tsimonq2What is the current state of Xenial? Open for development? What?00:08
tumbleweed /topic says its open00:09
tumbleweedalso, these things are announced on the ubuntu-devel-announce list00:09
* tsimonq2 chaecks the archives00:09
tsimonq2tumbleweed: thank you00:10
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tumbleweedRiddell: I accidentally found myself sheperding a libgit2 transition. Is ktexteditor known to have flaky autopkgtests? I see you've often force-badtested it06:48
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Riddelltumbleweed: yes feel free to force those through09:30
mvomeh, could someone please reject my golang-go-flags upload? wrong distribution :/12:10
argesmvo: rejected14:14
mvothanks arges14:35
tsimonq2what is the current status of xenial? I know I keep asking this but there is no clear place to see this except the topic. And all that says is open. I am assuming it is open for developemnt, but is it open for testing?15:05
tsimonq2or is there something I need to Google to find this out?15:08
apwtsimonq2, what does "open for testing" mean to you ?15:08
argesi'm running xenial right now : )15:08
apwsame here15:09
tsimonq2apw: so ok, just wondering, sorry, do you have problems with git? I cannot seem to install it? (or should I ask over in +1?)15:11
apwtsimonq2, git as in the vcs?  that is installed on my box ok, i use it a lot15:12
tsimonq2yes, let me pastebinit what I get as an output15:13
tsimonq2apw: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13010000/15:13
tsimonq2apw: and when I try to install git-svn: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13010007/15:14
apwtsimonq2, well with apt up to date, it installs ok for me on xenail ?15:19
tsimonq2apw: you think I might need to reinstall?15:19
apwtsimonq2, no, unlikely, i'd say just make sure you've apt-get update and then try again15:19
apw^^ this appears to be a lack of -release pocket in apt sources ...15:41
robruhey can somebody take a look at qtorganizer5-eds? it's stuck in proposed for ~6 hours, excuses page says valid candidate, I see it listed in update_output.txt but forget what that means19:15
infinitytrying: qtorganizer5-eds19:22
infinityskipped: qtorganizer5-eds (120 <- 17)19:22
infinity    got: 256+0: a-67:a-50:a-38:i-41:p-35:p-2519:22
infinity    * amd64: qtorganizer5-eds, sync-monitor, sync-monitor-uoa, ubuntu-pocket-desktop, ubuntu-touch19:22
infinityrobru: That means that updating qtorganizer5-eds makes those packages uninstallable.19:22
robruinfinity: so it's definitely a packaging bug that needs manual fixing?19:22
infinityPerhaps because it's cause up in the larger EDS transition.19:23
infinityrobru: Nothing definite about it.  Further investigation trying to install all of them at once would give you a clearer answer.19:23
bdmurrayinfinity: Could you fully phase nautilus for Trusty?19:27
infinitybdmurray: Sure.19:27
infinitybdmurray: Done.19:28
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robruinfinity: I'm not sure what's going on, I just tried installing qtorganizer5-eds in a fresh xenial schroot with -proposed, and also those other packages listed in update_output.txt, all worked fine.23:18
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infinityrobru: I suspect you'll find it doesn't work if you install those other packages from the release pocket only.23:53
infinityrobru: And if you install them from proposed, it's tied up in the EDS transition.23:53
robruinfinity: what's the story with the eds transition? Somebody working on that?23:54
infinityrobru: No idea, I'm on vacation.23:54
robruOoh right23:55
robruOK thanks23:55

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