cyberangerGuess that's why I like NFS anyway03:30
* Unit193 doesn't use NFS. >_>03:38
cyberangerUnit193: you use SSHFS, right?03:41
Unit193Used to use samba, might still a little.  But yeah, sshfs is used.03:41
cyberangerBeats Samba03:44
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wrstI like NFS makes automounting on reboot really easy, I could never get that to happen withsshfs11:35
cyberangerwrst: there may have been a way with a passwordless ssh key, but openvpn and nfs was more powerful to me21:28
wrstyes I had that working with sshfs at one time but it wasn't as reliable and also getting the mount to happen before the netowrk and all that was a lot more graceful with nfs since its designed to work that way21:29
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cyberangerwrst: exactly, that's why I use openvpn and nfs, the two are graceful about connection issues23:16
wrstYes exactly23:37
wrstOh no it is a HeadlessHorseman23:38
aedendweird, I've never really seen this much activity in the channel before.23:55
aedendthe elusive wrst did you receive your discount promo from my droplet activation?23:57
aedendThis is an honest question. not trolling. I'm just curious has to how much of the stuff you all talk about setting up and using, is it out of necessity or just hobby?23:59

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