs too.00:09
eliaspsI'll be keeping track of the versions for upgrades upstream from gnome's mailing list, to make them when they are out.00:10
eliaspsBut gnome-online-accounts always fail to build for some reason, I see no clear error on the sbuild test. just status attempted.00:11
darkxsteliasps, log?00:11
eliaspstesting now. I'll send it once it's done.00:16
darkxsteliasps, git-gsm-utils-fix-leak.patch in gnome-session has a bad rebase, and besides it should just be dropped00:20
eliaspsI'll make it again.00:25
eliaspsdarkxst something with the symbols? http://pastebin.com/6kWLinv800:35
eliaspsE: Build failure (dpkg-buildpackage died)00:36
darkxsteliasps, yes, use the embedded diff in the log to update debian/libgoa-backend-1.0-1.symbols00:36
darkxstalso change the version to just upstream version 3.18.1 (i.e on line 9 in your paste)00:38
eliaspsDo I note that on the changelog?00:40
darkxsteliasps, yes of course, all changes you make should be noted00:40
eliaspsOk. I'll build it again and let you know. Thank you for your help.00:45
eliaspsI have to go for now, I'll fix gnome-session and goa and send them to you once I'm back along with the debian syncs.00:46
bcxHi, manual instal on wily:  gdm loops asking for the password, anyway I can get a session with 'sudo service gdm stop ; startx', /var/log/gdm/ is empty04:26
bcxI need to understand gdm issue but have no clue04:26
darkxstbcx what do you mean by manual install?04:31
darkxstyou could be missing some dependencies?04:31
bcxdarkxst: yes I use --no-install-recommends04:31
darkxstanyway to debug gdm set Debug=True in /etc/gdm/custom.conf04:31
darkxstsome logs will goto to the journal, but some should be in /var/log/gdm also04:32
bcxdarkxst: nothing created in /var/log/gdm04:34
darkxstcheck journal then04:34
bcxdarkxst: using journalctl I can see a Clutter input issue http://paste.ubuntu.com/12892135/04:36
darkxstI'd be more worried about this one04:38
darkxstOct 22 06:33:01 darkpad gdm-password][1889]: PAM unable to dlopen(pam_gnome_keyring.so): /lib/security/pam_gnome_keyring.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory04:38
darkxstand the other pam errors that are popping up in your logs04:38
darkxstthe clutter message is not likely causing the problem04:39
bcxdarkxst: commenting (prefix with -) pam_gnome_keyring in /etc/pam.d/gdm does not solve04:41
darkxstwell you need that plugin anyway04:42
bcxdarkxst: do you know the required package ?04:43
bcxah ...04:44
darkxstbcx or you can always use something like `apt-file find pam_gnome_keyring.so`04:44
darkxstto find what package a file comes from04:44
bcxinstalling libpam-gnome-keyring does not solve http://paste.ubuntu.com/12892179/04:52
darkxstdoes it start to login? then go back to gdm?04:54
darkxstOct 22 06:50:35 darkpad /usr/lib/gdm/gdm-x-session[772]: (II) Server terminated successfully (0). Closing log file.04:54
darkxstOct 22 06:50:35 darkpad gdm-password][760]: pam_unix(gdm-password:session): session closed for user user04:54
darkxstOct 22 06:50:35 darkpad gdm[431]: GdmDisplay: display lasted 2.449007 seconds04:54
bcxdarkxst: exact04:54
bcxOct 22 06:50:27 darkpad gnome-session[583]: gnome-session[583]: CRITICAL: We failed, but the fail whale is dead. Sorry....04:55
bcxdarkxst: I hate this message04:56
darkxstthat will be the problem04:56
bcxI surely need some more deps04:57
bcxdarkxst: possible to debug gnome-session ?04:57
darkxstgnome-session should become more verbose when you enable gdm debug mode I think04:58
bcxdarkxst: also Oct 22 06:50:28 darkpad gnome-session[633]: (gnome-settings-daemon:664): Gvc-WARNING **: Failed to connect context: Connection refused05:00
darkxstI don't expect that would be fatal05:02
darkxstthe fail whale message05:03
darkxsthappens when one of the required components fails to start05:03
darkxstwhich will likely be shell or g-s-d05:04
bcxwhat kind on compo ? gdm/gnome-session/gnome-shell ?05:04
bcxstrangely GS starts and is not cleaned http://paste.ubuntu.com/12892209/05:05
darkxstthat looks like the gdm greeter05:06
darkxstit stays running on vt7, your user session ends up on vt2 (assuming this is 15.10)05:06
bcxit is05:07
darkxst693 tty7     Sl+    0:06              \_ gnome-shell --mode=gdm05:07
bcxduring last sprint I worked this around by using lightdm05:08
darkxsttry a manual install in a clean VM, using `apt-get install ubuntu-gnome-desktop^`05:09
darkxstif that works, then you definately have a missing dep somewhere05:09
darkxstibus is a recommends in our seeds, though maybe a hard dep these day in GNOME land05:12
bcxsure, one of the 300MB recommends05:12
darkxstbcx most of that will be libreoffice05:13
darkxstsee the * ( package ) lines, they are the recommends05:14
darkxstalthough that only covers the seed, not the underlying packages05:14
bcxdarkxst: it took me long to get this right for trusty/vivid http://paste.ubuntu.com/12892232/05:15
bcxI am unhappy with the way people define recommends on debian/ubuntu05:16
darkxstwhich part?05:17
darkxstSomeone was wanting to make an ubuntu-gnome-core seed, but it never happened05:18
bcxdarkxst: one these recommends should be in deps http://paste.ubuntu.com/12892236/05:19
bcxdarkxst: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12892232/ works great for trusty/vivid05:20
darkxstbcx, I don't know, there are maybe 2-3 people in the world that insist on using GNOME with --no-recommends05:23
darkxstmore than happy to take fixes affecting deps, but not about to spend time debugging them05:24
bcxdarkxst: maybe we are not a lot but we are consistent with what recommends means05:24
darkxstwell sometimes upstream changes don't get reflected05:24
darkxstits not always obvious when upstream move from a soft (optional) dep to a hard dep05:25
bcxdarkxst: keep/try my results for trusty/vivid if it can help the other 2 :)05:25
bcxdarkxst: I understand as building a distro without automated tests :S05:26
bcxdarkxst: so many combinations to manually check...05:27
bcxdarkxst: btw I don't know if you remember our discussion 2 days ago about my chicken&egg issue with user-themes05:29
bcxdarkxst: I can workaround it with 'gsettings set ... name Mytheme' either in session-migration or a simple autostart05:31
darkxstbcx, that is what the gsettings overrides are for!05:32
darkxstif you want to override settings system wide, use those05:33
bcxdarkxst: already overriden org.gnome.shell.extensions.user-theme05:33
darkxstand I am still sure you don't need user-theme plugin for themes loaded from /usr/share05:34
bcxdarkxst: some execution is required somewhere, I can confirm diff oldgsettings newgsettings returns nothing05:34
darkxstthe whole point of user-theme is load plugins from ~/.local/share05:35
bcxdarkxst: yes ! i would love to do that05:35
darkxstglib-compile-schemas /usr/share/glib-2.0/scheams05:35
darkxstafter you edit the override file05:35
bcxdarkxst: checking a sources it does at both $HOME & .local05:35
bcxdarkxst: of course05:35
bcx200+300MB landed, I confirm it is a "recommended" issue :)05:36
darkxsttake a look at the germinate output for ubuntugnome05:37
darkxstand look for recommends below the core components05:37
bcxdarkxst: yes "Recommended packages:" @ http://paste.ubuntu.com/12892236/05:37
bcxdarkxst: you were taking about ibus-gtk3 ibus-table05:39
darkxstmaybe and ibus of course05:40
darkxstand maybe things like libclutter-1.0-common libcogl-common modemmanager network-manager-gnome05:42
bcxdarkxst: my issue is more with gdm/gnome-session as I can startx05:47
darkxstbcx, gtg now05:48
bcxdarkxst: thanks for your time05:49
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DraccoHello lads, quick quesion: any idea what time today is Gnome Wily released?08:51
darkxstDracco, after I go to sleep09:07
darkxstprobably around EOD in west coast US09:09
Draccoawesome, thanks!09:14
darkxsteliasps, think I uploaded most things for you09:15
mgedminhm, should I ppa-purge before upgrading to 15.10?14:51
* mgedmin assumes it's the safe course and does so14:57
mgedminoh my, is ppa-purge amazingly slow?  yes it is15:02
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bp0using ubuntu gnome as guest in virtualbox, with virtualbox-guest-utils installed, the mouse pointer is invisible during login15:44
eliaspsdarkxst thank you. I'll let you know about the rest.15:47
mgedminwhat sort of input device does virtualbox present?15:49
eliaspsNow that wily has been released, all the packages in staging (for wily) will be copied to xerial at the early development? What's the schedule?15:49
mgedminif it looks like a touchscreen, gnome might be hiding the mouse cursor because it thinks you're running it on a tablet15:49
bp0mgedmin, you are right that vbox's default pointing device setting is USB Tablet15:54
bp0but I changed it to PS/2 Mouse and the same result15:54
bp0also, after login, the pointer is visible either way15:54
mgedminI guess then my guess was incorrect15:55
bp0but good idea, tho16:01
bp0with usb tablet selected there is a usb input device, with ps2 mouse selected there is a serial input device16:02
bp0but either way there is another input device on pci16:02
bp0the vbox guest pci device that provides pointer integration16:02
bp0dmesg | grep input  ... shows both devices16:03
bp0maybe after login uses sees them in a different order than before login16:04
bp0but now i'm guessing16:04
Olotilacan I get a menu or something for open apps?16:07
Olotilalike "places", but it would be "running apps"16:07
Olotilaor rather something that is always visible16:07
mgedminthere's probably a window list extension somewhere16:08
bp0Olotila, mgedmin: there is an extension... look in gnome-tweak-tool / extensions16:09
bp0its called "Window list"16:11
Olotilathis seems nice16:12
* mgedmin thinks about the inevitable disappointment that will come later when Olotila discovers the downsides of extensions (they become outdated and stop working, or are buggy and crash/freeze gnome-shell)16:14
* mgedmin becomes sad16:14
Olotilai am pretty new to gnome, so that future does not scare me :)16:22
Olotilai am kinda searching my workflow with gnome, so far I like a lot16:22
Olotilai got bunch of crap all over, but it's not bothering me atm16:23
Olotilaall kinda widgets and stuff16:23
Olotilajust gonna reinstall or clean up when widgets loose their glamour16:23
octoquadOlotila, https://extensions.gnome.org/extension/307/dash-to-dock/ <- well maintained17:18
octoquadhi mgedmin17:18
octoquadSo, happy release day! :)17:19
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eliaspsdarkxst goa and gnome-session debdiffs for staging: http://pastebin.com/NNQ8pKJS http://pastebin.com/tDaPRXck . On gnome-session, would you check the configure.ac log (from git) because those build-dep bumps I made maybe they should have been done in a previous release.17:35
octoquaddarkxst, could you check this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-gnome/+patches the bottom <update> / New upstream patches look old. Can you confirm.17:39
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mgedminI see nautilus 3.16 didn't make it into wily19:50
mgedminhello #1418771 old friend19:54
mgedminhm, the gnome3 ppa is empty-ish (but thanks for a not-ancient gedit!)20:03
mgedminah, gnome3-staging has nautilus 3.18 and lots of other goodies20:06
mgedminah my computer feels so fast after a reboot20:43
darkxstmgedmin, nautilus 3.16 broke just about every ubuntu patch21:49
bcxdarkxst: i got nautilus 3.16 running well with gnome3-staging on vivid21:57
bcxmgedmin: yes wily starts really faster21:57
darkxstbcx, we dropped the ubuntu patches there21:57
darkxstthere not really relevant to ubuntu gnome, but needed for actual archive uploads21:58
darkxsteliasps, thx, uploading now22:12
eliaspsdarkxst remind me if you will, what do I need to send you to upload the syncs?23:27
eliaspsI just downloaded the debian files, edited the changelog and debuild.23:28
eliaspsShould I create the debdiffs against the PPA versions of the packages?23:38
berglhgood morning people, congrats on the release23:42
eliaspsok scratch that. the debdiff against the debian version.23:55
eliaspsberglh good morning.23:55

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