astraljavaI could give it a spin soon.13:58
zequenceastraljava: Already marked ready and probably published14:01
zequenceA bit early this time around14:02
=== ubott2 is now known as ubottu
zequenceOk, another release is out. Now begins my last development cycle, and my last chance to make something good happen :)16:10
zequenceWell, as project lead, anyway16:10
astraljavaHeheh, well, congrats are in order, then. :) And here's to the last hurrah. :D May it be most successful. :)20:43
zequenceI'm sure this cycle will either be great, or not. And, that's as best as I can put it.20:46
zequenceI'm happy there are more people involved this time around, anyway20:47
zequenceHopefully more will join. I'm going to make some effort for that in the coming weeks. Try to gather folks20:47
astraljavaSounds good. I can't make any promises. Each time it seems I might have more time, things occur that reduce it into even less. Now it seems I will be very distracted, which can also mean either way. :D21:15

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