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JeZxLeewhat time will Xubuntu 15.10 be released? I live in New York (about 12 PM now)03:56
ZeiothFor anyone experiencing problems with AMD drivers in 15.10 (like me)05:22
nikolamwhere ordinary user in xubuntu could change a password?05:43
nikolamAh I see, user settings and there is chage button05:44
nikolammy firefox just stopped responding...06:06
nikolamI think I made it with set-defaulr but I don't see it in df -h ?06:13
nikolamand I still have /share and /@share06:14
Zeiothsolution for AMD drivers problem with 15.10:06:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1493888 in fglrx-installer (Ubuntu) "FGLRX incompatible with kernel 4.2" [High,Confirmed]06:26
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fsociety[00]dathi #xubuntu :)11:18
fsociety[00]datwill Xubuntu Core available with 15.10 , officially?11:19
max12345can I share my calendar events I set on orage somehow?11:20
TopGearIf I set Thunar to Detailed List and navigate to my /home folder (w/ Desktop, Documents, Downloads etc.) all folders have a special icon. A downward pointing arrow for Downloads and a piece of film for Videos. Oddly enough, Documents hasn't got such an icon in Detailed List (nor Compact List), but it does in Icons. Is anyone else having this problem? Xubuntu 15.10 by the way.13:42
ducasseTopGear: it has got a special icon here. Is this a fresh install?13:44
flocculantTopGear: the icon looks like aq document to me13:44
TopGearducasse, Yes, completely fresh. I don't really like upgrades /\ flocculant, A white piece of paper with a folded corner?13:45
flocculantTopGear: yea13:45
TopGearflocculant, Oh, maybe that's supposed to be like that then. I just realized that, when I zoom in, all folder icons change, not just grow. Might've overseen that.13:46
ducasseTopGear: maybe the icon theme you are using hasn't got a special icon for that.13:47
TopGearducasse, It's just the default icons I am using. Elementary Xfce darker.13:47
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ducasseTopGear: weird. that doesn't happen here.13:49
TopGearducasse, Here's a screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/bD0VisZ.png13:51
rinse_and_repeatTopGear, also happens to me.13:51
rinse_and_repeatalso fresh install13:51
flocculantnot sure what you think is the issue here?13:52
TopGearI tought the white paper icon next to Documents was a missing icon. Turns out it's the Documents-icon.13:52
rinse_and_repeatyeah it's a bit odd13:52
flocculantTopGear: aah ok - I'll wander off again then :)13:57
TopGearYeah, there's nothing actually wrong apparentely. It was just confusing. Thanks!13:58
flocculantwelcome :)14:01
nikolamHow do I "Switch" user in Xubuntu now??14:10
nikolamI locked it to switch..14:11
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Zeiothhi guys i'm experiencing a bug after install the version 15.1016:37
Zeiothit boots fine, but when LightDM shows my keyboard won't respond, and i can see the caret of the mouse blinking, but all freezes in about 10 seconds16:38
Zeioththis problem doesn't happen if i boot in secure mode16:38
Zeiothhow should I start to debug this?16:39
drcZeioth: Is this a fresh/new install, an upgrade or...?16:40
Zeiothit is an upgrade from 15.04 to 15.10 made using do-release-upgrade16:41
drcZeioth: I have no knowledge of LightDM (don't actively use it).  Was just asking a question so the information might help someone who does.16:42
drcJust hang around, someone with more knowledge should be around soon(ish) :)16:43
ZeiothSince it works in recovery mode the reason must be a service or program loading on the start16:46
Zeiothsomeone running 15.10 without issues could please run "service --status-all" and paste the result in http://pastebin.com/ ?16:48
drcZeioth: http://pastebin.com/zETJ4AKt16:49
drcZeioth: That what you wanted?16:50
Zeiothyes thank you! I'm going to compare with my results16:51
Zeiothi disabled all our diferent services except ati drivers, lets see17:01
jarnosIs it ok to use today's daily xubuntu from http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/daily-live/current/ instead of final 15.10 release? They seem to have different hash..17:21
drcjarnos: Most probably, I used yesterday's daily and had no problems with anything today after the update.17:22
drcHowever, I like to DL the -release and burn it for any further installs.17:23
drcAnd they should have different hashes, they <are> different.17:23
drcjarnos: Oh, sorry, misread the original question.  But the answer is still the same :)17:27
drcMost probably....17:28
drcBut There is no daily for the 22nd...so I misread the misread.17:29
drcSo the original answer stands...sorry for the confusion.17:30
Zeiothhmmm no luck so far17:39
drcZeioth: I'm assuming you used the daily from the 21st?  32 or 64bit?17:40
Zeiothif i run "do-release-upgrade -c" it says is the last avaliable version17:41
Zeioth64 bits17:41
drcOK, I know it works (I'm typing on a machine installed with that ISO) .17:42
drcExactly what problems are you having?17:43
drcWait, so the problem you are having is an <upgrade>, not an install?17:44
sakrecoer_trying to install xubuntu 15.10 on a machine with UEFI. i have no need for the windows that came along, so i booted the liveUSB, fine, Now chosing erase the disk and install ubuntu gives me a strange error, it can't mount the boot partition....17:46
sakrecoer_manual partition lead me to freeze when applying partition table.17:47
sakrecoer_what am i missing?17:47
drcOK.  1) I have absolutely no knowledge of QEFI. 2) Have you used the "check the media" option in the original boot menu to make sure the burn was good?17:47
sakrecoer_yes, no errors found17:48
drcSo that's not the problem :)17:48
sakrecoer_seems not... but thanks for suggestion :)17:49
flocculantsakrecoer_: there aren't many people about currently, given that would be a generic issue rather than an Xubuntu one - you'll probably get help in #ubuntu just as easily17:49
drcsakrecoer_: You are going to have to wsait for someone with UEFI experience, sorry.17:49
sakrecoer_no problem :) thanks anyways guys! and congrat on the new release!17:50
drcYeah...Works For Me (tm) :)17:50
flocculantsorry we're thin on the ground - many that hanh about here do #ubuntu as well :)17:50
sakrecoer_well.. maybe those congratulation sounded strange given my situation, but i mean it! thanks for being guys!17:50
* sakrecoer_ slaps his fingers..17:51
sakrecoer_thanks for being xubuntu, guys17:51
drcsakrecoer_: flocculant was right, sounds like a non-exclusively xubuntu problem...more eyes in #ubuntu.17:52
itamagnanoHi! Can someone help me? I have a problem: i've just installed Xubuntu 14.04.3 but it seems that it can't update. I tried to restart but no changes. I checked into the report and the problem is in aptdaemon 1.1.1-1ubuntu 5.2, type: crash, says that it can't decode a byte in a string. Sorry i can't paste this18:24
itamagnanoAnd the unreportable reason is that some packages are old libexpat1 and tzdata18:27
drcIf you need to paste long text, you can use http://paste.ubuntu.com18:28
sakrecoer_so fomrating /dev/sda1 to fat from NTSF made it!18:38
sakrecoer_sudo mkfs.vfat /dev/sda118:38
sakrecoer_there seem to be no loading bar?...18:38
sakrecoer_the slide show is there, but no progess bar... well it seems to work..18:39
drcsakrecoer_:   weird...hope it works.18:40
sakrecoer_hehe... yea.. feels weird... like waiting for godot :D18:42
drcOK, any references to anything even smacking of culture belongs in -OT :)18:43
drcIt's lower your geekness score.18:43
* drc wonders i "godot" has even been mentioned here before?18:44
sakrecoer_drc! ;O your geek score!!!! ;)18:44
drcHey. I had a minus score, so that's an improvement18:45
drcand this really is getting close to the line :)18:46
sakrecoer_maybe we get lucky and no one notices?18:46
sakrecoer_ubottu, can you keep a seceret?18:47
ubottusakrecoer_: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)18:47
Bonn333sakrecoer_: xD18:51
sakrecoer_godot arrived! thanks ver much for a humor filled assistance!18:52
drcnp, enjoy.18:53
sakrecoer_cya! :)18:53
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evandrojrHi guy! At my house I have an annoying problem with my 2 laptops. The palm of my hand messes with my typing.20:34
knomeevandrojr, remove the hand20:35
evandrojrI found out that if I run this 2 commands on the prompt the problem is fixed20:35
drcevandrojr: Are using a mouse instead of the trackpad?20:35
evandrojrvery funny knome :)20:36
evandrojrdrc I am using a touchpad20:36
knomeyou can turn the trackpad off or control the time for how long it is turned off after you stop typing20:36
evandrojrsynclient PalmDetect=1 and synclient PalmMinWidth=320:37
evandrojrfixes the problem for me, but I would like the prevent this problem for all the other users20:37
evandrojrWhy that settings do not come as default for the distribution?20:38
evandrojrWhat is the setting to turn off the touchpad while I am typing. I remember I had that before but it if very annoying for games.20:40
drcevandrojr: Settings-> Devices-> Enable this device.20:43
drcor Settings-> Device->Touchpad->Disable touchpad while typing.20:44
evandrojrThat was too easy! Sorry for my stupidity!20:44
evandrojrI was thinking I was going to send you a revolutionary patch or something like that. Make a better world for the Xubuntu user. NO WAY lol20:46
evandrojrknome, thank you very much for you help!20:47
drcevandrojr: You do know there is a way (that works for me at least) to disable the trackpad once you connect a USB mouse?20:47
drc(keeps me from mistakes when I tap the trtackpad absentmindedly, as I have a habit of doing).20:49
evandrojrI don't know. How do you do that?20:49
evandrojrDon't you guys think it would be nice to have this "turn of trackpad while typing" as the default option? Would make everyone's life easier20:51
drcSettings-> Removable Media->Input devices->Mice  type "synclient TouchPadOff=1" into the command area and click Auto...  The cexact ommand may vary depending on your trackpad20:51
drcIt resets to use trackpad on reboot (or synclient TouchPadOff=0)20:52
drcWorks For Me (tm) :)20:55
evandrojrdrc the time to re-enable the touchpad after typing is ridiculous ! Too long! How can I fix that?20:58
drcThe only thing I can think of is "Duration"  But I really have no idea, I don't use the trackpad.21:00
sorinelloHello. Any idea when the new release will be pushed into the source channels ? it seems my Xubuntu doesn't detect the new release21:00
evandrojrMy xubuntu detected 15.10 and asked if I wanted to update21:02
sorinellodid you ran apt-get dist-upgrade ?21:02
sorinelloah, I'm waiting a mirror from my country, maybe they didn't sync yet21:03
evandrojrI haven't updated because I was concerned with the Intel video driver. They usually are late to release the driver.21:04
Unit193sorinello: I take it you do have it prompt you for normal releases? (See /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades)21:05
sorinelloUnit193, I have normal21:06
sorinelloI have a xubuntu and a xubuntu core OS'es21:07
sorinelloI haven't run dist-upgrade, just apt-get upgrade21:07
evandrojr"Duration" worked perfectly I how come I did not see this option again.  Feeling stupid again....21:10
evandrojrDoes anyone know if the Intel video driver is working well for movies on the 15.10? If there is no tearing at all?21:18
sorinelloUnit193, so do you have any idea what I am missing ?21:27
drc evandrojr: That would depend on what kernel you're using (probably the default), the version of the driver you are using (I use Nvidia and it shows 3 different drivers, I assume that intel also has multiple drivers), and your particular video card/chip.  So, no.21:28
drcNo one probably does know for your specific situation.21:29
mrkrampsintel only has one driver21:47
mrkrampsand if you are affected by tearing you may try to enable the TearFree option for the dirver21:48
drcOK, now I know :)21:48
drcOne driver?  So, they just lump everything, old cards, new cars and legacy cards all in one driver?  It must be either huge or not much changes in the intel world.21:52
mrkrampsworks pretty well21:54
mrkrampsyou have to change the acceleration method for older cards, but that's it21:55
mrkrampsactually not for "older" cards, but rather for "old" ones21:55
drcThank you, did not know that.21:55
evandrojrThanks drc and mrkramps for the video info!22:05
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sorinelloUnit193, as a side note, xubuntu core doesn't seem to come with update-manager by default, so it must be installed if you want to upgrade to a newer version22:20
drcsorinello: IIRC, they expect if you're using -core, you'll know how to use the CLI :)22:21
sorinellodrc, well core comes with xfce also :))22:22
sorinellobut yes, you are right22:22
* drc wonders waht any version of Xubuntu w/o xfce would be...Xubuntu-server? :)22:24
drcAnd with that...chow time!22:25
function-hey guys, anyone else experience the flickering when firing up google chrome? xubuntu 15.10 here22:29
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Zeiothi had to do a clean reinstall but finally i got 15.10 working :D23:49
Zeiothand for some reason that fixed my opensource drivers, so it was for the best xD23:49

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