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teddy-dbearMorning peoples, critters and everything else12:21
WorkingTurkeytop of the mornin13:22
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ChinnoDogSo, OneDrive isn't a little cheaper than DropBox, it is a lot cheaper. $9.99/mo for 5 years each with 5tb of space.17:22
ChinnoDogerg, lets try that again. $9.99/mo for 5 users each with 1tb of space = 5tb17:23
lazypowerintro promo price, then a price hike i assume?17:24
JonathanDChinnoDog: owncloud is good :P17:24
JonathanDto run your own.17:24
lazypowerstorage wars are a race to the bottom. Its eventually going to start going back up. Simple economics dictate that right now they're vying for users, and once they have a critical mass the pricing structure can and more than likely will change.17:25
ChinnoDogBut who knows how long that will be from now?17:34
ChinnoDogI could get cloud storage for me, my gf, and 3 parents for $10 and give them recent copies of Office. (I don't care about Office that much.)17:36
ChinnoDogOr I could pay $10/user for Dropbox.17:36
ChinnoDogI realize Dropbox is only offering 1tb to be competitive and that Google and MS are eating the costs so they can win the race. I think it is possible the cost of storage will fall fast enough that by the time the actual storage volume would have eaten into profit margins the cost of storage will be lower.18:33
ChinnoDogTherefore I think I can assume the cost of that 1TB will never go up no matter where I get it.18:33
ChinnoDogOn the other hand, the cost of Cloud Drive could go up if they continue to be unlimited.18:34
WorkingTurkeybut 9/10 users do not use 1tb18:46
WorkingTurkeyso mostly everyone is paying plans larger than they need18:46
WorkingTurkeyit's like cash,18:46
WorkingTurkeyall the money is 'available' but if you tried to use all the money at once you'd get a bank run18:46
ChinnoDogYes. Dropbox is counting on most people not using anywhere close to the limit. Their profit model breaks if that happens.19:41
ChinnoDogMS and Google count on that too but if people use too much they have deep pockets and can eat the cost.19:41
ChinnoDogimho Dropbox should create family plans in the knowledge that people savvy enough to sign up for dropbox have many friends and relatives that will barely use any space.19:42

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