dupingpingIt looks good?14:46
dupingpingHow about http://people.ubuntu.com/~dupingping86/trusty.html14:51
dupingpingThis site design is beautiful?14:51
dupingpingThis is test page i made.14:52
dupingpingThis site design is beautiful?15:10
tsimonq2dupingping: Hi! Are you the new Ubuntu member?15:15
dupingpingtsimonq2, yes, right.15:15
tsimonq2hi! congratulations! :)15:15
dupingpingtsimonq2, hi, nice to meet you!15:15
dupingpingtsimonq2, my design idea is good?15:16
tsimonq2dupingping: I don't have my membership yet15:16
tsimonq2yes! :)15:16
tsimonq2not bad at all!15:16
dupingpingtsimonq2, wow, thank you.15:17
dupingpingtsimonq2, do you develop ubuntu website?15:17
tsimonq2no, but I know how15:17
dupingpingoh, yes.15:17
tsimonq2HTML and CSS that is15:17
dupingpingyes, and PHP and DB.15:17
dupingpingand Javascript.15:18
tsimonq2dupingping: so I know how to apply for membership, but what happens when you get it?15:18
dupingpingIt may be written in Python.15:18
tsimonq2dupingping: oh cool! I know half of that! XD15:19
dupingping:D tsimonq2. I joined to ubuntu members team at the launchpad.net after got membership.15:20
tsimonq2dupingping: oh, so then did they get your email and such set up?15:20
dupingpingOh, it's just automatically have done.15:20
dupingpingWhen i become a member of Ubuntu, I am became a member of Ubuntu Member Team at the launchpad.net.15:21
tsimonq2ok XD15:22
tsimonq2lagging severly in this channel, brb15:22
tsimonq2dupingping: so what did you do to contribute to get your membership?15:55
dupingpingfor example. at the askubuntu.com15:55
dupingpingi gave good answers and reviews.15:55
dupingpingalso i created two softwares on ubuntu software center.15:56
tsimonq2which ones?15:56
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