snelesgclark: I can test trusty backports when you finish it01:48
snelewill it be in staging ppa?01:48
sgclarksnele: yep, still one left to try and fix the build01:48
sgclarkyeah staging-kdeapplications01:48
sgclarkhush vivid, I will get to you01:49
valoriesanta_: sorry for being non-responsive thus far04:20
valorieI'll read and respond to my email tonight04:20
sgclarksnele: https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/ubuntu/staging-kdeapplications trusty applications ready for testing04:27
ubottutesters is Help is needed in #kubuntu-devel. Please ping Riddell, yofel, soee, Tm_T, shadeslayer, BluesKaj, James147, Quintasan, lordievader, shrini, tester56, parad1se, mamarley, alket, SourBlues, sgclark, neo31, vip, mparillo for information04:27
* sgclark out04:28
valorieniters sgclark04:35
valoriethanks for your work!04:35
snele sgclark: upgrade didn't go smooth. there are errors: https://paste.kde.org/phoidccyk08:46
snelesgclark: https://paste.kde.org/po6tolwyy08:49
Mamarokhm, we might have a packaging error for amarok 2.8.90, if I trust this guy https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=323802#c1810:23
ubottuKDE bug 323802 in Collections/Local "amarok gives MySQL error on startup, no tracks in collection" [Grave,Resolved: fixed]10:23
Mamarokamarok should drag in MySQL by default10:23
Mamarokand amarok should be removed if something else removes MySQL10:25
Mamarokso at least the user would get aware that this could cause havoc10:26
yofelneeds investigation what exactly amarok uses from mysql. It does depend on libmysqlclient18, so any API calls should succeed, but if you do shell calls to mysql binaries then that's a different story10:48
BluesKajHiyas all11:05
santa_valorie: no prob11:50
shadeslayerjmux: ping13:10
shadeslayerjmux: is there going to be a Munich BSP this year13:11
marco-parillosgclark: I upgraded my 14.04 VM (It has been a while), rebooted, then I added deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-ppa/staging-kdeapplications/ubuntu trusty main to my software sources. Looks like KDE Apps 4.14.3 are available.13:42
marco-parilloIs there some kind of signing issue? I get a warning (The following pieces of software cannot be verified. WARNING: Installing unverified software represents a security risk, as the presence of unverifiable software can be a sign of tampering. Do you wish to continue?)13:42
marco-parilloOf course, I click continue, like 99% of folks who get malware ;-)13:43
marco-parillosgclark: I got an error: /var/cache/apt/archives/kde-window-manager-common_4%3a4.11.14-0ubuntu1~ubuntu14.04~ppa6_i386.deb trying to overwrite '/usr/share/doc/kde/HTML/en/kcontrol/windowbehaviour/index.cache.bz2', which is also in package kde-workspace-data 4:4.11.11-0ubuntu0.213:50
marco-parilloIt says a re-boot is required, so I will try that, and re-try from the command line (I had been using Muon Update Manager).13:51
marco-parilloWell, my Trusty VM is unusable after trying to upgrade the KDE apps. I had no windowing, so I had to ctrl alt F1 to get a tty. I logged in, tried to update && upgrade again, but got a ton of errors I could not paste.14:07
jmuxshadeslayer: we were just talking today, that nobody made a plan yet - too busy14:42
shadeslayeroh :D14:43
jmuxI would still make one end of next month - as every year - but I don't want to do the preparations for 5 people14:44
jmuxpeople here felt we're already too late14:44
shadeslayerjmux: yeah it seems a bit late, but I'd still be in14:45
jmuxIf we can get a quick feedback of 10-15 people, who would come too Munich, I can probably still organizing a BSP14:46
shadeslayeras long as it's not between 16th to 18th :P14:46
jmuxI know LibreOffice is doing an other hackfest 2nd - 4th December in Madrid14:46
shadeslayerjmux: I can come, as long as it's not those dates ^ :D14:46
shadeslayerjmux: oh :D14:46
shadeslayerjmux: could merge with that, I'd get to ride a train then :>14:46
jmuxThey had a hackfest in Hamburg two weeks ago14:47
shadeslayerjmux: send a email out I guess14:49
shadeslayerand find out14:49
jmuxshadeslayer: hmm. kde-devel, kubuntu-devel...14:53
shadeslayerjmux: debian-qt-kde14:53
jmuxOk. Guess I should add a doodle to collect feedback.14:56
=== tazz_ is now known as tazz
yofelcount me in!15:18
jmuxSo I just re-checked, there is actually money :-) Still need to get some approval, which I should get on Wednesday.15:27
jmuxNow for the mail and the doodle...15:28
=== genii is now known as zombiegenii
sgclarkmarco-parillo: hmm that sounds terrible. got any apt logs I can look at?15:52
clivejook dolphin is crashing again when Im trying to open the menu to delete an item15:53
=== zombiegenii is now known as genii
marco-parillosgclark: Sorry, it blew away my VM and there was nothing I could do with it.15:55
marco-parilloNot your fault; my noob.15:56
mhall119last call, is there anybody who can give an hour presentation of Plasma Mobile as the Ubuntu Online Summit next week?16:07
jmuxshadeslayer, yofel: https://dudle.inf.tu-dresden.de/LiMux_Hackfest_2015/16:16
shadeslayermhall119: one hour :S16:17
shadeslayerI don't think there's enough info for a hour16:17
tsdgeosshadeslayer: apol and me spoke about it 35 min the other day don't think 1h would be horrible tbh https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9PtE8g8ldS016:20
shadeslayermhall119: I found your guys ^16:20
tsdgeosbut i'm not doing it again :D16:20
mhall119shadeslayer: tsdgeos: someone in #plasma is also volunteering, perhaps you can all go in together on it?16:21
shadeslayerI'm already doing the CI thingamajig with sitter16:21
tsdgeosmhall119: i know nothing about plasma mobile ;D i'm just in that video as sparring asking questions16:21
shadeslayerk, cya on Monday16:26
jmuxBTW - everybody else is also free to add themself, if they want to hack in Munich too: https://dudle.inf.tu-dresden.de/LiMux_Hackfest_2015/16:27
sgclarkwould love to, but no idea how I would get therre16:27
=== mck182__ is now known as mck182|laggynet
ghostcubeoha weisswurst hacking event16:57
sgclarkkde-workspace updated. trusty needs further testing16:58
ubottutesters is Help is needed in #kubuntu-devel. Please ping Riddell, yofel, soee, Tm_T, shadeslayer, BluesKaj, James147, Quintasan, lordievader, shrini, tester56, parad1se, mamarley, alket, SourBlues, sgclark, neo31, vip, mparillo for information16:58
pursuivantmuon (master) v5.4.2-154-g4b469ec * Aleix Pol: libmuon/backends/ApplicationBackend/Application.cpp17:12
pursuivantFix build on Ubuntu17:12
pursuivantToo much replace17:12
pursuivantCCMAIL: jr@jriddel.org17:12
=== tazz_ is now known as tazz
pursuivantmuon (master) v5.4.2-155-ge3c5ce6 * Aleix Pol: discover/qml/MuonToolButton.qml18:05
pursuivantuse tighter QtQuick dependency18:05
pursuivantmuon (master) v5.4.2-156-g78a4813 * Aleix Pol: libmuon/backends/ApplicationBackend (2 files)18:06
pursuivantWe already know if the process is running18:06
pursuivantNo need to keep a variable to keep track of it.18:06
pursuivantmuon (master) v5.4.2-157-g594f75c * Aleix Pol: libmuon/backends/ApplicationBackend/ApplicationNotifier.cpp18:06
pursuivantadopt new connect syntax18:06
valoriesgclark: surely Ubuntu Community Fund would send you to Munich to fix bugs?20:09
yofelvalorie: it would surely also send you over to motivate us all ;)20:11
yofelmeh, it seems like quite a few people used geotagging in digikam20:11
valoriethat doesn't seem a wise use of the money20:12
valoriegeotagging is useful!20:13
yofelyeah, except that we removed it in wily..20:13
valorieMunich sounds fun, for sure20:13
valorieoh, why?20:13
yofelbecause digikam is qt4 and marble qt520:13
yofeland we didn't upload another qt4 version of marble20:13
valoriethat's a beast that needs porting20:13
valorieor well I guess updating the qt4 marble would be good enough?20:14
yofelwe could put it in a PPA with a new digikam build, someone would need to package it though and make sure it doesn't conflict with marble(-qt5)20:15
yofelwe need to packages digikam 4.14 as well (last qt4 release)20:16
sgclarkoh yeah was reading that bug right nnow20:17
sgclarkso why did we remove it?20:17
sgclarkyeah need to package kdevelop last qt4 and new kf5 beta20:17
yofelbecause building both qt4 and qt5 marble from the same package doesn't work, and nobody had time to re-package a marble-qt420:17
sgclarkso much to do20:17
sgclarkI am trying to debug my trusty updates and reproduce the explosion mparillo had.20:19
sgclarkstill have vivd backports too20:20
yofelproblem with those is that we do a rather bad job at tracking moved files after multiple releases and multiple debian merges20:20
yofellet me install trusty in a VM20:20
sgclarkwell found problem one: libkdedecorationsabi1 20:22
sgclarkso abi need breaks replaces?20:23
sgclarkseems like that should be done by manager20:23
yofelif it contains anything other than the lib, yes20:23
sgclarkokies fixing20:23
sgclarkhmm there is a breaks replace in there20:26
=== tom_ is now known as Guest44802
sgclarkahh right ok, dummy me, have to do dist-upgrade due to the new dependencies20:29
sgclarkmparillo: did you do dist-upgrade?20:29
yofelfile overwrites are unrelated to the upgrade type though... let me read the error message again20:30
sgclarkhmm shouldnt be any file overwrites , I fixed the one in kde-workspace20:31
yofeloh, that breaks/replaces is useless. trusty-updates has kde-workspace-data 4:4.11.11-0ubuntu0.2, the B/R is kde-workspace-data (<< 4:4.11.11)20:34
yofel4:4.11.11-0ubuntu0.2 > 4:4.11.1120:34
sgclarkhmm insstalled fine here20:35
yofelshould be << 4:4.11.14~ or os20:35
yofelyes, because the order in which apt upgrades packages is non-deterministic20:35
yofelit depends on how the algorithm orders the packages to resolve dependencies20:36
yofelwhich is why a simple upgrade test is not a sufficent test case for file overwrites, but to properly detect those you would need to read the whole install files diff20:37
yofelmaybe one could integrate something like that into the CI with a simple hashmap file DB or so which checks if a file was already in a package in the past20:37
yofelthat would then also catch files that moved between sources20:38
sgclarkI think it is in CI, problem is trusty packages are not :(20:39
yofelyeah :/20:40
=== genii is now known as zombiegenii
sgclarkuploaded fixed kde-workspace20:42
sgclarkwill need testing after build20:42
=== zombiegenii is now known as genii
yofelsgclark: what's supported as upgrade path? trusty -> new backports and trusty+old backports -> new backports?20:46
sgclarkhmm not sure. I did trusty updates, then rebooted and added the ppa and then dist-upgrade with success20:48
sgclarkdid not try a path with backports20:48
sgclarkthough I reckon it needs to be tested20:48
yofelit does, as that's where the packages will end up, so all that have the backports enabled will go that path20:49
yofelI guess I'll start with that then20:49
sgclarkthank you20:49
sgclarkwait for kde-workspace to build though20:50
yofelwill do, my VM is still installing anyway ^^20:50
ahoneybunmm 21:00
* yofel sees ahoneybun and remembers that he forgot something21:00
ahoneybunI did not mean it like that 21:01
ahoneybunbut I'll take it lol21:02
mparillosgclark: I first tried muon (which I assume does not do a dist-upgrade), but when I pretty much had no gui after a re-boot, I did update && upgrade && dist-upgrade from apt.21:05
yofelhm.. plasma2, so nostalgic :D21:06
=== genii is now known as zombiegenii
=== zombiegenii is now known as genii
sgclarkyofel: muon updater does not dist upgrade? that could be a problem21:08
yofelI don't know actually.. let me check21:09
sgclarkthough this is not the first mass updates, seems like this issue would have come up in the apst21:09
yofelhm, if I just add the backports ppa, then muon-updater does ask me to remove 3 packages. That's a dist-upgrade21:09
sgclarkmparillo: did you do a dpkg --force overwirte on that package that failed?21:09
sgclarkok cool, good to know21:10
sgclarkso that is not it.21:10
sgclarkseems like kde-workspace did not get installed, it has since been fixed21:10
sgclarkwhich is why testing is so important!21:11
mparillosgclark: I did not dpkg -- force; when I was on the commandline it said something like apt install -f, which I did try.21:12
sgclarkok so kde-workspace did not get installed, that is why your gui exploded21:13
sgclarkthat has been fixed, thanks to your testing, sorry for the loss of your VM 21:13
mparillosgclark: My pleasure to help out. I actually miss 14.04 (and really miss 14.10), but I do not miss that VM. BTW, I am back home now, so I am re-creating the 14.04 VM on my work laptop, while I can IRC on my netbook (Kubuntu is the only Plasma5 distro that is happy on a 1GB netbook).21:16
yofelprotip: use VM snapshots for testing ;)21:16
snelesgclark: did you get my messages about trusty backports?21:17
sgclarkyeah I had snapshots at one point. really need to set that up again21:17
sgclarksnele: hmm no21:17
snelesgclark: upgrade didn't go smooth. there are errors: https://paste.kde.org/phoidccyk21:20
snele sgclark: https://paste.kde.org/po6tolwyy21:20
sgclarksnele: kde-workspace is now fixed21:20
sgclarkwhich is the source of that mess21:21
sgclarkand thanks to testers it was caught and fixed!21:21
* yofel kicks the publisher21:22
yofelit's in weekend mood -.-21:22
soee_yofel: this "bug" with notification spam when there are some updates its part of kde/plasma or ubuntu/kubuntu releated stuff /21:22
yofel"spam" ?21:22
yofelI only ever see one notification when there are updates21:22
sgclarksnele: as soon as it publishes an apt update and dist-upgrade should sort it all out.21:23
soee_yofel: yes, when apt update command is fetching packages, and there are some updates, we see notification every few seconds21:23
sgclarkI only see one21:23
soee_a bit annoying tbh21:23
sgclarkI am on CI though so it must have been fixed upstream?21:23
yofelah, that might be due to how apt-check works..21:23
yofelnow the question is whether that's from muon-updater or kubuntu-notification-helper (I think it's the updater)21:24
soee_sgclark: always one time notification ?21:24
sgclarkgot one notification and have a red icon in tray21:24
sgclarksnele: yofel updated kde-workspace has published21:26
yofelso, did an apt update. 3 updates before, 3 updates after it and no notification at all21:26
soee_yofel: 15.10 ?21:27
sgclarkoh hmm I have no updates and it is red, that is unexpected21:27
mparilloyofel: For VM snapshots, I think I would have to upgrade my VMware Player to Workstation. Fortunately my work laptop makes installation relatively quick. And re-start is complete. Step 1 is to upgrade, dist-upgrade 14.04 and re-boot?21:28
clivejois red not bad?21:28
sgclarkwhen I see red I expect attention is required21:28
yofelred in the updates means security updates I believe21:28
sgclarkthat is what I would expect, but my system has no updates21:29
sgclarkSystem up to date21:29
clivejopending reboot?21:29
sgclarkbut red >.<21:29
sgclarkoh hmm21:29
clivejobeen a few kernel updates recently21:29
sgclarkdon't think so , but perhap, used to get another notification for that though21:29
sgclarkrebooted today21:30
soee_sgclark: this is how it behaves now, if you do updates those icons stay in systray till reboot 21:30
soee_or also after reboot21:30
sgclarkit remains red forever because I had security updates? that does not seem logical21:30
* yofel might be wrong..21:31
sgclarkok rebooting to see for myself, I am now curious21:31
yofelhm, here updater doesn't seem quite in sync with apt21:32
yofelinstalled all 3 updates, now I still have a green symbol telling me that I have 3 pending updates21:32
soee_yofel: @ this notification spam, i think the slower connection/more time it need to fetch packages, the more the same notification we see21:34
soee_i remember on a slow connection i'v seen it like 20 times21:34
yofelwhich makes be really believe that this is related to apt-check. That can trigger multiple times during an update run21:36
soee_my top 3 'visual' bugs in 15.10: 1. missing nm/plasma-pa icon in systray (plasma devs tries to fix it, but no fix yet), 2. updates icon stays in systray when there are no updates, 3. updates notification spam :)21:38
sgclarkok reboot and now my updates icon is green and in the hidden icons panel21:40
sgclarkwhich is fine21:40
sgclarkbut I have to enter my wifi password every time now. Which is exteremly annoying21:40
snelesgclark: i can confirm that apt update, apt install -f and apt dist-upgrade   fixed issue. Thank you for doing backports21:41
sgclarkexcellent, thanks for testing!21:41
yofelUnpacking plasma-dataengines-workspace (4:4.11.14-0ubuntu1~ubuntu14.04~ppa8) over (4:4.11.11-0ubuntu0.2) ...21:43
yofeldpkg: error processing archive /var/cache/apt/archives/plasma-dataengines-workspace_4%3a4.11.14-0ubuntu1~ubuntu14.04~ppa8_amd64.deb (--unpack):21:43
yofel trying to overwrite '/usr/share/kde4/apps/plasma/shareprovider/im9/metadata.desktop', which is also in package plasma-widgets-workspace 4:4.11.11-0ubuntu0.221:43
yofeldpkg-deb: error: subprocess paste was killed by signal (Broken pipe)21:43
snelesgclark: about your wifi password problem, I usually fix it by removing connection and then connect again to that network21:43
sgclarkwill try thanks21:43
sgclarkyofel: err ok fixing21:44
sgclarkhow much longer is trusty supported?21:44
sgclarkthis is clunky :(21:44
yofelapril 201921:44
yofelwell, that does not include our PPA, but it is nice to care about it. (And we usually do that until the next LTS is out)21:45
yofelso, april next year21:45
sgclarkI don't see kde putting out much more in qt4, though do you know if they will?21:46
yofelI don't think they will. Maybe the occasional security patch or so21:46
=== genii is now known as zombiegenii
yofeloh right, I did want to upload that sddm CVE21:47
mparillosgclark: My 14.04 VM is dist-upgraded. Ready for me to re-try the PPA?21:49
sgclarknah gotta wait again, yofel found another boom21:49
=== zombiegenii is now known as genii
sgclarkfixing now21:50
mparilloI can wait. Dinner soon however. BTW, can the PPA be applied by adding the source in Muon-updater, and using it? Or do I need to also apt dist-upgrade?21:50
sgclarkmuon will dist-upgrade21:51
soee_uh finally it has Critical importance https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-graphics-drivers/+bug/150104121:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1501041 in xorg-server (Ubuntu) "No visible display in non gnome sessions when using nvidia drivers via nvidia-prime until screen goes to sleep, then waked up" [Critical,Confirmed]21:51
mparilloTY. So I will wait for the testers call then?21:52
sgclarkyeah uploading now, but needs to build21:52
valoriemay I just say: y'all rock21:53
valorieand I love you all21:53
* sick_rimmit Waves, Nods and Grins21:53
sick_rimmitYes.. Y'all do 21:53
=== mck182|laggynet is now known as mck182__
=== benonsoftware is now known as MisterHiyas
mparillovalorie: {{{hugs}}}22:13
valoriethank you mparillo!22:14
valorie{{{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}}}} to you as well22:14
mparilloP.S. During the drama, I tried Fedora 22 KDE. Not even close. 22:14
valorieI love that we are on the cutting (and even bleeding) edge22:15
valorieAND that we take care of our silent LTS users22:15
valorieall those people who never file a bug report or complain on IRC/lists/forums22:15
yofelFedora has it's use cases, but it's more for devs I think22:15
yofelopensuse is usually the RPM user distro22:16
sgclarkI have not really found a distro I hated. I have enjoyed most at one time or another. Community is what has kept me here the longest.22:18
mparilloyofel: True, but some RPMs that claim to be both for Fedora and OpenSUSE are only really tested on Fedora (I have been burned).22:19
mparillosgclark: +122:19
valorieso true, sgclark22:19
valoriesame experience here22:20
ScottKBefore I used Kubuntu, I tried OpenSUSE, which was a disaster (this was in 2006, so don't hold it against them).  I gave up when the attitude of the people that had broken the latest OpenSUSE release was that if I wanted it to work, I should be using SLED.22:23
mparilloAnd SLED (at least today) defaults to gnome.22:24
ScottKAt the time, I don't think it did.22:25
ScottKEither way, it led to me having a requirement for a distro I used to not be a 'community edition' of the real product.22:25
sick_rimmitWe have a brilliant community here, I have been hanging around Linux and Open Source since the Dark Ages. We have a special friendly environment.22:27
sick_rimmitI am really hoping to do my part in growing and developing that..22:28
ScottKAs long as you keep your head down and don't get the CC annoyed at you, sure.22:28
sick_rimmitWell I think my contribution sits in Promotion, Advocacy and Talk..22:29
sick_rimmitI do lots of Talking22:29
sick_rimmitI like talking22:29
sick_rimmitand there is chance I might be good at it22:29
sick_rimmitI'm worried about packagers and release managers..22:29
sick_rimmitI've tried working on packaging. I can do it, but it takes a lot of focused time22:30
sick_rimmitThis is something I have very little of, family, young children, work22:30
sick_rimmitSo I run around saying22:30
sick_rimmit"Yay Kubuntu, try it. It's ACE!"22:31
ahoneybunthe community is +1 to me as well, openSUSE I find a big hard to get into22:33
valorieScottK: that is a concern, since I think we all continue to object to the canonical IP policy22:34
valorieand I for one will not let that go22:34
ScottKI worry less about the fact that people are objecting and more about how the fact that the CC got tired of hearing about it was handled.22:35
valoriewe aren't just "open source"22:35
valoriewe're free and open22:35
clivejoare the KCC putitng out a statement about who is taking over from Jonathan?22:35
ScottKNeed to decide first.22:35
valorieclivejo: should we?22:35
ScottKvalorie: You need to pick a release manager.22:35
sgclarkyofel and me as backup22:36
valorieit has to be one person?22:36
ScottKFor a long time it's been JR and me as assistant.22:36
valorieI'd like to see a team22:36
clivejoI dunno, I thought thats what you guys do!22:36
ScottKvalorie: Primary and alternate is great.22:36
sgclarkyofel as main and me as backup!22:36
ScottKclivejo: release management is a technical function.  KC does is broader than that.22:36
valorieok, as long as both people are trained22:36
clivejoI was expecting a statement following Jon's stepping down22:36
valorieKC is mostly about Kubuntu members22:37
sgclarkby whom?22:37
yofelright, that's the plan, we just didn't send a mail out yet. I'll talk to the release team over the weekend about how what where we should do that22:37
ScottKvalorie: You also get to decide non-technical policy and stuff.22:37
valoriesgclark: I'm worried about the bus factor22:37
sgclarkbus factor?22:37
ScottKI'm happy to assist/train.22:37
valorielife happens, as we've seen22:37
valorieScottK: cool22:37
sgclarkyofel and I already agreed to team it, he just is taking lead22:38
valoriebus factor = what happens when the expert gets hit by a bus?22:38
valoriethanks yofel22:38
sgclarkI think more than two is too many cooks in the kitchen22:39
valorieI'm willing to write a press release if that is a useful thing22:39
yofelvalorie: number of people that have to be hit by a bus for a project to die22:39
valoriesgclark: a small number is good if there is some documentation22:39
valorieand I assume that the job has changed some over the years22:40
valorieyofel: yes, I've heard that version too22:40
ScottKOne challenge both of you will have that neither JR nor I did is that you aren't on the ~ubuntu-release team.  That's not essential, but it does make some things easier.22:40
ScottKTo up your chances of being on the team, you want to get core-dev.22:41
sgclarkso we have yofel -> me -> and ScottK to assist, I think we will survive22:41
yofelright, but I think we'll manage still - we'll just be slower22:41
* yofel aims for MOTU first, then I'll go from there22:41
ScottKGood plan.22:41
yofelI at least need new-source upload rights, otherwise things will get painful22:41
sgclarkI am willing to put inn the effort to be on the necessary teams22:41
sgclarkkde-workspace is ready yofel mparillo22:43
sgclarkplease test :)22:43
valoriesgclark: what I meant by training was having someone to answer questions, and just learning on the job22:44
valorieshadeslayer can tell you about the joys of MOTU22:44
sgclarkthat depends , has Jonathan said anything about training yofel?22:44
ScottKyofel: You might want to consider just syncing Kf5 from Debian this cycle.  maxyz has been pretty quick about uploading new releases and it would make things easier.22:44
valorieScottK: does that mean junking the CI work?22:45
ScottKI don't know.22:45
yofelI'm not sure how good that'll work out with our branches, but that would be a good idea probably22:45
ScottKIt all comes out of the same git repositories, so it may just mean pointing at different branches.22:45
sgclarkI do not wish to junk that, but I don't know that we have a server to keep it on22:45
valoriewell, doesn't ubuntu now have CI?22:45
yofelOTOH, if we can do easy merges, then that would also be an idea22:46
yofelubuntu uses CI for autopackagetests at least22:46
sgclarkyeah but it does nt have the tololing harald worked on for kde specific stuff22:46
* sgclark can't type22:46
sgclarkI could likely take it over , but I do not have the resources to host it22:47
valoriewould be good to get that moved onto Ubuntu infra, IMO22:47
valorieor work out something with Harald/JR22:47
valorienot sure what they are up to, technically22:47
yofelI can help out with the hosting for the time being if we really need to set up our own22:48
yofelwe'll see22:48
sgclarkMark ddid say to let him know if we need anything, so there is that22:49
valoriehmmm, sitter isn't here -- I would value his insight22:51
valorieRiddell: anything to add?22:51
maxyzIt shouldn't be that hard to merge the debian branches into the unstable ones. Feel free to ping me if you find a big divergence.22:51
sgclarkthnas maxyz :)22:51
sgclarkerr thanks22:51
yofelit certainly not hard to merge them, I'm just curious if there's a reasonable way to automate it22:52
maxyzIf you promise me that the person that signs the uploaded tags knows about them I'll consider to start merging them again...22:54
sgclarkfiddle with this  https://github.com/apachelogger/kubuntu-repo-merge ?22:54
maxyzBut right now I need to go to bed22:54
sgclarknight :)22:54
sgclarksigns the uploaded tags - what does that mean?22:55
santa_yofel: do-all git merge ... ?23:04
yofelright, I'm more wondering about how to handle conflicts (e.g. changelog)23:04
santa_I think there was something to handle that automagically23:05
yofelthere is dpkg-mergechangelogs23:06
yofelneed to look how to use that again23:06
santa_regarding the packaging, I don't think syncing packages from debian is a good solution, but merging the branches and upload the packages23:07
santa_I can help with that, my only problem, as usual, is the lack of permissions everywhere23:08
ScottKI'm sure the fact that you're banned from Debian Qt-KDE doesn't affect that opinion.23:16
sgclarkwell we need to do whatever results in the best end user experience while we rebuild our process23:20
santa_ScottK: well, banned or not I can help with the upload of new packages to kubuntu, however not having permissions to do things such as uploading to ppa's - for instance - limits my ability to help, obviously23:22
sgclarkit is an LTS so stability is of great importance23:23
sgclarksanta_: you  have to apply for kubuntu dev then23:23
santa_sgclark: yep, in process to get the kubuntu membership already23:23
ScottKI would find it surprising if your perspective on the usefulness of syncing from Debian wasn't colored by your experience there.23:27
ScottKOf course my perspective about Debian is also based on my experience with it.23:28
sgclarkare we really that far diverged from them? I dont think we are23:28
ScottKNot where I've checked.23:28
sgclarkand we need to do debian merges anyway23:28
sgclarkdunno I think at least for this release it is a good idea. yofel and I still have alot of work with getting on teams and whatnot23:29
sgclarknever ending backports23:30
sgclarkand everything else23:30
sgclarkwe need more packagers >.<23:30
santa_well, I don't think withdrawing kubuntu's ability to upload its own packages is going to help in the long term23:30
sgclarkoh we withdraw the ability to upload?23:31
yofelwhere did that come from?23:31
sgclarkthat does not sound right23:31
yofelI didn't hear about that, and I'm fairly certain that's not the plan23:32
yofeldoesn't change the fact that we barley have any people left that can upload more than the kubuntu set23:32
sgclarkI can only upload kubuntu and not even all of that23:32
sgclarkso yeah I have to fix that23:33
santa_sgclark: but you can upload all of frameworks/plasma/apps?23:36
sgclarkfew lingering apps that I get rejects on23:36
sgclarkbut mostly yeah23:37
santa_ScottK: but indeed my opinions of debian are "coloured" by my experience there - such as the well known lack of manpower of the debian qt/kde team and other things23:40
santa_which I suffered in first person, and which was a problem before I joined, while I was in, and after I left23:41
=== nhandler is now known as evilnhandler
sgclarkwell we are going to have that problem here. So we need to make do with what have and make the best of it.23:44
santa_that depends on the direction that the project takes23:45
santa_that's "terra incognita" for now23:46
santa_I think with the right people here, with a minimum of 3 packagers we have the thing saved23:47
santa_or even 1 XD23:48
santa_but I think there will be more than one I hope23:48
santa_we will see how the thing evolves23:48

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