greyback_alan_g: did you have any fixes for the system-compositor WM to deal with https://bugs.launchpad.net/canonical-pocket-desktop/+bug/151153812:37
ubot5Launchpad bug 1511538 in qtmir (Ubuntu) "1/2 screen on external monitor" [High,Confirmed]12:37
greyback_if so, would be nice to include with mir 0.17.1 release12:37
alan_ggreyback_: not yet. But looks similar to other nested display config problems I'm chasing down12:39
greyback_alan_g: ok12:40
alan_ggreyback_: have you seen anything similar on phone? https://bugs.launchpad.net/mir/+bug/151172312:58
ubot5Launchpad bug 1511723 in Mir "unplugging external monitor causes nested server to throttle client" [Undecided,New]12:58
greyback_alan_g: I haven't actually.12:58
greyback_alan_g: that's desktop only?12:59
alan_ggreyback_: that's what I've been testing - as most of the display management problems are platform independent13:00
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anpokalf: was that convincing enough? https://code.launchpad.net/~andreas-pokorny/mir/input-configuration-api/+merge/273975/comments/69713513:41
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alf_anpok: is a device configured either as touchpad or pointer?14:02
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alf_anpok: or => xor14:03
anpokalf_: no.. touchpads are both touchpads and pointers14:07
anpokmice are just pointers..14:07
alf_anpok: I don't know... I still think that apply_touchpad_configuration() is a different operation to apply_pointer_configuration(), not just variations of the same operation.14:13
alf_anpok: Anyway, I won't block on that.14:15
alan_galf_: I agree - they have different effects14:20
anpokisnt just a matter of abstraction when describing the effect14:21
anpokthere is no problem in changing the interface.. I just want to understand that point.. or rather..14:22
anpokwhen do you think overloading is ok-ish.. and when is it considered harmful .. not appropriate..14:22
alan_gdraw_a_gun()  and draw_a_card() vs draw()14:23
anpok^ a good case of draw(gnu) draw(card)?14:24
alf_anpok: a bad case14:25
anpokoh really?14:25
anpokdraw : gnu -> void      draw : card -> void ..14:25
anpokthey wont have the same effect but both draw <something> .. somewhere..14:26
anpok.. compare to operator<<(stream, T)14:27
alf_anpok: well, it really depends on the context, but drawing a gun is drawing a card is not related in general. For example in a class Cowboy I would expect two different methods.14:28
anpokoh .. gun ... i read gnu14:28
anpokwhat do you mean be different methods? I would expect neither inside a 'Cowboy'14:31
alf_anpok: Well, now we are starting to discuss class design completely theoretically... :)14:35
anpokmeta design14:35
anpokwe need space glasses for that..14:35
anpokguess we just have to expense that..14:36
alan_gdraw_a_picture_of_a(gnu) is different again14:36
anpokok need to go offline again..14:38
alf_anpok: I guess for me the ultimate counter example we have is mev::make_event(). At one abstraction level you could say that all these create "events", and that's correct, but I argue that we should have "make_touch_event", "make_pointer_event" etc instead14:38
* alan_g wonders about angels and points of pins14:38
alf_anpok: going with the first approach (all these create events) has led to a very hard to read API14:39
anpokalf_: there I agree it should not be the same name,14:39
* alan_g is tired of segfaults deep inside /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/dri/i965_dri.so15:54
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