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mapppaDEHi all;(06:42
mapppaDEHad internet for a week ans then no more06:42
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brobostigonmorning boys and girls.10:11
directhexis it? :(10:21
brobostigonmorning? yes, 10:22am.10:23
diddledan_lol: https://twitter.com/mark_azevedo/status/65760089284208230611:34
diddledan_then of course there's MS employees leaking classified documents at tech conferences: https://twitter.com/andrerav/status/65864562920852275211:36
ali1234if yesterday was 0xdfec and today is 0xdfed, what's the date encoding?12:12
ali1234i'm pretty sure it's not "days since 10th october 1858"12:13
DJonesAnybody know any programmers with Delphi experience + other languages that are looking for a job based in the north west, just been asked by our IT support if I knew anybody12:16
zmoylan-pidelphi, a civilised ide for more civilised times... :-)12:20
directhexbecause everybody loves object pascal!12:22
zmoylan-piit kept away the visual basic programmers... :-P12:23
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awilkinsDJones ; I know the CEO of e-say has some Delphi experience but they're a contractor12:47
awilkinsAnd you're not here either12:47
zmoylan-pimaybe an advert on myspace... :-)12:48
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diddledan_seriously freaky - last night I couldn't get the song "englishman in new york" aka "I'm an alien" out of my head. Just popped into currys and the first song they played while I was there was that one!13:11
zmoylan-pico ink a dink13:12
TwistedLuciditydiddledan_: You can see the future! Quick, what are this weekend's Lotto numbers?13:14
zmoylan-pipi, iota....13:14
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mappsyay i have internet again20:49
daftykinsagain again!?20:50
mappswell it broke and they took ages to fix20:51
mappshad it ainstalled 13th october worked for a week then stopped20:55
Renfriedwho is your isp?20:57
mappsnot in the uk anymore;p20:58
Renfriednever heard of it20:59
mappsbecause its not uk21:02
Renfriedahh argentina ;)21:05
Renfriedquiet channel for so many people here21:16
daftykinsit's Friday night.21:16
daftykinswas just pondering going to the pub, myself21:16
Renfriedback in the day nerds and geeks didnt go out at all :)21:17
Renfriedthey left that to the cool kids21:17
daftykinsmapps: so what's new?21:33
RenfriedI am using an acer i5-m450 laptop. If I used a Dual core 1.6Ghz desktop, both with 4Gb ram, would i notice a major speed difference? (good or bad)21:35
daftykinswell "1.6GHz desktop" doesn't mean much compared to a first gen i5, since we don't know what generation of processor it is21:37
zmoylan-piand these days if one is using a hard disk and one is using an ssd?21:38
Renfriedi have no idea what gen it is, all I know is Intel dual core 1.6GHz.... I was offered a desktop, but have not seen it. It currently has windows 7 on it, I would imagine it is fairly old21:39
daftykinsyeah that'd be no comparison too :)21:39
mappsnot much daftykins;)21:39
mappssame job same place21:39
Renfriedboth would use hard disk, neither has ssd21:39
daftykinsRenfried: would need a quick spec check then really.21:39
mappsRenfried would be enough for xubuntu21:39
daftykinsRenfried: it coming into your hands for free?21:39
Renfriedcheap.... about £50. for free I would just take it and try it :)21:40
daftykinsto be honest something with that clock speed in a desktop is a slight oddity21:40
RenfriedI am using mate, so would need to run that, otherwise it wont get used21:41
daftykinsso a small alarm bell is ringing to me21:41
Renfriedwhats wrong with the clock speed?21:41
daftykinsit's an indication of age21:42
daftykinswhat i'm getting at is if it's a 1.6GHz Pentium 4 someone has windows 7 on, i'd leave it where it is :)21:43
Renfriedyeah i would too.21:44
Renfriedbut a dual core 1.6 is the recommended specs for mate21:45
Renfriedbut just wondering if it would be that much slower than my i5.....my clock speed is 1.8 with 2.4 in burst mode21:46
daftykinsbut being a P4 (just as an example, i know it's a guess) would hint at really terrible RAM and an old PATA slow disk21:46
daftykinsso you'd need more detail to make an informed decision21:46
Renfriedit has everything but speakers, so may even be worth it for a cheap monitor and spare parts21:50
daftykinsperhaps, though spare parts not even compatible with what you have now if they're too far apart age wise21:51
daftykinsif it's something easy like a Dell, you could look up the service tag for a detailed spec21:52
daftykinsor just query the BIOS.21:52
ali1234i wouldn't touch anything that's not i5 quad core or above21:52
RenfriedI want to stick away from intel intergrated graphics, as the one on this laptop is terrible.21:54
Renfriedali1234: Depends on what you use it for I suppose. I would love a new laptop but funds are not there. So a cheap desktop that I can upgrade bit by bit may be the way to go21:55
ali1234no you want intel graphics on a laptop. dual graphics set ups are a pain21:55
ali1234you can get a decent thinkpad for around £100 if you shop around21:56
Renfriedthe only game i want to play it cities skylines, but doesnt support intel graphics.21:57
ali1234dont buy a laptop for gaming21:57
Renfrieddefine decent21:57
Renfriedthats not a bad option, although one dealbreaker, no numeric keypad...21:59
ali1234use numlock21:59
RenfriedU sed to have a thinkpad t42, and hated numlock22:00
daftykinsno there's nothing wrong with intel graphics, it's just the age of your current system22:00
Renfriedmy laptop is only about 3-4 years old22:01
ali1234cities skylines is known to not work on intel tho22:01
daftykinsthe first gen core i5 one? it's rubbish.22:01
daftykins(the graphics)22:01
Renfriedi think it as Intel HD3000 graphics22:01
daftykinsi thought you said you had a core i5 450M22:04
daftykinsfirst gen HD graphics = terribad :)22:05
Renfriedam sure it is core i5 450M, it is an acer aspire 5742 laptop22:09
Renfriedsays i5 m450 when i check22:14
Renfriedcant get it to name the hd3000, cat remember how i did it before, just saying intergated graphics22:14
IlderaHi, I'm looking to get my hands on a 14.04 LTS pressed dvd, but having some difficulty.22:15
daftykinsRenfried: are you typing from it right now?22:16
daftykinsRenfried: grep model /proc/cpuinfo22:16
daftykinsIldera: how come you need one?22:16
IlderaIt's for my 92 year old grandmother, I really don't want to have to explain to her how to install from a usb stick, and pressed discs have a longer lifespan than burnt ones.22:18
IlderaI do realise it's rather a 1995 sort of problem, but this is what happens when you're 9222:22
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Renfrieddaftykins: yes Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU       M 450  @ 2.40GHz22:23
daftykinsyep so rubbish graphics22:24
daftykinsi'd not ask more than a working desktop of that generation22:24
daftykinscan anyone confirm you need a sky subscription card to make use of recording on a sky+ box?22:25
daftykinsthus be paying the evil company some money? :)22:26
daftykinsmy folks are thinking of buying a box from someone but i think it's a mistake as they won't be able to record for free.22:26
Renfriedi am sure you do need a sky+ subscription to record22:29
Renfriedyou can use it a freesat box without, just not record, best to buy a freeview dvr22:30
daftykins*nod* thought the same, thanks :)22:31
daftykinsprobably best they get a freesat HD box, not sure we can get it down here mind22:31
Renfriedwhere are you?22:31
daftykinsChannel Islands22:32
Renfriedif you can get normal TV reception you should be able to get freeview, just not sure about HD22:33
Renfriedteach them how to torrent :)22:34
daftykinshell to the no!22:34
daftykinswell freesat is via the satellite dish, but the cone of influence from the beam tends to ignore us for most channels22:34
daftykinsactually i think a mate said they can get all the channels on freesat and i got a tonne when i tried it out on my TV (which has freesat built in)22:35
daftykinsthey're never gonna pay for a box though22:35
Renfriedi have BB with sky, not bad fibre connection 40Mb down and 10Mb up22:36
daftykinswe have our own telcos with monopolies down here22:37
daftykinsstill 40/5 VDSL2 though \o/22:37
daftykinsbtw that's VDSL2 as well, not fibre :) just marketed as such to sound futuristic22:37
Renfriedi could go 200Mb with virgin, but they throttle22:38
Renfriedthey class it as fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) but yeah, all openreach is the same,22:40
Renfriedfor someone who started with a 2400 baud modem, call it what you will, as long as it is 40/10 i am happy22:42
daftykinsyeah does me well22:42
daftykinsa local secondary telco has just installed a direct fiber feed to their managing director's home, lucky swine22:42
zmoylan-pii started with a 2400 baud modem but spent most of the 90s using it in bell 103 mode at 300bps...22:43
Renfriedi then went to a suprafax 14.4k, then a mightly udrobotics 56k.....1.5KB download speed, could download a full amiga 700k disk in 30 minutes.....lightning fast22:47
Renfriedi could upgrade my fibre to 80 down and 20 up, but no need. never needed more than i have22:48
daftykinsback shortly, gonna grab a pint next door i think22:48
zmoylan-piand file transfer protocol was just moving away from kermit to xmodem...22:51
zmoylan-pithen xmodem (crc) for error checking, ymodem for multiple files and then the holy grail of zmodem for resuming after interrupted file transfers :-)22:55
diddledan_back on dialup I used getright a LOT23:09
diddledan_and it seems to still exist: http://getright.com/23:09
diddledan_with a terrible website :-p23:09
zmoylan-pivery 90s...23:15
Renfriedi used z and ymodem from memory23:37
zmoylan-pii thought i'd use ymodem more when i discovered it could transfer a bunch of files but by then i was already using pak and then pkzip to compress all the files into one small file23:38
Renfriedi still have my usrobotics modem somewhere.... i am sure dialup isps must exist somewhere still...23:39
zmoylan-pii have a battery powered 9600 baud fax modem here i couldn't bring myself to throw out... :-)23:40
RenfriedI also have a commodore 64 with the 1571 diskdrive that sounds like a couple of woodpeckers mating when you loaded something23:41
Renfriedor was it 1541.... cant remember23:42
Renfriedand an amiga 500. havnt used them in 20 years, but still have them23:43
zmoylan-pii still remember poke 808,251 for c64 to disable run stop... :-)23:43
Renfried10 Print "Hello World"23:43
Renfried20 GOTO 1023:43
zmoylan-piand in a local shop the c64 power button was blocked by the counter it was sunk into so they couldn't stop the scolling message23:44
zmoylan-pibut in out case it was 10 print "wardy is a leper ";23:44
zmoylan-pipoor sod had terminal acne23:45

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