jrwrenhahahahahahahaah https://www.twitchinstalls.com13:16
_stink_those milestones are pretty funny13:20
jrwrenBlood's Enter-Blood from X-Cultura is a hilarious Enter Sandman inspired song13:25
cmaloneyAh this is the worst Saturday ever15:36
cmaloneyBecause it is not Saturday.15:37
jrwren"that depends on what your definition of is, is"15:38
cmaloneyAt this morning in time in my current location it is not Saturday.15:38
cmaloneypedant. ;)15:38
jrwrencmaloney: really wasn't trying to be pedantic.15:38
jrwrencmaloney: you said "ah this is the worst saturday ever"15:38
jrwreni thought you were refering to tomorrow.15:39
jrwrenbut you were refering to today.15:39
jrwrenI agree. today is hte worst saturday ever.15:39
cmaloneyyeah, I woke up thinking it's Saturday.15:39
jrwreni hates that.15:39
brouschcmaloney: It blew my son's mind that it could be tomorrow in China15:49
cmaloneyTimezones: Blowing kids minds since whenever16:29

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