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handsome_fengHello, everyone :)08:34
zhangchaohi all08:34
TrevinhoSorry for being late08:34
Trevinhohi zhangchao08:36
TrevinhoSo, what's new in your lands?08:36
zhangchaoI have updated the Agenda:08:37
zhangchao    About wizard, Feedback on design08:37
zhangchao    work on unity bug : #146551208:37
zhangchao    about Lockscreen and launcher-rotation08:37
TrevinhoYep, seen that...08:37
zhangchaoso have any feedback about the design draft?08:39
TrevinhoSo, Wizard. We've seen the designs, from our (engineers) and some quick unofficial design review, I think that's fine08:40
TrevinhoHowever, there will be a final word on next Tuesday08:40
Trevinhobut I think that's a good way to show things08:40
TrevinhoI believe that in multi-monitor we'll use the same thing we're doing with the lockscreen (showing the UI on the monitor with pointer, while the Circle of friends in the other)08:41
TrevinhoOr your logo08:41
TrevinhoAs for the bug #146551208:42
ubot5bug 1465512 in Ubuntu Kylin "The CandidateView of Chinese input method obscured by the Dash page" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/146551208:42
TrevinhoI think you can use the same thing we're using for the ubuntu OSK08:42
handsome_fengyes , i know that08:43
TrevinhoAlthough I thought that even ibus window was showing on top, so maybe it's just about to change some bit inside the CandidateView so that it shows on top (I guess some X atom is enough)08:43
Trevinhohave you control on that code?08:43
handsome_fengso, i need to add a new name just like Atom INPUTMETHOD08:44
Trevinhoyeah, right08:45
handsome_fengyes, we control the fcitx08:46
Trevinhook, so you can fix it in that side I think08:46
TrevinhoLockscreen, how things are going? I've been loking at the branch slightly08:49
handsome_fengThe functions and layout is ok08:51
handsome_fengbut lack of tests08:51
TrevinhoDo you have a screenshot of that working?08:51
handsome_fenger, i can do this later08:52
TrevinhoOk, no problem... I was just curious :)08:53
TrevinhoBut it's not a big deal, I'll test that soon, as code seems mostly done...08:54
Trevinhohandsome_feng: do you have anything about the launcher as well?08:55
TrevinhoOr still in the backlog till the lockscreen is complete?08:55
handsome_fengI will start that work maybe next week08:55
handsome_fengbtw,  when can i merge  the code ?08:57
handsome_fengto the trunk08:58
Trevinhohandsome_feng: well, just propose it when you think it's ready (use the launchpad merge proposal feature). Then we do a review and once approved we put it on the queue of merging. Right now we're in final freeze, so once the Ubuntu-X gates open, we can merge it08:59
TrevinhoBut, if you think that it's already good for merging, it's better to propose it as soon as possible, so we can review it (ping me if I don't see the merge proposal)09:00
TrevinhoAs for us...09:00
TrevinhoWe did a Sprint in London with the desktop team. We discussed about most important stuff to work on during the next cycle.09:01
handsome_feng1604 merge dead time?09:01
Trevinhomh, I still don't know the release schedule for that, but in general I'd say about late januaryt09:02
TrevinhoWe also spent some time in looking at the bugs we wanted to fix in this cycle09:04
Trevinhoand the list is now available at09:04
TrevinhoOr https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bugs?field.tag=rls-w-incoming09:05
TrevinhoBasically, all the bugs tagged with rls-w-incoming are under our radar.09:05
TrevinhoSo, you can do the same in order to get main bugs attentioned09:05
handsome_fengyep, i notice that09:05
TrevinhoSo, well... If there are no other questions, doubts or anything, I think we can wrap this up?09:07
handsome_fengyes, I have no other things09:08
handsome_fengSo,  bye bye, Marco09:09
zhangchaook ,thanks guys ,bye.09:10
Trevinhoah handsome_feng why do you now use KYLIN_CURRENT_DESKTOP instead oF XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP ?09:15
handsome_fenger, because we don't want to cover that..09:17
handsome_fengmaybe other things many depend on the XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP?09:19
TrevinhoMh, yeah... actually it's true09:21
TrevinhoIt might break other unity-only things we put around in different components09:21
Trevinhoso, I agree it's better to do this09:21
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