dupingpingHelp me.04:00
dupingpingjust a question, ubuntu membership certificate mail is registered mail or common mail?04:01
dupingpingcertificate mail's type is?04:02
dholbachgood morning07:53
davidcalleMorning o/08:19
dholbachdavidcalle, do you think we can try to land all our branches on staging today? :-)08:26
* davidcalle checks if mike hasn't done it already08:27
dholbachI made a change in the one branch which mhall119 was alluding to might be good to have, but it didn't get reviewed yet08:28
davidcalledholbach, git checking?08:29
davidcalledholbach, https://code.launchpad.net/~dholbach/developer-ubuntu-com/1510904/+merge/276111 ?08:30
dholbachI added checks if git and bzr are installed08:30
davidcalledholbach, on the staging juju machine running the devportal instance, git is not installed08:33
dholbachok - shall I file an RT?08:33
davidcalledholbach, no need, it's a mp on the spec, let me look for the time I needed click to be added, it will point us to the right file to change08:34
dholbachbrilliant - thanks!08:34
davidcalledholbach, should I add a minecraft server as well?08:35
dholbachfrozen-bubble please :)08:36
davidcalledholbach, https://code.launchpad.net/~davidc3/canonical-mojo-specs/mojo-ue-devportal-git-dep/+merge/27622508:40
* davidcalle pings webops08:40
dholbachnice one!08:40
* dholbach hugs davidcalle08:41
davidcalledholbach, I've left an inline comment in your mp08:48
dholbachdavidcalle, I can't see it?08:49
dholbachah, now08:49
dholbachyou're obviously riht08:50
davidcalledholbach, my bad I forgot to click save under the empty comment box at the top of the page after editing at the bottom...08:50
dholbachand before we let it loose and turn it on on prod, we should talk to the snappy folks again and see if they're really interested in us tracking 15.04 and trunk08:51
dholbachor whatever they're calling it on github now08:51
dholbachbut for playing around with it on staging this should all be good enough08:52
davidcalledholbach, ok :)08:52
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davidcalledholbach, git added to the spec09:10
davidcalledholbach, "Could not check out branch "git://github.com/ubuntu-core/snappy""09:22
dholbachdavidcalle, maybe a " too much?09:45
davidcalledholbach, nope, git clone git://github.com/ubuntu-core/snappy doesn't work either09:48
dholbachdavidcalle, locally or on the machine itself?09:49
davidcalledholbach, locally09:49
dholbachit works for me09:49
dholbachdavidcalle, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/13007600/09:49
davidcalledholbach, oh wait... The office network I'm on could be restricting this call... Even if that would be crazy. /me switches to full vpn09:51
dholbachdavidcalle, tried it from another host where I had never used git before and it works there as well09:53
dholbachdavidcalle_, tried it from another host where I had never used git before and it works there as well09:53
dholbachdavidcalle_, but we might have to ask IS to punch another hole into the firewall09:53
davidcalle_dholbach, wow...09:53
dholbachthey're blocking it?09:53
davidcalle_dholbach, yep :'(09:53
davidcalle_dholbach, that makes me sad for them09:54
davidcalle_Anyway, back to testing again :)09:54
davidcalle_dholbach, note that I also need a vpn to access IRC...09:56
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davidcalledholbach, the importer will need some more changes for snapcraft, I can see an issue with links, and now the snapcraft intro page needs an image, not sure how markdown deals with this (though, I think I've seen images in github projects  READMEs)10:00
dholbachok, I'll file bugs10:01
dholbachhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/developer-ubuntu-com/+bug/1511676 and https://bugs.launchpad.net/developer-ubuntu-com/+bug/151167710:03
ubot2Launchpad bug 1511676 in developer-ubuntu-com "[md-importer] links are broken" [High,Triaged]10:03
ubot2Launchpad bug 1511677 in developer-ubuntu-com "Figure out how to display images in imported markdown docs" [Undecided,New]10:03
dholbachI'll start working on the former10:03
dholbachthe latter I think can wait for a bit10:03
dholbachdavidcalle, can we merge the git import?10:05
dholbachjust so it works and is in trunk... we don't necessarily need to enable it right now in prod10:06
davidcalledholbach, just one last thing before, I need to update the pip-cache-revno thingy in trunk10:10
dholbachah yes10:11
davidcalle(it pulls all pip packages, will take 10 min)10:11
dholbachI placed the cronjob 5 minutes after the store update10:12
davidcalledholbach, I forgot to do that yesterday, which means trunk fails by default right now unless you do it manually first10:12
dholbachbut still in the time when most folks are slleeping10:12
dholbachah ok ,yes :)10:12
davidcalledholbach, new cron acked, will merge it as well in a minute10:13
davidcallea vpn-pulling-and-pushing-50-packages minute ;)10:13
* dholbach hugs davidcalle10:16
davidcalledholbach, all merged \o/10:34
dholbachI'm getting closer to fixing the links as well :-)10:35
dholbachthanks a lot davidcalle10:35
davidcalledholbach, do you mind if I send current trunk to staging without links fixed?10:37
dholbachnot at all10:37
davidcalledholbach, do you mind filing a rt to poke a hole in duc firewall for github?10:49
dholbachwill do10:54
dholbachdone, I CCed you on it10:56
davidcalledholbach, ty! I'm going for lunch with Estelle and kids, I've asked for the devportal tarball to be uploaded at the rigth place for a staging deployment, I'll trigger it as soon as I'm back :)10:58
* davidcalle runs, ttyl o/10:58
dpmdholbach, what channel are you running on your phone, stable or rc-proposed?11:10
balloonsHappy Friday to everyone!12:08
dpmhey balloons, happy Friday to you too :)13:03
dpmballoons, do you have a krillin device running on the stable channel?13:03
balloonsdpm, I don't have a krillin device anymore13:15
balloonsI donated it back to the lab13:15
dpmah, no worries13:15
balloonsI do have an n4, but it's running rc13:15
dpmOn 15.10 my phone seems to no longer be recognized when plugged it, although it recognizes my nexus 413:15
dholbachsalut davidcalle13:41
davidcalledholbach, hey again13:41
dholbachI have two things for you :-)13:41
ubot2Launchpad bug 1511677 in developer-ubuntu-com "[md-importer] Figure out how to display images" [Medium,Triaged]13:41
dholbachif you look at the MP you'll see that I stole an old idea from you :)13:42
davidcalledholbach, ah right, dissociating url and title for links :)13:44
dholbachif I had called it MAP it would've been a bit more obvious ;-)13:45
davidcalleWorks for me in any case ;) I'm trying to trigger a staging deployment and I'll give a try to ^13:45
dholbachand let me know if you have any ideas on how to implement the image thing13:47
davidcalledholbach, I would say: hosting images in the docs dir in snapcraft, and using the proper markdown extension (there is one for images). To have something that would work both and github and d.u.c, with images hosted on github13:49
dholbachso we'd hotlink to the image on github? or did I misunderstand13:50
davidcalledholbach, yes we would13:50
dholbachI'll see what I can do13:51
davidcalledholbach, I can have a look at it a bit later13:51
davidcalleIf you don't feel like messing with it :)13:52
dholbachI'll take care of writing the UOS Core track blog post and confirming everything13:56
dholbachand if there's time before EOD I'll look into it :)13:56
davidcallemhall119, fyi I'm currently deploying duc trunk to staging, I've used the mojo spec branch, are there any fix for the deployment that haven't made it to it yet?14:02
davidcallemhall119, also, I've added git to the list of packages we need14:04
mhall119davidcalle: everything should be in the spec branch on wendigo14:05
davidcallemhall119, ok, so not the lp one yet?14:05
mhall119davidcalle: the spec will now build the devportal tarball and upload it to swift, and deploy it from there14:05
davidcalleHaha ok14:05
mhall119no, not the lp one yet, if you can push what's on wendigo to Lp that would be great14:05
davidcallemhall119, there are several branches in there, can you point me to the right one? the default "mojo-ue-devportal" ?14:06
davidcallemhall119, "build the devportal tarball" from trunk, prod, or a revno of our choosing?14:08
davidcallebtw, if I understood what you said correctly, not having to get the tarball uploaded is awesome :)14:09
davidcallemhall119, from what I gather from the diff (tell me if I misunderstand): Now, I should simply run make on the spec, wait for it to deploy, then juju set build_label {prod branch revno I want}, wait for it to update14:15
mhall119davidcalle: yes14:16
mhall119eventually we'll have "make upgrade" working, which will do it all in one step, but it's not there yet14:17
mhall119did you pull everything from trunk into prod?14:17
davidcallemhall119, not yet no, I'm making a mojo spec branch with all these changes, now that I've looked at them14:18
dholbachjcastro, https://blueprints.launchpad.net/sprints/uos-1511/+settopics ← there's still this one cloud session sitting there14:18
jcastroI have no idea what this is14:19
jcastrooh, openstack, ok I'll ask the guys14:19
davidcallemhall119, hah, apparently, we can't push changes back from wendigo to a new mojo-spec branch14:20
mhall119no, which is why I haven't pushed it to LP yet :)14:23
dupingpinghey, please look http://people.ubuntu.com/~dupingping86/14:26
mhall119dupingping: ok, what am I looking at?14:27
dupingpingmhall119, I made this table with scraped data from Ubuntu Official Site.14:28
dupingpingmhall119, It's same http://www.ubuntu.com/certification/desktop/models/?release=12.04+LTS&category=Desktop&category=Laptop14:29
dupingpingmhall119, but more easily read.14:29
jcastrodholbach: I'll figute out what to do with it14:29
mhall119dupingping: cool, what are your plans for it?14:30
dholbachthanks jcastro14:33
dupingpingmhall119, yes, i just users can easily choose pc & laptops for ubuntu.14:33
dupingpingi wanted to make it as more easily and more useful browse.14:35
mhall119dholbach: davidcalle: FYI, the recent devportal deployment has given us the ability to add meta tags for page description and keywords,if anybody wants to use them for the snappy docs14:35
dupingpingIt's just viewable. And it's about for my web scraping skills.14:35
mhall119dupingping: cool, have you talked to anybody about getting some of those usability changes back into the original site?14:35
dupingpingmhall119, did not say. but will soon. And do you know who manage the original site?14:37
mhall119I'm not sure, if it's lp:ubuntu-certification than it's Victor Palau https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-certification14:38
dupingpingyes, let me check it.14:38
dholbachdpm, with some of the snappy sessions not happening I should even be able to make time for the community roundtable :)14:53
dpmcool :)14:55
dpmballoons, on the week update notes, could you expand on "QA tracker set up for Xenial" bit?15:07
balloonsdpm, working on it15:12
dpmballoons, cool, let me know when done and I'll copy over and press the Send button15:14
jcastrodpm: will there be lightningtalks at the ubucon?15:15
jcastroalso if there's room for it I'd like to do a gaming-on-ubuntu talk if there's room on the schedule15:16
dpmjcastro, yeah. 4 x 15 min slots, each day15:16
jcastroif I talk about cloud for 4 days straight I'll go more insane than normal15:16
dpmawesome, yeah :)15:16
balloonsdpm, I hope it makes more sense now15:17
dpmjcastro, I'm just putting together a Trello board to coordinate talks and tasks, I'll just put you there15:17
dpmballoons, looks better now. Do you have some links, though? I just want to make sure I know what I'm talking about :)15:18
balloonswhoops, I have the links ready, hehe15:18
dpmjcastro, https://trello.com/b/9WhchzaT/ubucon-summit15:20
jcastrodpm: I can just add our sessions then?15:24
dpmjcastro, if you know them, yeah, that'd be great. Note that the sessions are for the first day. There is also the unconference part on the second day if you need to use that for discussions/panels15:25
jcastrook I'll just add a bunch and then we can trim/move from there15:25
dpmsounds good15:26
dpmif you've got many, you might just want to add them to a new "Proposed sessions" list and then we can move them to the final list15:26
jcastrooh, where is that?15:28
dpmjcastro, I'll just create the list. I think your sessions would go better on the Developer track15:29
dpmjcastro, you guys rock, btw15:29
jcastrodo you know if we've asked for an orange box?15:30
dpmjcastro, oh, I thought you mentioned we'd bring one15:30
dpmjcastro, if you've got the contact, I can ask15:31
jcastroyeah, dan poler.15:31
jcastrohe has a little spreadsheet you apply for a box15:31
jcastrothen someone ships it out15:31
dpmgreat, will get in touch and add a card for it15:31
jcastroI will add way more than we have room for, easier to throw away content than to scrounge for it15:32
dpmjcastro, sounds good15:32
davidcalledholbach, mhall119, I'm afraid I don't have good news about the importer fix on staging...16:27
mhall119did you break staging again?16:27
davidcalleStaging itself is fine! The importer is not :(16:28
mhall119oh, well then, it could be worse :)16:28
dholbachmptt is updated?16:28
dholbachdid the importer run finish?16:28
mhall119mptt should have been upgraded if the new version is in requirements.txt16:28
dholbachcan we run "./manage.py cms fix-mptt" manually?16:28
davidcalledholbach, haven't tried the last one, but yes for all previous q16:29
mhall119juju run --unit devportal-app/0 './run.py manage.py cms fix-mptt' should do it16:29
davidcallemhall119, dholbach, I've been running import commands this way for a while now, and while it looked fine at first (with fix-mptt running at each import), it ended up in the same sad state as before16:31
davidcalleRunning fix-mptt separately deosn't help either16:31
davidcallemhall119, dholbach, any way to get the version of mptt from the cli?16:31
dholbachand not a cache issue, either right?16:32
davidcalledholbach, I've been verifying it for more than one hour now, so nope16:32
mhall119davidcalle: there probably is, with pip, but I don't know the syntax off the top of my head16:32
davidcallemhall119, ok16:32
dholbachdavidcalle, python -c 'import mptt; print(mptt.VERSION)'16:33
dholbach(if that's accessible from anywhere?)16:33
dholbachdavidcalle, I'm sorry...... I really thought this would get us somewhere :-(((((((((16:33
mhall119dholbach: davidcalle: is there a navigation heirarchy to these docs, or are all the pages on the same nav level?16:34
davidcallemptt is 0.7.4 (./run.py "pip show django-mptt")16:35
davidcallemhall119, if they were all on the same nav level, it wouldn't be an issue if they were mixed up :D16:35
davidcallesorry, long day :p There is a hierarchy16:35
mhall119np :)16:36
davidcalledholbach, don't be sorry, you went above and beyond to look for a fix16:36
dholbachso now we have an interesting case16:37
dholbachit works in a local postgres installation16:37
dholbachbut not in staging16:37
dholbachdavidcalle, maybe we should go for https://code.launchpad.net/~developer-ubuntu-com-dev/developer-ubuntu-com/1470715/+merge/268471 instead then ;-)16:45
dholbachmhall119, ^ I updated the "upgrade" MP and it works again16:45
davidcalleLooks like pages get "stacked-up", eg I can see one in the page tree (ending up on a 404), which url is https://developer.staging.ubuntu.com/en/snappy/guides/current/garbage/cross-build/security/package-names/config/meta/oem/cross-build/package-names16:45
dholbachand removed mptt and stuff16:45
davidcalledholbach, this might be better than digging (y)our head(s) into this issue once again, indeed. You were saying that they don't use mptt in newer django?16:47
dholbachdavidcalle, no, they moved to treebeard16:47
davidcalledholbach, I like the name, let's go for it ;)16:48
dholbachdavidcalle, maybe after UOS we can test this MP together and see if it isn't worth trying to get this deployed and working together16:48
dholbachhaha, that was an easy sell16:48
davidcalledholbach, agreed16:48
dholbachmhall119, ^ what do you think?16:49
davidcalledholbach, mhall119, I need to go16:53
dholbachall right16:53
dholbachhave a great weekend!16:53
davidcalleHave a nice week-end all o/16:53
dholbachand thanks again for your help!16:53
davidcalledholbach, np :)16:53
dholbachoops, that was Ctrl-R in the wrong window :)16:54
dholbachall right - I call it a day too17:17
dholbachhave a great weekend everyone!17:17
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