pieter2627morning all06:10
thatgraemeguymorning pieter2627 & the rest06:11
inetprogood mornings07:43
inetprotoday is release day?07:45
Sxuzamorning ppl 07:49
SxuzaCryterion : u there ?07:49
CryterionYes am, sorry was busy with something07:50
inetproUbuntu+1 = Xenial Xerus07:54
inetproX marks the spot https://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/147907:54
* pieter2627 now has to plan for the update08:04
Sxuzapieter2627: how u doing ?08:06
pieter2627great ty, and you Sxuza? 08:08
Sxuzagewd thanks 08:09
MaNIwww.cipro.gov.za/2/home/ < can anybody here open that?08:23
thatgraemeguythanks inetpro, somehow that escaped my radar completely for the past few weeks :-o08:23
thatgraemeguyi usually do-release-upgrade around beta2 already08:23
inetproanybody else done the upgrade yet? 08:25
inetproanything interesting worth raving about?08:25
SxuzaMaNI: the page is just blank 08:27
inetprothatgraemeguy: I'm still on 12.04.5 LTS here even08:30
thatgraemeguyI like to upgrade every 6 months08:31
thatgraemeguyget too far behind and upgrading becomes a massive pain08:31
thatgraemeguyYou have to download a total of 1,084 M. This download will take about 14 minutes with your connection.08:40
thatgraemeguyso spoiled.... :D08:40
pieter2627MaNI: it times out for me - their IT dep decreased by 2 personnel earlier this week08:44
* pieter2627 will notify his mom that works there08:45
MaNIhehe, okay thanks guys08:46
MaNII hope 2 was not the total number before the decrease :p08:46
pieter2627by the sounds of it, it was 1 (the others are ....)08:47
Trixar_zaHave to say - not my favourite season. If it's not pollen that gets me, it's dust from the fan.14:20
Kilosafternoon eveyone14:45
Trixar_zaHey Kilos14:46
Kiloshows Trixar_za 14:46
Trixar_zaWell, a little bored. Still waiting for an EFT to go through so I can get started (and done) on a website.14:49
Kiloswhat a business this online banking is hey14:50
Trixar_zaYeah, takes forever if it's between banks, huh?14:50
Kilosand only fnb works with paypal14:51
Trixar_zaYeah, that's annoying. I actually have like $10 I can load to paypal, but I can't really access it. I can use it to buy stuff though.14:52
Kilosyeah crazy. i see you can get an online fnb account and then use that to link paypal to you your bank 14:53
Kilosor something like that14:53
MaNIyou can actually link to a non fnb bank through fnb internet banking14:53
MaNII still have an fnb login from when I used to be with them and I linked my nedbank account fine14:54
Kilosya something funny like that14:54
MaNI(I don't know how you acquire an FNB login though if you've never been with them - maybe you can just sign up not sure)14:54
Kilostoo much for me to work out14:54
Kilosare fnb part of the barclays group?14:55
MaNIthats absa AFAIK14:57
MaNIfnb are part of first rand14:57
=== stickyboy_ is now known as stickyboy
pieter2627MaNI: did my message about their new website come through16:06
* pieter2627 had a lot of connection problems earlier16:07
pieter2627if it has not then check www.cipc.co.za - they had their name changed16:08
magespawngood evening16:43
magespawnchat later16:46
pieter2627bye o/17:06
inetprogood night 20:37
superflyhi inetpro20:41

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