tsimonq2why does xenial only have -16 when wily has -17? ()00:28
Daekdroomtsimonq2, Xenial was synced before -17 was released, most likely.01:03
DaekdroomThis is not something unusual to happen during development. Firefox stays behind every development cycle...01:03
tsimonq2Daekdroom: when will it be fixed? and why aren't you updating Xenail and THEN backporting to wily?01:04
DaekdroomI don't know why I'm doing anything. I'm not an Ubuntu developer.01:04
Daekdroombesides, Wily is the released version. It's the one that needs all security fixes asap.01:04
Daekdroomxenial isn't supposed to be used in production systems in the first place.01:05
DaekdroomI'm just saying this is not the first time I see something like this happen.01:05
tsimonq2Daekdroom: when will it happen where Xenial gets it first? or does someone have to do that01:06
Daekdroomtsimonq2, actually, -17 isn't even released for wily01:07
DaekdroomIt's in -proposed01:07
DaekdroomBoth have 4.2.0-16 kernels...01:07
tsimonq2Daekdroom: but it isn't in Xenial proposed01:08
tsimonq2why is that?01:08
DaekdroomNot sure. That's something up to Canonical Kernel Team, I think. Probably not a priority.01:09
DaekdroomI mean, Xenial doesn't even have daily builds yet.01:09
tsimonq2Daekdroom: yes it does01:10
DaekdroomHuh. /topic needs to be updated, then.01:11
tsimonq2at least for Lubuntu :P01:11
tsimonq2and Ubuntu http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/daily-live/current/01:11
tsimonq2Daekdroom: so is this versioning situation only with the kernel, or with other packages as well?01:12
Daekdroomtsimonq2, like I said, I've seen it happen before with Firefox.01:12
DaekdroomBut why even bother about a bugfix release of a kernel? It's not like Xenial will end up using 4.201:13
tsimonq2but regardless, who makes the decision on that? why does wily get something before xenial?01:14
tsimonq2Daekdroom: or is it package-by-package?01:16
tsimonq2Daekdroom: and regardless, doesn't somebody make that decision with Debian imports?01:16
DaekdroomI believe it's package by package.01:18
DaekdroomPackages imported from Debian are synced atleast once per development cycle, up to the DebianImportFreeze point01:21
Daekdroom(Kernel is not treated as that, though)01:21
Fudgeyesterdays xenial image fails at live boot drops to a busybox prompt. is that still the case?08:15
Fudgeactually the current one08:17
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