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Saviqmzanetti, spread does not restore from minimized, that new in silo 21, do you think, or just missed before?08:37
* Saviq managed to get twice in a weird state where I couldn't access the background app in Staged mode... not sure how to get there though, yet08:38
mzanettiSaviq, it's fixed int ltinkl's activateWindow branch08:51
Saviqmzanetti, ack08:52
mzanettiso yes, broken in silo 21 :/08:52
Saviqis fine, didn't know if broken before or not08:52
mzanettiyes, always been so far08:52
Saviqcimi, one of the LazyImage tests seems to have gotten flaky with your shape changes09:09
SaviqFAIL!  : qmltestrunner::LazyImage::test_lazyimage(Unbound Wide) property running09:09
Saviq   Actual   (): false09:09
Saviq   Expected (): true09:09
Saviq   Loc: [/home/michal/dev/canonical/unity8/repo/tests/qmltests/Components/tst_LazyImage.qml(159)]09:09
Saviqcimi, can you please have a look09:10
Saviqcimi, https://code.launchpad.net/~cimi/unity8/sdk1.3_newUbuntuShape/+merge/271610/comments/69830609:51
cimiSaviq, yup on it...09:52
Saviqcimi, k, just letting you know that's the branch09:52
cimiSaviq, anyway upgrading from vivid->xenial fails to open project on qtcreator, complaining about some cmake cpb files missing09:53
cimiam I alone with that issue_09:53
Saviqcimi, didn't see it before, drop your build dir09:53
Saviqcimi, ./build.sh -c09:54
cimiyeah I will try that later.... building now :)09:54
cimithank you09:55
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cimiSaviq, could you also run the same on your machine for wide-preview branch?10:09
cimiSaviq, I touched that file and maybe I fixed the issue already there (and I can backport to the other branch if needed)10:09
Saviqcimi, no you didn't, since it fails in silo 2110:19
Saviqcimi, that's where I found it10:20
cimiSaviq, ok, cause it keeps passing here on wide-preview10:20
Saviqcimi, ok, trying10:21
Saviqfail in 3 runs10:21
Saviqactually, lemme try with 1.3 alone10:22
Saviqnope, 1.3 alone does not fail10:25
cimiSaviq, I'm trying new ubuntushape now, cause wide-preview doesn't fail for me10:35
Saviqcimi, I think the problem is this:10:37
Saviq                tryCompare(transition, "running", true);10:37
Saviq                tryCompare(transition, "running", false);10:37
Saviqit's probably waiting for the transition to start when it's already finished10:37
cimiSaviq, thanks, as soon as is starts to fail here I will have a look :))10:38
SaviqI've an idea10:38
Saviqcimi, it might not fail for you if it's too fast10:38
Saviqor well, too slow?10:39
cimislow maybe, on my laptop now10:39
cimicore duo...10:39
* Saviq adds debugs10:39
cimilet me try with the i710:39
cimiSaviq, which silo I need? looking for unity api 910:51
cimimy freshly updated desktop seems to miss something :)10:52
Saviqcimi, 2110:56
cimiok, the same10:56
cimiSaviq, missing libusermetricsoutput-1 :/11:31
Saviqcimi, you're on wily?11:31
cimiSaviq, xenial11:31
Saviqcimi, works fine here11:31
Saviq./build.sh -c11:31
cimiI know, on my other pc is fine11:31
cimiI did that...11:31
cimiI cannot find in the archive/synaptic11:32
cimilet me try some synaptic magic11:33
dandraderSaviq, did you get to test lp1475678.surface-occlude? I recall you were asking how to verify it yesterday I think11:50
Saviqdandrader, yes11:50
Saviqdandrader, see silo 21 description11:50
cimiSaviq, ok crashes on i7, yay!11:51
Saviqcimi, crashes? or fails?11:51
cimifail fail11:51
cimigonna fix it now11:51
Saviqcimi, I was trying a few things with a SignalSpy on runningChanged on the transition, but didn't get there yet11:51
Saviqbut I'd say that's the right direction, no better way to know if a transition ran11:52
dandraderSaviq, you tested phone and desktop and tablet?12:05
Saviqdandrader, just phone12:10
Saviqdandrader, btw, did you see the orientation test failure on upsidedown branch?12:21
dandraderSaviq, not yet12:21
dandraderSaviq, hey, recall that rotation issue you told me with new_fix_upsidedown?12:22
dandraderSaviq, seems to be in trunk12:22
Saviqdandrader, yeah, there's a bunch of weirdness with external screen and rotation, but doubt due to that branch12:22
dandraderSaviq, while testing the occlude branch on Nexus 7 in desktop mode. If I focus/select the dialer app shell rotates to portrait12:22
Saviqdandrader, ack12:23
Saviqmakes sense, since we don't have a test for it12:23
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greyback_dandrader: another thing for your review queue: https://code.launchpad.net/~gerboland/qtmir/fix-cmdline-args/+merge/27495413:23
dandraderSaviq, fixed new_fix_upsidedown13:40
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Saviqdandrader|afk, tx13:51
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greyback_Saviq: hey, I want to create a silo to land some qtubuntu fixes, are you about to create another silo or shall I?14:37
Saviqgreyback_, silo 21 not tested yet, were fighting issues still14:40
Saviqgreyback_, so might very well add there14:40
greyback_Saviq: it's a small one, fixes webbrowser issue: https://code.launchpad.net/~osomon/qtubuntu/ubuntuscreen-physicalsize/+merge/27396514:41
Saviqgreyback_, ack14:42
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