cyphermoxflocculant: there's some limitation in how you can retrace crashes if packages in the chain come from a PPA, so it very much depends on which packages you're talking about00:43
flocculantI assumed there was a real reason rather than some - "it's not offical" just never actaully thought too much about it00:45
flocculantgenerally anything that 'xubuntu ppa' is about is just an upstream fix prior to it landing in ubuntu I guess00:45
flocculantthat's certainly be the ppa's I would be wondering about for sure00:46
cyphermoxit's because if you try to retrace and in the chain you have something that comes from a PPA, you won't get the debug symbols for that00:46
cyphermoxbecause usually you didn't have debug packages built for PPAs00:46
flocculantso could that be added to ppa - if it was an 'official one's so that it worked?00:47
cyphermoxI don't know00:47
flocculantbear in mind I don't understand packaing or code at all - so will ask silly questions :)00:47
cyphermoxdon't worry, I can ask my share of silly questions too00:48
flocculantor rather ones that have a reason - just one I've not thjought of because: )00:48
flocculantbut one day the question will turn out to just be emperor's clothes I hope :D00:49
knomecyphermox, i'd like your silly questions please ;)00:49
knome(but make sure they are *really* silly)00:49
cyphermoxwhat's the universe?00:49
knomesomething that the masters maintain00:49
flocculantknome: only because you are bored with my silly question ...00:50
flocculantcyphermox: that's not silly, that's why we are here :p00:50
knomeflocculant, very true, without universe there wouldn't be xubuntu00:50
flocculantthe answer is 'outside' ofc00:50
cyphermoxI can do you another: what is time?00:51
knomePackage: time00:52
knomeDescription-en: GNU time program for measuring CPU resource usage00:52
knomecyphermox, you're not even trying, right?00:52
cyphermoxI'm perhaps too metaphysical.00:52
knomeor not silly enough00:52
flocculantonly a thing called god called be too metaphysical00:53
flocculantdesperately waiting for balloons to tell me to stop :p00:53
knomeflocculant, does that mean i'm too metahysical, since every time i tell a really bad joke you say "oh my god"00:53
flocculantcyphermox: anyway - sriously thanks :)00:55
* knome thanks, bows and tiptoes backwards back to the closet with his clown outift00:56
flocculantI'll just go back to my lot and tell them cyphermox said "No"00:56
flocculantno - I'll ask knome to tell them :)00:56
knomeflocculant, tell them that we can do it if we build the debug packages too00:56
cyphermoxknome: might take a bit more than just that00:56
flocculantno - Sean will slap me00:56
flocculantcyphermox: ha00:57
knomecyphermox, we'll start with that and if it isn't enough, we'll take the whip out and tell our tech lead to do more00:57
cyphermoxyou should take a look at apport-retrace, see if it absolutely needs dbgsym packages, and discuss the situation with pitti00:57
knomeor we can ask him to do that instead00:57
knomeyour choice00:57
cyphermoxknome: tbh, building debug packages in the packaging code comes with its own set of problems00:58
cyphermoxnamely, it's duplicated work since the buildds will spew some for you as it strips the packages when building things, it's just that for PPA those may be thrown out00:58
flocculantI refuse to get drawn into this - so I can ask why vb only questions at the last minute :D00:58
flocculantcyphermox: I do apologise - I just tried to ask a simple question, which no was a suitable answer to - but knome just knomed it :D01:00
flocculantand I do jest of course :)01:00
cyphermoxhey, it would be useful for me too sometimes, when debugging stuff01:01
cyphermoxI'm not too fond of doing uploads for stuff that may or may not work properly :)01:01
flocculantcyphermox: I am sure - it's been a long day - I'm much more serious if I am in -release or -desktop01:02
knomei don't think there are stupid questions...01:02
knomeand asking is never bad01:03
knomefortunately kind people like cyphermox sometimes even answer me01:03
flocculantasking is never bad - but there are stupid questions too01:03
flocculantand I can answer those as not signed CoC01:03
cyphermoxtsk tsk01:04
flocculantcan you really see me doing that?01:04
flocculantbut there are stupid questions - I'm brazen enough to ask them :D01:05
flocculantand learn too ;)01:05
knome^ same goes here...01:05
knomebut really, if we didn't ask, we'd not have this and that in xubuntu01:06
* flocculant actually learnt a fair old bit this week01:06
flocculantknome: yep01:06
cyphermoxso yeah, I'm always happy to answer questions and do what I can to help01:06
flocculantI leant stuff about evince and +gtk this week01:06
flocculantcyphermox: yea I know - you do have the badge01:07
cyphermoxthe badge?01:07
knomecyphermox, he's referring to the "stupid" stamp on your forehead01:08
knomeoh, oops, i wasn't supposed to say that aloud01:08
flocculantcyphermox: the 'supernamry extranice zoobuntuyguy' badge01:08
flocculantcos you're just this nice guy :D01:08
knome/msg flocculant didn't we agree we didn't use that name, but "stupid"01:09
knomei'm just kidding of course :)01:09
cyphermoxI also know just enough to be real dangerous ;)01:09
knomethat's the best01:09
flocculant/msg knome thoguht we decideds cyphermox could have it once01:09
knomeknowing too much makes you too self-aware01:09
flocculantcyphermox: :)01:09
knomewhat's with all the irc clients tonight :P01:10
flocculantFriday I suppose01:10
flocculantoir fat fingurese01:10
flocculantdrif itype that01:11
knomecyphermox, you definitely want to talk with bluesabre about the PPA bug reporting issues01:23
knomecyphermox, he can actually give you half-sensible answers01:23
knomesssh, don't spoil it too early01:25
flocculanttrying to remember to read backlog ...01:25
knomeflocculant, i'll gather the juicy parts as usual to the xubuntu-gossip mailing list01:26
tsimonq2knome: wot?01:27
flocculanthi tsimonq201:27
knometsimonq2, hullo01:27
flocculanttsimonq2: have you relaxed a bit now?01:28
tsimonq2knome: is there REALLY a xubuntu-gossip list, or was that a joke?01:28
knometsimonq2, it's totally a joke01:28
flocculantthere really is01:28
tsimonq2flocculant: oh...hahahaha...I am always that hyper if not more XD01:28
flocculantdon't belive knome01:28
knomewell, there you go...01:28
* tsimonq2 Googles it01:28
flocculantI tried googling it once - had safe search off01:29
flocculantbad move01:29
flocculanton his part01:29
knomeit mignt help finding it if you knew the secret URL for it01:29
flocculantit's on gggogle I believe01:31
flocculanttsimonq2: anyway - chill a bit :)01:33
tsimonq2flocculant: ask w x l about it01:33
knomeokok, here's the link to the archives: http://tinyurl.com/xubuntu-gossip01:34
flocculantwxl: apparently I need to ask w x l something - but noit sure?01:36
flocculanttsimonq2 said so ...01:37
tsimonq2flocculant: ask him about why I am so hyper :P01:39
flocculantyou can of course do that01:39
tsimonq2flocculant: well don't yell at me to chill out unless you ask him01:39
sallonHello body, i would like change my driver in ubuntu01:41
knomesallon, this isn't a support channel, try #ubuntu01:41
sallonok thank01:42
flocculanttsimonq2: on the other hand - whoever is the release manager for whatever flavour you represent will tell you what they require ;)02:42
tsimonq2flocculant: what is that supposed to mean?02:44
flocculantask people what and how to ask things in official channel like -release, it reflects on all flavours - cheers :)02:46
flocculant<tsimonq2> What is the current state of Xenial? Open for development? What?02:46
flocculantwhat sort of comment is that to people who are doing their job02:47
flocculantwe might all be part-time, but please treat those in -channels who work for Canonical and then do things for 'us' with the respect they all deserve02:49
tsimonq2ok :)02:49
flocculants/part-time/part-time volunteers02:49
flocculanttsimonq2: it reflects on us all ;)02:50
tsimonq2flocculant: so your point is I should ask in an official channel?02:51
flocculanttsimonq2: no02:52
flocculanttsimonq2: my point is to be polite02:52
tsimonq2ok :)02:52
flocculanttwice with the :) - read this please http://www.ubuntu.com/about/about-ubuntu/conduct02:53
flocculant youy can gpg sign that thing02:53
tsimonq2flocculant: already done months ago02:54
flocculantmy basic issues is - be rude and I WILL be ruder02:54
flocculanttsimonq2: so why do you NOT do it?02:54
tsimonq2flocculant: show me the rule that I am breaking and I will fix it02:55
flocculantthat's like saying 'who gives one'~@02:55
tsimonq2so what are you implying here?02:55
flocculanttsimonq2: you are rude, care little for anyone else but yourself02:56
flocculanthang on02:56
tsimonq2rude...calling ME rude...tsk tsk tsk'02:56
flocculantI will find the first line of the CoC which says don't02:57
flocculant"Ubuntu is about showing humanity to one another: the word itself captures the spirit of being human.02:57
flocculantthat one02:57
flocculantread it tsimonq202:57
flocculantthe whole thing tsimonq202:57
tewardflocculant: hate to point this out, but you could use a dose of the CoC yourself.02:58
flocculantcool - cya tomorrow02:58
flocculantteward: :D02:58
tsimonq2ooh get rekt02:58
tewardso how about both of you, take your keyboards, click the entry box...02:58
tewardtype /quit02:58
tewardand cool it for a while02:58
tewardthen come back02:58
tsimonq2teward: no!02:58
teward(I do NOT want to have to call chanops to break you two apart)02:58
tsimonq2teward: but we aren't breaking any rules...02:59
* teward rereads, sees sniping at each other, calling each other rude, being overall generally non-supportive of a civil environment02:59
teward***In any case***03:00
tewardlets move on03:00
tewardand stop shooting at each other03:00
tsimonq2teward: well sorrryyy...this sir was being really critical...I got defensive03:01
tsimonq2teward: do you understand my point of view? :P03:03
flocculanthe possibly does - on the other hand I don't  :)03:04
flocculantyou really just need to chill out n -release03:04
flocculantthey don't need it and have a job to do - which DOES not include flavours03:04
flocculantunless it's  changed - thanks tsimonq203:05
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pittiknome, cyphermox: apport-retrace doesn't require dbgsym packages, it just tries to grab as many as it can; otherwise you'll end up with worse stack traces06:46
pittibut if you e. g. have locally built debs with debug symbols already installed, that's fine06:47
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balloonsMorning to you all12:17
cyphermoxpitti: I suppose I misspoke by saying apport-retrace, I meant apport in general and the requirement for up to date packages / not PPA packages12:25
pitticyphermox: ah, that's something completely different then :) requiring for up-to-date packages is a design decision, not really a bug12:26
cyphermoxI know12:26
pittithere's a secret way to disable it if you must, but we really don't want to advertise this12:26
* pitti bbl12:27
wxlflocculant: says who?16:08
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