darthvader_What's up?01:43
tonyyarussoNot a whole lot at the moment.01:44
darthvader_What OS are you running currently?01:45
tonyyarussoUbuntu, Debian, Red Hat, and Windows.01:45
darthvader_How is Red Hat?01:46
tonyyarussoGets the job done.  Kind of a vague question.01:47
darthvader_Sorry, I've never used it. I'm relatively new to linux in general01:48
tonyyarussoDifferent package manager is the primary difference.01:49
darthvader_What is it you do?01:53
tonyyarussoI'm a sysadmin for the state01:55
darthvader_That's similar to what i want to do. I'm in college right now studying computer science. Could you give me any advice?01:59
tonyyarussoPlay around with stuff at home, get your foot in the door somewhere that will actually be useful long-term on the resume.02:02
tonyyarussoI did a student worker position in college that worked out nicely.02:02
darthvader_Thanks, I appreciate it. I'd like to end up in infosec eventually02:06

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