liuxgI have compiled a .snap file for the java sample app at https://github.com/ubuntu-core/snapcraft/tree/master/examples/java-hello-world, and I have deployed onto my KVM. what is the correct command to run the java? I did "java-hello-world.wrapper", but I got error like "java-hello-world.wrapper" command is not found error.01:10
liuxgI have compiled a .snap file for the java sample app at https://github.com/ubuntu-core/snapcraft/tree/master/examples/java-hello-world, and I have deployed onto my KVM. what is the correct command to run the java? I did "java-hello-world.wrapper", but I got error like "java-hello-world.wrapper" command is not found error.01:38
woodrowshenhi, i have a problem about snapcraft, may someone give a hand ?06:51
dholbachgood morning07:53
zygagood morning :)08:02
fgimenezgood morning zyga and all08:04
longsleepGood morning snappy09:27
longsleepNow with snapcraft and snappy on GitHub, do you guys accept and review pull requests there or is that still to be done through launchpad/bzr ?09:28
* longsleep hopes to get rid of git-bzr eventually09:28
mvolongsleep: we prefer github now09:43
mvolongsleep: we will stop the bzr repos at some point (once the migration is fully done)09:44
longsleepmvo: yay i like this!09:52
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dholbachniemeyer, do you know when the snapcraft daily builds will be set up to build from github?09:58
dholbachcan we also set https://launchpad.net/snapcraft up so that bugs are not accepted any more?09:59
woodrowshenhi, can I ask snapcraft related problems here ? @@a10:04
ogra_woodrowshen, indeed10:05
ogra_(not all people that can answer might be awake yet though, so be patient)10:05
woodrowshenogra_: thanks. :)10:06
woodrowshenwoodrowshen: i just clear one thing about snapcraft, can the snapcraft build a armhf snap ?10:07
woodrowsheni just clear one thing about snapcraft, can the snapcraft build a armhf snap ?10:07
ogra_yes, but it needs an armhf environment10:07
ogra_(i.e. a native armhf install on a board, or an armhf container or a vm)10:08
ogra_there is no cross building yet10:08
woodrowshenogra_: ok, that's point i'm stuck...10:09
ogra_what do you want to do ?10:09
woodrowshenuse snapcraft to build grafana snap for armhf10:10
ogra_well, there are several ways to do that10:10
ogra_create an armhf chroot on your PC is most likely the easiest but wont work aith all compilers (go and .net/mono definitely have issues)10:11
ogra_assuming you have an arm board for testing your snap, using a chroot on the arm board would then be my second choice10:12
ogra_and third you can indeed run a full arm VM in which you build, though thats the slowest option10:13
woodrowshenthanks your suggestion. Fortunately, we have a native arm env on cloud, scaleway :)10:16
woodrowshenfor originally, i just wrote makefile to use cross-toolchain to build it under snapcraft, and gave a armhf in the field of architecture in the snapcraft.yaml10:17
woodrowshenbut i found the output snap filename and package.yaml was still amd64 string. XD10:18
longsleepwoodrowshen: See https://github.com/ubuntu-core/snapcraft/pull/53 - it has instructions in the description how to set the output arch for snapcraft by using environment variables.10:19
woodrowshenlongsleep: cool! so i don't need a arm platform, right ?10:21
longsleepmvo: Is travis supposed to work for snapcraft? https://travis-ci.org/ubuntu-core/snapcraft/builds/88307476 does not seem to be related to whatever i changed10:21
longsleepwoodrowshen: Not for packaging previously built stuff with snapcraft or for non binary stuff.10:21
longsleepmvo: found the travis pr, so ignore the question :)10:24
mvolongsleep: one issue with the integration tests, otherwise its looking good in the PR10:26
svijI've just tried out snapcraft the first time and found a bug. Should I open a bug report or directly fix it in a PR?10:34
pindongaso, I managed to successfully build both and amd64 and an armhf snap of flexget, now I'd like to create a snap that works in both architectures... what's the best way to do that right now?10:44
longsleeppindonga: last time i asked that it was not easily possible - you can do it manually by some wrapper scripting similar to what webdm is doing.10:46
pindongaso, basically manually combine the contents of both snaps and add a wrapper that runs the arch specific binary ?10:47
longsleeppindonga: thats how webdm is doing it yes10:48
pindongaack, thx10:48
woodrowshenlongsleep: thank you, i think i still needs arm machine because i used plugin: make to build the grafana and there's no deb for armhf.10:50
longsleepwoodrowshen: yeah if you need to compile or use any other plugin than copy (or debs) then you need armhf environment10:51
woodrowshenlongsleep: anyway, i got lots of useful information, thanks your great help10:53
ogra_bah !12:15
ogra_ogra@anubis:~/Devel/branches/project-rootstock-ng$ time ./rootstock-touch -s xenial -a amd64 -t ubuntu-core -m http://localhost:9999/ubuntu12:23
ogra_WHEE !12:23
sergiusenspindonga, thanks12:24
pindongasergiusens, thank you :)12:25
* pindonga this > < close to finally submit a snap to the store for real12:25
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pindongajust need to make the snap multi arch12:25
sergiusenstedg, did you find it12:45
sergiusensafaik, you don't need plugins bzr fast-export --plain . | git fast-import12:46
zygasergiusens: hey, so snapcraft is no longer using bzr?12:46
sergiusenszyga, don't you read email ;-)12:47
zygasergiusens: I have too much, I just hold hoping it will eventually stop ;)12:47
zygasergiusens: (still catching up after holidays)12:47
sergiusenszyga, https://github.com/ubuntu-core/snapcraft12:47
zygasergiusens: yeah, I see12:47
zygasergiusens: so everything including issues is now on github?12:47
sergiusenszyga, yes12:47
zygasergiusens: nice!12:48
zygasergiusens: that's a very interesting move12:48
sergiusenszyga, I haven't killed the issues on lp yet as there are active conversations I don't want to destroy12:48
zygasergiusens: right12:48
zygasergiusens: oh, snappy is there too12:49
zygammm, cool12:49
dholbachsergiusens, tedg: do you know what we're going to do with daily builds and lp bugs of snapcraft after the move to github?12:55
sergiusensdholbach, I alreday moved the bugs to github issues12:55
sergiusensdholbach, daily builds I need to sync with mvo12:56
dholbachok, cool12:56
dholbachor well "cool" :)12:57
dholbachsergiusens, can we close LP bugs for snapcraft completely?12:57
sergiusensdholbach, I'll be closing bugs today, but not the tracker as conversations are happening there right now12:57
dholbachok, thanks12:58
mvosergiusens: hi12:58
sergiusensmvo, hello hello12:59
mvosergiusens: I can set them up for you, you will need a code import and update the daily build recipe12:59
sergiusensmvo, oh, and we need to talk about other things too12:59
sergiusensmvo, does it support gbp?12:59
mvosergiusens: I think it does not matter as long as there is debian/* dir13:00
sergiusensoh, that works; but it needs to be bzr, right?13:00
mvosergiusens: iiirc/afaik bzr-builddeb and the bzr daily builders are different tools13:00
mvosergiusens: yes, thats why you need the code import13:00
sergiusensmvo, right, it could of been a straight git code import too ;-)13:01
sergiusensmvo, have we seen what stgraber is doing with lxd?13:01
mvosergiusens: its easy we do it for snappy13:02
tedgsergiusens: I just pulled fast-import from LP in the plugins dir13:11
tedgWorked :-)13:12
sergiusenstedg, oh, by dir is possible too? nice13:19
sergiusensmvo, heh, but but I wanted to remove ./debian/ from master and put it in a debian branch ;-)13:19
mvosergiusens: if you use full branches, that works as well, just make sure you import the right branch13:19
sergiusensmvo, it won't be useful for daily builds though as we would have to constantly sync 'master' with 'debian'13:20
mvosergiusens: indeed13:25
rickspencer3so, I am snapping frotz (for "interactive fiction")13:40
rickspencer3frotz puts the save files next to the data files that it opened13:41
rickspencer3so, for example, if I have ~/zork/ZORK1.DAT , it will make the save file ~/zork/game1.SAV13:41
rickspencer3so, where should I put the data files in my snap so the save files work? i.e. in a readable/writable space?13:42
tedgCould you put a link to the data file in the writable directory and then run it with that as the path to the data?13:42
rickspencer3can you tell me more about that strategy?13:42
fancycodefinally got u-d-f to cross-build an armhf system image including built-in snaps on my amd64 machine :-) pull-request/proposed branch are ready for review13:42
tedgSo do a ln -s $SNAP_APP_PATH/zork.DAT $SNAP_APP_USER_DATA_PATH/13:43
tedgThen do a frotz $SNAP_APP_USER_DATA_PATH/zork.DAT13:43
rickspencer3tedg, will frotz $SNAP_APP_USER_DATA_PATH/zork.DAT work in the binaries declaration of snapcraft?13:44
tedgrickspencer3: It would, but I think you'll need a shell script to do the link anyway.13:45
tedgSo you'll probably want a wrapper that sets things up and does an exec13:45
* rickspencer3 tries13:46
mvojdstrand: hey, I noticed your security-cleanup branch, is there anything I can help with?13:47
jdstrandmvo: not just yet. everything seems to work but I need to add a bunch of tests13:47
jdstrandmvo: actually that isn't true, hw-assign needs work still13:48
jdstrandanyway, it is a really good start13:49
mvojdstrand: I'm exciting if it means the hook is gone afterwards :)13:49
mvojdstrand: uh, excited of course13:49
jdstrandmvo: you could answer me this: what is the *Remote* code expected to do? I've been ignoring it thus far13:50
mvojdstrand: remote code?13:50
jdstrandmvo: oh yes, the hook will be gone, so will sc-filtergen (ie, no python), all the weird directories cleaned up (ie, just /var/lib/snappy/apparmor afterwords) and security-override is getting revamped to be:13:51
jdstrand - foo13:51
jdstrand   apparmor:13:51
jdstrand    read-paths: /path/to/something13:51
jdstrand(instead of doing the weird json override)13:52
mvojdstrand: can I use the branch for testing already? for the squashfs work, the hooks will no longer work because the click manifest can not be generated because at build time the origin is unknown. so having this would make my life a lot easier (even if tests are missing :)13:52
jdstrandmvo: yes, like, install remote and stuff13:52
jdstrandmvo: sure, that's fine. most of the code is changed in security.go. obviusly, I had to change the other parts to use the new internal api13:52
mvojdstrand: nice, I have a look13:53
jdstrandmvo: I did rip out aaClickHook, etc where I found it, but I did not remove .click or the manifest13:53
jdstrandmvo: I figured I'd focus on the security bits and let others do the nail in the coffin for click compat13:53
mvojdstrand: so "install remote", I'm probably a bit slow today, but I still don't know exactly what you mean13:53
jdstrandok, let me get the function name13:54
mvojdstrand: yeah, I will create a branch based on yours and kill the rest of the click compat :)13:54
jdstrandRemoteSnapPart, RemoteManifest, (s *RemoteSnapPart) Install(), etc, etc13:55
jdstrandmvo: fyi, I'm going to keep the launcher json .additional file for this branch to reduce the (already massive) changes13:56
mvojdstrand: aha, ok. so thats just a snap on the server, to install it, snappy will download it and install it as a SnapPart, i.e. a normal snap13:56
jdstrandmvo: I would expect someone (could be anyone) to clean that up in a separate step13:57
mvojdstrand: can I write some tests for you to get the branch landed earlier :) I'm really keen (and excited) about it, massive win for me13:57
jdstrandmvo: ok, so that remote stuff I can ignore13:57
jdstrandmvo: I would love help. I'm sprinting next week and low on resources in general13:57
mvojdstrand: hangout or irc so that you can give me hints what needs to be done?13:58
mvojdstrand: I will also migrate the branch to git along the way if you don't mind13:59
jdstrandmvo: it isn't heavily tested. things I know need work are finishing hw-assign, making sure framework-policy updates work as expected and deal with the upgrade path13:59
jdstrandmvo: re git, that's fine-- I started this right before the announcement13:59
jdstrandmvo: if you focus on the tests and code reviews outside of hw-assign, I think that would be the best first step14:00
jdstrandmvo: there is an additional cmd/policygen, that I expect to be used as part of a systemd unit for detecting policy updates when system policy changes14:01
mvojdstrand: ok14:02
jdstrandmvo: my thoughts were: create a ssytemd unit, run something that checks if the system poicy (ie, ubuntu-core-security, apparmor, libseccomp) was changed. if so, see what snaps are affected. for those that are affected, run policygen14:03
jdstrandmvo: maybe it makes sense to move cmd/policygen into 'snappy policygen'14:03
jdstrandmvo: I haven't gone that far yet. if you want to think about how all that should work, that would be helpful as well14:04
jdstrandmvo: or not, I know you're busy, but I figured that would be an area where the snappy core team would definitely want input14:05
jdstrandmvo: but with this we solve the 'seccomp policy not updated on upgrades' card14:05
jdstrand(and move apparmor to the new mechanism, since it is currently using aa-clickhook)14:06
jdstrandanyway, that is probably information overload. thinking about if policygen should be its own command or in snappy is one thing to consider, and thinking about my design thoughts on upgrades is another14:07
mvojdstrand: in a meeting right now, but https://github.com/mvo5/snappy/tree/from-bzr/snappy-security-cleanup is the imported branch if you want to continue with that14:09
jdstrandok, thanks14:09
jdstrandmvo: thanks14:10
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fgimenezelopio, we could use build tags, take a look at http://stackoverflow.com/a/2800763114:36
* elopio looks.14:37
elopioah, nice!14:37
mvojdstrand: thanks, meeting is over, I updated https://github.com/mvo5/snappy/tree/from-bzr/snappy-security-cleanup with master, fixed the imports and its doing fine, I look at the missing tests you mentioned now14:41
jdstrandmvo: note, the existing framework-policy updates and hw-assign tests need to be gone through and some certainly need to be reworked14:42
mvojdstrand: interessting, they don't fail right now14:49
jdstrandmvo: no, because I stripped out the failing parts. hw-assign isn't done, so iirc, I just removed the failing tests expecting to add new tests14:49
jdstrandmvo: framework-policy I removed the 'touch' bits since that was only relevant for touching the symlink for aa-clickhook to work14:50
jdstrandmvo: but, we need to have tests making sure that policy is getting updated if framework-policy does14:50
mvojdstrand: indeed, thanks14:50
mvojdstrand: I let me know how best to coordindate, my plan is to go over the diff now and tweak if something stands out, add tests and then get back to what you wrote here and in +2h I will stop with the branch. sounds ok?14:52
jdstrandyou plan to write all the tests in 2 hours? wow :)14:53
jdstrandsure, that sounds fine-- thanks for the help14:53
mvojdstrand: nono :) its just that I need to stop in +2h for dinner :)14:53
mvojdstrand: if I manage a single test I will consider myself lucky14:53
longsleepjdstrand: yesterday you told me about /{dev,run}/shm/snaps/@{APP_PKGNAME}/@{APP_VERSION}/* - that does not seem to exist. Should i add a bug for it?15:02
jdstrandlongsleep: yes. against ubuntu-core-launcher15:02
jdstrandlongsleep: basically, it should do the same thing for that as is being dome in $HOME15:03
longsleepjdstrand: all right15:03
longsleepjdstrand: see bug #151176215:07
ubottubug 1511762 in Snappy Launcher "/{dev,run}/shm/snaps/@{APP_PKGNAME}/@{APP_VERSION}/ folders not created" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/151176215:08
jdstrandlongsleep: thanks!15:16
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elopioHello fancycode.16:03
fancycodeelopio: Hi16:04
elopioheh, I had a huge lag :)16:05
mvojdstrand: quick question about findCaps() - the "template" parameter is only used to test for emptiness. is that intended?16:27
snappy_ubuntu core not updating on snappy edge.  Any suggestions?16:42
rickspencer3tedg, so, if I am using your method of sym linking to the app data directory, and execing the sh file ...16:44
rickspencer3sorry, I mean exec'ing in the sh file16:44
rickspencer3in snapcraft.yaml, do I exec the sh file?16:44
rickspencer3i.e. this is in the shell script I put in bin : exec $SNAP_APP_USER_DATA_PATH/frotz $SNAP_APP_USER_DATA_PATH/16:45
rickspencer3so do I define the binary like this?16:45
rickspencer3 zork1:16:45
rickspencer3  exec: bin/zork116:45
rickspencer3also, is there reference documentation for the allowable yaml that I could read?16:46
tedgYeah, that should work. Make sure to make the script executable.16:47
tedgLet me find that doc16:47
jdstrandmvo: yes16:49
jdstrandmvo: if the template and caps are empty, we set caps to 'network-client'16:49
jdstrandmvo: that is the only reason why template is needed16:50
mvojdstrand: aha, thanks16:51
tedgrickspencer3: https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/snappy/guides/package-metadata/16:51
rickspencer3thanks tedg16:51
jdstrandmvo: when reviewing this, do remember that 'security-override' is revamped16:52
jdstrandmvo: if you recall, before it would point to a json file that was something aa-clickhook would use16:52
elopioogra_: could you check why the latest images don't have the boot fixes by Chipaca?16:53
elopiosnappy_: are you getting an error?16:53
Chipacaelopio: at a pinch, i'd wager it's because it was built from lp and not from github16:53
jdstrandmvo: that is rather weird for a compat-less snappy, so I took the important parts out of that json and put it into the yaml directly16:53
mvojdstrand: thanks, I started with some tests and tiny refactoring and pushed to git, when you have time I would appreciate if you could fork/remerge. I will stop soon for today16:53
mvojdstrand: yeah, thats pretty nice16:53
elopioah, so we'll have the daily sync, then the daily release.16:54
jdstrandmvo: that has a number of nice qualities like, you can use the default template but add a single syscall16:54
mvojdstrand: look al lvery nice, I'M super happy about this branch, thanks a lot!16:54
jdstrandmvo: nice! yw16:55
jdstrandit was always something I wanted to do, but alas, time16:55
mvojdstrand: :)16:56
mvojdstrand: a common problem16:56
mvojdstrand: hm, looks like I broke something, so please do not merge just yet16:56
snappy_elopio: no errors.  just stuc in version 11717:07
elopiosnappy_: I don't have 117 and that's too old to download from the server. snappy_ please report a bug.17:08
mvojdstrand: ok, unbroke it, tests started and coverage increased etc, still work left of course, let me know if its looking ok and when you have a git repo so that I can merge from there too17:11
snappy_elopio: it says updated to version 229.  and "reboot to use the new ubuntu-core" when I run update.  But it doesn't update on reboot17:18
elopiosnappy_: ah, you should have some information on the console. Is that kvm?17:20
snappy_elopio: yes. its kvm17:28
elopiosnappy_: boot your machine with something like kvm -m 512 -redir :8090::80 -redir :8022::22 -snapshot /media/elopio/vms/images/snappy/ubuntu-snappy-rolling-edge-amd64-generic-214.img --serial stdio > out.log17:50
elopiotry to reproduce the problem, and attach the out.log to the bug report.17:51
snappy_elopio: k17:51
snappy_elopio: how to download current .img.xz for snappy edge?18:08
elopiosnappy_: I prefer to use u-d-f. Something like:18:11
elopiosudo ubuntu-device-flash core rolling –channel edge –developer-mode -o ubuntu-snappy-rolling-edge-amd64-generic.img18:11
beuno(amd64)ubuntu@localhost:~$ sudo snappy update18:11
beunoanother snappy is running, try again later18:11
beunosnappy has been stuck there for a good 30 minutes18:11
beunohow can I know what it's doing?18:12
elopiobeuno: try sudo journalctl -u snappy-autopilot.service18:14
elopioon the next version, that message is improved a little.18:14
beunoit answered itself while I was waiting18:14
beunosnappy autopilot triggered a reboot to boot into an up to date system-- temprorarily disable the reboot by running 'sudo shutdown -c'18:14
beunoThe system is going down for reboot at Fri 2015-10-30 18:24:37 UTC!18:14
elopiobeuno: so it was just a slow download. Sounds like you are in latin america.18:15
beunoelopio, gathering from the fact that I am wearing flip-flops: yes18:16
ogra_is that the continent thats connected via a dialup line to europe ?18:16
beunomvo, sergiusens, Chipaca, I wonder if we could return a more information-rich message?18:16
beunoogra_, it's mostly connected by salt water18:16
ogra_lol, true18:16
elopiobeuno: the new message says:18:18
elopioThe snappy autopilot is updating your system in the background. This may take some minutes. Will try again in %d seconds...18:18
elopioPress ctrl-c to cancel.18:18
elopiohow does it sound to you?18:18
beunoa lot better!18:18
elopioI agree, mvo makes cool stuff.18:19
tetor1hellow everybody! I have some problem. I tried to create framework type snap named 'cURL for Snappy Core'. It's a wrapper of cURL, the users can use curl command at Snappy Ubuntu.18:35
tetor1And I can create it and publish but some errors thrown at web register page. I think those problems are permission or setting file is incorrect.18:37
tetor1But I have no idea to fix it.18:38
tetor1I create 'ask Ubuntu' question. Can you help me, someone?18:38
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beunotetor, for starters, it won't be accepted in the store as a framework18:44
elopiotetor: why are you making it a framework?18:44
elopiotetor: framework need to be manually reviewed before putting them in the store, so you'll have to wait for somebody to take a look18:45
elopiothey will probably tell you that you don't need a framework to make a curl snap.18:45
snappy_elopio: thx18:47
beunoI can tell you already, it won't get in18:50
beunofound binaries for architecture 'all': bin/curl lint_control_architecture_valid_contents18:50
tetorOh, year? I thought the cause of reject was setting file (package.yaml) was incorect.18:50
beunois because you've specified that it runs on all architectures, but it's compiled so clearly it targets specific architectures18:50
tetorbeuno: yes! it's error message!18:51
tetorI got it. I'll write target arch e.g. x86_64 and try re publish!18:56
tetorWhy I'm making it is, I want to run some command in Snappy. e.g. curl tmux zsh... Without these, I can't work well.18:59
beunotetor, again, note that it won't be approved as a framework19:01
tetorI have more one question. where is the reference of package.yaml?19:02
tetorbeuno umm.. how can I be the 'not starter'?19:03
ogra_tetor, "for starters" = "first of all" ...19:40
ogra_frameworks are for shared system resources that other snaps can use ... for example bluetooth19:41
ogra_a single app will not be accepted as a framework19:41
tetorSorry, English is too difficult for me…19:44
tetorI see, I'll try to re-create cURL for Snappy as application. Many thanks all!!19:45
elopiotetor: take a look at snapcraft: https://github.com/ubuntu-core/snapcraft/tree/master/examples/downloader-with-wiki-parts20:26
elopioit will make things easier.20:27
tetorelopio: awesome!! Thank you!20:40
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snappy_mir not starting on snappy 1504 edge22:44

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