gennadiyhi all, i have question about removing aws security groups: seems juju doesn't remove security group when machine is removed. am i right? and today i have got exception: security groups number limit is reached09:47
gennadiydo we need to remove security group manually? do you have some specific config field to reuse security groups?09:48
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lazypowergennadiy Juju does have a habit of leaving security groups behind. I use a python script to reset my SEC Groups - https://gist.github.com/chuckbutler/d8a62945ca35b77a8d9617:25
lazypowergennadiy - however this wipes all sec groups ^17:36
lazypowerso use with caution17:36
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ionutbalutoiu@thedac - Updated both MP that you reviewed earlier. (https://code.launchpad.net/~ionutbalutoiu/charms/trusty/swift-proxy/next/+merge/276218 and https://code.launchpad.net/~ionutbalutoiu/charms/trusty/glance/next/+merge/276285).22:21
thedacionutbalutoiu: great. I'll take a look shortly22:21
ionutbalutoiu@thedac: cool, thanks22:22
thedacionutbalutoiu: fyi, we'll have to wait for the automatic testing. Which means I'll be looking at this Monday.22:36
ionutbalutoiu@thedac: Of course. Thanks and have a great week-end.22:39
thedacYou too22:39

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