greeteri have a question that i can't seem to find an answer to online. i want to upgrade to the latest ubuntu from 15.04 but i'm wondering what happens if i have to interrupt the download for some reason. do i just have to restart from the beginning or could worse things happen?02:42
Unit193Can't you just let it run all the way?  It's not a great thing to happen, but the download stage is the best place to bail.  You can recover from it more easily.02:45
greeterwell i'd like to try that, but my internet connection is rather unreliable, and it can be really slow at times so i may have to let it go a long time02:46
greeteri know bad things happen if the actual upgrade is interrupted, not much i can do if there's a power failure but otherwise that shouldn't happen02:48
greeteri guess the best thing is to just try it, and then ask for help if i break things and can't fix them02:48
Unit193If you do stop it, /etc/apt/sources.list will likely still say wily, when you're technically on vivid.  I'd sed that back to vivid and do-release-upgrade again.02:50
greeteralrighty then02:50
greeteri'll let it go all night, with any luck that'll be long enough to fetch all the files02:51
cimbakahnHow do you aquire Google Chrome?  It is not in synaptic PM.  Do you get it from Chrome's site, or is there a PPA?04:14
Unit193Don't like Chromium?04:15
cimbakahnI don't like Chrome but i have to use it for awhile.04:16
Unit193Chromium is in the repos, but you can also get Chrome from Google.04:16
cimbakahnI am on the Google site right now.04:16
cimbakahnIt reads:  Note: Installing Google Chrome will add the Google repository so your system will automatically keep Google Chrome up to date. If you don’t want Google's repository, do “sudo touch /etc/default/google-chrome” before installing the package.   What do i do?04:17
greeterwell, for that question i asked a few hours ago, what happens if a do-release-upgrade download gets interrupted? you can continue it, it seems04:43
Unit193greeter: Without changing sources.list?  Nice!04:46
greeterseems to be working. when i ran the command again, it recognized that i had downloaded just shy of 1 gb of data thus far, and it resumed where the download got cut off04:46
greeterah, there's one caveat i guess. it had to restart the package i was working on, which unfortunately by itself was nearly finished a 584 mb download, but it could be a lot worse, i'm still pleased :-)04:59
julien_is there anybody here ?11:33
hateballjulien_: A few, do you have a question?11:34
julien_i installed lubuntu and there's no "paquets" in synaptic11:36
julien_id like to install the french translation of firefox for example11:37
julien_in fact there's nothing in synaptic ...11:38
hateballjulien_: run this in a terminal "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install firefox-locale-fr"11:38
hateballjulien_: do you have a working internet connection?11:38
julien_i installed Libreoffice by using the "software collection" not by synaptic11:39
julien_"logithèque lunbuntu" (software lubuntu collection) is working11:40
julien_i tried with the terminal but it says : unable to find mozilla-firefox-fr-fr11:42
hateballjulien_: Did you try with what I typed?11:43
hateballOr did you just try and find a package named mozilla-firefox-fr-fr which does not exist11:43
julien_sorry i didn't see11:45
julien_i try11:45
julien_yes something is happening :)11:47
julien_updating sources i suppose11:47
julien_updating ok but firefox-locale-fr doesn't work11:47
julien_i made a mistake11:48
julien_it works11:50
julien_not 100% translated but its better11:51
hateballwell there are more packages you will want for proper translations11:53
hateballjulien_: run "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" and upgrade anything it wants, then reboot if needed, see if Synaptic behaves better after that11:53
julien_synaptic is ok11:54
julien_a part of the window was hidden ...11:54
julien_thanks a lot!11:55
julien_(I'll give that old pc to a children who's got problems at school, hope he'll enjoy :)11:56
hateballjulien_: :)11:57
hateballjulien_: you could "sudo apt-get install language-pack-fr"11:57
hateballif something perhaps is missing11:58
julien_do you think chromium should be better than firefox ?12:03
hateballjulien_: For what?12:06
hateballIt's all personal preference really12:07
hateballChromium does have support for more recent flash, if you install pepperflashplugin-nonfree12:07
julien_for faster launch12:07
hateballAnd it feels faster on the hardware I use at least. Firefox has it's pro's too12:07
julien_firefox is quite long to launch12:08
julien_to start12:08
julien_but it may be normal12:08
julien_hateball : thanks again and goodbye12:23
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tachibanai swear to god man 20% of the time i run a youtube video in firefox ever since an update and restart my browser crashes and I have to reload the vid all over again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!23:18
wxlare you using html5 tachibana? as i understand it, firefox ain't too friendly to flash anymore.23:18
tachibanai hate html523:19
tachibanaback in my day we used real languages23:19
wxlwell, according to firefox, that's your problem23:19
wxlmaybe try chrome23:19
ianorlin tachibana why not copy paste into vlc23:19
wxlthat too23:19
ianorlinit actually works quite well in that once you switch to vlc press control n to bring up keyboard shortcuts and control v to paste23:20
tachibanaDoes everyone use Opera now a days o what23:21
* wxl uses chrome23:21
tachibanakind of defeats the purpose of using Lubuntu and Lxde if your using a UI that drains all the processing power and memory just to switch tabs23:21
wxli don't have that problem23:22
ianorlintachibana: you could maybe use qupzilla23:22
HeadlessHorsemanwxl: What's wrong with FF and flash?  Not blacklisted here.23:22
HeadlessHorsemanUses a sandbox to not crash the browser.23:23
HeadlessHorseman!info browser-plugin-freshplayer-pepperflash23:24
ubottubrowser-plugin-freshplayer-pepperflash (source: freshplayerplugin): PPAPI-host NPAPI-plugin adapter for pepperflash. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 0.3.2-1 (wily), package size 218 kB, installed size 611 kB23:24
wxlHeadlessHorseman: http://gizmodo.com/firefox-now-blocks-flash-by-default-171766448223:24
HeadlessHorsemanNot seeing that on wily.23:25
tachibanaim not even using that old of a computer and chrome still is a major memory hog23:26
wxleven if you don't see the problem, i think that the writing is on the wall for firefox and flash23:26
wxltachibana: like i said, i don't have that problem. not sure what to tell you.23:26
tachibanaI am using a circa windows Vista -days laptop23:27
wxli've got a bunch of tabs and extensions and all kinds of crap and it's taking about a gig23:28
HeadlessHorsemanwxl: Right, which is why browser-plugin-freshplayer-pepperflash is a good backup plan.23:29
wxlrunning firefox right now with only one tab and no extension is taking over a gig23:32
wxlif you ask me, that's not a check in the firefox column, tachibana23:33
wxlHeadlessHorseman: potentially. unttil they decide they don't trust that either :)23:33
HeadlessHorsemanwxl: ...What addons?!  Mine's not that bad with 16 tabs!23:33
wxlHeadlessHorseman: none23:34
wxlin any case, we've had the browser war about a billion times in the mailing list23:35
wxlmy feeling is use what you like23:35
HeadlessHorseman352MB, no swap.  And yeah, it's all very subjective.  Though I think we all agree, adblocker.23:36
wxlADP+HTTPS Everywhere+Privacy Badger23:36
wxlhahahhahah so i lied23:39
wxlthe chrome browser is gobbling up about the same amount of ram as firefox is23:39
wxlof course all its extensions and tabs are more, but, that's about the same same23:40
tachibanaso I got this site I like to go on but it's got some weird script that leaves an annoying popup if I got adblock on23:44
wxlthat's probably a good sign not to go there XD23:45
tachibanaI need to figure out how to script that crap out with like greasemonkey or something23:45
tachibanaI also heard about an adblock hack where it echanges all banners and ads with anime girls, where do I find that gold23:46
tachibanaand have you guys seen that lubuntu shell columns and start bar themer mod to rice it out with even more anime girls?23:47
* wxl hasn't been searching for anime girl themes… lately23:49
tachibanabruh what type of themes do you even search for23:50
tachibanaI bet you keep your openbox stock23:51
* wxl doesn't use openbox23:52
tachibanai bet your lubuntu bar is powder blue23:52
* wxl doesn't use lxpanel23:52
wxli use awesome wm23:53
wxlit's a tiling window manager, so it's not for everyone, tachibana23:57
wxlheck, i can't even see my background23:57
wxltiling window managers, as a rule, tend ot be kind of anti-theme :)23:58
wxli think this is largely to appease people that tend ot be power cli users23:58
wxlmost days, my desktop doesn't look very different than this:23:58

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