Unit193flexiondotorg: ..Are you pulling in metas or tasks?01:14
flexiondotorgUnit193, Well, meta via apt-get install ubuntu-mate-desktop^01:14
Unit193Ah, so tasks.  Ok.01:15
flexiondotorgBecause tasksel has proven to be very unreliable.01:15
Unit193Yeah we recommend ^ for -core installs.01:15
flexiondotorgUnit193, What about -desktop?01:18
Unit193flexiondotorg: We recommend people grab the ISO, but yeah would be fine there too.01:18
flexiondotorgI'm actually just making the task install function generic.01:19
flocculantbluesabre: re Raspberry - given that we have to fight tooth and nail to get what we really need tested - not interested in adding to that pile, secondly - if team decided to flail about with something new I really think the time will be post LTS not leading up to it06:33
flocculantbluesabre ochosi - marked ready 06:46
flocculantochosi bluesabre - thanks for comments re CSD - I thought that was the case, just needed confirmation :)06:48
flocculantalso proving that sometimes I am listening ... 06:48
flocculantknome: on the getxubuntu page do we want to change 15.04 to read "The 15.04 release, codenamed Vivid Vervet, is a regular release and has support until January 2016." Now that we're adding 15.10 to that list? 08:17
flocculantor remove 15.0408:17
flocculantI have moved 15.10 above 15.04 currently08:18
flocculantlocally I hasten to add :p08:18
flocculantnot being sure if I can change pages at x.org and then not update it till later so haven't 08:20
ochosiflocculant: re: pi2, yeah, i tend to agree. at least if those were "official" builds that we would - again - get support requests for09:33
bluesabreochosi, flocculant: thanks, that's also my standing09:43
flocculantthat's lucky then :p09:43
bluesabreflexiondotorg: so, that's all three xubuntu-release folks... I'd suggest holding off on those pi2 builds for xubuntu09:44
flocculantand good morning bluesabre :)09:44
bluesabregood morning flocculant 09:44
bluesabrethanks for marking the release ready09:44
bluesabreless to do this morning09:44
flocculantwelcome 09:44
flocculantyep - release notes done, website drafter - just needs some image thingy, getxubuntu page ready here 09:45
flocculantall in all it's been quite relaxed end of cycle - at least for me :p09:46
bluesabreflexiondotorg: but thanks for the offer, we may choose to revisit that in the future09:46
flexiondotorgbluesabre, OK, no problem :-)09:47
flocculantbluesabre: making a proper start today on updating our testcases - will get the tracker ready too09:48
flocculantso assuming they get xenial up pretty quick we'll be in a position to really push packages asap 09:49
bluesabreflocculant: great!09:49
flocculanthi axwki_dave - thanks for testing for us :)10:18
axwki_daveMorning mate.. no probs.. I enjoy doing it.. gotta give something back to the community :-)10:19
flocculantthere will be loads of opportunity to do that post-today :D10:20
flocculantwe'll be really pushing people to test apps next cycle10:20
axwki_daveI Also try to get the testing word passed about using my twitter and G+ account10:20
flocculantthat's awesome :)10:20
axwki_daveThats good. Just permanatly set up a full test rig for that..  :-)10:21
flocculantexcellent 10:22
flocculantyou know about the ppa's we use constantly? 10:22
flocculantmost of what we'll be pushing for XX is at http://xubuntu.org/contribute/qa/ under Exploratory Testing10:23
flocculantaxwki_dave should hang about on irc more and get more involved in the behind the curtain stuff :p10:28
axwki_daveI do try to login while at work, got a vm with the latest release..  I'll take a look at the link cheers10:40
axwki_daveooh.. I know what I'll be doing when I get home tonight...:-)10:43
axwki_daveso the ppas, I'll assume these will need to be installed on the latest release, rather than the latest test image?10:45
flocculantcurrently they work with all supported plus dev 10:48
flocculantI don't think that will change 10:49
flocculantobviously not going to work for xx just yet10:49
flocculantI guess I don't notice you if you're online but not actually talking :p10:50
flocculantonly know you're here because I'd turned off hide joins/parts in here :)10:50
axwki_davelol.. 10:52
flocculantbluesabre: you about still? 10:55
axwki_davebe back in a bit off for lunch..11:00
flocculantsounds like a good plan - thanks :)11:00
bluesabreflocculant: hey11:27
flocculantbluesabre: quick question - one of those, never really used it so didn't miss it leaving11:28
flocculantno thumbnail support in catfish now ?11:28
bluesabreflocculant: click the cog to switch views11:29
flocculant\o/ 11:29
flocculantdidn't see it hiding there - thanks :D11:29
flocculantback to editing11:29
axwki_davetoo much food, just need to sleep now..12:03
* flocculant is reading testcases and changing them to suit at least wily - feeling the same :p12:04
axwki_davewell thats the ppa's (on this vm)and a trello account set up, will get the pp'a setup on my test drive for my laptop and the new dedicated test rig tonight.12:34
axwki_daveI'll be able to start doing the package testing on both 32 and 64 versions then12:35
flocculantgreat :)12:35
axwki_davebrb need to restart12:44
flocculantknome: so worked out from front page that we only have 1 regular at getxubuntu ... 13:03
flocculantafternoon GridCube 13:35
GridCube:) hello flocculant 13:42
akxwi_davehowdo Grid.13:44
flocculantpleia2 knome - all the social stuff and the rest of the website needs to be done14:26
flocculantI did getxubuntu and published the release note14:26
pleia2others have access to social media, I'm not available for a couple weeks14:29
flocculantthat's fine - I've no idea who so couldn't ping them14:29
pleia2holstein has access to facebook, ochosi to g+ and knome on twitter14:30
flocculantyea - know knome and twitter14:30
flocculantochosi: can you g+ release please14:31
akxwi_daveIf you ever need anyone extra to help out on the Social/Web side, I'm an IT Manager and part time webadmin in a Law firm and can help14:32
flocculantthen I suspect people would like the idea14:32
=== ubott2 is now known as ubottu
flocculantand hi slickymasterWork :)15:04
slickymasterWork:) hi15:05
=== g4mby is now known as PaulW2U
akxwi_davetime for home.. have a good one16:00
flocculantbluesabre ochosi http://packages.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/350/builds/105268/testcases18:14
flocculantand anyone else half interested :)18:14
dkesselregarding the raspberry pi2: flexiondotorg, i would enjoy testing an xubuntu image :) but please don't spend much time on it just for me, as it looks as if the rest of the team is not too interested18:34
dkesselflocculant: good to see package testing set up for xenial :)18:36
dkesselalso - we're the first to have it set up on the tracker :D18:36
knomehuh, i'm back20:13
knomecongrats everybody for the release20:14
flocculantknome: hi there - just passing through - didn't do any of the docs stuff on the processes obviously 20:16
knomei'll look at them next20:17
knomeok - so20:18
knomethe tracker is now tracking X20:19
knomethe burndown should get its first line tomorrow, since that's the official starting day20:19
knomeif you for some reason want to see wily stuff, go to http://tracker.xubuntu.org/?s=wily20:19
knomethat data will keep on updating for some more time (at least today UTC), so people have time to mark items postponed or done or whatever20:20
knomeother than that, carry on as usual20:20
flocculantgot to like green already :p20:21
flocculantpackage tracker is done - image appears to be waiting for images I suppose :p20:23
flocculantknome: you might notice I added widgets to the website processes - took me ages to remember what they were :D20:24
flocculant16.04 XX  why XX and not xenial xerus :p20:24
knomeyou mean the toolbox menu20:25
knomei didn't know the name was announced20:25
knomeusually it takes awfully lon20:25
* knome hides20:25
flocculantno - appearance - widgets 20:25
flocculantoh yea name was up well early this cycle :p20:25
knomeand updated20:26
knomeflocculant, oh yeah, i did get the mail20:26
flocculantthought so 20:27
knomesorry for being a bit unfocused, i have a headache20:27
* flocculant too 20:27
knomeand i didn't even fuss around with the release...20:27
=== Unit193 changed the topic of #xubuntu-devel to: Xubuntu Development | Support at #xubuntu | http://ubottu.com/y/xx | Wiki: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu | Daily testing with results: http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/
flocculantknome: well tbh I'd marked pretty early today so had most of the day to sort bits20:28
flocculantUnit193: can you add package tracker too ;)20:28
knomeUnit193, and work item tracker20:28
flocculantany need for ubottu in there? 20:29
knomewell it's the release schedule20:29
knomenow that it's kind of in the tracker...20:29
knomedon't know20:29
knomeshould update the blueprint with the dates so the burndown would pick them up20:29
flocculantoh right 20:30
flocculantmmm 20:30
flocculantis the schedule any use - wouldn't people involved know anyway 20:31
flocculantanyway - I'm off now 20:33
flocculantbluesabre: could we haz xenial ppa's :D20:33
flocculantnow I'm really off - night all :)20:33
knomenighty flocculant! and thanks and congrats!20:35
Unit193knome: You going to poke people again?20:46
Unit193Core MPs.20:54
knomewhen i don't have a headache and have time20:54
knomeatm, looks like it's monday or later20:54
Unit193Trying to get it in before someone has to deal with rebasing.20:55
knomewhen would that seemingly happen?20:56
Unit193Very quickly, considering it has to happen before ISOs start cranking out.20:57
knomeok, i'll see if the headache goes away20:57
Unit193knome: Wow, thanks.  Wasn't expecting it to be soon.21:05
* knome shrugs21:05
knomeseemingly the painkillers start to have some impact21:05
ochosihey everyone! congrats on the release (and thanks for taking care of the formalities)21:07
knomehello ochosi and congrats that way too!21:08
knomeanother release within months!21:08
* knome hides21:08
Unit193Is there an informal page with things to update?21:09
ochosiflocculant: i'm taking a loko at the g+ page now21:09
knomeloco at the g+ page21:09
knomeUnit193, yeah.21:09
knomebut that page is obsolete partly, going editing21:11
Unit193And website team.21:11
ochosiflocculant: g-plused the release21:13
Unit193bluesabre: See sorinello's comment in #x, I think this is expected, but may be relavent.23:40

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