sil2100jibel, davmor2: I tried cancelling the meeting but not sure if I just didn't remove it for me09:08
sil2100So if anything, no morning meeting anyway09:08
jibelsil2100, WFM09:20
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jgdxrvr, hey, how's it going?12:05
rvrjgdx: Hi. I'm finishing another silo.12:05
jgdxrvr, okay dokay12:05
boikosil2100: could you please publish silo 22?12:50
sil2100boiko: on it in a min, don't have reliable internet here12:53
sil210010 mins and I'm good again12:53
boikosil2100: thanks12:54
boikorenatu: ^12:54
Saviqcihelp any idea why those xenial failures https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/generic-deb-autopilot-runner-xenial-mako/8/console ?12:56
renatuboiko, sil2100, ok thanks12:58
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sil2100renatu, boiko: published, yw!13:19
renatusil2100, thanks13:19
dobeyrvr: i commented on the card in trello, but the pay-ui blank page on cancelling adding a card is known issue with a fix in waiting, and the other thing was you actually cancelled adding the card, so it's expected to not be added at that point. so can we move this forward?13:41
rvrdobey: Known issue? It's not happening with the current version.13:42
rvrAt least, for me, it doesn't happen13:42
rvrOnly with the new13:42
dobeyrvr: it most certainly does happen with the current version.13:43
rvrI tested with both13:43
rvrWith the version that comes in rc-proposed and with the click package13:44
rvronly with the click package showed the blank page13:44
dobeyi can't imagine how it would not happen for you with the current version, and not the new pay-ui13:44
dobeygiven the issue is with existing code, and none of that code changed in this pay-ui13:44
rvrIn stable, cancelling in PayPal correctly goes back to the payment screen13:46
rvrSorry, cancelling in the add credit card13:47
rvrDoing that with the new pay-ui, shows a page in blank13:47
dobeynot here it doesn't13:48
psivaaSaviq: let me take a look at that13:49
dobeyrvr: nessita filed the bug with the current version in the store, and it's certainly not working in the current version. if it somehow does for you, i don't know what to tell you, but it definitely doesn't work that way.13:53
dobeyrvr: it /is/ a regression, just not a new one in this version of pay-ui.13:54
rvrdobey: https://people.canonical.com/~vrruiz/pay-ui-add-card-cancel-stable.mp414:02
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dobeyrvr: well that's very odd. even the working version doesn't return that fast for me, on my wifi and 500 Mbps upstream. you must be hitting some other bug that's somehow magically resulting in you getting returned to that page, because the code path does not work correctly in the current version.14:04
dobeyrvr: so i have no way to explain what you're seeing, other than a bug that is working in your favor.14:05
rvrdobey: https://people.canonical.com/~vrruiz/pay-ui-add-card-cancel-rc-proposed.mp4 (mako)14:14
rvrAbove was krillin in stable14:15
dobeyrvr: try it in english14:17
rvrdobey: https://people.canonical.com/~vrruiz/pay-ui-add-card-cancel-rc-proposed-new.mp4 (mako)14:20
rvrAnd this is the one that fails14:20
rvrSwitching to English14:21
rvrdobey: With the new click, same result, blank page14:28
dobeyyes of course, but it's an issue in the current click too14:28
rvrBut I can only see the issue with the new click14:29
rvrAnd now, you too14:29
rvrSo, what's up?14:29
rvr2015-10-30 14:39:00,451 - DEBUG - [JS] (https://myapps.developer.ubuntu.com/click/payment-method/add/child/?currency=EUR:788) Signal: send HEARTBEAT14:39
rvr2015-10-30 14:39:00,453 - CRITICAL - [JS] (:0) Failed to execute 'postMessage' on 'DOMWindow': The target origin provided ('https://software-center.ubuntu.com') does not match the recipient window's origin ('https://myapps.developer.ubuntu.com').14:39
dobeyrvr: huh? no, i see the issue with the old click, not only the new one14:45
dobeylike i said, this is definitely an issue in existing code14:45
dobeyis there some way to record a video directly from the mir buffer?14:57
rvrdobey: Logs for 15.01.120 http://paste.ubuntu.com/13009752/ and logs for 15.01.133 http://paste.ubuntu.com/13009794/14:58
dobeythere's nothing useful in those logs. all the [JS] messages are from oxide and a result of server side js code, and have nothing to do with any changes in the click itself15:00
mardyseb128: do I understand correctly, that if I add a "Recommends: mypackage" to a package that is currently preinstalled in the phone image, "mypackage" will also be preinstalled? Or that works only with Depends?15:00
dobeyand nothing changed in the click related to the problem you claim you aren't seeing in the old click. the problem is there15:00
rvrdobey: I don't "claim". I showed you the videos and the logs.15:00
dobeythere is a bug reported and a branch that fixes it, waiting  to land15:00
dobeyrvr: like i said, afaict, you are apparently hitting some other bug, which apparently works in your favor15:01
dobeyrvr: i know the code. the issue is present in current code.15:01
rvrdobey: If I'm hitting another bug, find it and fix it.15:02
rvrI showed you the logs and the videos. There is a problem, I don't know which.15:02
seb128mardy, the phone image doesn't install recommends as far as I know15:05
seb128so no that wouldn't work15:06
dobeyrvr: well i don't know what else to say. the issue exists in the current pay-ui. i can't explain why you are being returned to the checkout page so quickly, and magically not hitting the issue there, or why you are somehow hitting the issue in the newer pay-ui. i have a fix for the issue in line, but you're blocking the current click, so getting it through QA is blocked on getting the current stuff through QA.15:13
rvrjgdx: ping15:16
mardyseb128: thanks :-)15:16
seb128mardy, yw15:18
rvrmardy: Can you get a review for silo 18?15:23
pmcgowanrvr, I cna approve it since db is away15:29
dobeyrvr: did you try the old pay-ui in en_US?15:30
* pmcgowan loads 1815:31
rvrdobey: Nope15:32
rvrpmcgowan: mardy's merge proposal needs a code review/approval15:33
rvrpmcgowan: If you can do it, fine :)15:33
pmcgowanrvr, dbarth approved it, and I also reviewed it, will try the silo15:33
pmcgowanits just qml :)15:33
dobeyrvr: well, in en_US the issue happens for me regardless of the pay-ui click. and in spanish i get your videod behavior with the new click.15:34
sil2100rvr: how's the OTA tag silo sign-off going? :) I'm in the middle of preparing a remote s-i for testing in case it's needed15:34
dobeyso a translation is causing some other issue or something, i don't know, but the bug exists in the current pay-ui15:34
rvrsil2100: I have troubles installing the packages from the silo15:35
rvrsil2100: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13010059/15:35
sil2100rvr: didn't it get rebuilt yesterday?15:35
rvrsil2100: Yes, it's weird15:35
sil2100jgdx: ^ ?15:35
rvrpmcgowan: Thanks15:36
jgdxsil2100, when did you flash the phone last?15:37
jgdxrvr, ^ (sil sorry)15:37
rvrjgdx: I flashed it today15:37
rvrI always reflash and wipe for testing15:38
pmcgowanrvr, it installs for me with citrain15:38
jgdxrvr, apt-cache policy system-image-dbus15:38
jgdxyeah, I have 3.0.2 here, flashed yesterday15:38
pmcgowanrvr, did you instal both packages15:39
rvrAhhh, wait, wait, wait15:39
* jgdx waits15:39
rvrThis is sil2100's server image15:39
jgdxcan that package be updated using apt?15:39
rvrsil2100: I'm testing jgdx's silo with the image I downloaded from your local s-i15:40
sil2100rvr: that's good, right?15:40
sil2100rvr: ah!15:41
sil2100rvr: right, it's an rc image15:41
rvrsil2100: Well, I think that the updated packages are no longer in the overlay PPA15:41
sil2100So it might have slightly outdated packages, you'd have to pull in more stuff from the overlay15:41
rvrLet me check15:41
sil2100Maybe try apt-get upgrading, it should simply pull in everything it needs from the overlay15:41
sil2100Anyway, this shouldn't be a problem15:42
sil2100Since if you do apt-get update with the overlay enabled, then it should just pull in all new deps when installing the silo15:42
rvrYes, it is available in the overlay PPA15:44
rvr     3.0.2-0ubuntu1 015:44
rvr         50 http://ppa.launchpad.net/ci-train-ppa-service/stable-phone-overlay/ubuntu/ vivid/main armhf Packages15:44
rvr *** 2.5.1-0ubuntu1~overlay1 015:44
rvr         50 http://ppa.launchpad.net/ci-train-ppa-service/stable-snapshot/ubuntu/ vivid/main armhf Packages15:44
rvrI need to pin the stable-phone-overlay higher15:45
rvrsil2100: Is there any chance of breaking anything doing that?15:45
rvr system-image-dbus : Depends: system-image-common (= 3.0.2-0ubuntu1) but 2.5.1-0ubuntu1~overlay1 is to be installed15:45
jgdxsudo apt-get install {system-image-common,system-image-dbus}=3.0.2-0ubuntu115:46
rvrjgdx: The following packages will be REMOVED:  system-image-cli ubuntu-touch15:47
jgdxmaybe add s-i-cli to the list {-common,-dbus,-cli}=…15:48
jgdxif an upgrade doesn't work15:49
sil2100Wait, what depends on s-i 3.0.2?15:49
sil2100I thought we don't switch to s-i 3.0.2 yet, or do we?15:50
sil2100hm, maybe barry did release it for vivid15:50
sil2100Oh, he did15:50
sil2100Yeah, the rc images didn't have the new s-i yet15:51
Saviqmako/devel-proposed doesn't boot for me, known?15:51
* barry waves15:51
psivaaSaviq: the failure that you pointed before could be related. i wanted to test with 336 to confirm if that is working15:57
jgdxrvr, how's it going?15:58
Saviqpsivaa, yeah indeed15:58
psivaa--revision=336 should flash OK,  but waiting for a device to be available15:58
rvrjgdx: I can't get pinned the whole stable-overlay ppa15:59
Trevinho"bzr missing" failed: No handlers could be found for logger "bzr" :o16:18
sil2100Trevinho: seems to work now, right?16:29
Trevinhosil2100: yeah...16:29
rvrsil2100: Your customized image worked, now testing with a regular image that there are no regressions16:34
psivaaSaviq: with image 336, http://s-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/job/generic-deb-autopilot-runner-xenial-mako/9/console appear to go past that failed stage . this is a temporary workaround until the devel-proposed image is flashable16:59
Saviqpsivaa, thanks17:00
* Saviq flashes 33617:00
rvrjgdx: sil2100: Approved silo 4717:08
sil2100rvr: thanks!17:10
rvrsil2100: Are you adding OTA tag to rc-proposed soon?17:12
sil2100You mean, to the public system-image server?17:12
sil2100I still need to finish writing some unit tests for it17:13
sil2100But we don't intend tagging anything in the public (besides some test channel if anything) before OTA-817:13
rvrsil2100: One test that we didn't do is to upgrade from an image tagged as ota_n to ota_n+117:14
renaturobru, sil2100 , any problem with silo: .cache/upstart/sync-monitor.log, it is ok proposed pocket for a while17:46
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rvrmardy: Silo 18 approved18:07
robrurenatu: excuses page says valid candidate and that was generated just 10 minutes ago, I guess it will migrate soon?18:12
dobeyalesage: are you around and able to do any qa signoff testing?18:30
alesagedobey I am around and I am able to do qa signoff testing18:33
dobeyalesage: can you test pay-ui and see if you can replicate what rvr sees?18:33
alesagedobey rvr's observations are valid18:34
dobeyi didn't say they weren't valid.18:34
Saviqtrainguards, can you please restart qtmir and qtmir-gles builds in https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/ubuntu/landing-021/+packages - we had some dependency issues that are now solved, but don't want to go through source builds unnecessarily18:50
robruSaviq: on it18:50
Saviqrobru, thanks18:50
robruSaviq: uh but you ran a full rebuild anyway? https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-021-1-build/236/consoleFull this will clobber all the qtmir rebuilds I just did18:53
Saviqrobru, that rebuild is the rebuilds you just pushed18:53
robruSaviq: what are you talking about? "Started by user Michał Sawicz"18:54
Saviqrobru, yeah, but 3h ago18:54
dobeyalesage: i'm not inquiriing about validity. i'm querying about replicability.18:54
Saviqrobru, and qtmir from that build job failed in PPA, that's what I asked to restart18:54
robruSaviq: oh weird, when I was looking at that it didn't show the full log, it looked like it was still preparing packages18:55
Saviqrobru, yeah, same here18:55
Saviqrobru, thanks18:55
robruSaviq: ok nm, rebuilds pushed, will restart the watching so it sees them18:55
boikorobru: silo 22 is waiting for qtorganizer5-eds to migrate from proposed for a few hours already, any idea what could be causing the delay?19:13
robruboiko: not sure19:14
robruboiko: I just asked in #ubuntu-release19:16
boikorenatu: ^19:16
robrurenatu: boiko: check #ubuntu-release, some info there19:23
boikorobru: thanks19:24
robruboiko: you're welcome19:24
boikorenatu: can you check that the packages mentioned there are installable with the silo somehow?19:25
Saviqrobru, oh grr, forgot, can you please rebuild unity8, too (same problem(19:25
robruSaviq: k19:25
renatuboiko, robru , I have the silo installed on my device19:25
renatuI will re-check19:25
robrurenatu: boiko: the issue is with xenial-proposed19:25
robrurenatu: boiko: you'll need to test with a xenial sbuild with -proposed enabled, nothing to do with device19:25
robrurenatu: boiko: I may have time to look at it later just a bit swamped right now19:26
boikorobru: that'd be great! thanks19:27
renaturobru, ok, thanks. Let me know if you need any info. I am not sure what could cause that. since the silo changes does not change any package related script19:28
renaturobru, it could be related with a change-log that I push direct in the turnk, was the g++5 forced build19:29
robrurenatu: adam said it could be caught by unrelated changes in another package, will really take some digging19:30
boikorobru: I see a new evolution-data-server in the excuses, maybe it could be it?19:30
robruboiko: yeah it's possible, but like I said you have to make an sbuild and really dive into it to find out, I'll get to it after lunch19:31
boikorobru: yep, ok, thanks19:31
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robrurenatu: boiko: see? you just needed to wait for it to solve itself ^^ ;-)20:37

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