LarryOhello ubuntu: I run a nonprofit in California(SoCal) I have about 100 PC's and 40 laptops older models, but still workable.02:12
LarryOI am looking for team/experts to connect with in the L.A. region.  Anybody, got anybody?02:12
larryoLooking for Ubuntu teams in L.A. area...02:41
larryocan anyone help me find Ubuntu teams in L.A.?02:42
pleia2larryo: try #ubuntu-us-ca :)02:59
pleia2larryo: we're currently making plans for our presence at SCALE in Pasadena02:59
pleia2I work with a non-profit that puts computers into schools, but I'm up in the bay area02:59
pleia2larryo: we also have a mailing list ubuntu-us-ca@lists.ubuntu.com03:00
larryoNice.  I work with parents, and train them to use on-line resources to help their children.03:00
larryoIs there anyone I could contact in Pasadena?03:01
pleia2I don't know, you should ask in the other channel or on list03:01
pleia2I'm in San Francisco, I don't know exactly who down south :)03:03
nhainespleia2: SGVLUG is in Pasadena.  :)05:47
nhainessvij: morning!07:17
svijnhaines: I guess you saw the nomination of me for the loco council?07:18
dholbachgood morning07:53
nhainessvij: yes, in this channel, and I'm very happy to hear it.  :)08:28
svijnhaines: :) i thought you get the mails at loco-council@lists.u.c08:31
nhainessvij: oh, from Torsten Franz!  Yes, I saw that one, too.  :)08:45
svijah great :)08:45
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svijnhaines: can you tell me when the nominations will close? This one says 29th October: http://lococouncil.ubuntu.com/2015/10/15/call-for-nominations-to-the-loco-council-4/08:50
svijand this one 5th november? http://fridge.ubuntu.com/2015/10/15/loco-council-call-for-nominations/08:50
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nhainessvij: hmm, I guess the 5th is more fair.08:57
svijthe other one should be corrected than ;)08:58
nhainesHehe, probably!09:03
Avinashanyone can guide me, how can i convince to teachers to use the ubuntu in their school.12:17
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tsimonq2Hooray! Going to have an Ubuntu US Wisconsin meeting this Tuesday!20:41
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mhall119tsimonq2: \o/20:46
tsimonq2can anyone refresh me on the process to making it an official team again?20:50
elachechetsimonq2: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoTeamHowto20:53
tsimonq2thanks! XD20:54
tsimonq2that will be on the agenda20:54
tsimonq2elacheche: the people were still ther, just no activity since 201120:58
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nhainestsimonq2: congrats for helping get everyone organized again!  :)21:23
tsimonq2nhaines: and h00k even transfered Contact position to me21:24
nhainesSounds like you're off to a good start!21:29
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