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didrocksgood morning06:12
pittiGood morning06:45
seb128good morning desktopers06:56
seb128hey pitti, wie gehts?06:56
didrockshey seb128, Pici06:56
seb128re didrocks ;-)06:56
pittiça va bien, merci ! j'essaie me lève tard et aller dormir tard, pour la semaine prochaine à Austin06:57
pittialler dormir tard va bien, se lèver tard ne va pas :)06:57
didrockshéhé ;)06:57
didrockssnappy sprint in Austin ?06:58
pitticomment allez-vous ? didrocks, ça va mieux ?06:58
pittididrocks: mon dieu, pas encore ! foundations+kernel+security sprint06:58
didrockspitti: un peu mieux, mais toujours en train de tousser et de me moucher06:59
didrockspitti: plus de mal à la tête au moins06:59
didrockspitti: ah, cool :)06:59
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dholbachhey hey07:59
dholbachtjaalton, so far so good, no crash with wily's intel driver08:00
seb128hey dholbach08:00
tjaaltondholbach: good, so next I'll backport the dri2 fixes08:02
dholbachtjaalton, if anything changes I see random explosions, I'll let you know08:03
tjaaltonsure, thx08:07
didrocksrunning the medium tests (and docker) directly on the same machine that is used by jenkins works…08:24
didrocksnot sure what is changing creating those failures on the jenkins infra08:24
* didrocks adds some debug08:24
* pitti fait une réservation à "Steak Manufaktur"08:42
pittididrocks: avez-vous mangé le steak de Kobe à Japon ?08:42
pittididrocks: on va en essayer ce soir :)08:42
didrockspitti: oui, un peu (pas un grand steak, juste un petit morceau) :)08:42
pittididrocks: ils sont toujours petit08:43
didrockspitti: on est allé à Kobe, donc c'était l'occasion :)08:43
pittididrocks: avez-vous l'aimé ?08:43
didrockspitti: c'était assez tendre, oui ;)08:43
didrockson n'a pas vu les vaches se faire masser par contre08:44
pitti.. parce qu'ils sont chers, mais aussi ... they are said to fill the stomach very well08:44
pittididrocks: et tu n'as pas obtenier un massage soit ? :-)08:45
didrockspitti: non plus, mais je ne suis pas allé à l'abatoire non plus, donc ça va :p08:46
pittididrocks: ah oui, je ne voudrais pas vu ça non plus :)08:47
* didrocks loves pycharm08:54
didrocksinstead of running a command on the jenkins machine, I did run it locally08:54
didrocksknowing that first command is cd ubuntu-make, rm -r *08:54
didrocksdeleted all the uncheckouted work from yesterday…08:54
didrocksbut pycharm was opened08:55
didrocksand it has a local history :)08:55
didrocksreverted back -> done \o/08:55
larsugood morning!09:03
didrockshey larsu09:03
larsuhi didrocks - ça va?09:04
seb128hey larsu, happy friday! wie gehts?09:04
seb128how is Italy?09:04
larsuseb128: good! sunny day in Milan09:04
larsuhow are you?09:04
didrockslarsu: feeling a little bit better (no more headache), but still sick09:05
larsudidrocks: sorry to hear :(09:06
didrockslarsu: could have been worse, almost lost all my work from yesterday09:07
seb128larsu, doing good, though I wonder if I'm starting getting a cold as well :-/09:08
larsudidrocks: Ctrl+D in bz-do? :P09:08
larsuseb128: dude watch out! Don't go to close to Lyon ;)09:08
seb128used git?09:08
didrockslarsu: nope, just run the jenkins script localy…09:08
seb128larsu, saw xkcb today? :p09:08
* larsu checks09:08
seb128larsu, did dedicated it to me :p09:08
seb128didrocks even09:08
larsuseb128: ya, that is *so* true09:09
seb128dholbach likes it as well!09:09
larsuseb128: just fyi: I'm on the hidpi background problem (it's a bit more effort than I thought - the patch knows nothing about hidpi)09:11
seb128ok, thanks09:12
seb128so you can reproduce on your box? that's a good first step ;-)09:12
larsuya, no problem09:13
larsudon't even need to logout/login09:13
larsuset scale=2; restart nautilus; set scale=109:13
seb128we had workitems to migrate the background rendering to compiz some cycles ago09:13
seb128but unsure if we should try to go to that this cycle09:14
seb128feels like we have something that works and it might not be the top priority thing to invest work into09:14
seb128with risks of creating new problems09:14
seb128also we probably need to fix the nautilus patch anyway since the oem request is for trusty09:14
larsuwe still need the desktop icon part, don't we?09:15
seb128right, but that's upstream09:15
larsucompiz already draws the bg for me09:15
larsuwhen I quit nautilus09:15
seb128does it?09:15
didrocksdo you have the plugin enabled?09:15
larsufuck if I know09:16
larsuI don't even have ccsd installed09:16
larsuso probably I have something default09:16
larsudidrocks: indeed :)09:16
* larsu dealt with client side decorations for too long09:16
seb128larsu, if you quit nautilus and change background in ucc, does it reflect?09:17
didrocksseb128: ah, you think about stuck rendering09:17
larsuseb128: haha no it doesn't :)09:18
didrocksok, so you don't :)09:18
larsubut restarting nautilus and then quitting it again works09:18
larsuno rendering issues at all09:18
didrockscompiz doesn't draw anything09:18
seb128it's like the image is in the xorg buffer or something09:18
seb128right, same here09:18
seb128dunno why09:18
larsuI guess because nautilus draws it into the root window09:18
didrocksyeah, compiz keeps the root window untouched (it's for perf reason)09:18
didrockswasn't the case in the past09:19
larsudon't know if we should move it to compiz - that's a question for hikiko-lpt / Trevinho / andyrock09:19
larsuI'll update the patch for now09:19
* larsu has the feeling this is a bit high prio09:19
didrockswell, you have a lot of transformation to take into account and such, doesn't feel good for a LTS IMHO09:19
didrocksand we need the patch for trusty anyway09:19
didrocksso… :)09:19
seb128larsu, yeah, apparently it's blocking dell models to ship with ubuntu09:20
larsuoh wow09:20
didrocksI don't know why they would change the scaling on the fly09:21
seb128the issue is that you buy an hidpi machine, log in and go play with the scaling factor and you hit the issue, it's quite visible09:22
seb128larsu, well, it's not blocking new models I think, they just want the image fixed before doing a new batch of production I think09:22
seb128-I think09:22
seb128still defining as rather high priority though ;-)09:23
hikiko-lpthey :) what's the problem with nautilus? I didn't understand: you quit nautilus and you change background and it doesn't update?09:24
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larsuhikiko: inly if you change scaling factor (but don't worry, I'm fixing it right now)09:25
larsuhikiko: pinged you becasue we were discussing switching to the compiz background plugin09:25
larsuhikiko: also, good morning :)09:25
hikikooh, cool :D thanks larsu09:25
hikiko+good morning :)09:25
seb128hikiko, Sam back then did some work on that, e.g https://code.launchpad.net/~compiz-team/compiz/compiz.fix_1159430/+merge/17082209:37
seb128see also the bug report listed on that changeset09:37
seb128Trevinho, andyrock, ^09:37
larsuno willcooke today?09:38
seb128unsure if that's something we should look at doing this cycle or just keep the nautilus patch instead09:38
seb128larsu, no, he's on vac wed and fri09:38
seb128c.f monday's email09:38
larsuah, right, thanks09:38
seb128larsu, looking at the new gedit, did we discuss back then not making the headerbar the titlebar?09:41
seb128or was that looking too weird?09:41
larsuyou mean toolbar?09:42
larsuthat looked vwry weird because it only has those few buttons09:42
seb128I mean not using csd basically09:43
seb128as we do for e.g evince or eog09:43
larsuright. that looked weird09:43
seb128more than eog?09:43
larsuyes, way more09:43
larsulike evince :)09:43
seb128evince looks fine09:44
seb128once you have a document open09:44
larsuturns out gtk sends configure events when changing the scale factor09:44
larsuawesome. patch very small09:44
seb128eog has 2 icons which looks a bit more weird09:44
larsuhm, indeed09:44
seb128larsu, great!09:44
seb128ok, going to upload gedit like that09:44
seb128it works good enough, ship it09:45
seb128then we can collect feedback and fix issues09:45
larsuTrevinho: hi from Milan! Very nice city!09:47
larsu(also, good coffee of which I've already had to much)09:47
seb128hey Trevinho, how are you?09:47
Trevinholarsu: eh eh well, it's quite busy city, I don't love it too much, but indeed there are cool stuff there09:48
Trevinholarsu: don't exaggerate with espresso, it can make you nervous :-)09:48
Trevinhoseb128: oook...09:49
larsuhehe will try ;)09:49
larsuTrevinho: I like the business. It's also pretty to look at in the sun right now :)09:50
larsuseb128: if you want to try: https://code.launchpad.net/~larsu/nautilus/lp1480217/+merge/27622809:52
larsuah you don't have hidpi09:53
seb128larsu, looking09:53
seb128no, but I should be able to reproduce by changing the scale factor anyway no?09:53
seb128though I tried the other day and didn't get it to bug09:53
seb128like I moved the slider in the display panel09:53
seb128then restarted nautilus09:53
seb128then moved back to 109:53
larsuyes, that should work09:54
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TrevinhoAs for compiz and root window, I'd avoid to change things...09:57
TrevinhoIt's better if nautilus does that09:57
larsu(not that I care that much - just curious)09:57
didrocksoh, ssh -t is different from ssh -t -t10:01
* didrocks tries10:01
Laneysecret hi10:01
Laneylarsu: can try that patch on monday :-)10:01
larsuLaney: GET OFF IRC10:01
Laneyi'm checking osm for walking routes10:01
larsuLaney: also, good morning :) How's Freiburg?10:01
didrockshey Laney10:01
Laneybit misty today10:01
Laneybut it is lifting I think10:01
larsugood luck that it is10:02
Laneythis place is attractive10:02
Laneyhow's milano?10:03
Laneyget to explore?10:03
seb128hey Laney, how are you?10:03
Laneyhey seb128 & didrocks10:03
seb128larsu, do you still have the patch that was setting the csd off for gedit?10:03
Laneyfeeling good!10:03
* Laney will pass through france tomorrow10:04
larsuLaney: beautiful. Sunny right now. Sitting in a cafe and work today - exploring is for the weekend ;)10:04
Laneyexperience the RER10:04
larsuseb128: I don't think so sorry10:04
larsuand I think it was just a quick hack (not checking running desktop etc)10:04
larsuLaney: RER?10:04
didrocksLaney: argh, "enjoy"10:05
didrockslarsu: Paris' region train10:05
seb128larsu, k, no worry10:05
didrockslarsu: in the morning, at some stations, it can be: http://transports.blog.lemonde.fr/files/2014/01/RER-cop-@_ImAnndy_.jpg10:06
desrtoh RER10:11
desrthow wonderful10:11
desrtjust be happy you're not there in the summer10:11
desrtthe AC never works and it seems that a lot of people in france have an aversion to use of deoderant...10:12
desrt...and it's approximately as full as in that picture :)10:12
larsudesrt: you really do hate France, don't you?10:13
larsumorning :)10:13
desrtlarsu: i think in this case it's actually true.  i think didrocks even said some mocking things on this topic in the other direction...10:14
didrocksit's not "always as full as in that picture", but yeah, can happen…10:16
didrocksand not really clean10:16
desrtdidrocks: did you mock me once for wearing deoderant?10:16
didrocks? not that I remember of10:17
desrtperhaps i misremembered10:17
didrocksI guess you did :)10:17
didrocksyeahhhhh, medium test pass even in jenkins now \o/10:17
didrocksit's really really ugly though, to force allocation of a pseudo tty there…10:17
larsuseb128: no packaging branch for glib either?10:19
* seb128 shakes fist at unity handling of scale factor10:19
seb128larsu, no, glib we get from Debian in sync most of the time10:20
seb128larsu, sorry, setting scaling factor to 2 was ridiculusly complex due to unity insisting I must not to that and undo my gsettings changes10:20
larsuoh why that?10:21
larsudoes it not allow it for some resolutions?10:21
larsupeople in this city are exceptionally well dressed10:22
* larsu likes his window seat10:22
seb128they limit it so you can't set 4 and never be able to find the controls again10:22
larsuthat is reasonable10:22
larsuthough it has moved the controls off screen for me countless times10:22
larsuhaving this instant-apply is also kind of bad in my opinion10:23
Trevinholarsu: that's italy... And Milan is the capital of fashion. People, (unfortunately, in some cases), gives lots of importance to the way you dress and express yourself10:34
Trevinhoseb128: setting the scaling has to be done from unity scaling settings, not from gnome ones :)10:34
seb128Trevinho, doesn't work10:35
seb128Trevinho, ok, in fact it does work, it's just that multimonitor makes it more complex10:37
seb128larsu, that branch from you doesn't fix it there :-/10:37
seb128does it work for you?10:38
Trevinhoseb128: yeah, it can be defined globally only if chosen10:38
larsuseb128: I wonder what's different on your setup...10:38
seb128larsu, the way I tested is "quit nautilus; set scaling to 2; start nautilus; changing scaling to 1"10:39
* larsu nods10:40
larsuI wonder if I messed up moving the patch10:40
larsubut it looks cirrect in the diff10:40
seb128is there any function that I should check is called when the scaling factor changes?10:42
larsuconfigure event10:42
larsuwidget_configure_cb in the patch10:43
larsubah! Waiting for glib to build and the tests don't pass10:44
larsuhow do we upload packages like this?10:44
* desrt eyebrow raise10:44
larsuERROR: actions - too few tests run (expected 11, got 10)10:44
larsuERROR: actions - exited with status 139 (terminated by signal 11?)10:44
desrtis your dbus environment whack?10:45
desrtit's usually the export/threaded tests that are failing there10:45
desrt(on account of dbus)10:45
larsuwhack? no10:45
larsustock wily10:45
desrtand you just run it via 'make check' from cmdline?10:46
larsuno, building the package10:46
larsuwhich is annoying - I want to test my patch10:46
larsuI'd rather not run the tests10:46
* larsu wonders if he can ask debuild to do so10:46
desrtif you have a copy of vi that you can point at the rules, i imagine so :)10:46
seb128larsu, you can probably edit debian/rules and comment DEB_MAKE_CHECK_TARGET = -k check || true10:48
seb128going for lunch but I'm going to try the nautilus scale thing a bit more after that10:48
seb128seems to not call the configure_cb here :-/10:49
larsuseb128: built and installed the package with my patch (worked from source before) - works as well11:04
larsusigh, time is wrong again11:19
ricotzhey desktopers12:11
ricotzseb128, hi, did you still have the MIR of vala on your list -- https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/vala -- it likely creates some build failure already12:12
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Sweet5harkhrhr, nice. LibreOffice repositories are now replicated live on launchpad: https://code.launchpad.net/~documentfoundation/+git12:32
Sweet5hark(along with freedesktop, github as alternative mirrors to the prestine repo at libreoffice.org)12:32
ricotzSweet5hark, hey, was the release of 5.0.3 postponed?12:43
Sweet5harkricotz: http://nabble.documentfoundation.org/minutes-of-ESC-call-td4164709.html12:47
ricotzSweet5hark, ah alright, did you read my pm?12:48
Sweet5harkricotz: the one about boost?12:48
ricotzSweet5hark, while the mentioned commits breaks building with older boost versions12:48
ricotzso the interal orcus is broken12:49
Sweet5harkricotz: just revert the commit on backports?12:49
ricotzobviously I did that, but doesnt this create issues everywhere?12:49
Sweet5harkseb128: btw I see 0ubuntu4 in xenial/proposed, great! Is 0ubuntu3/wily on track or blocking on anything from me?12:51
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didrockshey andyrock13:04
seb128ricotz, the needed binaries were promoted this morning13:08
seb128hey andyrock13:08
seb128Sweet5hark, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/wily/+queue?queue_state=1 is an useful url ;-)13:08
Sweet5harkseb128: thx13:10
ricotzseb128, ok, launchpad website seems to lack behind then13:15
ricotzseb128, can you retry https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-control-center/1:3.16.3-0ubuntu213:15
seb128launchpad doesn't lack behind, but I promoted the binaries, forgot the source13:16
larsudesrt: you maintain gdbus now, right? Want to have a look at this? https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=75542113:56
ubot5Gnome bug 755421 in gdbus "GDBus ignores NO_REPLY_EXPECTED flag in messages, leading to warnings on system bus" [Normal,New]13:56
larsuseb128: are you still seeing that background scaling error? I cannot reproduce it anymore :/14:00
larsu(with my patch, I mean)14:00
seb128larsu, yes :-/14:00
larsuthat function is never called for you?14:01
larsulatest wily/xenial?14:01
seb128seems it's not, or the output doesn't end up where I expect it14:02
seb128like me try again with a g_warning14:02
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larsushould output to the terminal if no other instance of nautilus was running before (otherwise it just activates that14:03
larsuhow did you quit it? nautilus -q?14:03
seb128nautilus -q14:04
seb128it's just that I started it again by using the launchpad14:05
seb128because the scaling x 2 on my lowres laptop makes things not fit well on screen14:05
seb128so I close most windows14:05
larsuyou can scale 1.1×14:06
larsusame bug14:06
seb128I though gtk scaling was ints14:06
larsuit is14:09
larsubut setting 1.1 changes the screen geometry14:10
larsuwallpaper will not line up, but you'll see the same artifacts14:10
seb128so just writing the key should trigger the callback14:10
seb128even if gtk widgets are not scaled14:10
larsuanother reason for not having factors other than 2 ... sigh14:10
seb128larsu, no, widget_configure_cb is never called14:13
seb128nor on start neither when changing the scaling-factor gtk key14:14
* Trevinho spamming anyone by renaming rls-w-incoming in rls-x-incoming :P14:15
TrevinhoI'm launching this only for unity, do you guys want me to do this also for other packages?14:15
seb128Trevinho, desktop ones yes please, but maybe avoid for other teams? or email ubuntu-devel@ first to say you want to do that and ask if there is any objection14:16
bregmapitti, could I ask you to take a moment to look at #1511047 it's blocking our landing stuff in xenial14:23
seb128larsu, that callback never gets called, whatever I do, including connecting other screens or changing resolution14:23
larsuseb128: yeah same here, just tried rebuilding everything again. Don't know what I was drinking14:24
* larsu revists14:24
seb128so why is it working with you now?!*14:25
larsuit doesn't after cleanly rebuilding my branch14:28
larsuhm gtk itself checks for that in realize, configure, and change screen14:32
seb128larsu, https://git.gnome.org/browse/gnome-shell/commit/?id=5616bbd45b13ec9b76619c2a594cdc9a930edca114:39
seb128not sure if that's useful14:39
seb128I also tried it but doesn't seem to get trigger when the key change...14:39
larsuhm interesting14:40
larsutrying with notify::scale-factor right now14:40
seb128larsu, no need for both of us to try similar things, I'm going back to the other items on my todolist but let me know if you need me to test something14:41
larsuseb128: ya of course. Thanks!14:41
seb128also what other change did you have in your unclean tree?14:41
seb128maybe that's some upstream update or other hack you had that fixed it?14:41
pittibregma: ah, between firefighting and getting ready for travelling to the sprint; in the meantime, can you please forward this to https://bugzilla.gnome.org/ already for upstream review?15:13
pittibregma: nevermind, it already is15:13
pittibregma: uploaded15:44
bregmapitti, many thanks15:44
TrevinhoChrisTownsend: hey, could you please apply http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/13010409/ to https://code.launchpad.net/~townsend/unity-lens-music/fix-icon-path.trusty.SRU/+merge/26565615:50
Trevinhootherwise it doesn't build...15:50
Trevinho(and ci-train generates a bad changelog)15:50
ChrisTownsendTrevinho: Ok, sure15:50
TrevinhoChrisTownsend: thanks15:50
larsuseb128: ok, got it now I think. totally different from what I thought. Pleae retry when you have time (force pull)15:51
* larsu found out that nautilus' desktop handling code is insanely complex15:52
ChrisTownsendTrevinho: Ok, done.15:53
TrevinhoChrisTownsend: thanks15:54
ChrisTownsendTrevinho: any time15:54
seb128larsu, seems to not work but I did a local hack and binary cp so doing a clean build now to be sure16:16
happyaronI suppose archive for x-series is open?16:25
seb128happyaron, not only suppposed https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/xenial-changes/2015-October/date.html16:26
happyaronok quite a lot already, :)16:26
seb128though it seems there is a slow update to do merges this cycle16:26
seb128I hope Laney gives an hand once he's back next week ;-)16:27
seb128larsu, ok, so full build seems to work mostly, at least the bg image is correct now16:28
seb128but I've an issue with desktop icons16:28
seb128they stay scaled up until they are moved16:28
seb128which is a bit weird ;-)16:28
seb128do you see that as well?16:29
larsuseb128: I do indeed :)16:31
larsuthis is cool16:31
larsuproblem is that upstream has quite some refactorings16:31
larsuso we can't just look what they do and backport16:32
seb128yeah, we are looking at updating for xenial16:32
seb128but we need to fix trusty still...16:32
didrocksand medium tests runs in prod now \o/16:36
didrocksok, time for week-end and rest :-)16:54
didrockshave a good one everyone!16:54
seb128didrocks, enjoy!16:54
didrocksthanks, you too seb12816:54
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ogra_hmm, interesting ... after upgrade to wily my xchat still has the overlay scrollbars (everything else doesnt) ... i thought we removed the package19:55
mdeslaurogra_: xchat is gtk2, so still has them20:13
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