svijnhaines: sure! :)05:30
svijnhaines: now I need to figure out if I can make it, must somehow fit in my new Uni and new job timetable, sigh.05:32
nhainessvij: I'm sure you can make it happen.  :)06:33
svijnhaines: I hope so :)06:34
nhainesI'll be crossing my fingers.  :)06:35
svijtomorrow Ubucon is starting and we're probably moving an social event, "yay" :-/06:35
svijthere's a (kind of) demonstration on the same time against the restaurant, because they're not paying their employees properly… so we're hoping we find something today to move to another place06:37
svijoh well…06:37
nhainesOh, I hope so then!06:37
svijatleast I'm sure that my name on the nameplate is written correctly :D (it wasn't the last two years)06:42
dholbachgood morning07:09
* nhaines hugs dholbach.07:10
nhainesGood morning!07:10
dholbachhey nhaines07:10
* dholbach hugs you all :)07:10
dholbachit's release day!07:11
nhainesIt is!  :D  Ooh, I should make sure they're not being dumb over on /r/Ubuntu.  Like trying to kill the release.ubuntu.com server yet.07:11
nhainesIt's a lovely subreddit, but they do get excitable sometimes.  :)07:11
dholbacha bit like #ubuntu-release-party07:12
svijhey dholbach 07:12
svijnhaines: oh, can you give me this ubuntu-flavor thing on reddit ( I'm /u/svijee over there)07:13
nhainessvij: done!07:14
* svij hugs nhaines07:15
dholbachhey svij07:17
dholbachoohh, me too07:17
dholbachoohh, me too07:17
dholbachoohh, me too07:17
dholbachI'm dholbach07:18
nhainesdholbach: do you want a Canonical or Ubuntu one?  :)07:18
dholbacheither works for me07:18
dholbachI always felt a bit naked without any of them07:18
* svij first thought that dholbach wanted a hug from me. I was so wrong.07:19
nhainesdholbach: you have a Canonical flair.  If you decide you prefer the Ubuntu one later, just let me know.  :)07:19
dholbachwill do - thanks a lot07:21
nhainespopey: thanks for the kind words over on the OMG Ubuntu article.  :)13:55
popeynhaines: np14:05
nhainespopey: I'd be less annoyed if he wasn't blaming me personally for the Ubuntu ISO disk size.  But sometimes that's life. :)14:07
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svijpopey: nhaines: I don't get why he constantly complaining everywhere… sigh.17:32
wxlwho he what?17:32
svijwxl: this: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2015/10/ubuntu-15-10-download-review-new-features#comment-232063920717:33
svijhm, hope you see the answers from popey 17:34
wxlseems like a strange way to attempt to resolve anything17:37
svijhe did send a few emails to the judges of the contest and a few canonical guys in a mail, not really constructive17:38
svijI do understand his points, but I don't think that theyre "that bad" as he describes it17:39
wxli like this one http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2015/10/ubuntu-15-10-download-review-new-features#comment-232064180117:39
wxlelacheche: do you still need to be added to the ubuntu-tn mailing list admins?19:36
elacheche_aniswxl: I'm already the only admin, thanks to you wxl & PabloRubianes :) I already said that to you when I was added as the admin :) 19:45
wxlok i couldn't remember. thanks elacheche_anis 19:46
PabloRubianesno problem elacheche_anis19:46
elacheche_anisThank YOU guys :) 19:48

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