westyis there an equalizer for kubuntu?00:29
westyalso why is the phonon backend package qt4 when qt5 seems available?00:31
cmrderekquestion, is ffmpeg 2.6 and avidemux 2.6.10 available in the latest release?00:35
westyffmpeg is 2.7 but avidemux is 2.500:37
cmrderekthanks, westy. glad kubuntu is back to ffmpeg. on 14.04 now and about to reload.00:39
westyso no ideas on how to get a system wide equalizer on kubuntu?01:17
Pinkamena_Dwhen installing kubuntu-desktop, all new users start with gwenview as the default file manager, which does not even make sense because it is seemingly for viewing images and other files don't show up by default.01:58
Pinkamena_DHow can I switch the default file manager for all new users so that they use dolphin or nautilus by default instead of gwenview?01:59
vivienneai dont like gwenview01:59
Pinkamena_D(dolphin and nautilus can be launched fine from terminal)02:01
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ashwin i am unable to clear Clipboard History after i  clicked "No" with "do not ask again" checked. How can i undo it?07:59
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hateballashwin: are you on 15.10 or 14.04 ?08:05
ashwinhateball: 15.1008:05
hateballack, I am on 14.04 here at work so I cannot help08:06
hateballthere should be a GUI to restore those questions, I just cannot remember. but you should also be able to edit the rc file for klipper I think08:06
ignatifhey everyone. could u help me? how can i add extensions in kate 5?08:15
ignatifi used to have it in kate 4. i need autobrackets plugin08:15
ni291187hello there.08:18
ni291187I need some help.08:18
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ni291187as you can see I installed kubuntu twice.08:22
ni291187first was sda9 which stopped booting up due to some bug.08:23
ni291187new is sda8 but whenever I try to open sda9 in dolphin, it opens the same sda8.08:24
ni291187sda8 is working fine.08:24
ni291187any help. I need to access sda9.08:24
SmurphyAmazing. Up/Down won't work in kmail list window anymore ...08:38
yossarianukni291187: large windows partition ...09:18
yossarianukyou could manually mount ?09:18
lordievaderyossarianuk: seems he is offline...09:19
lordievaderAnyhow sda9 was mounted to / before sda8. Hence dolphin goes to / and he sees sda8.09:20
yossarianuklordievader: ok, was going to suggest to add a label to be honest...09:23
yossarianukhe seemed to be wasting 200GB+ on windows.....09:23
lordievaderYou don't know what he is using it for. Calling it a waste without proper information is a bit... strange.09:24
yossarianuklordievader:  t'was a joke...09:30
lordievaderThat was hard to tell with only text...09:30
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amichairafter upgrade to 15.10 I have a package kept back (libqgpgme1) - is this a bug in the upgrade or something wrong with my system?09:43
lordievaderamichair: That ain't libgpgme11?09:45
amichairlordievader: libqgpgme109:46
lordievaderOn launchpad I can only find libgpgme11, perhaps that has to do with it?09:46
amichairthat's what apt-get dist-upgrade says09:46
amichairlordievader: I wouldn't know :-)09:51
lordievaderamichair: What is the output of 'apt-cache policy libgpgme1 libgpgme11'?09:52
amichairlordievader: How strange...  "Unable to locate package libgpgme1"09:53
lordievaderAre you sure it is libgpgme1 and not libgpgme11?09:53
amichairThe following packages have been kept back:09:55
amichair  libqgpgme109:55
amichair0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 1 not upgraded.09:55
amichairboth copy & pasted from apt output09:55
amichairwill be back soon...09:56
lordievaderHmm, i'd remove it and install libgpgme1109:56
jubo2Good morning from irssi running in tty #210:31
jubo2Mi Kubuntu is blasted10:31
jubo2Help mi mon10:31
jubo2I've found a weird bug10:31
jubo2trying to choose "failsafe" instead of "plasma" just leads back to the login screen after the machine thinks for a second10:32
jubo2I get bad feeling about this "Oh you've just entered your credentials but for some strange reason that did not lead to a login" from way way back in time10:33
lordievaderjubo2: Isn't that supposed to happen?10:33
lordievaderAh, wait the login screen. Never mind.10:33
Smurphyprobably the twm or failsafe packages are not installed.10:33
jubo2lordievader: I mean it puts you back in login screen _after_ ... yeah...10:33
jubo2Smurphy: I have access to shell10:33
jubo2How many tty:s there are by default?10:34
jubo2I'm guessing 610:34
Smurphywell, 12 or more, but the question is what is listening on these tty's ? I know that my box has 1 getty listening to tty110:34
jubo2So apparently my machine somewhere in time mixed up which is inbuilt and which is external display10:34
jubo2So now that the Dock -> DisplayPort -> DVI external monitor is not connected I get blank/black screen because my Kubuntu15.10 used to lottery to which display it draws the K-menu10:36
jubo2I just want to access the (hopefully) human readable and writeable display settings thank yous plos10:36
jubo2xrandrx says same as the tty after login "Cannot open display: "default display""10:38
Smurphyjubo2: 2 screen=setups are broken with kubuntu 15.10 ... :(10:39
jubo2lordievader: you wouldn't happen to know where a human can change what the machine thinks of the displays ?10:39
jubo2Smurphy: when there are 2 displays it works10:39
jubo2Smurphy: when you undock it it doesn't work10:39
jubo2Smurphy: I get blank/black screen after the loader bar after login on my Kubuntu15.10 (semi clean)10:40
jubo2why is it semi clean and not clean or dirty?10:40
lordievaderjubo2: Not if I don't know what you mean...10:41
jubo2I mounted the /home partition during the otherwise clean install10:41
lordievaderjubo2: Could you describe the actual problem?10:41
jubo2that made it detect old settings and also install new settings10:41
jubo2lordievader: Problem.. you mean symptom10:41
lordievaderWell... I guess..10:42
jubo2Blank screen after login10:42
jubo2login after CTRL-ALT-F1 says "Cannot open display: 'default display'"10:43
jubo2lordievader: this is the facts10:43
jubo2my guess is that since it used some weird lottery method which caused the K-menu being drawn sometimes in external display, sometimes in internal on successive reboots without me changing any settings10:44
lordievaderjubo2: Does plasma shell run?10:44
jubo2lordievader: what's a plasma shell10:44
lordievaderjubo2: By the by the second is normal, you didn't tell it where your display is.10:44
lordievaderjubo2: ps aux|grep plasmashell10:44
lordievaderIt is the main process for the Plasma desktop.10:45
jubo2ok hold on.. CTRL-ALT-F310:45
jubo2lordievader: plasma shell is running with --shut-up switch10:45
lordievaderjubo2: Hmm ok, remove ~/.local/share/kscreen/* and log out/log in.10:47
jubo2I think this is weird that after 3 days of trying no-one can tell me what to do when xrandx doesn't run10:47
lordievaderUnfortunately I cannot help you any further as I have to catch a train.10:47
jubo2lordievader: you mean _move_ ~/.local/share/kscreen/*10:47
jubo2ok thanks lordievader10:47
jubo2but you should think of the newbz and give more gentile advice P-;10:48
jubo2I go get some food from the kitchen10:49
BluesKajHiyas all11:05
jubo2Ait.. removing that helped somewhat11:06
jubo2now I am in graphical environment but weird thing now is that there is no K-menu and no taskbar on the bottom of the screen11:06
svend-evGood morning11:18
jubo2I need some more help to get the K-menu and taskbar back11:20
jubo2but I can idle here11:20
jubo2actually I have other chores I need to get done too11:21
jubo2but will idle11:21
jubo2And the crucial help by lordievader to get to graphical interface at all was to move the stuff ~/.local/share/kscreen away from them11:22
xieyiI want to encrypt a file with kgpg. but now I cant find the option from the right mouse menu in dolphin. it was there before I upgraded to 15.10.12:22
xieyihow can I encrypt with kgpg now?12:22
Eluuskubuntu crashed now it wants my kde wallet password and it doesn't accept my login pw12:27
Eluushow do I find out what the password is?12:28
BluesKajEluus, what happens when you try your pw, does the login just give the incorrect message or ?12:31
Eluusit says incorrect password12:32
EluusI just closed it now and so far the browser and this is working fine though12:32
Eluuschromium crashed the os12:33
BluesKajEluus, best to just disable kwallet unless you really need it . That's what I've done being a home user.12:35
Eluusok thanks12:35
BluesKajthat chrome prompt can be ignored, ther's fix to get rid of it in the forums12:35
Eluusprompt for kde wallet?12:36
GlobulleHello, I've just upgraded to ubuntu wily (15.10) and I've discovered that the PPA for digikam does not exist for this version. Is this just a matter of time?12:36
Eluusah okay12:36
Globulleto *kubuntu12:37
BluesKajkdewallet for chrome , but  disable kwallet itself in system settings>account details on 15.0412:37
EluusI have the kwallet completely disabled12:38
BluesKajGlobulle, digikam is in the repos , no ppa needed12:39
Eluusyeah it seems disabled on there too12:39
Eluusguess it will not bother me anymore?12:39
EluusI liked how kubuntu dealt with the crash though12:39
BluesKajEluus, it might , but click the X12:40
Eluusno freeze just a quick new session12:40
GlobulleBluesKaj : it disappeared when I did the upgrade, and now when I want to install it from the repos, I get unsatified dependencies12:41
EluusBluesKaj: http://postimg.org/image/ye7x1ncp7/12:42
BluesKajGlobulle, run sudo dpkg --configure -a , then sudo apt-get -f install12:43
pontiusHi there, anyone having freeze issues with 15.10.? The OS gets unresponsive for a few seconds put the mouse is movable. any input is executed once the freeze stops. any ideas?12:43
BluesKajEluus, ok good12:43
Eluusk thanks12:43
Globulle BluesKaj : no risk to overwrite my settings and databases ?12:44
BluesKajpontius , is this shortly after logiing in, if so you may have baloo indexing running12:45
hateballHow do you manage passwords without using kwallet?12:45
BluesKajGlobulle, , strictly fixes the dependencies12:45
BluesKajhateball, I use aliases and all no password in the sudoer file, however I don't recommend it to anyone of course12:47
BluesKajaliases in .bashrc12:47
Globulle BluesKaj : I still get an error : "digikam : Dépend: digikam-data (= 4:4.12.0-0ubuntu5) but 4:4.14.0-vivid~ppa1 need to be installed" (translated from french)12:48
Globulle (maybe I used a more recent version than the one in the repository, since I used the PPA ?)12:49
hateballSo either remove the packages from PPA and reinstall from official repos, or update the ppa config to wily12:50
BluesKajGlobulle, did you install the 15.04 ppa back in your repos , because ppas are supposed to be removed automatically when installing a new OS12:54
pontius_BluseKaj, the freezes are there from the very beginning and reoccuring. Search feature is turned off, but akonadi_baloo_indexer is running.12:56
BluesKajpontius_, do you use kmail akonadi-server?12:58
Pinkamena_Dwhen installing kubuntu-desktop, all new users start with gwenview as the default file manager, which does not even make sense because it is seemingly for viewing images and other files don't show up by default.13:00
pontius_BluesKaj, yes I use kmail, but i have no idea what akonadi-server actually is or does13:00
Pinkamena_DHow can I switch the default file manager for all new users so that they use dolphin or nautilus by default instead of gwenview?13:00
Globulle My problem is that there is no repos for the Wily version : https://launchpad.net/~philip5/+archive/ubuntu/extra13:00
Globulle no *ppa13:02
SmurphyBluesKaj: You got any info on the va-api issue ?13:02
BluesKajpontius_, kmail uses akonadi as an email data base for kamil13:03
BluesKajGlobulle, digicam is in the regular universe repos13:04
pontius_BluesKaj, ok thx. This might cause the freezes? If so is there a way to deal with this issue or do I need to switch to kubuntu? Is this a common problem baloo causes or do you know of other things that might cause this problem?13:07
pontius_switch to thunderbird not kubuntu of course13:08
BluesKajpontius_, if you have decent spec'd pc then thses frezes may be caused by bugs or poor graphics performance. which gpu do you have?13:09
BluesKajSmurphy, have you seen this https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/wily/+source/intel-vaapi-driver , dunno if it will help13:10
Globulle BluesKaj: Ok I will try to solve this problem with the repos13:11
BluesKajGlobulle, recommend you use the default regular repos first for packages, ppas are only necessary for bleeding edge apps and drivers13:12
BluesKajpontius_, lspci | grep VGA, to find your gpu13:13
pontius_BluesKaj, thx: 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 2nd Generation Core Processor Family Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 09)13:14
BluesKajpontius_, ok, lspci -nnk | grep -i vga -A3 | grep 'in use', include the quotes, this tells us the driver in use13:18
amichairthe system tray icon says that there are 3 packages to update, but running apt-get update and dist-upgrade shows everything is up to date13:19
amichairon which package should I report the bug?13:19
pontius_BluesKaj, Kernel driver in use: i91513:19
BluesKajamichair, run apt-get upgrade , don't skip to dist-upgrade13:20
amichairBluesKaj: I thought dist-upgrade was a superset of upgrade13:21
amichairBluesKaj: in any case, I ran upgrade too and there's no difference13:21
amichairnotification icon is still wrong13:21
BluesKajpontius_, have you updated and upgraded since the installation?13:21
BluesKajthen turn the notification off, i don't rely on them for updates/upgrades because they're inaccurate a lot of the time, amichair13:23
amichairBluesKaj: I don't either too much... but it still seems like a bug that should be reported somewhere so they can fix it13:23
BluesKajamichair, go ahead but it's a dupe that's been around for at least last 3 releases13:24
amichairBluesKaj: oh, didn't know that.13:24
amichairBluesKaj: in that case, nevermind.13:24
amichairBluesKaj: Thanks.13:25
BluesKajit's kind of low on the lo=ist and it's more of ann annoyance than a real bug from the devs POV methinks13:25
SmurphyBluesKaj: I';ll check. Thx. (Was on the phone ;) ) ...13:26
SmurphyMisisng dependencies. Will have to check it.13:28
SmurphyConf-call to follow...13:28
amichairBluesKaj: an indicator icon that indicates the wrong state sounds like a bug to me :-)13:29
BluesKajamichair,it's probly a bug that keeps recurring and has been reported many times, but chack launchpad if you want13:30
pontius_BluesKaj, I did a clean installation of 15.04 some months ago and know upgraded to 15.10. I update and upgrade daily. However i get this message: The following packages have been kept back:   xserver-xorg-video-intel 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 1 not upgraded.13:30
BluesKajpontius_, run sudo apt-get dist-upgrade13:31
pontius_didn't help but let me try againe13:32
pontius_BluesKaj, yup same result:13:33
pontius_Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree        Reading state information... Done Calculating upgrade... Done The following packages have been kept back:   xserver-xorg-video-intel 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 1 not upgraded.13:33
skrykingwhich version is the next LTS release?13:36
hateballskryking: 16.0413:36
skrykinghateball: thanks13:36
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. Until 12.04 LTS versions of Ubuntu were supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server; since 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) LTS versions will be supported for 5 years on the desktop and server. The latest LTS version of Ubuntu is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04)13:36
BluesKajpontius_, sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-intel .. pastebin the output please13:37
pontius_BluesKaj, http://pastebin.com/kCVFAsu113:41
BluesKajpontius_, ok it installed the upgrade to the driver, reboot and check for freezes13:46
SmurphyBluesKaj: You use the new va-api drivers ?13:47
pontius_thx, over and out13:48
BluesKajSmurphy, no, my gpu is the 4000 so the i915 driver works with that gpu13:49
BluesKajSmurphy, sorry isn't your gpu and AMD ?13:53
SmurphyBluesKaj: I got the HD 4000 - it does not work.13:54
SmurphyWhen I start a mp4 movie, it bails out. Does not display anything with vlc. Mplayer works - but it is all CPU based.13:54
BluesKajthe i915 driver not working, Smurphy13:54
SmurphyI know it is not working... :( darn ...13:55
BluesKajSmurphy, got xserver-xorg-video-intel ?13:55
pontiusBlueskaj, seems to work, thx so much! I will try for some time, but I'm optimistic13:56
BluesKajok pontius, hope it works for you13:57
BluesKajSmurphy, do you have the i965-va-driver in your package manager listed as installed ?13:58
Smurphyii  xserver-xorg-video-intel                   2:2.99.917+git20150808-0ub amd64                      X.Org X server -- Intel i8xx, i9xx display driver14:10
SmurphyIt is in.14:10
BluesKaj Smurphy mp4 can be difficult on linux and vlc, the video itself may not play14:10
Smurphyii  i965-va-driver:amd64                       1.6.0-1                    amd64                      VAAPI driver for Intel G45 & HD Graphics family14:10
SmurphyIt is all installed. On Kubuntu 15.04 it works, under 15.10 it does not.14:11
BluesKajsome do some don't from what I see on the forums14:11
Smurphyyes. We should check if it is Apple related, or not :}14:14
BluesKajSmurphy, you could try converting the mp4 to a different codec and make sure you have ffmpeg installed14:15
BluesKajffmpeg isn't installed by default14:16
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SmurphyBluesKaj: I don't need to visualize the movies on my mini. I convert them for use with my Vero and Raspberry PI devices. They work. But I did test these usually on my mac-mini14:16
VoyageI am using 'audio-recorder' in kubuntu but it is giving  a huge buzz sound in the background. This buzz sound is not while I actually play an audio file but is there when I record that audio file. Is there any good solution to record sound from my sound card or any kind of application like browser, audio player etc?14:16
Smurphyffmpeg version 2.7.2-1build1 Copyright (c) 2000-2015 the FFmpeg developers14:16
Smurphyit is installed here.14:16
BluesKajSmurphy, i have no experience with the devices you just mentioned so I can't speculate14:19
SmurphyBluesKaj: HD 4000 - thought you have that one ;)14:19
BluesKajyeah, on my laptop which i don'r use to watch much video. I use my desktop which has an nvidia 8400gs card for 99% of our video viewing14:21
BluesKajthe desktop our HTPC14:22
SmurphyBluesKaj: I got the Vero box from the OSMC project, and 4 Raspberry PI's for my girls ;}14:24
SmurphyVero is in the Living room !14:24
SmurphyAll devices connected to home NAS for content.14:24
BluesKajwhich I use to chat, because i prefer the TV as a monitor14:24
BluesKajI has a NAS , but  power failure borked the hdd so I now use an outboard connected to this pc for all our media files14:25
BluesKajthe NAS was connected to the router when the power failure occurred ...seems it was poorly protected from a damaging spike14:28
BluesKajlive and learn14:28
jubo2If anyone knows how to get the K-menu and the taskbar back into my OS I'd appreciate the help14:30
wizkoderis it a known problem that skype looses voice from time to time in kubuntu?14:30
BluesKajjubo2, do you mean the panel or the taskbar for the panel ?14:31
jubo2I mean the whole thing that is supposed to be at the bottom of my screen BluesKaj14:32
jubo2BluesKaj: I guess it thinks that this is not the primary display so it doesn't draw the grey bar at the bottom14:33
BluesKajjubo2, then right click on the desktop , choose add panel , then in the  add widgets type launcher and you see the k-menu kicker there14:34
jubo2Ouiiii.. Success14:34
jubo2Thanks BluesKaj14:34
SmurphyDoh - found a new bug. Reproduction of the Bug: Boot up system while having a USB Disk plugged in (USB 3.0) you don't use. Use your system for a while, then just unplug the USB Disk.14:35
SmurphySystem Hang !14:35
jubo2I reboot now to see it brings the system up properly14:35
BluesKajSmurphy, I used legacy mode to install kubuntu on UEFI/BIOS laptop. now about every dozen bootups or so grub goes undetected and i have use usb stick to make the thing search for the boot/mbr, and even that fails sometimes, so theonly alternative is to pull the battery for a few mins.14:41
BluesKajbit of a pita14:42
jubo2yeah.. works now14:43
jubo2thanks BluesKaj14:43
jubo2you and lordievader sorted my broken system14:43
BluesKajjubo2, yw14:43
jubo2Was not nice feeling being without any operational computer operating systems14:43
SmurphyBluesKaj: I hvae the Apple EFI, using refind. Easier. Should also work with any UEFI system.14:44
BluesKajwell now you know how to replace a panel14:44
BluesKajSmurphy, refind?14:45
Smurphyyes - refind :)14:46
Smurphyhttp://www.rodsbooks.com/refind/ That one :)14:46
SmurphyI leave the grub installation next to it, and if I have to, fix the efi/uefi table manually.14:49
jubo2Whee! Actually got my 20W rechargeable bluetooth speaker to work with GNU/Linukka14:53
jubo2some days you make progress, most you don't14:53
BluesKajyeah, well i don't feel like creating a new partition table and having to reinstall 2 OSs right now , so i'll just have to grin and bear it14:54
SmurphyBluesKaj: I have only 1 OS running, and the refind stuff is installed in the EFI partition (which usually is also available on every OS right now).14:57
BluesKajSmurphy, i wiped the hdd clean when got the laptop and then I used legacy mode to install W7 and kubuntu14:58
BluesKajI didn't know much about UEFI at the time and still don't14:59
BluesKajwindows 8.1 wasn't my cup of tea15:00
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clivejoanyone suggest good HDD recover tool for Kubuntu?15:13
MoonUnit`clivejo, this is the only one i've tried http://foremost.sourceforge.net command line15:18
clivejodoes it go for the raw data?15:21
geniiclivejo: I would normally plug another larger drive in, boot to livecd and install ddrescue, make an image of the drive to a file on the larger drive, and then work with the image and not the original15:22
clivejoits not a system disk15:23
geniiclivejo: Would have it mounted read-only, then still make an umage with ddrescue and work with the rescue image ( with stuff like photorec for instance). If it needs some kind of lower-level fixing, Ultimate Boot CD has a crapload of utilities for different drive makes and manufacturers ( like low-level formatting, etc)15:27
clivejois ddrescue in archives?15:27
geniiYes, as gddrescue15:28
genii!info gddrescue15:28
ubottugddrescue (source: gddrescue): GNU data recovery tool. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.19-2 (wily), package size 108 kB, installed size 386 kB15:28
geniiddrescue will skip over corrupted areas instead of chunking out like regular dd would, so it's preferred for drives that might be failing15:29
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VoyageIs there a good near human text to speech app/service?15:35
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hell_ich bin überflüssig die kiste läuft *hilfe*15:38
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lordievaderjubo2: The reason why I told you to remove them is that they are generated on login anyways. All you lose is one small config.15:47
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jubo2lordievader: OK16:12
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MaysamHi. Is there jalali calendar in kubuntu 15-10 ?17:16
BluesKaj_julian calendar?17:17
MaysamNo, Jalali calendar. It was in Kubuntu 14-04.17:17
BluesKaj_what kind of calendar is that?..it's new to me17:19
MaysamNo, its persian calendar.17:19
yanishello, I'm new user of kubuntu, happy with it :)17:24
BluesKaj_yanis, good to hear17:26
yanishope me good luck, I'm installing restricted ubuntu extras to be able to play mp3 files. will it work guys?17:26
apparle I just moved from 14.04 to 15.10 and I'm noticing a few bugs here and there. For example Dolphin has no service menus17:26
BluesKaj_restricted-kubuntu-extras if you're on kubuntu17:27
yaniswow! in this case, very great, cause I like too much the plasma 5 and how beutiful it is17:27
BluesKaj_app it does , but there aren't many , you can download what you need, mostly17:28
yaniswhat about ubuntu one, will it do the trick instead of kubuntu one?17:28
apparleBluesKaj_: whoever you were pointing out the restricted extras... it is kubuntu-restricted-extras17:28
BluesKaj_apparle, yeah, my mistake17:29
apparleNo, it seems there is a bug due to which Dolphin is not picking up most of the menus https://help.ubuntu.com/15.10/ubuntu-help/power-hibernate.html17:29
apparlehttps://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=350769 *17:29
ubottuKDE bug 350769 in general "Service menus require konqpopupmenuplugin.desktop" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]17:29
BluesKaj_yanis, kubuntu-restricted-extras17:29
BluesKaj_yanis, there is no kubuntu one17:30
yanisahh.... yes because I tried kubuntu, then I got error in terminal.17:30
yanisI mean kubuntu restricted :)17:31
yanisthanks BTW BluesKaj17:31
apparleI got disconnected. Is there a list anyone has created by any chance ?17:33
BluesKaj_I have 5 services in dolphin, they seem adequate17:35
apparleDo you have the extract options when you right click on any zip file17:35
apparlezip or any compressed archive17:35
BluesKaj_I use unp in the terminal to decompress files17:36
apparleI seem to have a horrible network connection... getting dropped every now and then. BluesKaj_ did you reply anything?17:38
BluesKaj_apparle, I use unp in the terminal to decompress files17:38
gombeanhi, I have nvidia 780ti and I'm using Kubuntu 15.10.  Which driver should I be using? I am having issues at the moment with plasma19:15
gombean....Plasma is crashing very often19:16
Pinkamena_DSorry if I seem to be asking this a lot, but I am having trouble finding the correct answer anywhere. I started with a 14.04 version of ubuntu server and installed kubuntu-desktop on it. The default file manager that came with this was gwenview, which is not a real file manager - iit is am image viewer.19:18
Pinkamena_DThis has annoyed many new users who come, and must switch their default manually or are confused by gwenview. How can I switch the default manager, so that new users start getting an actual manager like nautilus or dolphin?19:19
geniiPinkamena_D: Try in System Settings... Personalization... Applications... Default Applications... file Manager19:24
Pinkamena_Dgenii, that is for the current user only, not new ones.19:24
geniiPinkamena_D: Would need to create an entry then in /etc/skel/.kde/share/config  with whichever rc file contains that ( I'm not sure which one exactly)19:28
geniiInteresting, when I change my default to gwenview instead of dolphin, it appears in mimeapps.list there, but not before that19:32
Pinkamena_Dif I change to nautilus for one user, I get the following two files changed: ./share/apps/RecentDocuments/nautilus.desktop, ./share/config/keditfiletyperc19:34
Pinkamena_Dis mimeapps.list somewhere else?19:34
geniiPinkamena_D: mimeapps.list is in ~/.kde/share/config/19:41
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achimd1hello everybody!20:38
achimd1Need some help, how cani deinstall a mini program (widget) in Kubuntu 15.10???20:39
bpromptachimd1:    I"d say, check in Muon Package Manager20:40
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achimd1Can not uninstall over the muon package manager, he shows me only "install", but it is installed.20:49
bpromptachimd1:     well, hmm20:59
bpromptachimd1:     right-click it and click on "mark for removal" and then  "apply changes"21:00
FerdiHi, since my upgrade to Wily Kubuntu i got after the login (and loading screen) a black screen. When i boot with nomodeset i get desktop, but not accelerated. Adding or removing external monitors freeze the whole system. Resuming freezes most of the time too. I have a MacbookPro 11.1 with intel graphics.  I downgraded & upgraded the kernel, xorg intel drivers, mesa drivers. Anyone a idea what could be a next step?21:01
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bpromptFerdi:    dunno, maybe try a fresh wily install?21:07
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achimd1@bprompt: doesn't work.21:08
Ferdibprompt: Tnx for reply, but it's my work desktop, lot of work to reinstall i see it as last resort.21:13
FerdiBut will try a live usb later if it's not a common problem21:14
bpromptFerdi:    well, when you say, "lots of work", what do you mean? because, you can usually just  backup your $HOME directory, and that saves all your configurations for all apps, with some exceptions21:16
Ferdibprompt: ... you have a point, restore $home and dpkg -l | grep ^ii would be an idea. If the live usb works that would be possible. (although it's a bit of a windows solution :-)21:21
bpromptwell, is a bit of an OS solution rather, since the issue may just be a few .so files, or maybe some configuration,  that didn't upgrade well, that can simply be redone21:23
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KayveeHey guys! Anyone knows how to refresh icon cache for Amarok?21:56
KayveeI am using the latest Plasma but I don't see breeze icons for everything in Amarok. For example, some of the playlist icons are still the old Oxygen ones21:57
EluusI have the same problem with audacious21:59
bpromptKayvee:   only spot I can think of, would be under .kde/share/apps/amarok22:00
Kayvee@Eluus - I had similar issues with KTorrent but that got fixed after I deleted the icons cache22:00
EluusKayvee: does it display the icons normally when you launch the program with kdesudo?22:00
KayveeI haven't tried using kdesudo.22:00
Eluuscan you try it for me?22:00
Kayveebprompt: I will check out the amaork folder22:00
KayveeEluus: starting it using kdesudo does not fix it. I still see old Oxygen icons for some of the playlist icons.22:02
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Kayveebprompt: do you know which folder I should be looking at? I don't want to delete the entire amarok folder because then I would loose all my settings too22:03
bpromptright... well... any cache folder :)22:04
Kayveebprompt: I actually renamed the amarok folder to an unrelated one and relaunched amarok; that did not fix it.22:05
KayveeI guess not all icons are in the breeze style then22:05
bpromptKayvee:    keep in mind that, some themes replace only a few elements22:09
Kayveebprompt: That's what it looks like. I tried googling but nothing useful turned up so far22:09
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ni291187I can't see history, can someone tell me if my question was replied?23:36
ni291187thank you!23:36
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