rick_h_cmaloney: you make chc?00:26
cmaloneyYeah, I'm here00:30
cmaloneyAlong wiht Matt P.00:31
rick_h_cool ahoild be out of here shortly00:33
rick_h_meet you guys there00:33
rick_h_should that is00:33
cmaloneyAwesome. See you in a bit00:34
cscheib_jcastro: do you know if the new plex "intel 64-bit" "embedded" release is based on ubuntu or any linux?02:02
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=== csheib is now known as cscheib
cscheibmis-typed my own damn name.02:46
jcastrocscheib: it's a linux image, I don't know which one, I don't have a rpi213:03
jcastrocscheib: someone is working on a normal deb but it needs like qt 5.6 alpha so there's some work to be done there13:03
cscheibjcastro: openelec apparently16:38
cscheibseems to work on my Pi2 that just arrived16:48
cscheibremote and all, which people are bitching about on the forum16:49
cscheibif someone else gets Qt packaged, I'd probably package the rest of it16:49
jcastrooh cool, what kind of remote?17:48
cscheibjcastro: harmony one+ with a mediagate usb ir receiver19:58
cscheibsame setup both aaron and I have been using for years19:58

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