m0nkey_diddledan, writing said letter to Moto.. http://pastebin.com/Sz8kSy0200:14
daftykinsthe text should be red, when you send it in00:28
m0nkey_I've changed a few things00:32
MooDoomorning all07:01
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* zmoylan-pi casts bleary eye at morning...07:13
davmor2Morning all08:06
MooDoomorning :)08:08
davmor2czajkowski: long time no insults, how are you?08:23
czajkowskidavmor2: fandiddlytastic08:31
czajkowskilittle bit busy which is all good :)08:31
czajkowskiand your good self davmor2 ?08:31
davmor2czajkowski: a little busy.....pfffff I wish I was only a little busy ;)08:34
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Thursday, and happy Wily Werewolf welease day! 😃08:34
czajkowskidavmor2: well in my case a litle is others a lot, I'08:36
czajkowskive 4 conferences next week that we're taking part in, writing a talk for next month in ireland, and running a new program for community contributors to get involved in couchbase. Producing a newsletter and general work :)08:36
davmor2JamesTait: this seems apt https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bGMsAYgoL3Y  along with this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S6poz7dbmhE&list=PLcP6rKpF5qeST7LmR0v9ZYN95HhsK8WL108:39
TwistedLucidityJamesTait: Is it no "Where the **** is my hoverboard?" day?08:41
davmor2TwistedLucidity: that was yesterday08:42
TwistedLuciditydavmor2: I was allowing 24hrs for delivery08:42
davmor2TwistedLucidity: you didn't order from argos to get it on the same day?08:43
davmor2TwistedLucidity: time waster08:43
TwistedLucidityYou know what comes after "Yay! Hoverboard!" day?  "Why didn't I buy a full-face helmet and now need an emergency dentist appointment" day08:44
davmor2TwistedLucidity: well apparently you fall in water which will likely give you a cold so chemist run for cold remedies day08:45
JamesTaitHere's your hoverboard: http://www.cbc.ca/news/technology/hoverboard-duru-1.3270569?utm_content=bufferada04&ut08:46
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.08:46
foobarrygot software raid on my i7 box for my /home but i get laggy terminal sessions etc. i think its a bit slow09:36
foobarryis that normal09:36
popeywhat type of software raid?09:38
davmor2JamesTait: that's more a large drone with a man standing on it to be honest ;)09:40
foobarrymdadm, raid1, 2x1TB sata drives09:44
popeywhat kernel version?09:51
foobarry 3.19.0-31-generic #36~14.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Thu Oct 8 10:21:08 UTC 2015 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux09:56
popeywhat else is it doing at the time? it's not rebuilding?09:56
popeyI'd be doing the usual top / iotop / nethogs etc09:57
foobarryits not really provable, just a perception09:57
popeylook at /proc/mdstat09:57
foobarryopening a browser is slow09:57
foobarrymd0 : active raid1 sdb2[1] sda2[0] 874229568 blocks super 1.2 [2/2] [UU]09:57
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bigcalmGood morning peeps :)10:30
davmor2bigcalm: hey dude10:32
davmor2why is chemical brothers song called hey boy hey girl when the lyrics are the other way round11:31
davmor2directhex: if that was the case they would just call it hey girl and have some half naked women on the cover in an ibiza esque stylee11:33
directhexas opposed to https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/6/66/HeyBoyHeyGirl.jpg ?11:34
davmor2directhex: so not marketing11:34
Laneywrite to your MP asking for an urgent question to be tabled in the house11:36
davmor2Laney: good plan might stop them screwing up the country11:37
directhexcan someone give me a convincing answer to "why are there tractors in Pixar's Cars"?11:37
popeywhat else would the farmer have?11:37
Laneythey could make songs with misleading or incorrect titles illegal11:37
popeyThe farmer being the combine I guess.11:38
directhexpopey: no, see, there are cows in real life because meat and milk. cars replaces cows with tractors. so why are there tractors?11:38
davmor2directhex: because tractors rock and don't you forget it, there are also lorries, planes and helicopters, pickup trucks etc11:38
popeytractors pull farm machinery11:39
directhexnot in Cars!11:39
popeythey dont get seen doing that11:39
popeybut that doesn't mean they don't11:39
directhexwhy is there even a farm?11:40
popeythey plow11:40
popeyor plough11:40
popeythat quotes the blueray disney disc where they say that11:40
popey"They enjoy what they do, plowing through the fields on a nice warm day, and then falling asleep under the moonlight"11:40
directhexwhy do they plough?!11:41
popeyWho else would plough?11:41
directhexit's clearly hay they're growing on that farm. why do they have hay?11:41
popeyNo other vehicle is built for it, Tractors are11:41
davmor2directhex: that can be the next question for the mps to debate over send it in ;)11:42
awilkinsIn "Planes" the Indian machine society venerates tractors like Indian Hindu's  venerate cows11:50
awilkinsAt the beginning I went "WTF, the hero is a crop-duster, why do machines grow crops?"11:51
awilkinsBut they correctly went with the "vegetable sources of fuel" argument on that one11:51
popeydirecthex: they need the hay for this guys hat http://imgur.com/o5yzNDY11:51
directhexthat's straw not hay!11:51
popeypotato / potato11:52
davmor2man you guys really need to get a life :D11:52
directhexbut is it a normal life, or an inexplicably car-based life?11:53
awilkinsWhy do the vehicles fall in love??!?11:53
awilkinsI mean, you don't see any baby buggies or whatever driving around11:54
davmor2awilkins: they have for ever look at herbie11:54
awilkinsI suppose in Cars 1 Mc Queen has some japanese schoolgirl type car groupies11:54
directhexhow does a car "grow up" anyway? i mean, why would you build a racecar like mcqueen and he not immediately race?11:54
awilkinsBut they could just be adult cars being kawaii11:54
directhexwe know they have parents, you see lots of parents in cars 2 in italy11:54
directhexbut *how* are they related?11:54
awilkinsThey go down the car factory and pick chassis and trim together?11:55
awilkins(if it's a VW camper van, do they make sure the carpet matches the drapes?   *ducks*)11:56
diploOr you could just enjoy it for the kids film it is, not educational ? :D11:56
popeyshush diplo :)11:56
diploDon't think my kids have ever asked any of those questions11:56
davmor2directhex: Well this is a topic that should of been brought up at school, but basically, a mommy and daddy get together and mommy becomes pregnant........11:57
directhexalso the cars in cars die of old age? yet apparently the parts can all get replaced?11:57
directhexlike... doc hudson is dead in cars 2, and radiator springs' founder is dead in cars 1. yet in cars 2, apparently replacing an engine is nbd, so i dunno?11:57
davmor2directhex: but it was the doc that replaced the engine he couldn't do that on himself durrr :D11:58
davmor2so popey Tim Vine, hilarious as ever I hope?11:59
popeyIt was proper laugh a minute12:00
davmor2popey: yeah him and milton jones the masters of the one liners, beautifully timed and very clever12:03
davmor2I still think bill bailey is my favourite though12:04
directhexhe's fun live12:04
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lubotu3Not yet!13:20
bigcalmdavmor2: you're slacking13:26
davmor2bigcalm: done my bit I found all the bugs :P13:27
bigcalmAll of them?13:27
bigcalmNo package updates after this release!13:28
davmor2bigcalm: all the ones I care about13:28
davmor2bigcalm: no lots to fix the issues I found :)13:28
bigcalmI'm sure it'll be a good release13:32
MooDooI thought it was interesting marks announcement about x, don't think he really mentioned desktop, there is going to be one isn't there ? :)13:35
popeyOf course :)13:40
lubotu3Not yet!13:42
* bigcalm lurks13:43
lubotu3bigcalm: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:43
bigcalmThat's true13:43
davmor2bigcalm: I'm so gonna slap you14:09
MooDoodavmor2: do it do it :)14:12
davmor2MooDoo: your next on the list :P14:12
MooDoodavmor2: yeah yeah yeah14:16
davmor2MooDoo, bigcalm: you'll be glad to know it's out now14:46
lubotu3It's out! Party in #ubuntu-release-party - download at http://ubuntu.com/download/14:51
MooDooguess i'll dist upgrade later to see what I was missing lol14:52
daftykinsa chap over in -discuss was telling me of a showstopper upgrade bug that was pretty nasty sounding, late last night14:52
daftykinsproper 11th hour fix14:52
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davmor2daftykins: if you only knew15:23
davmor2daftykins: there were 17 issues with upgrades and those are just the ones we knew about with a default set of apps15:25
daftykinsso what's the deal, do folk on a 15.04 install have to be fully up to date before they move?15:26
davmor2daftykins: the upgrade tool will only allow you to update the current system if it is out of date once it is up to date and you reboot if needed it will then dist-upgrade15:27
davmor2daftykins: been like that for a while15:27
daftykinsah ok, i'm only curious for folk coming into #ubuntu - i don't believe in upgrades personally15:28
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zmoylan-pidos 2.0 is good enough for everyone :-)15:41
SuperEngineerAnyone investigated the price of a 15.10 t-shirt via the omgubuntu link on twitter... thought I'd order one [nice design etc.] total billing cost in UK=£17.70 hurumph!16:37
davmor2SuperEngineer: yeah the p&p is a wonder from them16:38
zmoylan-pifor that price it would have to include popey sweat... :-)16:38
SuperEngineerzmoylan-pi, are you trying to tell me that it doesn't? I assumed it did!16:39
* SuperEngineer cancels order... reason: no popey sweat ;-)16:39
SuperEngineer...& declares Linux Outlast status!16:40
SuperEngineer*Outlaw even ;-)16:41
SuperEngineerDear OMG Ubuntu shop ... annoy again & I will send the boys round16:43
zmoylan-pidisguised as penguins... they'll just think it's a delivery gone rogue...16:43
SuperEngineer[sorry, sexist threat there... I will send gender determinate & indeterminate in one big giggling assault[16:43
SuperEngineerAnd if that fails I will send the Chinese leader [he's finished with UK Queen & now free to visit you in orfder to bamboozle you into saying yes to any jike he wants you to believe[16:47
* SuperEngineer slaps wrist for polital comment16:47
SuperEngineerA baby born three months early was kept warm by doctors with the help of a supermarket sandwich bag, her mother reveals - What did she reveal?!16:50
SuperEngineer...bet it wasn't the true cost of a 15.10 t-shirt via OMGU ;-)16:51
zmoylan-pithey were all out of bags for life...16:51
daftykinsi hear the UK has finally caught up with the channel islands and now forces the payment of 5p per shopping bag!16:52
zmoylan-piand now people just take bastkets home with them from supermarket16:52
* popey gets shopping delivered unlike the barbarians who actually _go_ to the shops16:53
zmoylan-pii like to pick my shopping that hasn't beed prefondled... too much...16:54
* SuperEngineer fondles zmoylan-pi's evening meal by remote IOT food fondling device16:56
zmoylan-piit still wouldn't be as shocking as what i saw today...16:57
SuperEngineerwe await...16:57
zmoylan-pii saw a nokia with broken screen today, my world is shaken...16:57
zmoylan-pimate had it in their pocket and ran accidently into a skip... the screen hit the corner and took the full imapct...  https://twitter.com/angryearthling/status/657206146030280704/photo/116:58
SuperEngineersobbing in sympathy16:58
davmor2zmoylan-pi: yeah but it had been blasted through the sun to see if it would melt16:58
zmoylan-piand am now finding no one in dublin repairs nokias... as they thought the cockroaches would have taken over from asteroid strike before one was broken...16:59
SuperEngineerdavmor2, so was butter... they never did get those results back ;-)16:59
SuperEngineerAnybody here got a Vauxhall Zafira?17:06
SuperEngineerShould have written that in CAPS to beat the sound of the fire engine 2-tones ;)17:06
zmoylan-piyou'll have a devil of a time installing linux on that SuperEngineer :-)17:07
zleapis there a software keyboard in ubuntu, wildca4d in #dcglug is asking if anyone can help,  thanks17:24
SuperEngineerzleap, https://askubuntu.com/questions/455336/on-screen-keyboard-in-ubuntu-14-04-lts any help?17:27
samfreenodeHow do I upgrade?17:27
SuperEngineersamfreenode, what model of robot are you currently?17:28
zmoylan-pione with pains in his diodes all down the left side...17:28
SuperEngineernice one!17:28
SuperEngineergives me a headache just talking down to their level ;-)17:29
SuperEngineer...and life?, don't talk to me about life....17:33
* zmoylan-pi wonders how you upgrade an electronic sausage...17:33
SuperEngineerah, that's easy...17:33
davmor2samfreenode: what version of ubuntu you on currently17:34
samfreenodedavmor2, 15.0417:34
davmor2samfreenode: open update manager that should update your current system first if needed and then offer you the upgrade if you reopen it17:35
SuperEngineershouldn't a non-lts tell you when new version is available?17:36
davmor2SuperEngineer: lts version tell you when the next lts is delivered too17:36
SuperEngineerdavmor2, YOU BEAT ME TO IT - & WITH A MUCH BETTER ANSWER17:36
SuperEngineerI was asked by somebody [after just speaking to her colleague, her boss & my boss on phone ] how I managed to have 3 different conversations with 3 different people.17:53
SuperEngineer...  "Simples, I also use IRC"... but I find multi-conversations  so rude, don't you?"17:54
SuperEngineerMade a friend for life.17:54
riyasmpguys. thanks for help in advance. I m using ubuntu 14.04 LTS on samsung RV520 laptop. recently with a kernal upgrade it has sarted making a squeaky sound when on battery power along with annoying flickering of the screen. sounds and flickering goes away completly when pluged in to AC power. googling did not help much. can any one give any kind of guidance to sort this. thanks18:19
daftykinsdid it go away booting an older kernel?18:20
riyasmpdaftykins, I havent tried that yet. do u recommend trying that first?18:23
daftykinswell it'd prove if the upgrade really did cause it18:24
riyasmpdaftykins, mine was a fresh 14.04 install and did not have a problem up untill recently18:25
daftykinsyeah, kernel updates come along - so hold left shift as the disk is about to be read on boot and pick an older kernel from advanced18:26
riyasmpdaftykins, okay if that sorts out the issue what could be the next step?18:27
daftykinscross that bridge once you come to it18:27
daftykinsisolating which kernel, if at all, adds this noise is #118:27
riyasmpdaftykins, ok..i will check that and will be back. tx for the help18:28
diddledanso I fiddled with my gfx settings on windows - switched the digital output to use 12 bits colour instead of the default 8 - much improvement on realism20:39
webpigeoncolour, now with more bits (tm)20:51
daftykinsdiddledan: dun...dun...dun... two dead disks from the same guy :)21:58
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