wileeepersonal intension's though are not how others see us though we all look from our own reality, seems similar to others. ;)00:01
wileeelatest fmri info in the brain sciences shows a 10 sec brain decision before conscious of it, the decision is measurable. Weird stuff man00:06
Bashing-omwileee: A hear tell a genius uses 10% of the brain, makes one wonder what the purpose of that other 90 % is .00:10
wileeeme to, I'm all I can and still wonder what I'm doing00:11
wileeeI have epilepsy, my neurologist admitted they know maybe 1% really.00:13
wileeegood meds though rarely a seizure here, so no empathy needed00:14
Bashing-omI too have my limitations, I just make do the best I can with what I have to work with . Learn and go on .00:14
wileeeYes, I remember now, hope things are going best as possible00:15
Bashing-omThey are what they are, and glad they are .00:16
* daftykins cringes02:12
Bashing-omLook'n like this might be a real good time to run away .02:34
daftykinsindeed :D02:36
wileeethe over abundance of info meaning nothing and not asked for was my first clue02:38
Bashing-om^^ LoL .02:39
daftykinswe're definitely getting swamped by the kinds of users that would normally be out in the sunshine02:40
wileeeI'm watching public tv, an artist is showing their cast iron sculptures that has gas running through and are lit on fire, looks dangerous03:11
daftykinswileee: :D is it a wily werewolf?03:22
wileeeimagine me wearing coveralls03:28
wileeedon;t own any but ya know03:28
wileeewily-nily was the model I think I was wilee-nilee or something before03:31
daftykinsyeah that rings a bell!03:31
daftykinsok i think i'm falling asleep at the keyboard, g'night for now everyone :)03:31
wileeeclosed that email account so could not retrieve03:31
Bashing-omMe too, closing down for this session. Yall have to hold it all together .03:33
BluesKajHiyas all11:05
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daftykins:o eric is ready to blow!18:22
daftykinshi all \o18:22
explosivepeople keep leaving without any notice18:24
daftykinswhere from?18:25
explosivei mean from #ubuntu18:25
explosiveone day somebody is going to be like "my pc isn't working right" , you "type cat something | something" , him "ok, let me try restarting *leaves* "18:28
TJ-That happens ALL the time!18:28
TJ-hiya daftykins :)18:28
pauljwHi everyone18:31
daftykinshi hi hi! :D18:34
daftykinsexplosive: yeah, i always feel sad for those ones, it's like the xkcd about forum posts on problems that never get an answer18:34
daftykins"WHAT DID YOU SEE USER!?"18:34
TJ-Ho li, hi lo, its off to play we go, with hovel and a snick, and a rhubarb stick hi lo hi lo hi lo hi lo18:35
daftykinsyou'll be pleased to know i'm typing from the little sony ultraportable today which has a full xubuntu install on!18:36
daftykinsamusingly one of the rare chances where i get to apply my skills to my own stuff XD18:36
TJ-which is that? I've still got my treasured little SRX-51's18:37
daftykinsnot too too old, a TZ31WN18:38
TJ-I was going to find some time to but 15.10 on the SRXs18:39
daftykinslol grep'd cpuinfo on the wrong host18:39
TJ-that's always a fun operation; need to build a non-PAE kernel18:39
daftykins1.2GHz core 2 U7600 :) so dual core and 2GB RAM18:40
TJ-oops! now you know why I have 6 monitors. When remoting I have 1 monitor per host so as not to mess up18:40
daftykinsyou'd think i could read the hostname18:40
TJ-its so easy to do though18:41
TJ-I see folks madly tabbing between ssh sessions on production hosts and I worry18:41
daftykinsthis thing even has a PATA SSD :)18:41
TJ-nothing wrong with PATA!18:41
TJ-PATA and SCSI introduced cabling  as an art form18:42
daftykinsmy my, this cat demands warmth18:45
daftykinsTJ-: i used to have discussions about how if 'IDE' stood for integrated drive electronics, then when SATA drives came on the scene surely they were IDE too since they had them too! so i preferred PATA as a term, care to weigh in? :)18:53
daftykinsat the time a hardware review site guy i knew said SATA drives weren't even vaguely IDE18:54
TJ-They're all IDE now18:55
TJ-IDE term came about when we switch from separate MFM controller boards with a ribbon cable to a totally dump hard disk, to a drive with the controller built in18:55
TJ-I still remember iniatiing low-level formats by calling the routine at c800:0000 in the controller BIOS ROM18:56
TJ-or was it c800:0010? something liek that18:57
daftykinsi knew you'd be the person to ask :)18:57
daftykinswell that was half way between what you said :)18:58
explosivei've a usb 3.0 that keeps suddenly corrupting or something, it's pretty new and had arch installed18:58
TJ-it differed based on the manufacturer18:58
explosiveafter i run sync after a system update it gives an error about blocks or something, any advice? i tried to zero it dunno if that helps or what18:58
TJ-where did this Biosphere spring from?18:59
daftykinsno idea, his advice looks quirky to me?18:59
TJ-a bit too 'rush in' for me at times, but we'll see18:59
daftykinsexplosive: hmm bad blocks on a flash drive huh? not good18:59
daftykinsexplosive: did it maybe have a swap partition put on it and that's killed it?19:00
TJ-my dinner time thankfully19:00
explosivehe left19:01
explosivehe wasn't making sense, he doesn't get grub, he's asking him to update-grub from a live session no chroot19:01
explosivethen he wants him to edit the live session's grub os-prober set to false19:02
TJ-who do we know from Ottawa, Canada then?19:03
TJ-explosive: too right, you beat me to jumping in19:03
daftykinsexplosive: i'm certain that from last night it's down to the wrong boot entry in the EFI being selected, the user isn't very good with basically anything though19:03
daftykinsit's a windows 8 or 10 dualboot19:04
daftykinshell, you were probably there too :D19:04
TJ-it sounds like the UEFI setup has 'quickboot' enabled, which boots the default boot entry immediately19:04
TJ-this is NOT the same as Windows FastBoot (Hibernation)19:04
daftykinsah he did claim he couldn't find that one, last night19:04
explosivedaftykins: yeah it had a swap19:04
explosiveit's a tiny 16gb usb 3.019:04
TJ-the other option is, it is one of those setups which needs to set the grub loader to be 'trusted'!19:05
TJ-even with SB disabled, that option is needed. So you have to enable SB, then go into Setup, find the 'Trust...' menu, use its file-browser to navigate to the /EFI/ubuntu/grubx64.efi, shimx64.efi and mark them both trusted. Can disable SB after that19:06
explosivemy money's on hardwired bios19:06
explosiveefi entry isn't there so there's a slight chance installer messed up19:06
explosiveso i'm taking it easy before switching the files, but i bet on hardwired bios19:07
daftykinsi never did hear the brand of that laptop, is it possible it's like that one TJ- had a bit ago where the entry was somehow buried down in the list?19:07
daftykinsnm will leave you to it, boot masters :D19:07
* daftykins bows19:07
pauljwmy brain hurts19:10
OerHeksitch in my wallet19:10
OerHeksyou'll get over it, pauljw19:10
pauljwya think?19:10
OerHeksIf i try, it might going to hurt too19:11
OerHeksWhat were you reading, #ubuntu support?19:11
daftykinspain is normal there ;)19:13
OerHekshe is too soon with 'wifi not working' to my taste.19:14
* OerHeks wonders if mataka2 = KSFT ..19:15
daftykinsthe fact he's already done two laptops leads me to believe we're being used as proxy support for him doing paid IT work :P19:15
daftykinsnah mataka had a desktop that wouldn't even boot the installer :)19:15
daftykinsstill found that one weird19:22
daftykinswileee: heya o/19:51
daftykinshmm i should get back on that simple edx.org Linux course i was doing before i got hospitalised19:51
daftykinseven though it had a tonne of basic stuff, it still taught me some things i didn't know :)19:51
daftykinsand it's free!19:51
wileeefree edu is the best19:55
daftykinsi remember when Windows XP media refused to boot if it noticed a Linux install present, that was very irritating19:59
daftykinsevil Microsoft :P19:59
wileeethat uefi w10 adder is gonna have issue, the linux is in the first partitions,20:04
daftykinsyeah, installing backwards20:04
wileeeI didn't look for any unallocated with there sizes, but I doubt there is any there20:05
daftykinsparted is a real pain and doesn't show unallocated :(20:05
daftykinsit's definitely not got any free space though20:06
daftykinsand 128GB is way too small to dualboot20:06
daftykinsmakes me laugh that guy having an SSD called 'INTENSO' though, reminds me of this game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zq-HglQqtwQ20:06
wileeeheh, sounds cool20:10
daftykinshmm just had an adventure with MTP here on xubuntu with my android phone20:22
daftykinscertainly not working out of the box with the default file manager, but i have nautilus installed which showed my phone up fine :)20:22
wileeethe android thing moves around for sure as far as reading it, depends on the release or releases it seems.20:24
wileeenever heard a file system blocking, bad thunar20:26
daftykinsdevices too new to be picked up and all that too20:30
wileeeI have a nexus 7 and the latest android, still no usb etho, that is really irritating, I have to have wifi on, not a fan of wifi20:33
wileeeunless needed20:34
wileeethere was etho support early on20:34
daftykinsandroid 5 or 6 on that one?20:36
wileee5.0, updating now, did not of the 620:37
daftykinsi'm not sure every model got it, depends which N7 you have :D i think i heard they properly broke MTP on it though unless you toggle the setting every time or once20:38
wileeeI have the first model, there have been issues with touch as well I think, ran it a few times early on and several linux ubuntu base with lubuntu added trying to tweak it around to be usable, a bit slow is all and a touch screen, heh.20:42
wileeeandroid is okay, it really has had a best use for irc at the coffee shop, and some web20:44
wileeemmm marshmallow, downloading now20:51
daftykinshmm, tempted to pop to the pub21:16
daftykinsthough right now i'm dist-upgrading my older HTPC o021:16
wileeeah, mr gentoo filled the trash and can't empty it21:29
daftykins"type rabbit, stupid!" </the film "Hackers">21:31
pauljwdinnertime... bbl guys.21:31
daftykinswhere's mine ;_;21:33
daftykinsah well cookies and cider it is again ;)21:33
daftykinshaha HTPC booted to initramfs :P21:38
daftykinsnow it's me who has no clue!21:38
wileeeheh, me either really21:43
daftykinsall those RAM disks on yuken's paste look weird21:45
wileeeyeah I could not tell what that was21:47
daftykinsprobably not even ubuntu ;)21:49
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daftykinsraaaaaaaah! where is nomodeset coming from o022:14
daftykinsTJ-: i have one to run by you if you have any time tonight :)22:40

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