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mgedminwhoa, babobab eats 80% CPU when it doesn't have focus06:40
ubot5Launchpad bug 1511629 in baobab (Ubuntu) "baobab eats 80% of CPU when its window loses focus" [Undecided,New]06:48
mgedmincan we get baobab 3.18 in the staging PPA?07:28
ricotzmgedmin, pushed07:51
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mgedminhow often does the ppa publisher run?  it's been ~40 minutes and baobab is still "Pending"08:31
ricotzmgedmin, I guess launchpad is a bit grumpy today ;)08:34
ricotzusually its 15 min afaik08:35
ricotzof course you can download the packages manually if you in a hurry08:36
mgedminjust trying to clear my mental space of pending curiosity08:37
mgedminok, I cannot reproduce https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/baobab/+bug/1511629 with baobab 3.18.1-1ubuntu1~wily108:50
ubot5Launchpad bug 1511629 in baobab (Ubuntu) "baobab eats 80% of CPU when its window loses focus" [Undecided,New]08:50
mgedminmaybe it's one of those "app 3.16 + gtk 3.18 == bug" cases?08:51
mgedminI don't have a clean wily system to test08:51
mgedmin(and no disk space for a chroot; hence why I was trying to run baobab today ;)08:51
darkxstmgedmin, yeh normally 10-15mins, but probably things are overloaded a bit while the debian syncs run etc08:57
JohnnyComeL8lyHello, y'all.14:00
JohnnyComeL8lyWhat do I need to do to switch dev versions?14:00
JohnnyComeL8lySay, from 15.10 dev to 16.04 dev.14:01
JohnnyComeL8lyI tried looking it up, but I  must have been using the wrong keywords.14:10
JohnnyComeL8lyWell, I think I figured out how to do it, thanks for being here...  (Btw, I found "upgrade-manager -d" to be the trick).14:20
lindolhi all14:24
lindoltoday is cold in Korea14:24
JohnnyComeL8lyI kept searching with "dev" and it wasn't until I used "development" that I got something....14:26
JohnnyComeL8lyHello, lindol! ;-)14:26
JohnnyComeL8lyWhatcha doing?14:26
lindolhello JohnnyComeL8ly :)14:30
lindoland i am sorry for my english14:30
lindolwhat does 'whatcha' mean?14:30
JohnnyComeL8ly"What are you" doing?14:33
JohnnyComeL8lyThat's approximately what it means.14:33
lindolthank you :)14:33
JohnnyComeL8lyEh, not everyone can have English as their native language.14:33
lindoloh, I took a shower, after comming my home :)14:34
lindolI am still learnning english :)14:34
lindolI will re-start my gnome :)14:34
JohnnyComeL8lyI'm more upset with the ppl I know personally who don't give a hoot as to whether or not they are following grammar.14:34
JohnnyComeL8lyOk, power to you, lindol.14:35
JohnnyComeL8lyWow, that was fast, lindol....14:35
lindolthat is ok :)14:36
JohnnyComeL8lyWait, did you restart your PC, or restart the desktop environment?14:36
lindoli just restart my desk enviroment :)14:37
JohnnyComeL8lyI thought you did a reboot... Well, that is still fast.14:37
lindolI am checking my font setting :)14:37
JohnnyComeL8lyI'm upgrading to unstable 16.04 version.14:38
JohnnyComeL8lyI already had unstable 15.10....14:38
lindolyou was very fest14:38
lindolWhy did you14:38
lindolupgrade 16.0414:39
lindolI think 16.04 was started before some days.14:39
JohnnyComeL8lyBecause, I have Xubuntu 15.10 on my first partition... this is a test partition of sorts.14:40
lindolbye the wat14:42
lindolwhat is you time?14:42
lindolKorea is 11 pm14:42
lindolabout 12 pm :)14:42
JohnnyComeL8lyMy music player just cut out... I was listening to German Brass performing a Pirates of Caribbean.14:43
JohnnyComeL8lyI'm @ 9:43 AM14:43
JohnnyComeL8lyTexas time, baby!14:43
lindolOkay :)14:44
lindolWinter is comming!14:45
JohnnyComeL8lyYeah, it is already chilly outside.14:45
JohnnyComeL8lyWhat IRC client do you have?14:46
lindolI am using XChat14:46
JohnnyComeL8lyThere should be a spellchecker... isn't there one/14:46
lindolIt was not here14:47
JohnnyComeL8lyI'm thinking that if you had one on, then you would be given the correct spellings.14:47
JohnnyComeL8lyI know HexChat has one... anyway, it is just a suggestion, to help with English communication.  I actually know how to spell a lot of things because I've been corrected by spellcheck.14:49
lindolThank you for your advice :)14:50
JohnnyComeL8lyBut, I'm a visual speller... if that makes sense?  I can tell by how it looks (with spellcheck off).  I wouldn't be good at a spelling bee, is my point.14:50
lindoland i am sorry, my english, I am still learnning english :)14:50
JohnnyComeL8lyYou  are cool! I'm just trying to help.14:51
lindolhaha i understood your meanning :)14:51
JohnnyComeL8lyI'm gonna restart my rig... I'll be a minute.14:52
JohnnyComeL8lyHello, again, lindol.14:57
lindolJohnnyComeL8ly, thank you :)15:04
lindoland sorry, I have to go to bed.15:04
JohnnyComeL8lyYou are welcome.15:04
lindolI have drunk some bear15:04
lindolhaha Thank you see u tom.15:04
JohnnyComeL8lyBear... lol15:04
JohnnyComeL8lyAlright c u.15:04
lindolwow. sorry T_T15:05
jack555hi there16:10
jack555where's the link to download the distro?16:10
jack555I only found a link that points to the wiki16:11
jack555ubuntu-gnome of course16:11
jack555the Download icon points to itself...16:13
JohnnyComeL8lyThat will do the trick.16:13
jack555nice, thanks!16:13
JohnnyComeL8lyHi, Latrodectus... long time no see, huh? ;-)16:14
jack555it would be easier if that link wasn't fake though...16:14
Latrodectusjack555: yup16:14
Latrodectusthey should fix that16:14
Latrodectusbut it's my suspission that they are trying to push unity, to make more money.16:15
Latrodectusit's retarded16:16
jack555i'm running from unity16:16
Latrodectusme too16:16
Latrodectusi installed it, but now i want it gone16:16
jack555also tried kde, but had many issues16:16
Latrodectuskde has it's ups and downs16:16
JohnnyComeL8lyAnother recommend is Trisquel.16:17
jack555indeed, I've been using it for years but latest release was a hell to me...16:18
JohnnyComeL8lyWe are the Unity conspiracy theorists....16:18
JohnnyComeL8lyTrisquel? in what way?16:18
jack555no sorry, I meant KDE16:19
JohnnyComeL8lyOh, I was wondering....16:19
JohnnyComeL8lyTrisquel is based off of Gnome 3 fallback.16:19
jack555didn't know about Trisquel16:20
JohnnyComeL8lyIt is completely libre.16:20
jack555I'm considering cinnamon too16:20
JohnnyComeL8lyIt is alright... not my fav atm.16:20
JohnnyComeL8lyBetter than M$ Windoze or Unity.16:21
jack555that's for sure!16:21
JohnnyComeL8lyIt was actually made because they didn't like the way Unity was going.16:22
jack555which one? Cinnamon?16:22
jack555ah right, Trisquel comes from Gnome 316:23
JohnnyComeL8lyCinnamon was a fork of Gnome 2, afaIr.16:25
OlotilaI got ubuntu gnome 15.10, cant install steam21:17
OlotilaThere isn’t a software package called “steam-launcher” in your current software sources21:17
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lindolgood morning23:16
manokaragood evening23:17
lindolmanokara, haha nice to meet you :) how are you? :)23:21
manokaraoh, i'm fine :D23:21
manokarawhat about you, lindol?23:21
manokaraif i'm not mistaken, you sometimes come here for help in translating stuff, hehe23:22
lindolreally? :)23:22
manokaraor it was someone else with a similar name23:22
lindolIt was right, because when i have question during translating for wifi page, I try to ask to someone that is here :)23:23
lindolI am pretty good :) because i wake up now a few minutes ago23:24

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