charleehey guys, good morning, does anyone know how to start unity using startx? i have tried to put in `exec unity`, unity started but lot of things were missing, compiz wasn't loading, etc..00:14
charleealso tried `exec gnome-session --session=unity`, couldn't get unity to start00:15
charleeI personally don't want to use any of the display manager, so is there a way to just startx it? thanks00:16
tsdgeosmzanetti: is https://code.launchpad.net/~mzanetti/unity8/update-inputinfo/+merge/273248 something we want in or still a WiP?07:10
mzanettitsdgeos, still WIP. need to update tests... have them half working here07:43
tsdgeosmzanetti: so no need for the extra carefulness i suggested in the autorepeat MR?08:14
tsdgeosi guess it was a bit too much :D08:14
Saviqmzanetti, you got an arale? can you try bug #1508830 ?09:13
ubot5bug 1508830 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "Phone hangs by repeatedly refreshing the apps scope and taking screenshots" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/150883009:13
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tsdgeossomething has changed on the SDK10:08
tsdgeosand stuff now doesn't even compile10:08
tsdgeosin the use_sdk_13 bnranch10:11
* tsdgeos investigates10:12
tsdgeosah new item clashes with one of ours10:14
davmor2tsdgeos: blame Saviq, it won't fix it but you'll feel much better10:14
tsdgeosSaviq: mzanetti: are you guys doing the audiorole compatibility branch with that loader thing you showed me yesterday or want me to? (since the bug is assigned to me)10:35
Saviqtsdgeos, you might very well do it, basically take the component from https://code.launchpad.net/~mzanetti/ubuntu-clock-app/detect-qtmm-version/+merge/27517710:37
tsdgeosok, /me does10:37
mzanettioops... sorry, missed your earlier message Saviq10:37
mzanettiSaviq, yes, I have, will try, (re arale)10:38
Saviqmzanetti, jibel was able to repro once, there's a chance the "refresh apps scope" is a red herring10:38
SaviqI wasn't able to repro on krillin with, or without apps scope refresh10:38
mzanettiyeah... looks like something goes wonky on dbus10:49
mzanettimedia hub dying and the shell trying to reach it for the screenshot sound10:50
Saviqman... DST change this weekend "16 trains will stop for an hour"...11:12
Saviqcan we please stop this madness11:14
ltinklI agree but this change is to the right time11:15
Saviqok then, can we please only do this this one last time?11:16
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tsdgeosmterry: can you review https://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/unity8/scope_settings_keyboard_scroll/+merge/274874 ?12:59
mterrytsdgeos, I wanted something like this in one of my apps but was too lazy to do it  :)13:01
mterrytsdgeos, SDK should have an option on its UbuntuListView for this13:01
tsdgeosthe problem is that it still needs the delegates to request the visibilty13:02
tsdgeosideally one could watch all children created and inject the request13:02
tsdgeosbut i decided not to spend so much time :D13:02
mterrytsdgeos, why this line in setMake...Item()?  "d.previousVisibleHeight = d.visibleHeight;"13:03
mterryis it for the initial setting?  could do that by "property real previousVisibleHeight: visibleHeight"13:03
mterrytsdgeos, also, mightn't you want to ensure it's visible in that same call without having to wait for visibleHeight to change again?13:04
tsdgeosmterry: this is reusing some of the code we use for the previews13:05
tsdgeosin which the items change height so we need to account for that13:05
tsdgeoshence the complex stuff with height13:05
mterrytsdgeos, ?  but in onVisibleHeightChanged you always set previous.  So the only time previous will be out of sync will be before the first onVisibleHeightChanged13:05
mterrytsdgeos, in which case you can just start with an initial binding on previous13:06
tsdgeosmterry: yes i set it for the next change13:06
tsdgeosthat's what previous is for, no?13:06
mterrytsdgeos, right.  I'm saying I don't see the need for the additional set in setMakeSureVisibleItem(). But it doesn't matter.  It's not harmful.  Just hard to see why it's there13:07
tsdgeosmterry: otherwise the first onvisibleheightchanged has un-initialized value, no?13:07
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mterrytsdgeos, right.  And that's why I suggested "property real previousVisibleHeight: visibleHeight" instead of ": 0".  Thought it was clearer than an extra previous set13:08
mterryBut it doesn't matter13:08
tsdgeosmterry: but then it doesn't work for the next item13:08
tsdgeossince the binding would already be broken13:08
mterrytsdgeos, but previousVisibleHeight doesn't depend on the item.  The next item will have it set from a onVisibleHeightChanged call13:09
tsdgeoshmmm, might be13:11
tsdgeostbh i just moved this code around :D13:11
mterrytsdgeos, I'm seeing that now  :)  You just kept the set from the previous code13:11
mterrytsdgeos, wouldn't it be better to adjust contentY immediately when setMakeSureVisibleItem() is called, rather than waiting for the next onVisibleHeightChanged?13:12
tsdgeosto which value?13:13
mterrytsdgeos, I mean, force a recalculation, as if onVisibleHeightChanged happened13:14
mterrytsdgeos, but just to do it immediately after receiving a new item13:14
tsdgeosbut at that point it won't do anything13:14
tsdgeossince you're already visible13:14
tsdgeossince you gained focus13:14
mterrytsdgeos, how does this component know that?13:14
tsdgeosso the user can see you13:14
mterrytsdgeos, you're saying that all callers make sure to only call it after they are visible?  fine13:15
mterrytsdgeos, but as a component API, I'd have expected it to make sure13:15
tsdgeoswell it's a component since i didn't want to c&p code :D13:16
mterrySeems less fragile to not rely on callers being smart13:16
tsdgeosit doesn't matter anyway13:16
tsdgeossince it'll work13:16
tsdgeoson the height change13:16
tsdgeosif somehow you can make a thing gain focus without having it in view13:16
mterrytsdgeos, you're talking about the specific narrow situations we use this component in now.  But I'm just seeing a component that has an API that says "make me visible" -- no API contract for being focused or in view.13:19
mterrytsdgeos, I'm thinking a future unity8 developer might reasonably use this for a different purpose and expect its API to do what it says13:19
tsdgeosmterry: sure, as said, it'll get visible on first height change by the sdk13:19
mterrytsdgeos, right...13:20
tsdgeosnot as you'd see the difference at all13:20
mterrytsdgeos, and I'm saying there's a gap there  before that happens  :)13:20
mterrythis is a theoretical problem, I'm just trying to be defensive against future bugs/misunderstandings13:20
tsdgeosi don't understand what you say13:20
tsdgeosi don't see any theoretical problem13:20
tsdgeosplease explain where is the problem13:21
mterrytsdgeos, so let's say in a year, I see this component.  I have some code that wants to pull a widget in my list into view.  So I call this setMakeSureVisibleItem().  And nothing changes!  It's not in view.  Only the next time the OSK appears does it finally scroll to my widget13:21
mterrytsdgeos, why would setMakeSureVisibleItem() not make sure my item is visible after the call?  :)13:22
tsdgeosbecause you're using a component called ListViewOSKScroller13:22
tsdgeosyou're doing it wrong13:22
tsdgeosit's not what you want13:22
tsdgeosand it should not do that13:22
mterryOh fair, OSK is in the title...  But fine.  What if I call this after the OSK is up?13:23
tsdgeosif you want to make an item visible there's other things to use13:23
mterrytsdgeos, but now there's a race between the OSK and this API call.  What if I call this after the OSK appears?13:24
tsdgeosi'd still argue you're using it wrong13:24
tsdgeosit's not what the component is for13:24
mterrySays every widget designer  :)13:24
tsdgeosthis is *not* a widget by the way13:24
tsdgeosit's a helper13:25
mterryI know13:25
tsdgeosif it doesn't do what you want13:25
tsdgeosdon't use it13:25
mterrySays every API designer  :)13:25
tsdgeosit's not like you're forced to use it13:25
tsdgeosthat's silly13:25
tsdgeosyou're forced to use a button13:25
tsdgeosso button has to be flexible13:25
tsdgeosyou're not forced to use this, so it can do its thing13:25
tsdgeosif it doesn't do what you want, you can still do it13:25
tsdgeosyou're not being excluded13:26
tsdgeosso yes, this component doesn't do what you want when the OSK is open13:26
tsdgeosthat's what it has been coded to do13:26
tsdgeosit's not a bug, it's a feature13:26
mterryRight...  It seems needlessly fragile is all.  But sure, I'm not saying there's a bug in the code right now.  Just trying to be defensive13:26
tsdgeosit is not needlessly fragile13:26
tsdgeosdoing one thing well it's easier than doing more things we don't need to do13:27
tsdgeosintroduces more bugs13:27
tsdgeosi need extra code to make a use case we don't need to work13:27
tsdgeosi agree with you that it needs documentation though13:27
tsdgeoswe can go back to the version that copies the code ;)13:27
mterryIt'd be one line of code after refactoring onVisibleHeightChanged into a function.  But sure13:28
tsdgeosmterry: it won't13:28
mterrytsdgeos, I feel like this is a more heated argument than I intended to bring up13:28
tsdgeosi'm sorry for trying to counterargue your arguments13:29
mterrytsdgeos, no that's fine  :)13:30
mterrytsdgeos, you say it won't be one line of code?  Maybe that's the confusion.  What are you envisioning I'm suggesting?13:30
mterry(I was thinking move onVisibleHeightChanged logic into a d.doTheThing() method.  And just call d.doTheThing() after setting a new item to watch)13:31
mterrytsdgeos, ^13:31
tsdgeosyou need to at least split the if into two13:32
tsdgeossince you have previousVisibleHeight > visibleHeight that won't work if you don't13:32
mterrytsdgeos, sure... so onVisibleHeightChanged becomes "if (previousHeight > nowHeight) doTheThing(); previous = now;"13:33
mterrytsdgeos, like, this is a super minor point.  I didn't mean to start a 30min debate about it  :)13:34
tsdgeosi just wanted to not have a discussion about code i just moved around13:34
mterrytsdgeos, it's fine if you don't think it's worth the bother.  I just felt I had to explain my side of things and then we got here13:34
mterrytsdgeos, well I think there's a higher standard for standalone components than code that gets used in one place13:35
tsdgeossounded it was the safest solution not to change code we already have and works13:35
cimitsdgeos, small bug I noticed in new navigation13:35
cimitsdgeos, try searching in music scope where there is no departments13:35
cimitsdgeos, then clear the search13:36
cimithen tap the search again so you see recent searches13:36
tsdgeosmterry: i can move it to Dash/ instead of Components/ if it makes your "standalone compoennts" worry better?13:36
cimiwe miss the shadow at the bottom of the box13:36
mterrytsdgeos, no that wouldn't change anything  :)  But like I said, this is fine as is.  I get that it's code you are just moving.  (I don't think that means you absolve all responsibility for that code, but I understand reluctance to change it)13:38
mterrytsdgeos, like when you make a bug fix and a reviewer asks you to refactor the component :)13:40
mterryI hate that  :)13:41
tsdgeosmterry: so want me to add some documentation to the qml file saying what the component does?13:42
mterrytsdgeos, the answer to that question is always yes, even without a debate as a prompt  ;)  But I don't think it's required here, if existing usage is documentation enough13:43
tsdgeoswell there's no documentation at all13:44
mterrytsdgeos, just noticed another place where this would be useful -- the authentication dialog to sign into U1 from the dash scope, when you need to give a two-factor code.  No need to change your branch, but just saying, a useful component13:47
tsdgeosmterry: but that's not in unity8 so can't be used13:47
tsdgeossure it's an useful component if done better in the SDK13:47
tsdgeosas we started the discussion with :D13:47
mterrytsdgeos, right, that's what I was saying at the start  :)13:47
cimitsdgeos, also, when I am in a department and I search, the text is higher13:53
tsdgeoscimi: what do you mean "the text is higher"?13:53
tsdgeosin the search bar?13:53
cimitsdgeos, yes13:53
cimitsdgeos, not vertically aligned13:53
tsdgeoscimi: that already happens today13:53
cimiaw ok )13:54
tsdgeosi'd say13:54
tsdgeosplease double check13:54
tsdgeosafaik gets fixed when moving to sdk 1.3 for some reason13:54
cimitsdgeos, yeah all text is higher now13:54
cimiseems sdk bug13:54
tsdgeosMirv: there?13:55
cimitsdgeos, did you see the other bug of the shadow?13:56
tsdgeoscimi: i am having a look at the 5.5 multimedia thing so don't have the silo installed13:56
tsdgeosi've copied your text and will check later13:56
Mirvtsdgeos: barely but yes14:01
Mirvtsdgeos: FYI I just filed bug #1508945 ie the weather app misbehaves still with 5.5.1 (similar to what it did when I backported certain patches fixing 1470700 to 5.4.1)14:02
ubot5bug 1508945 in Ubuntu Weather App ""Couldn't load weather data, please try later again!" with Qt 5.5.1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/150894514:02
Mirvor maybe appaarmor is coming into the way or something. but other apps don't seem to have network issues.14:02
tsdgeosMirv: cool14:03
mterrytsdgeos, what tool is the //! syntax for?  or is that just stylistic?14:03
tsdgeosmterry: it's doxygen14:03
mterrytsdgeos, ah makes sense14:03
tsdgeosi think14:03
tsdgeosor maybe qdoc14:03
tsdgeosone of the two :D14:04
tsdgeosdoxygen afair14:04
Mirvtsdgeos: all UITK issues start to be resolved. oh and btw I'm away next week (Saviq too fyi), but it's getting reasonably closer to landing to xenial now14:04
tsdgeosMirv: :)14:04
tsdgeosMirv: the new silo has 5.5.1 but still with the audiorole patches, right?14:04
Mirvtsdgeos: yes, still with audio role patches14:05
Mirvtsdgeos: and qtubuntu-camera/media ported to it14:05
tsdgeosok, i'm having some issues, will double check what i'm doing wrong14:05
Mirvtsdgeos: so Unity 8 would appreciate a patch so that people would not need to hand edit qml files (as guided at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/QtTesting though)14:05
tsdgeoson it14:05
Mirvvideos, camera work too again as of today. I've been filling some holes of rebuilds needed today after I copied the 5.5.1 there.14:06
Mirvnow it's pretty complete aside from qtcreator still building for the desktop.14:06
tsdgeosi'm getting14:09
tsdgeosfile:///home/phablet/main.qml:6 "Audio.audioRole" is not available in QtMultimedia 5.5.14:09
tsdgeoswonder what is wrong?¿14:09
* tsdgeos starts all over14:10
Mirvtsdgeos: the revision: 1; I asked about in the bug report maybe?14:10
tsdgeosmzanetti: Saviq: did you guys actually test https://code.launchpad.net/~mzanetti/ubuntu-clock-app/detect-qtmm-version/+merge/275177 ?14:11
tsdgeoswith our 5.5 packages?14:11
Mirvporting seemed alright for c++ code but I didn't know what to do on the qml side14:11
Saviqtsdgeos, I di'in, since I disapproved it ;)14:11
tsdgeosMirv: tbh i'm not totally sure what that revision does14:11
tsdgeosSaviq: k14:12
Saviqtsdgeos, I think you can have multiple implementations of the same method, of different revisions, exported in different versions14:13
Saviqor something like that14:13
SaviqMirv, ↑14:14
Saviqmzanetti, can you comment what you found on bug #1508830 please14:14
ubot5bug 1508830 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "Phone hangs by repeatedly refreshing the apps scope and taking screenshots" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/150883014:14
Saviqtsdgeos, Mirv, http://doc.qt.io/qt-5/qtqml-cppintegration-definetypes.html#type-revisions-and-versions14:15
tsdgeosdoes anyone know how to make bluez dist-upgrade not stall forever?14:15
MirvSaviq: yeah, I just douldn't figure out how to actually use it. and I was on that doc page :)14:16
SaviqMirv, what you do is have implementations marked by Q_REVISION(), then, as you qmlRegisterType, you supply that for version foo, revision bar should be exported, for version baz, revision blah14:17
SaviqMirv, this way from a single component you can export multiple versions of an import14:17
tsdgeosMirv: i'd say we miss part of the patch14:17
tsdgeoslet me check14:17
MirvSaviq: yeah, thre's no qmlRegisterType in the patch (http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-kde/qt/qtmultimedia.git/tree/debian/patches/Add-audio-role-API-to-QMediaPlayer.patch?h=ubuntu)14:17
Mirvtsdgeos: it's the whole commit at least14:17
SaviqMirv, it could be that the 5.5 import is marked for revision(1) earlier14:18
tsdgeosor maybe the patch is wrong upstream too14:18
Saviqi.e. qmlRegisterType for 5.5 was already there, with revision 114:18
Saviqor well, that14:18
Saviqbut then, because it defaults to 014:18
Mirvit's possible upstream didn't test the qml part when they merged it to 5.6..14:19
Saviqif there isn't a 5.5 import registered with revision 1, then audioRole shouldn't be available14:19
Saviqbut .qmltypes says otherwise14:19
tsdgeosyeah they have14:20
tsdgeos        qmlRegisterType<QDeclarativeAudio, 1>(uri, 5, 6, "Audio");14:20
Saviqbut for 5.614:20
SaviqMirv, what does `qmlplugindump QtMultimedia 5.5` say?14:20
tsdgeoswhich is the correct version the upstream patch is being added14:20
Saviqso 5.5 exports a 5.6 version14:20
Saviqweird, but not necessarily wrong14:21
tsdgeosno we're doing it ourslves14:21
Saviqjust means to use audioRole we actually need to import 5.614:21
tsdgeosnot upstream, no?14:21
tsdgeosno means our backport is incomplete and we need a14:21
Saviqoh right, *we* backport to 5.514:21
tsdgeosqmlRegisterType<QDeclarativeAudio, 1>(uri, 5, 5, "Audio");14:21
tsdgeosand the mess continues :D14:21
Saviqtsdgeos, we could leave it as 5.614:22
tsdgeosbut i'd say that should be good14:22
tsdgeosor that14:22
Saviqtsdgeos, noting that the only feature available there over 5.514:22
Saviqis audioRole14:22
SaviqI'd go for that14:22
tsdgeosit's like we partly have 5.614:22
Saviqthen we don't need to migrate to 5.6 proper14:22
Saviqassuming 5.6 is backwards compatible :)14:23
tsdgeosactually we have it already :D14:23
tsdgeosboo me14:23
Saviqyes, we do14:23
tsdgeosso with the import for 5.6 it should work14:23
tsdgeoslet's see14:23
Mirvtsdgeos: ok so there's another MP in addition to https://codereview.qt-project.org/#/c/122658/ ?14:23
Mirvand we miss that14:24
tsdgeosfile:///home/phablet/main.qml:3 module "QtMultimedia" version 5.6 is not installed14:24
Mirvtsdgeos: I've sed 's/5.5/5.6/ in that ^ when backporting14:25
tsdgeoswe still have14:26
tsdgeos        // 5.6 types14:26
tsdgeos        qmlRegisterRevision<QDeclarativeAudio, 1>(uri, 5, 6);14:26
tsdgeos        qmlRegisterType<QDeclarativePlaylist>(uri, 5, 6, "Playlist");14:26
tsdgeos        qmlRegisterType<QDeclarativePlaylistItem>(uri, 5, 6, "PlaylistItem");14:26
tsdgeosin the code14:26
tsdgeoswait tha error i got was with the wrong qt installed :D14:26
tsdgeosi'm confusing myself now14:26
tsdgeosgive me 30 min to regather my thoughts14:27
Mirvtsdgeos: playlist is different backport/patch14:27
tsdgeosi know14:27
tsdgeosstill says "audio" in there14:27
mzanettiSaviq, I didn't really find much... took like 30 screenshots and can't reproduce the hanging14:28
mzanettialso tried the scope refreshing... no avail14:29
mzanettireading jibel's log output suggests media hub is not responding on dbus and we try to play the screenshot camera sound14:29
mzanettiok, I guess that qualifies...14:29
mzanettiwill add this14:29
Saviqmzanetti, ah I thought you actually saw the media issue14:30
mzanettino, sorry14:39
Saviqno need to be sorry :)14:40
mzanettinew inputinfo api is great14:41
mzanetticould drop all the wrapper stuff etc... also mocking was super easy14:41
mzanettiljp, ^14:41
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dandradermzanetti, so the "reveal sensitivity"  of the edge push to showing the launcher should be configurable. what's the prefered way to expose it? gconf?15:07
tsdgeosMirv__: https://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/unity8/new_and_old_audio_role/+merge/275365 should be it15:08
tsdgeosneed to triple check15:08
tsdgeosbut looks good to me15:08
tsdgeosarg it has a stray commit15:08
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mzanettitsdgeos, our packages that have the feature backported to 5.5, will they also bump the version to 5.6, even if it's 5.5?15:21
tsdgeosmzanetti: yep15:22
mzanettiok, that's weird15:22
tsdgeosor at least that's what the current packages have15:22
mzanettiare they backporting *all* 5.6 changes?15:22
tsdgeosdon't think so15:22
tsdgeosbut if we do use 5.515:22
mzanettiwhy bumping the version then?15:22
tsdgeosthen it'll be even more weird15:22
tsdgeosbecause we'll need revision 2 for 5.615:22
tsdgeosand then all is evil15:22
mzanettinot following...15:23
tsdgeoswe can say 5.5 supports Audio Revision 115:24
tsdgeos5.6 supports Audio Revision 115:24
tsdgeosupstream is the second15:24
tsdgeosif we do the first, we're also lying15:24
tsdgeosi actually think it makes more sense to say we've backported parts of 5.615:25
tsdgeosand act accordingly as 5.6 will act15:25
tsdgeosso we need to change less things later15:25
tsdgeosit's all "wrong" dependening how you want to think it15:26
tsdgeoswe don't support all 5.615:27
tsdgeosbut 5.5 doesn't have audioRole either15:27
tsdgeosbut at least the core is more "correct upstream" if we say 5.615:27
tsdgeosin the sense it'll work on other non ubuntu-patched Qts15:27
mzanettifair enough...15:27
mzanettiwell, if other apps check for 5.6 and end up with our patched 5.5 version there's no guarantee it'll work15:28
Mirvtsdgeos: so should I revert the http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-kde/qt/qtmultimedia.git/commit/?h=ubuntu&id=8b95cbe6b78041047ac0a993b8986e6e836c719c which is currently in the package?15:28
tsdgeosMirv: i'd say so since it's misleading15:29
Mirvok, rebuilding qtmultimedia then15:29
tsdgeosmzanetti: sure not for other code15:29
tsdgeosbut for ours it will15:29
tsdgeosat still the lib is called 5.5.115:29
mzanettitsdgeos, in any case, we're just going to drop the audioRole usage in the clock app too15:29
tsdgeoseven it partly supports things of 5.615:30
mzanettiright... got it...15:30
tsdgeosmzanetti: i agree it's "bad" both ways15:30
mzanettiwell, distro-patching :)15:30
tsdgeosbut i'd say that calling 5.6 is the less bad of them15:30
Mirvtsdgeos: ok qtmultimedia building, unity8 building at https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/ubuntu/landing-012/+packages15:34
MirvI really should stop now, bad way to start vacation totally exhausted :) there's tomorrow still.15:34
Mirvsee you tomorrow15:35
mhall119bregma: any new puritine packages I can try out?15:36
bregmamhall119, nope, all the fighing is happening on other fronts right now15:36
mhall119ok, let me know when there is and I'll give it a try15:38
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tsdgeoscimi: yes, can repro the shadow thing15:39
cimitsdgeos, good15:39
tsdgeoscimi: fix pushed15:45
tsdgeosgreyback: i added the comment you wanted, https://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/unity8/fix_cropped_image_binding_loop top approve?15:46
tsdgeosgreyback: tx15:50
tsdgeoslarsu: top approve https://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/qmenumodel/clazy_run/+merge/272788 ?15:51
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darklight_the link http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-desktop-next/daily-live/ is broken16:56
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kgunnbregma: ^ see the darklight ping, so do we need to remove something there ?17:41
bregmakgunn, it looks like darklight_ has a bookmark to something that no longer exists17:42
kgunnbregma: mmm, will go back to my tinkering17:43
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