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lubotu3Ubuntu 15.04 (Vivid Vervet) is the current release of Ubuntu. Download at http://releases.ubuntu.com/15.04/ - Read the release notes at http://ubottu.com/y/vivid08:21
czajkowskidublin I'm visiting! http://www.meetup.com/Couchbase-Dublin/events/226230617/10:25
slashbelshame, you will miss us by 1 week10:26
tdr112czajkowski: Are you coming into the city after11:08
tdr112I have missed your last few visits11:08
czajkowskitdr112: I'm in on the tuesday to speak to the DCU folks are you there?11:24
czajkowskithen Thursday I head to UL and Friday I do wedding lark stuff11:24
greybackczajkowski: hey, what's the DCU talk? I'm in DCU on Tuesday evenings11:25
czajkowskiI'm not 100% sure it's a talk and not a meet and greet and hear how people have roles in OSS11:26
czajkowskibut it's what zergless is organsing11:27
tdr112czajkowski: yep I am at the DCU thing11:27
tdr112we must get a drink after11:27
greybackok, I could pop by if it's some time in the late afternoon/evening, if you'd like an Ubuntu dev there11:28
tdr112greyback: I think its a more q&a with people who work in different types of dev jobs11:33
tdr112for big places to small places, OSS and not11:34
tdr112just to give the students an idea of all the different types of roles that go into making software, its not just all coding11:35
greybacknice idea11:36
zerglessI see my name being mentioned :)11:45
zerglessgreyback: its pretty full atm with 6 people! but I'd love to have you in for a talk at soem point!11:47
zerglesswere doing an intro to linux next weke I believe so I'd be cool to ahve a ubuntu dev come in after :D11:47
greybackzergless: sure, keep me in mind11:48
zerglessWhat days/evenings are you usually free?11:52
czajkowskiyay fantastic11:55
czajkowskizergless: not forgotten I owe you info11:55
czajkowskizergless: do I need slides?11:55
zerglessNo slides needed :)11:56
zerglessjust a few lines on yourself/company, a link to any sites you want us to share and a logo of your company for any posters/advertising we do :)11:57
greybackzergless: am free Tue & Thurs after 7, Wed after 6. Mon & Fri usually busy11:57
zerglessI'd need to see how late people are going to be staying we usually hold events at 5 or 6 depending on the committee speaker or 2 on a wednesday as we have a half day11:59
zerglessgreyback: Will defiantly try and sort something out :)11:59
greybackzergless: sure. I am relatively flexible on those times12:04
zerglessCool ill see what day is free next and get back to you later today12:04
zerglessDo you've an email I can reach you on?12:04
greybackzergless: gerry.boland@canonical.com12:06
zerglessperfect :)12:07

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