pieter2627jolly good morning all05:13
magespawngood morning08:07
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magespawndoes the copyright on a website cover the html/css/js or other code? php? 09:36
stickyboymagespawn: Good question.09:37
stickyboyI think each file is supposed to have a copyright in its header technically.09:37
stickyboyBecause of the obvious ambiguity.09:37
magespawnyes, so if you are a developer could you develope a website for somebody else and retain copyright on the code, and leave the content copyright with the site owner or a third party?09:39
magespawnany ip lawyers in the house?09:40
thatgraemeguyspeak to a lawyer for legal advice09:40
magespawnthatgraemeguy: they usually charge for any advice, which is to be expected, just thought i would ask the question, see if anyone had experience or thoughts09:42
stickyboymagespawn: Well, even if it's not a website, you are supposed to have copyright headers at the top of your source files.09:42
stickyboymain.c  etc...09:42
thatgraemeguysee i'd disagree, because copyright doesn't need to be declared09:42
stickyboythatgraemeguy: Have you read the GPL? :)09:43
thatgraemeguyand that's exactly why legal advice should never be sought on a random gathering of random people :)09:43
magespawnso any programming should have the copyright licence notice, GPL or other, included?09:43
stickyboythatgraemeguy: Sure, we're not lawyers, but it's useful to have a discussion, surely.09:43
thatgraemeguyok, enjoy09:43
stickyboymagespawn: Hold on a minute, we're not giving you the absolute truth here.09:43
stickyboyFirst, read the license.09:44
stickyboyI have read the GPLv2 license.09:44
stickyboyI successfully shamed a Kenyan hardware company to release their source code.09:44
magespawnso you should obey the rules of the licence you use09:44
magespawni remember stickyboy 09:44
thatgraemeguyis it useful to have a discussion when not a single one of the discussion participants is a domain expert?09:44
stickyboythatgraemeguy: I don't work in absolutes.09:45
stickyboyEven a panel of experts can have an idiot.09:45
stickyboyWe're just discussing. Relax. :)09:45
stickyboyWhat are we here for? To talk about the weather?09:45
magespawnmaybe some have experience, that was the main point of asking09:45
magespawnnice and sunny here, thanks09:45
stickyboymagespawn: My first advice is to read the licese you're applying.09:45
stickyboyI don't need to be a lawyer to tell you that.09:46
thatgraemeguyif a group of diesel mechanics are discussing medical issues, it'd be rather daft for any of them to base a future decision on the results of the discussion09:46
magespawnright stickyboy 09:46
stickyboyGPLv2 license text has a section that says "How to Apply These Terms to Your New Programs".09:47
stickyboyThat's a good starting point for the GPL.09:47
magespawnof course thatgraemeguy, but it might give them a point of reference when they do go to speak to a professional 09:47
stickyboyI don't know what license you're going to use.09:47
stickyboyWe don't even know if the GPL is enforceable in court.09:47
magespawnthanks stickyboy, i had not thought about it, until recently09:47
magespawnstickyboy: that is a good point, this is when we need a lawyer09:48
magespawnor at least an ip expert09:48
stickyboyWell yesterday the IP expert at our research institute concluded that it is impossible to have CC-BY-SA and allow commercial use of a work. She thinks "Share Alike" limits commercial use.09:49
stickyboyYet Creative Commons' own website states the opposite.09:49
stickyboySo an IP expert isn't an absolute litmus test.09:49
stickyboyIP "expert" let me say. ;)09:50
magespawnas always09:50
stickyboyBut this was our top legal officer.09:50
magespawnsome of these issues are only resloved through the courts, and sometimes no even conclusively then09:50
stickyboyI prefer to give my stuff away.09:53
stickyboyOr license it so that I don't have to be a policeman.09:53
magespawnstickyboy: i can see how that might work, in that most commercial work is not allowed to be shared, so you might have to specify which part is CC-BY-SA, so that people can share that part only09:53
stickyboymagespawn: Regarding the CC-BY-SA, we were talking about publications from our publicly-funded research institute. What is a derivative work of a publication?09:54
magespawni think with code it would be hard to enforce for 'small' sections of code, rather than whole programs.09:54
magespawnstickyboy: sometimes the people providing the funding would expect ownership09:55
stickyboyFor example, taking some text about some breakthrough in Cassava diseases, translating it into Xhosa, putting it in a book, and selling it.09:55
stickyboyIn this instance, CC-BY-SA doesn't mean "Give the book away for $0"09:55
stickyboyIt means "you should allow people to make photo copies of it, to write blog posts containing excerpts of the text, etc"09:56
stickyboyAnd I argued that, as a publicly-funded institute, this is part of our mandate.09:56
magespawnyes, and if they want to reprint and sell their version they can do so with out paying licence fees, but by passing along the same conditions09:57
stickyboyI hope that I managed to convince the IP people.10:02
stickyboyI was copied in rather late in their discussion, and it seems they had already decided on their limiting view.10:03
magespawnthey might be motivated by the people paying the bills10:03
stickyboymagespawn: People paying the bills are literally tax payers.10:10
stickyboyLike I said, we're publicly funded. :)10:10
stickyboyUS gov, Canadian gov, Swedish, UK, Australia, etc.10:10
stickyboyThen Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, who has a strict policy on open access: http://www.gatesfoundation.org/How-We-Work/General-Information/Open-Access-Policy10:11
stickyboySadly they recommend CC-BY only.10:11
elachecheWhy here is no pics from ZA for the wikilovesafrica competition!! → https://twitter.com/MounirTouzri1/status/658393034615365633 ??!!!! 11:23
andrewlsdauf wieder sehn13:41
elachecheKilos, Why there is no pics from ZA for the wikilovesafrica competition!! → https://twitter.com/MounirTouzri1/status/658393034615365633 ??!!!! 15:34
Kilosinetpro superfly Cryterion and aother clever peeps ^^15:36
Kiloswow elacheche so many pics there already15:37
Kilosyou trying to win15:37
Kiloswhat is the prize15:38
elachecheno idea Kilos :D I'm not a photographer :p :D 15:40
captineevening all18:34
captinelong time18:34
Kilosnight all.sleep tight19:08
captinehow you doing19:32
superflyhey captine19:34
superflyfine, but busy19:34
superflyhow are you?19:34
captinevery busy19:44
captinebeen a tough 6 months19:44
captinegotto run19:51
captinecheers all19:51

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