muka_Can someone tell me if Meizu MX4 would work on t-mobile network in US? Also, is it possible to get MX4 Android edition and flash it to Ubuntu?00:21
nhainesIt would, where T-Mobile hasn't disabled their 2G network.00:22
nhainesIt is possible to flash some  Android MX4s with Ubuntu, but you won't be able to tell until you have it in your hand.00:22
nhainesSo maybe don't do that.00:23
muka_nhaines, thank you.00:27
nhainesmuka_: you're welcome, and good luck finding one.  It's a nie system.  :)00:28
muka_Is there a hardware difference between Android vs Ubuntu edition?00:30
nhainesNot that I'm aware of.00:33
nhainesOther than the screen, I mean.00:33
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JMDHey I got a Nexus 4 runing ubuntu touch, I saw that OTA7 should be release 26 but mine says r24 anyone know why?05:01
lotuspsychjeJMD: wich channel are you on?05:01
JMDGood question, hang on05:02
nhainesJMD: there was no OTA7 for mako yet.05:03
nhainesShould be coming soon.05:03
nhainesThe "why" is that they're in the middle of arranging things so that it's closer to the retail phone images.05:04
JMDAhah, ok05:04
JMDReally liking Ubuntu touch, has come on a long way, just wish it had whatsapp05:05
lotuspsychjeJMD: telegram instead05:05
lotuspsychjewhatsapp is very unsecure05:05
nhainessource: https://lists.launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone/msg16328.html05:06
JMDI know, I'd use that anyday, but it's difficult to get other ppl to come over05:06
lotuspsychjeJMD: yes security is hard to convince to ppl over enjoyment05:06
JMDppl look blankly when you try and tell them05:06
lotuspsychjelol been there05:06
lotuspsychjeususally i get answers like:..but why dont you install messenger or whatsapp05:07
JMDand sadly the most coverage of Telegram I've seen was a report that terrorists where using it cos of it's security....05:09
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JMDso back to OTA7, I was mislead then by online tech sites who all said it was available for the Nexus 405:13
lotuspsychjeJMD: GOT URL FOR THAT?05:14
JMDsure hang on05:15
lotuspsychjeJMD: yeah mentions n405:17
nhainesThey've also reported me as being a Canonical employee twice.05:18
JMDhere too: http://techfrag.com/2015/10/21/ubuntu-touch-ota-7-update-available-download-supported-devices/05:18
lotuspsychjejournalism...they never investigate the real facts05:19
JMDSo where should I be looking to make sure I'm getting the right news? The Canonical email list?05:21
nhainesPrett much.05:23
nhainesPretty much.  :)05:23
lotuspsychjeJMD: i read omgubuntu and softpedia, but some facts might be untrue indeed05:23
nhainesOf course, they also didn't bother telling anyone until somebody asked, so...  :)05:24
lotuspsychjeJMD: the twitter is pretty nice too: https://twitter.com/ubuntu05:24
JMDcool, thx05:26
JMDthe twitter mentions the coming of convergence to ubuntu touch, any ideas if the Nexus 4 will be able to support it?05:29
nhainesDepends what you mean by "convergence."05:29
JMDum, ok, can you explain?05:30
nhainesEvery phone ever will be able to run any Ubuntu app compiled for ARM.  Only some will be able to output to an external display.  The Nexus 7 can. I *think* the Nexus 4 can, too.05:30
nhainesI know the bq and Meizu phones can't.05:31
JMDok, the nexus 4 can output to an external screen05:31
JMDI bought a cable and it does, although it didn't display quite as I expected, but I did get it from a cheap PC place here in Hong Kong....05:32
JMDI guess for me convergence means being able to plug the phone into a dock that has a screen, keyboard, mouse and carrying on working. The demos I have seen have shown something like this05:38
CoZohello everybody06:50
CoZoI wonder if someone here have a touch screen problem on nexus 406:50
CoZosome part of mine are not "touchable"06:50
dholbachgood morning07:09
JMD@CoZo: Don't have that issue on mine, anywhere in particular?07:37
CoZoJMD: yes a bad in the up of the screen07:39
CoZonot all the screen07:39
tvossmardy, would appreciate a ta here: https://code.launchpad.net/~thomas-voss/location-service/add-documentation-and-tooling/+merge/27500608:01
mardytvoss: done!08:03
tvossmardy, thx08:03
MaemoGood morning. tonight i received a 9 mb update for my meizu ubuntu edition, i wanna see the updates change log, do you have a link for that?08:08
tvossmardy, https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/550 for the rtc fix landing vivid+o08:14
tvossmardy, silo is building08:14
mardytvoss: cool!08:15
mardytvoss: and finally I got a GPS fix :-) Now enabling wireless, let's see if I can reproduce the bug08:15
tvossmardy, ah great08:16
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mcphail:( - dbus problems are back this morning08:32
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Thursday, and happy Wily Werewolf welease day! 😃08:35
mcphailWhen do we get the next release codename? There are only one or 2 Ubuntu-appropriate adjectives starting with "X"08:38
diwicmcphail, it's Xenial Xerus08:38
* mcphail knows xenial but will have to google for xerus08:38
JMDtype of squirel08:39
JMDvery sociable apparantly08:39
diwicthe end of mark's post says "...courage" two times, makes me wonder if "...courage" means something else than "courage" and if so, what it actually means08:40
JMDand xenial” means “friendly relations between hosts and guests08:40
mcphailIs this on MS's blog?08:40
JMDreferencing Xen KVM etc08:40
mardySaviq: hi! fixes for bug 1508363 can be dual landed, right?08:41
ubot5bug 1508363 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "Coordinated migration to UITK 1.3" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/150836308:41
Saviqmardy, yup08:41
mardySaviq: thanks08:41
mardydbarth: ^08:41
mardytvoss: looks like I cannot reproduce the bug, maybe I need more wifis around. Guess I'll go out for a walk :-)08:43
tvossmardy, yup, city-center setups are more likely to trigger the issue08:43
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lotuspsychjeanyone has a music scope freeze when sliding on new ota7 bq 4.5?11:24
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* ogra_ sighs about softpedia 11:53
lotuspsychjeogra_: :p11:54
Stskeepsogra_: what did they announce now?11:54
ogra_if people could refrain from prematurely sending release notices out that would really really help the release tem doing their work11:54
davmor2ogra_: and omgubuntu too11:54
lotuspsychjeStskeeps: <JMD> so back to OTA7, I was mislead then by online tech sites who all said it was available for the Nexus 411:54
ogra_ ... every time the same11:54
ogra_it totally unnecessary delays it for everyone11:55
lotuspsychjeogra_: many other urls's describing same info spreading around11:55
ogra_not reason to chime in11:55
lotuspsychjeim wondering who started it11:55
ogra_someone ,... as every release11:56
lotuspsychjethe ubuntu twitter page also forwards the info11:57
ogra_the point is, the more people download it prematurely the slower any kind of mirror population goes ....11:57
ogra_the only valid info is the ubuntu-announce ML ... the next valid one is #ubuntu-release ... there is no other official source11:58
ogra_it isnt released before infinity says so ... thats it11:58
* svij always publishes the release article *after* the release e-mail are out12:00
ogra_yeah, thats good habit :)12:00
* Guest42341 for some people, ubuntu 15.10 was released 6 months ago :P12:00
popeylotuspsychje: OTA-7 _is_ available for Nexus 412:01
popeyif you're on the right channel.12:01
lotuspsychjepopey: tnx lemme try it mate, im devel-proposed12:02
popey[M#xSNexus 4 : ubuntu-touch/stable/ubuntu - mako: #2412:02
popeyit says on the ota-7 page12:02
lotuspsychjeholdon lemme try on n712:02
lotuspsychjepopey: update version 269 downloading on n712:05
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popeylotuspsychje: well, the wiki never lies ;)12:08
mcphailogra_: it isn't reasonable to expect other sites to delay release news when sabdfl has as good as said the release has happened12:08
popeylotuspsychje: some channels have it, others dont, but it is possible to get ota 7 on nexus 412:08
ogra_mcphail, indeed12:08
popeythis happens every release, we should netflix and chill12:08
popeyor something12:08
ogra_popey, am i allowed to netflix with annoyed face ?12:10
ogra_ood then12:10
lotuspsychjepopey: version 269 15.04 up n running on nexus7 devel-proposed12:16
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jgdxabeato, hey, has there been a change to ofono related to the “Present” property on the simmanager interface?12:39
abeatojgdx, hmm, there was a related change upstream that we merged12:40
abeatojgdx, what difference do you see?12:40
jgdxabeato, when in flight mode, present is 1 (simmanager) and online is 0 (modem).12:41
jgdxso not completely sure yet12:42
abeatojgdx, that should be the same as before, at least for mako12:43
abeatojgdx, for mtk modems simmanager is not exposed in fm iirc12:43
jgdxabeato, oh okay12:44
abeato(if there is a sim of course)12:44
chrisccoulsonShould QCamera::availableDevices() return anything on the phone?12:46
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ahayzendbarth_, Hey, I was told you may be the best person to speak to about this, I had a WebView that played some audio (possibly two at the same time) when this occurred it caused the whole phone to freeze and then reboot. It doesn't happen often (its happened twice so far) but i was wondering if it has been reported before, or if there are any logs i would be able to look at the next time it happens?12:56
ogra_ahayzen, definitely take a look at /var/crash12:57
ogra_(and check the timestamps)12:57
ahayzenogra_, but the phone froze for like 5-10s then rebooted, would there even be enough time for apport to kick in?12:58
* ahayzen checks anyway12:58
dbarth_ahayzen: hi12:59
ahayzenogra_, only the push-client, dash, location services and scopes have crash files12:59
dbarth_ahayzen: where you using the background playback feature?12:59
ogra_ahayzen, any of them with a timestamp that matches the crash time ?13:00
ahayzendbarth_, yes its with the new bg-playlists media-hub, but the application itself was focused and it was a short sound13:00
ahayzenogra_, i don't think so13:00
ahayzenogra_, i've had hardoffs via the camera before that don't create a .crash, i was told that was something in the android side bfore13:01
ogra_indeed, that could be13:01
ogra_you can use /system/bin/logcat to inspect that side13:01
ogra_(though that wont help if you already rebooted indeed)13:02
ahayzenyeah :-/ ... or if the phone reboots itself ? ;-)13:02
dbarth_ahayzen: shouldn't have crashed anyway; you can file a bug report, and i can direct it to one of the developers to see what's wrong13:02
ahayzendbarth_, ok, which project should it be against, oxide ?13:03
dbarth_i possible, list down the ways to reproduce, and the use of the particular new playlist support with media hub13:03
dbarth_ahayzen: i would file against media-hub for now13:03
dbarth_and then we can see if that's a bad interaction from xoide / the webview, or not13:03
ahayzenok cool13:03
jhodappdbarth_, why against media-hub? It's not using media-hub for playback to my understanding13:04
dbarth_ahayzen: jus ping me the bug number, as i may not get it automatically via a notification13:04
dbarth_jhodapp: bg playlist support?13:04
jhodappdbarth_, but I thought this was playback from a webapp which wouldn't even touch bg playlists13:05
dbarth_ahayzen: you mean the webview is embedded in a qml app wich itself calls media-hub directly with the new playlist feature ?13:05
ahayzendbarth_, i mean it is a qml app with a WebView ... and the website itself plays audio13:05
ahayzenso its coming from oxide13:05
ahayzeni'm not linking in anyway with media-hub13:06
dbarth_ah, so that's plain oxide, and it have the env. variable to play in the background then13:06
dbarth_ok, clearer; then oxide and i'll send to justinmcp13:06
ahayzenand the window was focussed all of the time anyway, so it wasn't making use of the background stuff13:06
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dbarth_ahayzen: then please specify the image rev., installed oxide package (liboxideqtcore0) and web url being played13:08
ahayzenhah :-)13:08
ahayzencool will do :-)13:08
ahayzendbarth_, i've reported bug 1508927 will update if and when I find out more info/reproducible steps13:17
ubot5bug 1508927 in Oxide "Device freezes and restarts when audio, probably multiple, is played" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/150892713:17
dbarth_ahayzen: thanks, triaging13:18
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mariogrip15.10 YAAY \o/14:11
ogra_not really14:15
ogra_(that was a mis-routed mail to ubuntu-release)14:16
mardytvoss: about the runtime toggling of the logging; do you prefer a simple boolean switch, or something more complex (but, if we closely mimick glog, we'd have two variables, which might be uncomfortable to use)14:42
mardytvoss: IOW, are you fine with a simple boolean which sets both FLAGS_v=100 and FLAGS_logtostderr=1?14:42
tvossmardy, I think a Property "VerbosityLevel" should be good enough, that also allows for some control from the outside14:44
mardytvoss: +114:44
mardytvoss: BTW, I think you misunderstood me before: I *did* reproduce the WIFI bug, and attached logs to the bug; however, I haven't looked at them yet14:45
mardyso, we have the bug :-(14:46
k1l_i would like the browser to have the wipe-down=refresh thingy like chrome does on android14:51
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dpmsil2100, I'd like to install silo 22 on a mako to prepare a convergence demo for the UbuCon in Berlin. I've been told I should use the ci-tool, but I should watch out to use the _new_ ci-tool. Do you have any pointers to documentation?15:14
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sil2100dpm: hm, you would have to ask robru|sick, he's the author - I generally don't use those tools15:15
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dpmthe nick appears to hint as to he's not up to much pinging today :)15:17
dpmanyone else who would know?15:17
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popeydpm: maybe kgunn who tests these things frequently?15:34
kgunndpm: it's under QA test, so might even land soon...15:35
kgunnbut in advance of that15:35
dpmkgunn, yeah, trying to get a convergence demo working for the UbuCon on Saturday15:36
dpmso will go for using the citrain tool15:36
dpmseems mhall119 used 'citrain device-upgrade 022 0000'15:36
dpmfrom ppa:ubuntu-sdk-team15:37
dpmjust finishing reflashing my mako and will try that in a minute15:37
dpmkgunn, any other tips? From what I'm told looks like dmz-cursor-theme needs to be manually installed to avoid removing unity815:38
kgunndpm: sorry, took me a minute to dig15:38
popeyheh, nice merge name15:39
dpmok, wish me luck :)15:42
bee_keeperHi, so i go to a scope and swipe up.  There's a crap load of apps (under also installed) there which don't appear in my apps panel.  Q1. What gives?  Q2. How to delete them?15:43
dpmbee_keeper, what's "a scope"? I.e. which particular scope are you referring to?15:44
mcphailbee_keeper: first thing is to be aware that some of the scopes listed serve data to other scopes, and that data will go missing if you remove them15:44
bee_keeperdpm: well any scope.  For example music, videos, news etc15:44
ogra_dpm, bee_keeper means the scope manager15:45
ogra_(bottom swipe)15:45
dpmoh, I see15:45
bee_keeperthanks ogra_, no sure of the terminology15:45
mcphailbee_keeper: If you click the star, they will be added to the main scopes list15:45
dpmbee_keeper, what you see there are not apps, they are other scopes that can be added as a source of additional content15:46
bee_keeperdpm: ok makes sense. so i guess i want to say, how can i delete those scopes?15:46
ogra_as mcphail said, many of tehm are aggreated into other scopes so removing them would break stuff15:47
ogra_(there is surely a way via cmdline to remove them though, but it might break stuff)15:47
mcphailbee_keeper: you can unistall from the app store, although I'm never sure whether uninstalling does anthing for the preinstalled scopes/apps15:48
dpmyeah, I was going to mention something along the lines as well15:48
bee_keeperso try to do it via the store?  I have the terminal app, am thinking i can maybe just delete them at source?  Is that safe?15:49
dpmyou can search for a particular scope you've got installed and uninstall it from the app store (scroll down the apps scope -the one with the apps grid-)15:49
dpmthe store would be easier and probably safer15:49
dpmIIRC you can also uninstall the preinstalled ones via the terminal, but you'll have to watch out for not breaking stuff that depends on them15:50
bee_keeperok seems to be working, thanks15:52
bee_keeperit would be good if you could go to all installed in the ubuntu store and then just delete them all15:55
* ogra_ never felt the need to uninstall them ... and it is the first time i see this asked here i think15:56
ogra_it isnt like they do anything if you dont activate them15:57
ogra_(and they will come back with the next update i think)15:57
bee_keeperogra_: phone runs a bit slowly and sometimes freezes when displaying the install list.  I don't want app crap that i never use15:57
ogra_well, its a preinstalled set and it will come back on upgrade (i think)15:58
ogra_if you see freezes it is surely not related to no-enabled scopes15:58
ogra_since they are not enabled :)15:59
bee_keeperThey're not enabled but they are installed.  They must be using some system resources however negible15:59
ogra_they use diskspace in a certain preinstalled area16:00
ogra_thats all16:00
ogra_and since they come from the custom tarball they will likely  just re-appear16:00
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bee_keeperi can't beleive they don't annoy you.  it's why i switched to ubuntu-touch to get rid of all this crap16:03
ogra_why would they annoy me16:03
ogra_i simply dont enable them and am fine ...16:03
ogra_it not like there arent tons of other bits that just idle on disk in any linux system if you dont use them16:04
bee_keeperogra_: true but you always sudo rm -rf16:04
bee_keeperwhat hardware are you running touch on?16:04
ogra_i have an mx4 and a bq 4.5 here16:05
bee_keeperok i am on a bg4.5 as well.  Does it ever freeze?16:06
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ogra_i dont use it that mush anymore since i have the mx4 ... but if i use it, it deosnt freeze, no16:10
rubencaroHi folks. Anyone can help me get a dual boot UbuntuTouch/FirefoxOS on my vegetahd?16:10
ubot5Launchpad bug 1509005 in mir (Ubuntu) "mir-client-platform-mesa-dev pkg-config file dropped" [Critical,Confirmed]16:15
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* ogra_ points doko to #ubuntu-mir16:16
seb128doko, #ubuntu-mir16:17
dokothey have the bug report ...16:17
seb128why do you mention it there then? ;-)16:17
rubencaroHi folks. Anyone can help me get a dual boot UbuntuTouch/FirefoxOS on my vegetahd? Any clue?16:33
davmor2rubencaro: not sure it is possible16:36
rubencarodavmor2: me neither, hehe, but I thought it's worth a try, does it?16:37
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NwSHeya guys, I read today that the first Ubuntu smartphone with Convergence (what an easy name.. -.-") is close by?18:02
NwSpopey, soon should I wait for it or soon should I get a used MX4? :P18:03
popeymx4 won't be capable of convergence18:03
NwSBut it is a good looking phone damn it :P okie I'll wait then xD tyvm18:03
kgunnmx4 doesn't have a specific hw module on the chipset needed for external monitor18:03
NwSAh okie ty for the info kgunn18:04
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popeykgunn: was that app dump what you needed?18:06
* kgunn sheepishly hasn't check mail18:09
* popey flounces off18:11
kgunnpopey: lol... i keep recalling cock...cock....cock-a-doodle-doo18:11
kgunnpopey: so that's awesome...so anything with an X is doesn't have18:11
kgunnand checkmark is applies ?18:11
popeywell, if it says something in that field, it linked to it18:12
popeybut I only scanned so libs18:12
popeymaybe you also need all other binaries scanned?18:12
kgunnpopey: btw, on a completely seperate topic, what is the best mailing list for app-dev public service announcements ?18:12
popeyphone specific?18:12
kgunnpopey: for the moment yeah...unity8 related18:13
popeyprobably ubuntu-phone tbh18:13
popeyhttps://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-app-devel/ exists but is mostly dead18:13
kgunnrelated to this bug18:13
ubot5Launchpad bug 1502145 in Canonical System Image "Apps can keep screen lit permanently" [Critical,Confirmed]18:13
kgunnit's been fixed for the browser, but any old app can use the aa cap of "keep-display-on"18:14
kgunnwas rolled out a little early w/o arch considerations, and so apps can hold screen on in background18:14
kgunnso bascially just need to consider pulling their lock on the screen-on when they lose focus18:14
popeymakes sense18:15
kgunnsweet!!! all the apps in the list are linked against libmirclient918:16
kgunnso up to date18:16
kgunnand guarded from abi breaks going fwd18:16
kgunnpopey: hmm, so the original bug for mirclient use came from this app "glmark2.sturmflut" but i notice it shows not linked against mir...18:28
kgunnso is that what you meant by scanning all the bins ?18:28
kgunnmaybe some are hidden18:28
popeyI'll re-run it, scanning _anything_ looking remotely binary :)18:29
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davmor2popey: if we sit down we look a bit like a 0 and standing up a bit like a 1 does that count as looking remotely binary?18:33
kgunnbrendand: we looking hopeful with silo 22 ?18:55
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ahoneybunlet's stop using the Galaxy Nexus in ads please21:15
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mariogripso, there will be an ubucon next year :D21:55
Dragonkeeperhey guys23:11
Dragonkeeperdoes mhl work with krillin device ?23:12
cuttlasHello! Weather core-app has been updated but seems don't works fine yet :(23:36
cuttlas1)some time lost connection(Network Error) 2)location detection has been failed23:36

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