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AlessarHi. Is there anybody from Warsaw Poland ?11:54
firemarkSilesia here11:56
gjmAlessar: me, almost11:57
Bodzioslawfajne ma IP12:14
firemarkBodzioslaw: ?12:14
Bodzioslawfiremark: przeczytaj join12:14
firemarkale kogo :-) elbowa?12:15
Bodzioslawtego co po en pisze, kek12:15
gjmczemu fajne?12:15
firemarkjest w Polsce to chce pomocy w Polsce, proste :D12:16
mati75zgubił się w sosnowcu12:31
qermitAlessar: ?12:32
jacekowskiAlessar: what can we do you for?12:53
gjmkelthuz zaleca12:53
firemarkto on jeszcze żyje?12:55
DreadAlessar: do you need any help?13:14
Dreada polazł gdzieś w pize13:15
gjmw co?13:15
Dreadw dalekie landy13:18
AlessarI have arrived to Warsaw two days ago. And it will be good for me if anybody say me something usefull information about this town, like not expensive food shops or museums, or something more.14:54
firemarkqermit: jacekowski ↑14:55
sysekAlessar: what would you like to know?14:57
qermitAlessar: is this just a trip or will you stay longer?14:58
Ashireninstall archlinux [solved]15:00
firemarkAshiren: lol15:00
sysekdawaj dalej linki po polsku15:00
qermitsysek: może przecież przejść do angielskich stron na wiki15:00
qermitAlessar: ^^15:04
Bodzioslawsysek: no, dokładnie ;p15:43
Alessarqermit: I will be at Warsaw about one month.15:59
AlessarWhich mobile operators are situated in Warsaw? Which of them has the most little costs for internet? Where I can buy sim card of it?17:00
qermitAlessar: prepaid?17:01
qermitaby shop i guess17:01
qermitany shop17:01
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qermitAlessar: i do not know which one has the best offer17:05
qermitAlessar: do you need calls also?17:07
qermithttp://www.orange.pl/kid,4002009309,id,4003784086,article.html this one looks nice17:08
Alessarqermit: I think no calls, only Internet.17:15
qermitAlessar: why did you came to warsaw?17:17
Alessarqermit: to work.17:21
qermitfor one moth period?17:22
qermitseems something like punishment17:23
qermitseems to be*17:23
Alessarqermit: Is any others mobile companies with less costs? And yes - for one month. Unfortunately polish consul give me visa  only for one month.17:24
qermitAlessar: what data plan do you need?17:25
Alessarqermit: I don't think that is punishment, I think that is high achivement in our company (only four people from 40 get such achivement).17:26
qermitjust joking17:27
AlessarData plan with very less money for month.17:27
Alessarqermit: Look like LycaMobile is more better for me :-)17:38
jacekowskiAlessar: where are you from?17:49
Alessarjacekowski: From Russia17:51
AlessarI need to go away. Maybe time later I'll come back...17:52
AlessarThanks for all...17:52
jacekowskii didn't know you can get visa as short as 1 month17:53

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