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flocculantzequence: I did a couple of tests for you08:32
flocculantwon't manage anymore today though08:33
zequenceflocculant: I saw that. Thanks a bunch.08:43
zequenceRoss is helping out too. I'm just installing on a real machine for a change08:43
flocculantalways useful :)08:43
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zequenceI'm not having much luck with paritioning, actually09:40
zequenceNot able to use an existing partition, or delete an existing one and create a new one, so that the installation can go past "Creating ext4 file system..."09:40
zequenceI have 4 logical partitions09:42
zequenceSomething a little buggy with the partioner. Created a primary partition, which ended up being called sd810:00
zequenceAnd, still can't get passed creating ext4 file system. Thinking that if I did a erase everything install it would work (usually does). I have installed 15.10 on this machine before. hmm10:01
flocculantzequence: I've not seen issues like that lately10:03
flocculant32 or 64 bit?10:03
zequence64bit. I10:03
zequenceI'm doing a manual partitioning with gparted now10:04
flocculantI'll get a stick sorted and try here10:04
zequenceThis could be an issue with previous partioning and partitioning tables10:04
zequenceWhen opening gparted, it talkes about cylinder sizes, and that for me usually means I need to reboot in order for things to be read correctly10:05
zequencegparted got stuck too10:05
flocculantand where you trying to use an old partition?10:06
zequenceWell, both. But, it is the same old partition table10:06
zequenceSo, may be hard to reproduce this. This is a pre-UEFI laptop with one primary partition that originally had 4 logical partitions. Now, 3.10:07
zequencehmm, gparted pulled through eventually. Just took a while10:07
zequenceGoing to try installing without formatting this time10:08
zequence..since it's now freshly formatted10:08
flocculantwell if you get it to work I'll abort10:08
zequenceThe partioner wants to write changes though I haven't actually made any changes (use sd8 as ext for and assign / to it, but no formatting, or change in size)10:10
zequenceThat has happened to me a lot in recent years, so I suspect that is a bug too, but it usually doesn't stop me from installing10:10
zequenceext4, not "ext for"10:11
zequenceWell, this worked10:12
zequenceSo, before next LTS, might be a good idea to do some partitioning testing to try to dig up some bugs that need to be fixed10:12
flocculantobviously the trouble with that is getting people to test as early as possible10:14
zequenceA lot of disk partion editing tools seem to have some problems lately, something to do with gpt I think, from now knowing at all what happens under the hood10:14
flocculantI'd assume so - don't have any gpt disks here10:15
zequenceThis should not be a gpt disk, but probably newer installations might default to it. At least you need it for disks past 2TB sizes10:15
flocculantbuying a new disk soonish - will be making sure max 2Gb :p10:16
flocculantwill scratch my head over gpt when I need to - not before :p10:16
flocculantzequence: well it appeared to not have any trouble with partitions here10:25
zequenceflocculant: Ok10:26
flocculantperhaps report it as a bug - you can at least then link it on your release notes10:26
flocculantI put one on ours that one person reported that's not been confirmed yet too10:26
zequenceI'm not sure yet which is what. Could be my hard drive is getting sick10:27
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slickymasterWorkreviewing now flexiondotorg15:00
slickymasterWorkups, I meant flocculant :P15:00
flocculantthanks - should be pretty straight forward15:01
flocculantI can do the merging and packages.qa updates then get on with the other load15:01
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flocculantballoons: you might think it's early, but can you get xenial added to packages.qa.ubuntu.com asap - we're going to be pushing package testing pdq ;)15:33
balloonsflocculant, sure thing15:34
balloonsI'll add the release if you want to migrate things over :-)15:34
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flocculantballoons: awesome - thanks :D15:45
flocculantwish they could be weighted though :p15:49
flocculanthave to jiggery pokery with testsuite names it seems15:49
flocculantthat bit's set up at least \o/15:49
flocculantballoons: so it seemed that ecploratory didn't work too well - so we're trying both this time15:50
slickymasterWorkflocculant. https://code.launchpad.net/~flocculant/ubuntu-manual-tests/1508808/+merge/27536415:52
slickymasterWorkall done15:52
flocculantslickymasterWork: thanks slickymasterWork15:53
flocculantthat's the priority stuff for us done and ready to roll :)16:02
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tsimonq2when are the first Xenial images gonna be released?17:31
tsimonq2few weeks?17:31
tewardi don't even think the Xenial archive is open yet17:32
tsimonq2so what now for Wily?17:33
teward* Topic for #ubuntu-devel is: Wily (15.10) Released! | Archive: closed   Topic for #ubuntu-release is: Released: Trusty 14.04.3, Wily 15.10 | Archive: closed, britney block in place17:33
tewardso yeah, archive ain't open perhaps17:33
tsimonq2so wait...are we just waiting for terrible bugs now?17:34
* teward shrugs17:34
tewardi'm on standby for what I expect to be a flurry of nginx bugs appearing17:34
tsimonq2well then where do I ask?17:34
teward('cause server person here :P)17:34
tewardtsimonq2: here, maybe in -release17:35
tewardbut i'd say 'don't expect it immediately', and 'give it a little bit'17:35
tewardwith today being release day it's one of those "prepare for hell many will probably report bugs" days, I think17:35
tsimonq2oh gawd17:36
* tsimonq2 pats teward on the back17:37
tsimonq2good luck, buddy17:37
tewardi have a limited package scope17:37
tewardand most of the issues in Vivid on upgrade for nginx were configuration errors, not package issues17:37
tewardbut I digress17:37
* teward waits for the flood17:37
flocculanttsimonq2: turns up when it turns up17:38

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