joseworking on fridge release announcement14:39
pleia2no funeral to go back to (we won't make it in time), but upon landing in Tokyo AGAIN we learned another relative had passed away15:00
pleia2I'm staying in Japan to continue our vacation and do the conference, but my brain has melted from travel and sad15:00
* jose hugs pleia215:00
* pleia2 hugs15:00
pleia2worst week ever15:01
* pleia2 shall try to make the best of her time here15:01
josedon't worry about uwn and news, I'll make sure things go out of the door as usual. go to your conference and enjoy you evenings15:03
PaulW2Upleia2: yeah, don't worry about UWN. I'll write every last summary if I have to :)15:04
pleia2thanks guys15:05
* pleia2 goes to sleep15:06
josehave a good night :)15:08
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