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edher57Hello, this is my first time on irc, is this a support channel or can we talk about anything related to ubuntu-touch?02:58
Dragonkeeperanyone have any info in sending push notifications to a ubuntu device from a server running ubuntu03:06
nhainesedher: It's mostly a developer channel but anything about Ubuntu on phones or tablets is sort of on-topic as long as it doesn't interrupt active developer conversation, so most of the time it's welcome.  :)05:48
messenjahgood morning :-) has anyone encountered problems with the Hotspot function after the last update? i am on Ubuntu 15.04 (r26) now and Hotspot worked fine until this build.06:03
messenjahi have a Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu Edition06:03
Dragonkeeperwhat sort of problems?06:08
messenjahoh sorry -.-06:10
messenjahit seems to not open a hotspot wi-fi network. i cannot find one on any of my devices06:10
Dragonkeepermessenjah: working here   got a phone access point show up on laptop06:13
messenjahon what devices?06:13
Dragonkeepere4.5 r2606:14
messenjahoh same, cool06:14
Dragonkeeperyh  lucky.. only flashed r26 an hr ago :p06:14
messenjahdid it some days ago06:14
Dragonkeeperi was on the devel branches for a long time  but stable seems to be caught up for my daily use06:15
messenjahoh okay. i haven't used this phone often. the lack of apps and possibilities is a bit disappointing in my opinion.06:17
Dragonkeeperi use it as my only device. lack of apps isnt an issue, but more are needed.   i dont know what u mean by lack of possibilities though06:19
messenjahi did a phone reset and now it's working again :-)06:23
messenjahbefore getting this phone i was thinking about running ubuntu/debian apps or packages or scripts on the device06:25
Dragonkeepermessenjah: u can do that06:30
nhainesDragonkeeper: https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/start/platform/guides/push-notifications-server-guide/ https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/start/platform/guides/push-notifications-client-guide/06:30
Dragonkeepernhaines thanks   gonna need to go through it all at some point   atm tho im just using caxton06:33
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dholbachgood morning07:53
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ghast_hei, i have LG Optimus L70 Dual D325 Black i want to install ubuntu touch on it. i am new on this.08:39
ghast_i dont know how to do it. please help me :D08:40
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abeatotsdgeos, ping11:16
tsdgeosabeato: hi11:17
abeatotsdgeos, hi, I think I know what is happening in bug #151102911:17
ubot5bug 1511029 in Canonical System Image "Audio gets confused when playing from source after playing from playlist" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/151102911:17
tsdgeoscool :)11:18
tsdgeosanything i can help with?11:18
abeatotsdgeos, looks like qtubuntu-media gets confused when initially a single song, and then a playlist are played11:18
abeatoso if you play a single song from an album11:19
abeatosorry, if you play first a single song not in an album11:19
abeatoand then a song that belongs to an album11:19
abeatoyou get the issue11:19
abeatotsdgeos, how are you using QMediaPlayer::setMedia() ?11:20
tsdgeosyes, exactly what the bug is saying, isn't it?11:20
abeatothat function gets a QMediaContent11:20
abeatodo you build it differently when you have just one song instead of an album?11:20
tsdgeosi thoguth that was clear by the text of the bug11:21
tsdgeosmaybe i'm just awful at bug reporting :D11:21
abeatotsdgeos, could you try to build it always with a playlist even when you only have one song?11:21
abeatowell, I did not see it that clear in the description tbh :)11:22
tsdgeoswell the bug itself says "play from 'source' after playing from 'playlist'"11:23
tsdgeosi guess the problem is that the qtmultimedia naming is different from the  qtubuntu-media naming11:23
abeatotsdgeos, yep maybe a bit different11:23
tsdgeosabeato: i could do that, but that would just hide the bug and honestly it seems like it should be a supported use case11:24
abeatotsdgeos, anyway, please try using QMediaContent(QMediaPlaylist *playlist, const QUrl &contentUrl = QUrl(), bool takeOwnership = false); constructor and see it that works, as a workaroung for the moment11:24
abeatotsdgeos, agreed11:24
tsdgeosabeato: i can't use that11:24
abeatotsdgeos, I just want to confirm the hypothesis :)11:25
tsdgeosabeato: i'm using qml11:25
tsdgeosanything you mention about QMediaContent doesn't exist for me11:25
jhodapptsdgeos, actually what's different is the declarative API vs the C++ API in QtMultimedia11:25
tsdgeosbut yes i can try only using a playlist and see if that workarounds the problem11:25
abeatotsdgeos, great, thanks11:25
tsdgeosabeato: yes, if i don't do what the bug describes i don't get the bug11:44
tsdgeosabeato: jhodapp: i guess i can workaround it if that's what you want11:44
abeatotsdgeos, working on the bug atm12:13
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kenvandineoSoMoN, i assume you're pretty familiar with QNetworkRequest and QNetworkAccessManager?13:20
kenvandinewe have a problem in system-settings, if the network changes after we start a check for updates it never seems to finish13:21
kenvandinelike switching from cellular data to wifi, etc13:21
kenvandinei'd expect it to fail with an error, but i guess under the covers it still thinks it's a valid network... dunno13:23
dobeykenvandine: does it time out after 10 minutes? :)13:26
kenvandinedobey, maybe... certainly not a reasonable amount of time :)13:27
kenvandinedobey, hopefully you're kidding... and there isn't seriously a 10 minute timeout :)13:28
dobeykenvandine: the default tcp timeout is 600 seconds13:28
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kenvandinedobey, so you're thinking that QNetworkRequest just follows that?13:29
dobeykenvandine: i think QNAM does. i think you can specify a shorter timeout13:31
kenvandinethat could help a bit...13:31
kenvandinebut really i'd like to just handle it13:31
dobeykenvandine: i know we've had similar problems in the click scpoe, where we use qtnetwork, but i don't recall if we did anything to "fix" it. the scope machinery has a much shorter timeout at least13:32
dobeyyeah, would be nice if stuff just worked when switching networks13:32
kenvandineah... so maybe i can look at unity-click-scope?13:32
dobeykenvandine: unity-scope-click, sure. i don't recall if we did anything special there. we do have a bit of abstraction on top of qtnetwork though, so we can test it with gmock13:40
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tsdgeosjhodapp: abeato: i've updated the descirption in https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/media-hub/+bug/1511029 to make it not dependant on any unity8 or scopes code13:41
ubot5Launchpad bug 1511029 in Canonical System Image "Audio gets confused when playing from source after playing from playlist" [Undecided,Confirmed]13:41
abeatotsdgeos, awesome, the qml code will be helpful13:42
oSoMoNkenvandine, I’ve used them, but I wouldn’t say I’m super familiar with them, I don’t know more than what the doc advertises13:44
kenvandineoSoMoN, thx, i think we have some ideas now13:45
tsdgeosabeato: jhodapp: i opened https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/media-hub/+bug/1511738 for the playlist clera bug13:57
guest123124anyone knows how to restart unity?13:57
ubot5Launchpad bug 1511738 in media-hub (Ubuntu) "clearing the playlist does not work" [Undecided,New]13:57
tsdgeosclera -> clear13:57
guest123124i can kill the process but that's rude13:57
abeatotsdgeos, thanks13:58
abeatoguest123124, "restart unity8" ?13:58
guest123124abeato, thanks13:58
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* guest123124 unity8 start/running, process 401014:01
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guest123124abeato, 595.7  0.6  66:29.94 history-daemon14:02
guest123124595% cpu14:03
guest123124this can't be good14:03
guest123124is it safe to kill the process?14:03
abeatoprobably, but not sure :)14:04
jgdxbfiller, ^14:04
pmcgowanthat logs all the calls and texts afaik14:05
kenvandineseb128, can you review https://code.launchpad.net/~ken-vandine/ubuntu-system-settings/lp1505663/+merge/27618214:05
ubot5Launchpad bug 1511564 in history-service (Ubuntu) "/usr/bin/history-daemon:11:~QByteArray:QByteArrayMatcher::~QByteArrayMatcher:node_destruct:QList:~QList" [Undecided,New]14:06
kenvandineseb128, it's a resubmit with a prereq on the remove retry button branch14:06
* guest123124 history-daemon killed 14:07
guest123124my poor battery :(14:07
seb128kenvandine, approved14:08
kenvandineseb128, thx14:08
elopiozbenjamin: if I want qtdeclarative5-qtmir-plugin on trusty, should I get it from https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-sdk-team/+archive/ubuntu/testing ?14:14
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mhall119oSoMoN: bfiller: can one of your propose the app convergence session to summit so I can get it on the schedule?14:38
zbenjaminelopio: the qtmir plugin?14:38
zbenjaminelopio: i do not know about that, greyback_ should know14:39
elopiozbenjamin: yes, it says you were the last to upload it to trusty.14:39
bfillermhall119: yeah will do it in a few14:39
mhall119thanks bfiller14:39
greyback_elopio: qtmir didn't exist in trusty days, so you'll need a backport, which I guess was in that ppa14:40
zbenjaminelopio: wut?14:44
bfillermhall119: http://summit.ubuntu.com/uos-1511/meeting/22630/app-convergence/14:46
mhall119thanks bfiller14:49
oSoMoNmhall119, is the time displayed on http://summit.ubuntu.com/uos-1511/meeting/22630/app-convergence/ (14:00 - 14:55) expressed in UTC ?15:03
mhall119oSoMoN: yes, let me know if you need a different time15:03
mhall119or different day15:03
oSoMoNmhall119, that’s fine by me, just wanted to confirm15:03
mhall119oSoMoN: would 1500 UTC work for you too?15:35
elopiozbenjamin: yes, take a look at the Uploaded by column.15:36
elopiobut well, greyback_, where can I get qtmir for trusty?15:37
greyback_elopio: you build it yourself, or get that PPA updated for you15:38
greyback_why do you want qtmir on trusty? I don't even think mir works on trusty without a huge amount of work15:38
oSoMoNmhall119, sure15:38
oSoMoNmhall119, actually that’s even better for me, less rush for the lunch break15:38
elopiogreyback_: there is a snapcraft example that requires qtmir, and we are building it on travis that is trusty.15:38
elopioso I want to check that the snap builds correctly. But if the qt snaps are >trusty only, I can skip it.15:39
greyback_elopio: you'd better skip one needing qtmir15:40
elopiosergiusens: ^15:41
sergiusenselopio, greyback_ building, not running; or is this due to the gcc5 issue?15:44
sergiusenselopio, we've been talking with tedg to remove the qml plugin all together and have it be a wiki part15:44
sergiusensbuilding and/or assembling, but not running15:45
greyback_sergiusens: I've zero idea. mir uses c++14, so needs relative new compiler. And it's mesa side *might* require new-ish kernel. But if you have mir working, qtmir should build ok15:45
tedgsergiusens: We should add an issue for that! /me is playing with issues still15:46
sergiusenstedg, done15:49
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rainmanis my nexus 6 supported by motorola19:47
rainmanis my nexus 6 by motorola supported with ubuntu touch19:53
kyliani wana instal linux on my phone is that posible???19:54
dobey!devices | rainman19:55
ubot5rainman: You can find the full list of devices, official images, community images, and works in progress at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices19:55
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shannHi, i have problem with my BQ E5 Ubuntu Edition, i wrong add group for user phablet. I try to reset my phone. but now i can't connect to wifi.21:42
shannI think reset not work properly.21:42
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shanni resolv recovery flash, i launch command after phone in recovery menu instead of launch command when boot phone in recovery mode.22:03
ogra_shann, try to not run it as root but with sudo as a user22:13
ogra_(like all the docs tell you)22:14
shanni run ubuntu-device-flash in simple user and work, i wrong procedure run command after device in boot menu instead of launch command before boot device in recovery.22:15
ogra_(and yes, the phone needs to be in bootloader, not in recovery mode)22:15
ogra_... like the line: 2015/10/30 22:43:43 Expecting the device to be in the bootloader... waiting tells you22:16
shannNow i reconfigure my phone, webdav sync (owncloud) and davfs2 for files22:16
ogra_just dont break it again :)22:16
shannyes of course :)22:19
shannstrange, calendar sync perfectly, but in today scope when click on task i view task. but then click on open calendar not open them.22:57

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