OerHeksthey should be on the top panel, called Global Menu00:00
OerHeksYou can disable this easy with unity-tweak, also the scrollbar00:01
prodigy2khello how do i know if my system will be compatible with ubuntu 16.04lts?00:04
lnlyrbtno prob00:05
daftykinsalthough the future isn't here yet, so...00:06
goparhey guys, I followed this post: https://askubuntu.com/questions/233280/gnome-terminal-reports-term-to-be-xterm/578798#578798 but with the path of urxvt and now it won't even open. Any ideas?00:14
meisth0thi am planning to make 100 or more servers report their cpu, memory and some other details, and store these reports on somewhere for future reference. i am thinking of creating a mysql database and a json api and delivering reports to report collecting server via this api. does it seem right? :)00:14
roothorickman, I don't remember much about exactly how I have this system set up... how do I adjust mouse sensitivity from the command line? The machine in question runs Kodi in standalone, no DE00:14
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roothorickeverything I find talks about setting properties on a specific device... I'm looking for a global setting00:16
daftykinsroothorick: #kodi exists but at this time you're unlikely to get much input00:22
prodigy2kwhen i had windows i was able adjust or scale my cpu speed from 800 - 1900 mhz ubuntu software center has a program forgot whats its called00:22
daftykinsmeisth0th: sounds like you're just repeating the work spiceworks has already done00:22
daftykins!info cpufreqd00:23
ubottucpufreqd (source: cpufreqd): fully configurable daemon for dynamic frequency and voltage scaling. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.4.2-2ubuntu1 (wily), package size 62 kB, installed size 294 kB00:23
daftykinsprodigy2k: that?00:23
daftykinsreally you shouldn't take manual control over that.00:23
prodigy2kwas thinking cpufreq00:23
prodigy2kso leave it?00:24
goddardis there a terminal session auto saver?00:24
goddardlike remember tabs and history and what not?00:24
daftykinsprodigy2k: depends on whether it's a laptop or what, why you normally adjust it by hand etc.00:24
prodigy2kits a amd/ati software came with option00:25
prodigy2kright now its 800mhz i think00:25
daftykinsit'll be dynamic based on processor load00:26
daftykinsopen a terminal and run: watch -n 0.1 'cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep -i mhz'00:26
daftykinsyou'll see them change with load00:26
prodigy2kalready 1900 dont need to change00:27
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AEL-Hmy SD card has lots of space on it, I am trying to to some jpegs on the SD into a movie using convert with -delay 10 -morph 10. It runs until it tells me device has run out of space -- but there are several gb free on the device, could someone tell me what is going on?00:34
TechspectreI'm trying to do this: http://superuser.com/questions/374504/configure-a-trackball-under-linux-without-editing-xorg-conf what's the command to get the name of the device?00:35
penguserfu ubuntu.... messing with the OS.... settings disappeared!00:36
penguseranyone use gnome?00:36
pengusermy classic settings disappeared00:36
Techspectrepenguser, you just switched to gnome?00:37
penguserno, my settings to change to classic is gone00:39
TechspectreYou mean the menu that lets you change to gnome classic?00:39
TechspectreIn GDM?00:39
prodigy2khello how do i change my password in terminal?]00:40
prodigy2kok ty00:40
zacwallsSo I just downloaded the numix flatstudio theme and put it in /usr/share/themes and yet it does not come up as an option in appearance.00:41
Techspectrepenguser, sorry, don't know. But someone here must. Also may want to check out #gnome00:41
AEL-HI think I have boiled my problem down to something to do with /var/host/media, why is this space smaller than /media?00:41
daftykinsAEL-H: what problem00:41
AEL-Hmy SD card has lots of space on it, I am trying to to some jpegs on the SD into a movie using convert with -delay 10 -morph 10. It runs until it tells me device has run out of space -- but there are several gb free on the device, could someone tell me what is going on?00:41
daftykinswhat file system is on it?00:42
daftykinsand why are you conducting such a task on an SD card?00:42
AEL-Hpretty sure its mounted as ext4, and because my SD card has more space than the harddisk (this is running ubuntu thru crouton on a chromebook)00:43
daftykinsoh, nasty.00:45
daftykinsAEL-H: well, check by using "mount"00:45
daftykinswell, unfortunately crouton isn't official proper ubuntu so i'm not too comfy getting involved there.00:46
AEL-Hany ideas? anything would help really00:46
daftykins"df -h" might give a clue as to what usage is where00:47
AEL-Hyep I think its on /var/host/media instead of /media?00:47
daftykinsthe SD card? doesn't really make any sense to me.00:48
daftykinsbut then it's chrome beneath and not really ubuntu00:48
AEL-Hno the SD card is definitely mounted on /media, but what is filling up I think is /var/host/media00:48
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daftykinsbut that's an entirely different mount point, how can a mount point fill a disk o000:49
AEL-HI am very confused =/00:49
daftykinsperhaps if you had a normal system running full ubuntu it'd be worth trying there00:49
AEL-Hjust generally confused as to why its happening.. crouton seems quite well made..00:50
daftykinsit's not an OS.00:50
Jonno_FTWhow do I turn off ubuntu saying everytihng I type?01:00
ridonkmy /boot is too small but the old linux-image files will not remove01:04
ridonki have tried using nautilus and synaptic01:04
ridonkand console commands01:04
ridonkis the only other option to do a fresh install and manually expand my boot folder (to prevent this in the future)01:04
daftykinsridonk: show me a "dpkg -l | grep linux-"01:07
Bashing-omridonk: Have you tried with the lower level ' dpkg -P ' ? else one can get real dirty and if meticulous and careful remove the kernel piece by piece and then heal the package manager .01:08
ridonk@daftykins http://imgur.com/a/hO5c501:09
ridonkits two pictures since i had to scroll01:09
daftykinsridonk: and "cat /etc/issue" ?01:11
daftykinsok 14.04.3 with a utopic HWE01:12
daftykinsridonk: try "sudo dpkg -r linux-image-extra-3.16.0-49-generic"01:12
daftykinsridonk: ok and "sudo dpkg -r linux-image-extra-3.16.0-48-generic linux-image-extra-3.16.0-46-generic linux-image-extra-3.16.0-45-generic linux-image-extra-3.16.0-44-generic linux-image-extra-3.16.0-43-generic linux-image-extra-3.16.0-30-generic"01:14
daftykinsby the way, sharing images of text is a little bit inefficient - copying and pasting to http://paste.ubuntu.com is the best way01:15
daftykinsridonk: working?01:18
ridonkim workiing on it, will upload to paste01:20
daftykinsridonk: well after that set, just show a "df -h" in a pastebin :)01:21
daftykinsafter that; "sudo dpkg -r linux-image-3.16.0-49-generic linux-image-3.16.0-48-generic linux-image-3.16.0-46-generic linux-image-3.16.0-45-generic linux-image-3.16.0-44-generic linux-image-3.16.0-43-generic linux-image-3.16.0-30-generic"01:21
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ridonkdf -h01:22
daftykinsoh my bad, should've read the first set closer01:23
daftykinsouch tiny boot01:23
B0g4r7_Hmm, I can't seem to fix my graphics problem.01:23
B0g4r7_I took the drive from an Asus 1215N laptop (intel/nvidia), and put it in a 1215B (amd/amd), and now it's unhappy graphics-wise.01:24
daftykinsridonk: ok and "ls -al /boot" ?01:24
daftykinsB0g4r7_: sudo apt-get purge nvidia*01:24
B0g4r7_So far I've removed the "nvidia" package and installed fglrx.  No change in behavior.  It tries to go into "low graphics" mode and fails.01:24
B0g4r7_purge huh...will try.01:24
daftykinsB0g4r7_: i bet there's a xorg.conf ruining it01:25
Bomber4ChatsSo kubuntu is going to die, huh?01:25
daftykins#ubuntu-offtopic for drama and death, support only in here :)01:26
ridonkoops.this instead of the last link  http://paste.ubuntu.com/13005161/01:27
B0g4r7_man, a lot of operations want to regenerate initrd anymore.01:29
daftykinsridonk: did that make any dent on /boot's usage in "df -h" ?01:29
Bashing-omB0g4r7_: What release do you have installed ?01:30
B0g4r7_Bashing-om, 14.0401:30
daftykinsridonk: also the "ls -al /boot" please01:31
B0g4r7_Well it lets me attempt to login graphically now, but then throws me back to the login screen after a few seconds.01:31
Bashing-omB0g4r7_: :) just checking, as 15.10 FGLRX has not made the fix down from upstream .01:31
daftykinsB0g4r7_: suspect you tried to run startx with sudo at some point, "ls -al ~/" for the user and check everything is owned by the user and nothing by root01:31
daftykinsridonk: is there anything in /boot/.Trash-0/ ? delete it all if so01:32
ridonkwould that just be sudo -r /boot/.Trash-0/  ?01:35
NekoMaid420_Hey, I accidentally took myself out of the sudoers file while messing around with groups (I think) any idea what I can do to restore this to default or insert my self back into it?01:35
EriC^^sudo rm -r /boot/.Trash-001:35
B0g4r7_Permissions in ~ look OK.  I never did sudo startx.01:35
daftykinsridonk: how's the usage now?01:35
daftykinsNekoMaid420_: boot to recovery then a root shell, remount the disk read-write then add yourself back :)01:36
ridonkThank you so much for your assistance. I have been trying sporadically for weeks to fix this01:36
daftykinsah no use is the low one!01:36
daftykinsridonk: run "sudo apt-get -f install" now01:36
daftykinsand pastebin that01:36
daftykins!info linux-image-generic-lts-utopic trusty01:37
ubottulinux-image-generic-lts-utopic (source: linux-meta-lts-utopic): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (trusty), package size 2 kB, installed size 27 kB (Only available for i386; amd64; armhf; arm64; ppc64el; powerpc)01:37
NekoMaid420_daftykins: ok. where would it be? Is it just a conf file?01:37
daftykinshmm -51 is newest01:37
daftykinsNekoMaid420_: just add your user again maybe, which version is that?01:38
EriC^^NekoMaid420_: boot the pc, hold shift to get grub, go to advanced > recovery > drop to root shell01:38
EriC^^NekoMaid420_: oh, you meant the sudoers01:38
EriC^^NekoMaid420_: should be in /etc/sudoers, use visudo to edit it01:38
ridonklooks like a lot of errors01:39
NekoMaid420_Ok, thanks~  <301:39
ridonkboot is up to 24%01:39
daftykinsridonk: hmm looks ok, do you have an ubuntu 14.04.x ISO on a flash drive that's bootable in case your next reboot doesn't work?01:40
ridonknot this second but i will build one, if i have a flash sitting aorund here (i'm at work)01:40
daftykinscool, worth doing before anything potentially goes wrong01:41
ridonkthank you for the help01:41
mae_taehi guyz, i cannot ssh from ubuntu to ubuntu using local IP but when ssh using FQDN, it works fine, i can also ping the local ip, how will i resolve this?01:43
daftykinssounds like an IPv4 / v6 thing; sure the IP is the internal one and it works?01:44
nbros652I have a system configured configured for one purpose, to scan inserted USB storage devices. It is intended to run without any kind of externally connected output devices. Thus, I want the system to beep the pc speaker when scanning is finished. I have configured a udev rule and everything runs beautifully except the beep command does not make the system beep when the scan is completed. Running this command manually works like a charm. Any thoughts?01:44
B0g4r7_Yay, works finally after I ran aticonfig.01:45
B0g4r7_Even google earth works.01:46
skomorokhI just messed up and hit ctrl-c in the wrong window. How do I resume a do-release-upgrade after the packages have been installed?   "Remove obsolete packages?" ... "66 packages are going to be removed. "... "Continue [yN]  Details [d]^C"01:47
daftykins"sudo apt-get autoremove"01:47
Bashing-om!yah | B0g4r7_01:47
skomorokhdaftykins: Nice, ty. Happen to know if there's anything else left in the  do-release-upgrade script that might mess me up?01:48
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daftykinsskomorokh: nah, don't believe in upgrades myself.01:49
daftykinsjust reboot into the new one i think01:49
skomorokhdaftykins: You just have puppet scripts for everything and rebuild from scratch?01:49
daftykinsnope, i just VM servers and don't use desktop (:01:50
skomorokhdaftykins: sure, but you need puppet/chef/ansible/something to deploy the configs for your VMs to the new ver doncha? otherwise wouldn't not upgrading and starting over instead  mean setting it up all over again?01:52
secretAnybody knows what wrong?01:52
secret" BUG: unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at    "01:53
secretIt sounds dangerous.01:53
daftykinsskomorokh: no01:53
secrethttp://paste.ubuntu.com/13005350/  I upgraded from 15:04 -> 15:10 I got the error. My PC freezes all the time.01:54
Pinkamena_DHow to switch default file manager for all users01:55
Pinkamena_Dor at least all new users?01:56
Guest52337guys.. Just a little question: I have a domain(rom-rom.ro), lampserver, name and running ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS. Can I build a website with it01:59
daftykinswhat do you mean build? you can host one with it01:59
Guest52337not build.. of course I know yes... I mean how do I configure my domain to point to my localhost lampserver01:59
daftykinswith your providers DNS control panel02:00
daftykinsyes, you had to buy the .ru through someone.02:00
daftykinssorry .ro02:00
Guest52337any help will be appreciated... daftykins thanks02:00
Guest52337yes hostinger of course02:01
daftykinsso... where did you buy it?02:01
daftykinsok so log into your account with them and look for a DNS control panel for that domain.02:01
OerHekslogin hosting, change ip for the domain, hit update, and maybe in 24 hrs the domain is active on your new ip02:01
Guest52337what is my ip?02:02
daftykinsthe one on your server, really.02:02
daftykinsassuming your server isn't at home02:02
Guest52337How do I know the one on my server02:03
daftykinsdoes it run at home or not?02:03
Guest52337not sure this is my dns
daftykinsDNS from where?02:03
daftykinswe're losing you...02:03
Guest52337how do I know if it runs at home OR not... I just installed using sudo as a user..02:04
Guest52337I thought you said I should update my nameservers in hostinger right?02:05
Guest52337so it will point to my localhost server02:05
daftykinsbecause you'd have a computer humming away beside you that you point to and tell friends is "your server"02:05
wileeeproudly of course02:06
daftykinsso is it a VPS from a company that lives online, or a physical PC at home? :)02:06
Guest52337need to start a little lecture with it02:07
Guest52337its a vps anyway02:08
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daftykinsok cool, so SSH into it - run "ip a" then the IP on eth0 is likely your internet facing IP address.02:09
daftykinsso visit http://that IP/ and you should see the test page for apache that you just installed02:09
Guest52337sorry.. I need to understand in english02:09
goddardanyone know of a terminal session saver?  Like save tabs and history for all those tabs?02:10
Guest52337e.g CMD..    ssh
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daftykinsGuest52337: no, you're already SSH'd into it from home because you installed programs like apache.02:10
daftykinsGuest52337: so run "ip a"02:10
Guest52337I'm using a wireless02:11
Guest52337wlan0 right?02:11
daftykinsno i'm saying to run this on your VPS02:11
daftykinsnot at home.02:11
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Guest52337i dont have a vps now.. windows or linux02:12
daftykinsbut you said your server is a VPS02:12
Guest52337all i have now is this compter02:12
KSFTI'm trying to install Ubuntu, and I'm having some problems02:12
=== Guest29297 is now known as _t
KSFTI made a bootable USB thing, but my computer doesn't want to boot from it02:12
wileeeKSFT, Care to share them?02:12
daftykinsGuest52337: so what did you install apache on?02:13
wileeeKSFT, You know the bios changes for booting?02:13
KSFTthis is a laptop that came with Windows02:13
wileeeKSFT, What happens when you try?02:13
KSFTwhen I change the boot order, save, and exit, it starts Windows02:13
KSFTwhen I restart, it looks like it changed the order back02:13
wileeeKSFT, How did you make the usb setup with ubuntu on it?02:14
KSFTpendrivelinux.com or whatever that website is02:14
KSFTthe thing ubuntu.com links to02:14
daftykinsGuest52337: and that's what you have on the computer you're typing from right now?02:14
wileeeKSFT, Computers have two ways to change the boot, sounds like if the same when returning that is the per-session/boot choice.02:14
KSFTmy computer has two power buttons02:15
Guest52337yes sir02:15
KSFTone of them starts normally, so I can't interrupt it02:15
wileeeKSFT, This W10?02:15
daftykinsGuest52337: what connection are you on? home broadband? likely your IP address to the internet (visit www.whatismyip.com to see it) will change regularly, so you can't really host a website from that. get a VPS first.02:15
KSFTit has an SSD, so it boots too fast02:15
KSFTWindows 802:15
KSFTor 8.102:15
KSFTor something02:15
wileeeKSFT, Uefi most likely, this sound familiar?02:15
randy_Ohello! I'm trying to upgrade an ubuntu server from 14.04 to 15.10 but the do-release-upgrade says no new version, and adding -d will only install xenial, any thoughts?02:15
Guest52337vps u mean hosting right02:15
wileee!uefi | KSFT have you been here?02:15
ubottuKSFT have you been here?: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI02:15
KSFTI've done this a few times before, on two other, completely different laptops02:16
daftykinsrandy_O: are you sure? that's going from LTS to non-LTS, usually a very bad move.02:16
randy_Odaftykins, pretty sure02:16
KSFTI'm not sure if this is a UEFI machine02:16
KSFThow do I find out?02:16
daftykinsrandy_O: may i ask what you hope to get with 15.10 ?02:16
KSFTI think it has BIOS, but I'm not sure02:16
wileeeKSFT, without any booted ubuntu see ##windows maybe, or the web02:16
KSFTwhen I press the other power button, a menu comes up, and one of the options is "BIOS Setup"02:17
Guest52337vps u mean hosting right?02:17
daftykinsrandy_O: anyway have a read: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Upgrades#Upgrade_policy02:17
daftykinsGuest52337: virtual private server.02:17
wileeeKSFT, I'm not sure how to tell is all others here may know.02:17
KSFTwileee: I think it's BIOS02:17
Guest52337like windows vps02:17
daftykinsGuest52337: if you want to just play around with web development, you don't need to own a real domain.02:17
wileeeKSFT, I think means nothing here is all. ;)02:17
daftykinsGuest52337: no, you would not get a Windows VPS :)02:17
randy_Odaftykins, thanks!02:18
KSFTwileee: I mean it says "BIOS Setup"02:18
zacwallshow to setup conky?02:18
KSFTwileee: pretty sure that means it's BIOS, unless UEFI has a very misleading menu02:18
iuh0hello, is it safe to change UUID of a drive when there is data on it?02:18
Guest52337linux vps with root access02:19
zacwallsI downloaded from the software center now all I get is an responsiveness launcher that says run conky02:19
KSFTwileee: it says "InsyseH20 Setup Utility"02:19
wileeeKSFT, Not an area I really know, installs have good wiki's, if you follow them knowing what you have, things generally go well, we are here for when they don't02:19
EriC^^KSFT: what's the problem?02:20
KSFTEriC^^! You helped me before!02:20
KSFTI'm trying to install Ubuntu on another computer02:20
KSFTit won't boot from the USB drive thing02:20
EriC^^is the usb first in the boot order?02:21
zacwallsKSFT, it there an option to select a boot device?02:21
KSFThuh...when I go to the "Boot" tab, it says "Boot Mode    [UEFI]"02:21
daftykinsi bet fast boot is on02:21
Guest52337thanks dafty02:21
daftykinsGuest52337: digitalocean.com are nice02:22
KSFTI can change the order, but when I save an exit, it boots Windows and changes it back02:22
EriC^^KSFT: check if fastboot is on like daftykins said02:22
KSFTI can only get to the BIOS menu with the smaller button next to the normal power button02:22
KSFThow do I turn off fastboot?02:24
KSFTI don't see it in the BIOS settings02:24
EriC^^KSFT: try pressing esc when the pc boots, see if you have a boot options menu02:24
EriC^^sometimes you can choose the boot device on the fly as it boots02:25
KSFTit boots really fast, but I'll try02:25
KSFTdidn't do anything02:25
KSFTstill started Windows02:25
mate|25640Hi, any guidance for me installing on PowerPC via the mini.iso?02:25
zacwallsKSFT, is safe boot on? I think that's what its called :/02:26
KSFTzacwalls: I turned it off02:26
zacwallsKSFT, ok good02:26
mate|25640It is asking me which kernel to choose. My CPU is: PowerPC 7455, altivec supported (1250.00MHz)02:26
zacwallsKSFT, have you tried a DVD-R/RW yet?02:27
KSFTwhen I start it with the other button, there's a menu with four choices02:27
zacwallsKSFT, what are they?02:27
KSFT"Normal Startup", "BIOS Setup", "Boot Menu", and "System recovery"02:27
zacwallsKSFT, go to boot menu02:27
KSFT"Boot Menu" lets me select a boot device, and then it starts Windows02:28
KSFToh, wait02:28
KSFTno, it doesn't02:28
KSFTit started GRUB02:28
KSFTI'll select "Install Ubuntu", I guess02:28
zacwallsKSFT, interesting02:28
zacwallsdo that lol02:28
KSFTblack screen...02:28
KSFTI tried this a minute ago, and I forget exactly what happened02:28
wileeemate|25640, not the sure mini will even work, do you know it will?02:28
zacwallsKSFT, patients02:29
KSFTpurple screen with orange loading dots...02:29
EriC^^!nomodeset | KSFT02:29
ubottuKSFT: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter02:29
KSFTit worked this time02:29
KSFTit totally didn't do that before02:29
zacwallsKSFT, yeah. Have fun02:29
zacwallsAnyways can I get help now?02:29
KSFTI'll be back in about five minutes when I run into other problems02:29
daftykinsKSFT: if you're dual-booting this one, you should probably have resized Windows' C: from inside Windows.02:29
daftykins(before this)02:30
KSFTdaftykinds: I am02:30
KSFThow do I do that?02:30
KSFTI don't plan to use Windows very often, but I'm keeping it just in case02:31
zacwallsKSFT, use a 3rd party program or something. IDK if they make gparted for win...02:31
KSFTwhy shouldn't I just use the Ubuntu installer thing?02:31
zacwallsKSFT, are you dual-booting?02:32
KSFTI am02:32
mate|25640wileee Yes, I'm told it will work, following instructions at https://ubuntu-mate.community/t/ubuntu-mate-1510-powerpc/2506/402:32
KSFTit's asking me to choose how big the partitions should be02:32
zacwallsKSFT, Because windows takes up the whole damn hard drive and you need to resize to make room for Ubuntu02:32
KSFTit doesn't look like it02:32
okmpohello there, my external drive is driving me crazy. I create partitions, and when I view the drive next time, the partitions are there, but with "unknown" label02:33
daftykinsKSFT: boot it, run diskmgmt.msc then right click on the C: partition and select 'shrink volume'02:33
KSFTis "it" Windows?02:33
daftykinsKSFT: it's certainly not a banana02:33
okmpoand I constantly got error messages while creating them. had to repeat several times02:33
zacwallshow to setup conky? I downloaded from the software center now all I get is an responsiveness launcher that says run conky.02:34
KSFTlooks like I'll be asking about wifi connection problems soon02:34
wileeemate|25640, When are you seeing the kernel choice, on the mini it is just a link to a net install.02:34
zacwallsKSFT, make sure your WI-FI switch is ON02:34
KSFTwhat switch?02:34
mate|25640wileee, It is using the text installation screens, this is the "Install the base system" screen. I am getting six different kernel selections. I can list them if you like.02:35
zacwallsKSFT, A lot of computers have a WI-FI switch on the outside. You can toggle it..02:35
KSFTmine doesn't02:35
KSFTUbuntu isn't shutting down now02:35
daftykinsKSFT: it's a live session so it doesn't matter?02:35
KSFTfull screen default desktop background02:35
daftykinsjust power off02:35
wileeemate|25640, I'm just trying to remember what that may be, in a imagebin or pastebin if text yeah.02:35
KSFTokay, I ran diskmgmt.msc02:37
mate|25640wileee, I can't paste from that machine but here they are: linux-powerpc-e500mc, linux-powerpc-smp, linux-image-powerpc-e500mc, linux-image-powerpc-smp, linux-image-4.2.0-16-powerpc-smp and linux-image-4.2.0-powerpc-e500mc02:37
daftykinsKSFT: so how big is the disk and how big is the C: partition?02:37
KSFTthe disk is supposed to be 512 GB02:38
KSFTit's a solid-state drive02:38
KSFTit won't let me shrink it more than 22224602:39
KSFTI assume that's MB02:39
daftykinsKSFT: if it were me, i would locate the 'create recovery discs' feature and either burn DVDs if the machine has an optical drive, or make backup ISOs to copy off before doing anything else.02:39
[n0mad]yeah that shrink in windows is junk02:39
wileeemate|25640, Cool, probably need someone more ppc knowing than I, never seen it and have no idea which choice, sorry.02:39
KSFTdaftykins: why?02:39
daftykinsKSFT: because then you have a way to go back if your ubuntu install inadvertently kills Windows.02:40
mate|25640wileee, no problem, thanks.02:40
daftykinsKSFT: i do this for a living so this is what i do.02:40
KSFTdaftykins: I don't have an optical drive or an extra flash drive that's bigger than 1 GB02:40
daftykinshmm that's pretty poor preparation then02:40
KSFTI think I'll just be careful not to get rid of Windows02:40
KSFTas long as Ubuntu's working, it wouldn't be terrible if it broke Windows02:41
daftykinsbe a big waste o' disk space.02:41
daftykinscheck what the wifi adapter is whilst you're there, devmgmt.msc02:41
Humorousone_KSFT: I read that in an evil voice02:41
worralphHello, im trying to build a package for a python3 program. I get the error dpkg-genchanges: error: binary build with no binary artifacts found; cannot distribute. Does anyone know what this means?02:42
Humorousone_KSFT: "it wouldn't be... terrible.. if it broke windows..." >:D02:42
okmpoI am getting this error while trying to create partition: Error creating partition on /dev/sdb: Command-line `parted --align optimal --script "/dev/sdb" "mkpart logical ext2 4796MiB 5528800255b"' exited with non-zero exit status 1: Error: You requested a partition from 5029MB to 5529MB.02:42
okmpoThe closest location we can manage is 5029MB to 5529MB.02:42
okmpo (udisks-error-quark, 0)02:42
KSFTdaftykins: why are there four network adapters?02:43
KSFToh, two of them are Bluetooth02:43
daftykinsKSFT: bluetooth.02:43
daftykinsthe clue is in the name02:43
goddardanyone know of a terminal session saver?  Like save tabs and history for all those tabs?02:43
KSFTwhat's with the other two?02:43
daftykinswired LAN and wifi? i can't see from here.02:43
daftykinsgoddard: maybe ask in #linux since repeating here isn't getting you much02:43
KSFT"Broadcom 802.11ac BCM4352 Network Adapter" and "Realtek PCIe GBE Famile Controller"02:44
Jordan_Uokmpo: Please pastebin the output of "sudo smartctl --all /dev/sdb".02:45
KSFTso how do I shrink the partition?02:45
daftykinsKSFT: well you can either go wit hthat resize, or you'll have to do something else to resize C: smaller.02:45
KSFTlike what else?02:46
VoyageIs there any great text to speech engine that I can just go and use?02:46
okmpoJordan_U, it says "smartctl: command not found" a typing error maybe?02:46
KSFTUbuntu said C: has 40.3 GB of data02:46
KSFTI'd like to leave it at maybe 80 GB02:46
daftykinsKSFT: one option would be to check the recycle bin is empty and defrag that SSD, which will make a lot of people in this room start screaming for even suggesting it - or you'll just have to do it from the ubuntu live session.02:46
zacwallsis it .conkyrc or .conkyrc.02:47
daftykinscall it an even 100GB, you won't get much out of 80GB with win8 or 1002:47
Jordan_Uokmpo: sudo apt install smartmontools02:47
KSFTwhat's wrong with doing it from the Ubuntu live session?02:47
wileeedaftykins, Nah windows has an optimizer it cool02:47
martinlaf12need block site web02:47
okmpoJordan_U, in progress02:47
NekoMaid420_So the sudoers file is read only. Is there a way to run vim or visudo where they override read-only?02:48
Jordan_UNekoMaid420_: I doubt that it is read only for root, which you need to be to edit /etc/sudoers.02:49
daftykinswileee: mm good point, TRIM won't help being able to shrink the volume more though :(02:50
NekoMaid420_I am root though Jordan_U. I booted into the recovery console02:50
okmpoJordan_U, this is the output: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13005742/02:50
daftykinsKSFT: it is less than ideal is all, use the tools native to the OS is my opinion. now there's more risk02:50
Jordan_UNekoMaid420_: sudo mount -o remount,rw /02:50
wileeedaftykins, true, not an easy context.02:51
NekoMaid420_Oh, just remount it as rewritable. Awesome! Thank you Jordan_U!!02:51
KSFTdaftykins: okay02:51
Jordan_Uokmpo: Is this a cheap flash drive?02:51
KSFTI think I'll do it anyway02:51
okmpoJordan_U, no02:51
Jordan_Uokmpo: What kind of drive is it?02:51
okmpoJordan_U, it is a flash drive. have it for a while02:52
wileeeKSFT, Chances are you can get the full OEM install discs from the manufacturer cheap, if tis is their MS install.02:52
KSFTwhat's OEM?02:52
wileeeKSFT, original manufacturer02:52
okmpoI had no problem with it until now02:53
Jordan_Uokmpo: Your flash drive is probably dying and returning garbage data.02:53
KSFTlike the discs to install Windows again if I break it?02:53
Jordan_Uokmpo: Please pastebin the output of "dmesg".02:53
wileeeKSFT, We try to keep it intact if we can when you want but gotta have a second plan. ;)02:53
fumblehoolHI all ... 2 days ago i updated my ubuntu gnome to 15.04 on my pc but afterwards whenever i turn it on , it always shows me tty1 screen instead of GUI . Pressing Ctrl+Alt + F7 does nothing.I even tried running command startx but still no good. Can somebody tell me how to repair ?02:54
KSFTit says that it should be connected to the internet02:54
wileeeKSFT, yeah full install, I got a set for like 20$ US at one time, exact same as you have.02:54
KSFT"For best results", it says02:54
Jordan_Ufumblehool: What is the output of "systemctl status lightdm"?02:54
KSFTwileee: I'll keep that in mind in case this doesn't work02:54
KSFTshould I fix the wifi problem before trying to install Ubuntu?02:55
okmpoJordan_U, it is very long02:55
fumblehool lightdm.service Loaded:not -found (Reason :no such file or directory) Sctive : inactive (dead)02:56
wileeefumblehool, startx is incorrect on the de, can you login in that first tty?02:56
okmpoalso this happened with two flash drives.02:56
fumblehool@wileee  i can login to all tty02:56
KSFTso should I install Ubuntu and then fix the wifi problem or fix the wifi problem first?02:57
Jordan_Uokmpo: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com handles long output without issue.02:57
wileeeKSFT, Are you hard plugged that is all really, the wifi fix wont stay02:57
KSFTI don't have a wired connection02:58
wileeeKSFT, You have ethernet plugged into it?02:58
KSFTI think I have an ethernet cable I can use, though02:58
wileeeKSFT, I would not do it without having the net, you will be back here and need that I hope not but, having it hitting the repos on install is very good.02:59
Jordan_Uokmpo: You can also run "dmesg | pastebinit", which will automatically upload the output to http://pastebin.ubuntu.com and give you a link.03:00
KSFTokay, now connected03:00
okmpoJordan_U, I'm pasting it, soon done :)03:00
VoyageHow can I record sound comming form my browser?03:00
wileeeKSFT, If I were standing there helping you I would clone the MS than install, noting without you backing it up, or having install discs and the keys.03:01
KSFTis there a way to control the partition sizes more precisely?03:01
* Voyage waits03:01
KSFTby just dragging the slider, I can't get it between 99.6 GB and 100.1 GB03:02
xMopxShellwill having a swap partition or file on an SSD harm the ssd?03:02
wileeeVoyage, ghostly?03:02
KSFT99.1 GB*03:02
nbros652I have a script set up to run a system beep (/usr/bin/beep). It works just fine when I run the script manually (produces a beep). When I configure the script to run in udev on USB insertion, the script runs (all other commands in the script create the expected output), but the beep command does not produce sound. Any ideas? ... http://paste.ubuntu.com/13005821/03:02
daftykinsKSFT: what's the point?03:02
wileeeVoyage, sound from your browser is?03:02
Jordan_UxMopxShell: For any SSD (not counting "thumb drives") made within the past few years you should be fine.03:03
xMopxShellJordan_U: alright, thanks03:03
Jordan_Unbros652: What user does the script run as?03:03
Voyagewileee, yes. any kind of sound03:03
KSFTdaftykins: because  I want it to be 100 GB?03:03
KSFTbecause I*03:03
KSFTI guess it doesn't matter much03:04
KSFT100.1 GB it is03:04
nbros652Jordan_U, I would assume udev runs it as root since it is capable of mounting and unmounting drives. Just to be safe, I changed the permissions on /usr/bin/beep to allow everyone access... still no luck.03:04
KSFT"any previous changes have to be written to disk"03:04
KSFTwhat does that mean?03:04
daftykinsdo it or nothing changes03:04
wileeeVoyage, handful of FF addons for gathering vids probably sound only, there are a couple of apps in ubuntu which separate it from vid if needed03:04
daftykinsKSFT: who does this system belong to?03:05
Voyagewileee,  I think sound from soundcard should be the one I am looking for? unless you know any that records from firefox?03:05
daftykinsKSFT: and the laptop from earlier too?03:05
KSFTwhich one?03:05
KSFT...what just appened?03:06
vincenzowhat's the problem?03:06
KSFTa whole bunch of people just left03:06
nbros652Jordan_U, I added a line to see who the user was, and it said root. I also just heard it produce a beep in the background! I guess it might be working now.03:06
wileeeVoyage, Not really but easy to find, I would think that would be easiest, but I don;t really know your end goal and data working with.03:06
daftykinsKSFT: whatever one you were working on earlier :)03:07
KSFTthe one I'm installing Ubuntu on now is mine03:07
KSFTwhy do you ask?03:07
Voyagewileee,  I want a good text to speech facility. i found one on a website but it only plays it. I cant download it03:07
KSFTthe resizer thing won't delete data, right?03:07
Jordan_UVoyage: Do you just not like the voices available for espeak? The pronounciation of words? Something else?03:08
wileeeVoyage, Ah, I had a friend in college who used a speech processor for writing papers, windows though. Hope you get the help here, someone will probably have some info.03:08
daftykinsKSFT: just wondered if we were kick starting an IT career :)03:09
KSFTdaftykins: possibly03:09
Voyagewileee,  not speech processor. I need text converted to speech03:09
Guest6703how can i pastebin directly in the terminal?03:09
Guest6703what should i type?03:09
daftykinsGuest6703: install pastebinit03:09
Guest6703there is a way without installing something but i dont remember03:10
KSFTokay, it's doing...something now03:10
daftykinsGuest6703: if you're going to use it regularly, install the package.03:11
daftykins!info pastebinit03:11
ubottupastebinit (source: pastebinit): command-line pastebin client. In component main, is optional. Version 1.4-4 (wily), package size 14 kB, installed size 164 kB03:11
daftykins164KB is a small sacrifice.03:11
fumblehool@Jordan_U  what is the problem with my pc?03:11
Guest6703i am using the live session so i can not install03:11
okmpoJordan_U, it is this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13005872/03:12
zacwallsI keep getting a error: conky: missing text block in configuration from my /etc/conky/conky.conf http://pastebin.com/WkWHuTPD03:15
KSFTokay, it finished03:16
KSFThey, it startued GRUB03:16
eelstrebori don't know what update messed me up tonight but the unity desktop on my laptop won't come up - just a blank desktop03:16
KSFTnow to make sure Windows boots03:17
KSFTit does!03:18
fumblehool@Jordan_U problem solved..i just reinstalled gdm and everything is as sweet as it should be03:18
zhangweifrist use it!03:18
KSFTI can't start Ubuntu now03:22
daftykinsthat was quick03:22
okmpoJordan_U, I will just reboot and be back..03:23
KSFTdaftykins: it's starting Windows immediately03:24
zacwallsI keep getting a error: conky: missing text block in configuration from my /etc/conky/conky.conf http://pastebin.com/WkWHuTPD03:25
zacwalls 03:25
Foxtrotstart from the bottom and delete every block of text until the error disappears03:27
daftykinsKSFT: you'll have to change the default boot device order inside the EFI.03:27
Foxtrotthen work your way back down until it reappears, and youve isolated your problem03:27
zacwallsFoxtrot, done. Still getting that error. In fact, I deleted both files....03:27
okmpoJordan_U, I'm back..could you get a chance to view the output?03:27
okmpoI dont know if it is a helpful detail, but these problems happened when I tried to create sub-partitions under an extended partition. I have also primary partitions, which are still there and were created easily03:29
zacwallsFoxtrot, any idea what the hell happened?03:30
Foxtrotno clue03:30
zacwallsFoxtrot, :/03:30
Foxtrottry uninstalling and re installing03:31
Foxtroti guess...03:31
KSFTdaftykins: I don't see Ubuntu in the list of boot devices03:31
daftykinsit won't be a boot device03:32
daftykinsanyway i have to leave03:32
KSFTwhat do I do then?03:32
daftykinsask someone else.03:32
KSFThow do I start GRUB?03:32
daftykins!efi read there03:33
ubottudaftykins: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:33
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI03:33
daftykinsread there, might help.03:33
zacwallsdaftykins, know about conky?03:33
daftykinssee where i said i'm leaving?03:33
Voyagewhats the best text to speech facility?.03:41
Latrodectus*human + microphone03:41
=== sheldon is now known as Guest60847
KSFTcan someone else help me?03:41
KSFThow do I get GRUB to start?03:41
KSFTI just installed Ubuntu, but Windows is starting immediately when I turn on my computer03:42
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest41130
VoyageLatrodectus,  programs I meant03:42
LatrodectusKSFT: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBoot03:43
Guest41130could the xubuntu Terminal used to hack wifi03:43
LatrodectusGuest41130: yes03:43
KSFTI installed it already03:43
Guest41130how so03:43
KSFTI just can't start it03:43
wileeeGuest41130, not here03:43
Guest41130im new to all this one of my buddys introduced me to this03:43
Foxtrotpress your boot menu key on boot up03:43
Foxtrotselect GRUB03:43
LatrodectusKSFT: you need to rebuild your bootloader after installing linux03:43
KSFTFoxtrot: GRUB isn't an option03:44
LatrodectusGuest41130: try ##security03:44
LatrodectusGuest41130: or ##networking03:44
LatrodectusGuest41130: or ##programming03:44
Latrodectusbut not here03:44
FoxtrotNot there either.03:44
Guest41130would it be possible to get one of ur guys email so i could learn from u guys?03:45
[n0mad]KSFT: http://askubuntu.com/questions/221835/installing-ubuntu-on-a-pre-installed-windows-with-uefi/228069#22806903:45
[n0mad]and yes, i know you have it installed already03:46
[n0mad]but you have fastboot enabled it sounds like03:46
KSFTI already turned off secureboot03:50
KSFTI don't see anything about "fastboot" in the BIOS settings03:50
Guest6703you must have how can you otherwise install ubuntu linux03:51
KSFT"Boot Mode" is set to "UEFI", and I can change it to the only other option, which is "Legacy Support"03:51
[n0mad]fastboot is a windows setting03:51
KSFThow do I turn it off?03:51
[n0mad]oh, i guess they call it fast startup03:52
okmpoJordan_U, are you still available?03:52
dupingpingjust a question, ubuntu membership certificate mail is registered mail or common mail?03:52
okmpoor can anyone else help me please?03:53
icebalgoogle hast it at the top, dont even need to go to a site03:53
KSFTI turned off fast startup, and it's still starting Windows immediately03:56
KSFTI don't see GRUB03:56
sheldon_does ubuntu for raspberry pi 2 have its own channel?03:57
Guest6703just change the uefi setting to ((other os))03:57
KSFThow do I do that?03:57
SachiruQuery: For HBA cards, is support for the Highpoint RocketRAID series good, or should I go with LSI?03:58
Guest6703you need to always have both disabled03:58
KSFTI should load the default settings for "Other OS", Guest6703?03:59
Guest6703with both i mean secure boot and uefi to other os03:59
KSFTsecure boot is off04:00
KSFTwhat does it mean to "uefi to other os"?04:00
Guest6703the cmos bios setting uefi to the option other os04:01
KSFTI don't see a setting like that04:02
Guest6703you should be see it if you see secure boot04:02
KSFTI don't04:02
KSFTsecure boot04:03
KSFT"REset to Setup Mode"04:03
KSFTrestore factory keys04:03
KSFTthat's it in the "Security" tab04:03
Guest6703ok go to the second tab04:04
KSFTI can change "Boot Mode" from "UEFI" to "Legacy Support"04:04
KSFTis that is?04:04
KSFTthe second tab is "Configuration"04:04
Guest6703legacy support should be the same04:04
Guest6703the only thing you need to do is to change the 2 option like you already deed04:06
KSFTtime, date, "Wireless LAN", "SATA Controller Mode", "Graphic Device", "NVIDIA GPS", "Power Beep", "Intel Virtual Technology", "BIOS Back Flash", "HotKey Mode", "Always On USB"04:06
KSFTthat's it in the "Configuration" tab04:06
Guest6703the only thing you need to do is to change the 2 option like you already did04:06
KSFTwhat are the two options?04:07
KSFTsafe boot off04:07
KSFTwhat's the other?04:07
Guest6703secure boot of and the other thing you said you already did04:08
Guest6703the cmos bios setting uefi to the option other os04:08
KSFTI don't know what that is04:08
Guest6703legacy support should be the same04:08
KSFTI don't think I did that04:08
Guest6703to chose legacy support04:09
KSFTI can load the default settings for "Other OS"04:09
KSFTshould I do that?04:09
Guest6703did you already chose legacy support04:09
KSFToh wait04:10
KSFTno, nevermind04:10
yigalah the subtleties of eufi04:10
KSFThow do I make GRUB show up?04:10
Guest6703what can you chose instead of legacy support04:11
KSFTthe default04:12
Guest6703and you have no option like other os04:12
KSFTfor the "Boot Mode" setting, that's correct04:13
Guest6703then chose legacy support it should be the same thing04:14
KSFTmore options appeared04:14
KSFTwell, one more04:14
KSFT"Boot Priority"04:14
Guest6703other os maybe04:14
KSFT"UEFI First" or "Legacy First"04:14
KSFTshould I set it to the second one?04:14
KSFTI'm going to try that04:15
Guest6703the legacy support first04:15
KSFTyeah, let's see04:15
KSFTthere's some kind of full screen terminal-looking thing with very large text04:15
Guest6703it should work now04:15
KSFTnot GRUB04:15
=== nudtrobert1 is now known as nudtrobert
KSFTit waited for a while, showed the manufacturer logo, then went back to waiting04:17
KSFTthe /-\| spinning line loading think04:17
KSFTit isn't showing me GRUB04:18
Guest6703you should be able to see now other os if you go back now04:18
Guest6703or to chose it04:18
KSFTwhich setting?04:18
KSFT"Boot Mode"?04:19
KSFTjust "UEFI" and "Legacy Support"04:19
KSFTlike before04:19
Guest6703yes there04:19
Guest6703close to it under04:20
KSFTI don't see it04:20
KSFTI think I'll run boot-repair04:20
KSFTit helped when I had this problem a while ago04:20
Guest6703other options you did not have04:20
yigalKSFT: what type of motherboard do you have?04:23
KSFTno idea04:24
KSFThow do I find out?04:24
KSFTI got Ubuntu to start from the flash drive again04:24
yigalsounds good04:24
KSFTrunning boot-repair04:24
Guest6703In this part I can't help much since each BIOS is different for each Motherboard model. There are 2 options you can take here, both of which are optional since Ubuntu might install without any problems at all. You can either look for an option to disable Secure Boot or an option to disable UEFI. In some cases you will be able to find both, it will show in the BIOS as an option called Secure Boot or Enable UEFI.04:25
Guest6703If you find this options, then depending if you can not install Ubuntu with Secure Boot enable then disable Secure Boot (Remember to report this as a bug using ubuntu-bug shim), to be able to still stay in UEFI mode and also be able to Boot with Ubuntu. In some motherboards, this will be the only option you actually need to change and also will be the only option you see related to UEFI because they will not offer the possibility to disable UEFI.04:26
KSFTas you know, I have disabled secure boot, so that's irrelevant04:29
KSFTboot-repair says there was an error04:29
vickycqHi. Is plymouth custon theme persistent through upgrades ?04:32
vickycqIf not, 红外04:32
Guest6703resend the link04:32
vickycqIf not, how can I make it persistent through upgrades?04:32
Guest6703like with http or something04:32
Guest6703resend the link04:33
Guest6703like with http or something04:33
KSFTin case https isn't supported04:33
Guest6703try to change the setting by setting and then back if it does not work04:36
KSFTit said something about needing another partition for GRUB, I think04:37
Guest6703try to change setting by setting and then back if it does not work until it works04:37
noethicsanyone know of a linux utility like scp that will keep a connection alive, so as to send multiple files04:37
KSFT"Locked-ESP detected."04:38
LambdaComplexnoethics: sounds like something rsync might be able to do?04:38
KSFT"You may want to retry after creating a /boot/efi partition"04:39
LambdaComplexalthough i don't know what scp is :P04:39
noethicsLambdaComplex, rsync can't afaik04:39
LambdaComplexnoethics: what if you use the daemon?04:39
noethicsi would prefer not to have a remote dependency LambdaComplex04:40
noethicsbarring ssh04:40
KSFTokay, I'll try again tommorow04:40
Guest6703why why does this not work what did i forget to do http://paste.ubuntu.com/13006436/04:42
Guest6703why why does this not work what did i forget to do http://paste.ubuntu.com/13006436/04:45
Guest6703why why does this not work what did i forget to do http://paste.ubuntu.com/13006436/04:53
wafflejockGuest6703: "Read only filesystem"04:54
KSFTpaste it into the address bar04:54
wafflejockGuest6703: no need to repeat in IRC04:54
wafflejockGuest6703: the /media/it/ must be mounted as read only04:54
linuxuz3rif you have a several include dir in the make file and one of the headers in your source resides in the include dir04:55
linuxuz3rwill it compile properly04:55
wafflejocklinuxuz3r: this room is more for ubuntu support you probably want ##programming or #c or something04:55
Guest6703like you see this is the partition i want to copy clone /media/it/faad1b8e-1145-4114-a15d-783536747e10/04:57
KSFTGRUB isn't appearing when I start my computer04:58
wafflejockGuest6703: ah sorry read the command wrong04:58
KSFTcan anyone help?04:58
Guest6703how can i make it so it is not read only mode04:59
wafflejockGuest6703: believe it's trying to make the .tar.gz in the local folder but looks like you're in a /cdrom folder04:59
wafflejockGuest6703: do you have write privileges in that folder?05:00
jak2000anyone worked with: ssh-keygen -t rsa   i want copy from server1 to server2 a file without asking a password, how do it?05:01
wafflejockGuest6703: you can, ls -al /cdrom, to see the file ownership/permissions05:01
wileeeKSFT, looks like a bad install, not uefi to start with, and huge errors now. Wait for good help, you've rushed into this a bit.05:01
Guest6703i think so because i can create other things on /cdrom05:02
wafflejockjak2000: nope sorry have only created them then manually copied the public key and put it in authorized_keys on the server05:02
jak2000wafflejock  authorized_keys where is?05:02
jak2000and in wich server? authorized_keys  ?05:03
jak2000see please: http://postimg.org/image/5e385aizd/05:03
jak2000mi scneario05:03
wafflejockjak2000: you just make it in the .ssh folder of the user you want to log in as, so you have your "client" machine the one you want to connect from, where you make the keys, then you have the "server" the computer you want to connect to, you make the private/public key on the client machine then you can cat id_rsa.pub, or whatever the public key is and put it in ~/.ssh/authorized_keys plain text file on the server05:04
jak2000ok i want connect with user jak, but a friend tell me, create on /root/.ssh folder05:04
jak2000its wrong right?05:05
wafflejockyeah pretty sure it should be in the user folder for the user you want to connect as05:05
wafflejockthat's how I've had it at least05:05
wafflejockalways seems to work05:05
Guest6703why why does this not work what did i forget to do http://paste.ubuntu.com/13006436/05:06
Guest6703why why does this not work what did i forget to do http://paste.ubuntu.com/13006436/05:12
nudogeGuest6703: what are you writing to?05:13
Guest6703to usb flash drive05:13
nudogeit is mounted as read-only05:14
Guest6703but i can put things on it05:15
nudogewhat I think I know brb05:16
Guest6703how can i do that if it is read only mode05:16
Guest6703but i can put things on it05:16
Guest6703how can i do that if it is read only mode05:16
wafflejockGuest6703: all of your messages are coming through multiple times you know why that is?05:17
LatrodectusGuest6703: change the rw privilages...05:18
LatrodectusGuest6703: try man chmod05:18
Latrodectus*"man chmod"05:19
Guest6703man chmod does not explain how to change rw privilages05:22
Guest6703what should i type to make it rw05:24
Latrodectus^lol this guy05:24
Latrodectuslearn to read05:24
LatrodectusGuest6703: file_name 777 or something like that05:25
Guest6703what do you mean05:26
Guest6703i do not understand05:26
nudogemodifying permissions05:26
nudogetouch file05:26
nudogechmod 777 file05:26
nudogels -lah05:27
nudogechmod 000 file05:27
nudogels -lah05:27
nudogerm file05:27
Guest6703but it is a partition05:27
nudogerwx = read,write,executte05:27
nudogeGuest6703: everything is a file05:27
Ben64Guest6703: explain what you want to do exactly05:27
LatrodectusGuest6703: then you want to add the "recursive tag"05:28
Ben64Guest6703: "this" is not an explanation05:28
Guest6703why why does this not work what did i forget to do http://paste.ubuntu.com/13006436/05:28
LatrodectusGuest6703: read the full man page05:28
Guest6703why why does this not work what did i forget to do http://paste.ubuntu.com/13006436/05:28
nudogesomething about an -r flag05:28
Ben64Guest6703: stop repeating yourself05:28
nudogeor change permissions05:29
Guest6703i dont understand how i can do that05:29
Ben64Guest6703: if /cdrom is actually a cdrom, you can't write to it (the rom in cdrom means read only memory)05:29
Guest6703to /cdrom05:29
nudogeGuest6703: use the ui05:30
Guest6703but /cdrom is usb flash drive05:30
Ben64Guest6703: pastebin the output of "mount"05:30
nudogemount | grep cdrom05:31
LatrodectusGuest6703: how old are you? i'm 1905:32
nudoge/dev/sdb1 on /cdrom type vfat (ro,noatime,fmask=0022,dmask=0022,codepage=437,iocharset=iso8859-1,shortname=mixed,errors=remount-ro)05:32
Ben64Guest6703: its mounted read only05:32
nudogeits mounted as read only05:32
nudogemkdir /mnt/usb05:33
nudogeumount /dev/sdb105:33
Ben64nudoge: please stop05:33
nudogecan I finish?05:34
Ben64nudoge: no05:34
Latrodectusnudoge: i think that Guest6703 is a troll05:34
nudogeI think Guest6703 is young and confused about linux05:34
Ben64Guest6703: sudo mount -o remount,rw /cdrom05:34
Latrodectusnudoge: i'm cynical like that05:35
Guest6703it@it:/cdrom$ sudo mount -o remount,rw /cdrom05:35
Ben64yep now you can write to it05:35
porekhello, can you help me please? I have an urgent problem05:37
porekis anyone nearby?05:38
Latrodectusporek: don't ask to ask a question05:38
nudogealways, just ask.05:38
nudogeBen64: I just utilize umask for comptibility so I dont use mount flags(unless I must).05:40
porekmy drive has been acting so strangely in the last days as I was busy with moving files. I use gnome disk utility and when I try to unlock the partition the wheel symbol keeps turning eternally, but the partition doesnt open. and I cannot stop the process.05:40
Guest6703what can i type to check verify that everything is copied cloned correctly exactly http://paste.ubuntu.com/13006436/05:40
porekor dont know how to stop it.05:40
porekpower off doesnt help05:40
Ben64Guest6703: it still gave an error?05:41
why_PeoplewhyI need some help05:41
Ben64why_Peoplewhy: you need to ask a question for that to happen05:41
Ben64Guest6703: well thats what that paste is05:42
Guest6703it is good now it was the old link05:42
LatrodectusGuest6703: you can make calculate the hash of the data...05:42
porekthis might have caused 2 other drives to be damaged. because these are also giving errors. there seems to be a serious problem somewhere. can you help please=05:42
fesdo you know if there is a PPA for mate gtk3? i can't find one.05:42
Ben64porek: what errors05:43
Guest6703can i not only type something extra so it check after if everything is cloned correctly05:43
nudogeyou can use 'tar tvf backup.tar.gz'05:43
Guest6703can i not only type something extra so it check after if everything is cloned correctly after the backup finished05:44
krhnolahi all05:44
krhnolanew guy here05:44
fesi found a ppa now.05:44
krhnolai would to ask some basic questions re: ubuntu05:45
nudogeporek: Are you trying to save the drives?05:45
max1is the ubuntu mobile sdk open source? i want to install it on a virtual android device using genymotion05:46
porekBen64, nudoge, there are several strange things happening lately. yes, all happened while trying to save files05:46
porekfirst one was that the process stood still for eternity, such that I could move the cursor, but no process on the computer05:46
wbillin ubuntu how do i change the default mp3 player/music player and how do i change the default music card cause i have a usb 1 plugged in also?05:46
porekand then I had to power-shut. this was two days ago05:46
nudogeare they in raid?05:47
Ben64porek: describing things isn't really going to help figure it out, need error messages or something along those lines05:47
krhnolacan i set up a partion so i can run ubuntu and MS at will05:47
Ben64!dualboot | krhnola05:48
ubottukrhnola: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot05:48
porekI can look for the earlier error messages..also powering off just one drive /device was causing the closing of the whole gnome disk utility window.05:49
porekthese were in the last days. but what happened today is my real problem.05:49
aclaudemIs it bad to mix apt-get and synaptic use?05:50
porekI was creating partitions on one flash drive, and next time when I insert it the partition was shown as "unknown"05:50
Latrodectusaclaudem: only if you try to do it at the same time...05:50
Ben64porek: really. you need to give actual details, not stories05:50
porekafter multiple trials, I gave up, thinking first that the problem was with the flash drive05:50
porekBen64, I need to tell what the problem is, right? what do you need to know?05:51
Ben64again, an error message, something more than just you saying things that act weird05:51
porekyeah, I will find it, I guess. but I am telling the problem05:52
jak2000i am try copy a file from server1 to server 2: http://postimg.org/image/5e385aizd/ with ssh-keygen -t rsa cant, i do: 1) in server 1, typed: ssh-keygen -t rsa, generated 2 files on: /home/jak/.ssh id_rsa and id_rsa.pub, 2) next step, i do: cat /home/jak/.ssh/id_rsa.pub and copied the contento to server 2 ton: /home/jak/.ssh/authorized_keys     then server1 file /home/jak/.ssh/id_rsa.pub  is05:52
jak2000exact same on server2: /home/jak/.ssh/authorized_keys   i do this command:  rsync -avzP /backup/tari.sql jak@domain.noip.me:/home/jak/sql/   asked something yes/no, typed yes, and then ask me the jak's password, typed correctly, and the file was copied, rerun again the rsyn command and again ask me a password, wich i am do wrong? thanks05:52
porekand then I inserted 2 more (!) external drives, and saw that the same thing happened to them, too, some partitions that I recently created were all shown as "unknown"05:53
jak2000wafflejock any advice?05:53
poreklike Partition 5, 4GB, unknown05:53
Ben64jak2000: pastebin the actual commands and errors and everything, don't ping random people05:53
Ben64porek: ok i give up on you, good luck05:53
porekcan anyone else help me please?05:54
porekwhat does this "unknown" mean? can I save the data in this partition? this is the critical part for me05:54
nudogeporek: can you pastebin the product of this command 'tail -n 60 /var/log/messages'05:54
poreknudoge, sure05:55
porek I will also look for the error message now05:55
poreknudoge, it says this : http://paste.ubuntu.com/13006725/05:56
nudogeporek: sorry about that try this 'dmesg | tail -n 50'05:57
poreknudoge, here it is: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13006738/05:58
nudogeporek: these are usb's you are having issues with?06:00
jak2000Ben64: http://pastie.org/10517424 in lines 6,7,10  i only hit an ENTER06:01
poreknudoge, yes, I see the flash disk, that is the one. but I don't see the other drive that is also connected right now06:01
Ben64jak2000: uh, you should make a new key since you pasted it here06:02
porekbut sdd1,2,3, yes, that is the flash disk that I cannot remove06:02
nudogeporek: try 'sudo blkid'06:02
jak2000Ben64 :) no problem06:03
jak2000i changed something06:03
jak2000why reask me a password?06:03
Ben64jak2000: you might need to restart ssh or something to get the key to start going06:03
jak2000in wich server?06:04
jak2000server1 or server 2?06:04
jak2000or both?06:04
Ben64both wouldn't hurt06:04
poreknudoge, here it is: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13006755/06:04
nudogeare any of those the drive in question?06:05
poreknudoge, the problem with partitions turning "unknown" happened with some of the partitions on sdb and sdc. I can also specify which ones.06:06
nudoge!gparted | porek06:06
ubottuporek: gparted is a !GTK/!Gnome !GUI partitioning program. Type « sudo apt-get install gparted » in a console to install it - A GParted "live" CD is available at http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php06:06
poreknudoge, I have gparted06:07
porekdo you think it makes a difference to view the partitions on gparted now?06:07
nudogeand you cant rebuild06:07
poreknudoge, sorry, how do you mean?06:08
poreksorry, I don't understand06:09
nudogewhen you open gparted can you view this disk?06:10
poreknudoge, yes, I can view the disk, but the partition is shown as "unknown" in gparted, too06:10
nudogeyou would have to know what format the disk is in and have the packages that support that format. Or, if you don't care about the data on the disk, right click and format.06:11
poreknudoge, I meant that I could see the disk with "unknown" partition. but I cannot view the flash drive which I cannot unmount.06:11
porektwo different problems at the same time06:12
Guest6703nudoge how do you mean tar tvf backup.tar.gz                               something like                                              sudo tar -cvpzf backuphome.tar.gz /media/it/faad1b8e-1145-4114-a15d-783536747e10/06:13
poreknudoge, I do care about the data. it is critical. but the disk or the problematic partition has been created just like all others until now. I havent done anything new06:13
nudogetar tvf is used to view06:13
nudogeporek: have you tired testdisk?06:13
Guest6703nudoge how do you mean tar tvf backup.tar.gz                               something like                                              sudo tar tvf -cvpzf backuphome.tar.gz /media/it/faad1b8e-1145-4114-a15d-783536747e10/06:14
porekI'd only wish I could solve it by adding some packages. do you think it is the reason?06:14
nudogeGuest6703: no need for -cvpzf to check06:14
nudogejust 'tar tvf backup.tar.gz'06:15
Guest6703nudoge will it check everything then06:15
nudogeporek: no, I think the disk is failing but its a shot06:15
poreknudoge, I haven't tried testdisk yet, I just hoped that something could be done before "data recovery"06:15
nudogeGuest6703: this will print everythig you backed-up06:15
porekinferring from all these non-removable flash drive, standstills while saving files and gnome disk utility anomalies in removing media..06:16
nudogeporek: you can use scaple to grab images06:17
poreknudoge, they are mostly pdf files06:17
porekgosh..is there no way to get back these files intact=06:18
Guest6703nudoge but it does not do any good beacause i dont now everything all is settings and things like that06:18
nudogeGuest6703: eh thats how you chech a tar.  You could tar it up again create two output text files for tar tvf and then use diff test1 test2.  barring that process if it doesn't exit in an error its ok.06:19
Guest6703nudoge i want it to check if everything is cloned06:19
poreknudoge, I am finding back the error messages..one most common was this in the last days as I was creating and saving partitions: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12983637/06:20
Ben64Guest6703: the only way is to extract it somewhere and check that everything you wanted is in there06:20
porekor this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13005683/06:21
nudogeudisks-error-quark << very bad06:23
Guest6703Ben64 but it does not do any good beacause i dont now everything all is settings and things like that06:23
Guest6703Ben64 but it does not do any good beacause i dont now everything all is settings and things like that06:23
Ben64Guest6703: stop repeating, and that doesn't make any sense06:24
Guest6703nudoge thanks anyway06:24
nudogegood luck06:24
r0xtedyubuntu vs debian?06:25
r0xtedygood morning?06:25
poreknudoge, very bad means I should get my data away from this disk as quickly and carefully as possible?06:25
poreknudoge, sorry, were you replying to me?06:25
Guest6703that makes sense because it is the /home /home i am copying06:26
nudogeporek: ya as in the solution to that error looks like this (do not use this command until the data you wish to maintain is off of the disk) 'dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdc1 count=2048'06:26
nudogewhich means wipe and start over and if dd exits in an error the disk is broken06:27
poreknudoge, does dd itself cause this kind of error? because I used it to wipe the disk of unwanted data before partitioning06:27
nudogeI would use testdisk and try to recover as much as I could first06:28
nudogedont worry about dd yet06:28
porekand I remember that dd ended like "no more space on disk". I'd added this zero parameter.06:29
porekcould that be an error or a normal exit?06:29
Guest6703how can i restore everything from the backup later to /home /home06:29
nudogeporek: thats a good exit06:29
baizonGuest6703: when you use dejadup then there is a option to restore06:30
Guest6703and what is that06:30
cfhowlett!info dejadup | Guest670306:30
ubottuGuest6703: Package dejadup does not exist in wily06:30
Guest6703what do you mean does not exist in wily06:31
cfhowlett!backup | Guest670306:31
ubottuGuest6703: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning06:31
poreknudoge, testdisk doesnt care for file names, right?06:32
porekit just recovers in bulk, as I remember06:32
Ben64!info deja-dup06:32
ubottudeja-dup (source: deja-dup): Back up your files. In component main, is optional. Version 34.0-1ubuntu3 (wily), package size 300 kB, installed size 2916 kB06:32
cfhowlettGuest6703, deja-dup (thanks Ben64) is a backup/restore app06:32
Guest6703but i am using xubuntu06:33
cfhowlett???? xubuntu IS ubuntu. what's your point?06:33
Guest6703does deja-dup restore all settings back and heading folders and files06:35
porekbut does the pasted error point to any clue that explains how it damages external drives one after another?06:35
porekwhat kind of error is this?06:35
porekand also, could you please let me know what to do with the drive that I wanted to remove? it is still in the same process06:37
Guest6703is there not an easy line to type to do it06:37
Guest6703does deja-dup restore all settings back and heading folders and files06:37
Guest6703is there not an easy line to type to do it06:37
Ben64Guest6703: why do you keep writing lines multiple times06:37
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porekthe wheel is still turning, and the partition is yet to open, for over 30 minutes06:39
porekcan you help me please, what is happening to the file system? it is killing drives one after another.06:40
porekI can neither access nor remove this drive, and sure it will be the next one to get damaged06:40
porekcan anyone help please?06:46
aclaudemCan someone recommend keyboard friendly mail client? (not shell)06:47
porekthere is this drive that I cannot remove or access..how can I kill the process?06:48
Guest6703does deja-dup restore all settings back and heading folders and files06:51
Guest6703is there not an easy line to type to do it06:51
porekI dont want to access my critical data without losing it. can someone help please?06:53
poreksorry, I want to access, of course06:53
porekis there noone to help?06:57
cfhowlett!patience | porek06:57
ubottuporek: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/06:57
porekcfhowlett, sure, I can wait, just if someone is going to come.06:58
BuzzardBuzzporek: after reading what you are experiencing i am suspecting you may have computer memory issue causing the issue with the flash drives07:06
porekBuzzardBuzz, you mean RAM not enough?07:07
porekor RAM defected?07:07
BuzzardBuzzporek: ram issue on certain locations07:07
porekwhat is the reason for ram issue?07:08
BuzzardBuzzthis can be tested using memtest with a live CD07:08
porekok, so you mean ram can be defected07:08
cfhowlettporek, of course.07:08
BuzzardBuzzporek: this can happed to any ram for no apparent reason and the solution involves replacing the bad ram07:09
porekI would certainly do it once I can turn off the computer. but I left everything as it was since I found out about this partition problem. I still hope for a way to access the files intact. do you think I can do it?07:10
BuzzardBuzzporek: but testing for the issue is needed before it is the known issue07:10
noregrethow can i configure the nameservers for dnsmasq? I'n on 15.1007:11
noregretakik: there?07:11
porekBuzzardBuzz, I need to save this partition. it is connected to the computer and I am trying to figure how I can get those files out of there without touching the system's hard drive07:12
porekor touching as little as possible07:12
porekthe partition that I created in the previos session is shown as "unknown"07:13
BuzzardBuzzporek: you have already said that you are unable to mount and look at it. this may be due to corruption that has already happened. the sooner you shut off the suspected bad hardware hardware the less corruption can occurr07:15
BuzzardBuzzyou are possibly forced at this point to have to use disk recovery tools to be able to recover the data07:16
porekBuzzardBuzz, it is partitioned. I don't touch the damaged partition. I copy the files in the still-intact partitions to elsewhere. I hope this doesnt affect the damaged partition07:16
cfhowlett!dns | noregret07:17
ubottunoregret: To set up a Domain Name Service see the !serverguide - https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/dns.html07:17
BuzzardBuzzporek: bad ram can do more damage the longer you run it. if the ram is not bad then it wont eat your partitions07:17
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porektoday multiple drives have been affected, in other words, damaged by whatever is wrong with the computer. I was talking about one of them, that I couldn't mount. the other one is mounted, but with missing partition.07:18
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BuzzardBuzzporek: it would be better that you have access to a working machine to sort out your flash drives07:19
=== Alphakarem is now known as Guest67760
noregretubottu: that's not what i want. my issue is that NSS can't resolve local hosts using their FQDN, and since dmasq is running by default, it might have an issue with the configured nameservers (relayed)07:20
cfhowlettnoregret, if no answer here, ask #ubuntu-server07:21
porekBuzzardBuzz, I need a new drive with enough space. does it cause more harm to leave the computer on with devices connected?07:21
porekbecause I will have to buy a new one07:21
=== cpaelzer_ is now known as cpaelzer
BuzzardBuzzporek: test for the issue, at this point it is unknown that is the problem07:22
noregretcfhowlett: i'm on ubuntu desktop btw =)07:22
BuzzardBuzzporek: usually the ram issue will cause problems with all hard drive partitions07:23
porekBuzzardBuzz, but I just need the new drive to be able to move the yet-undamaged files to somewhere safe07:23
noregretcfhowlett: also, i forgot that ubottu is a bot xD07:23
BuzzardBuzzporek: you cant move them to your google drive?07:24
noregretcfhowlett: i figured that out since dig/host can resolve the hosts normally but not e.g. ping/firefox.. so it's NSS issue -> dnsmasq config probably or i'm getting this all wrong =)07:24
porekand for the next two hours or so, the partitions will have to stay as they are, and I think it is better to leave them so than to turn off-on the computer until moving the files to a safer place, right?07:24
porekBuzzardBuzz, I dont have one07:24
cfhowlettnoregret, I've no idea, but server folk muck about with DNS all the time, thus my earlier suggestion.07:25
BuzzardBuzzporek: i am sure that you can get one07:25
porekBuzzardBuzz, is there a chance I can still find the files intact, in this "unknown" partition?07:26
abeldoes anyone known about the message07:26
abel[   10.907808] ata2.00: exception Emask 0x0 SAct 0x7fffffff SErr 0x0 action 0x607:26
abel[   10.907812] ata2.00: irq_stat 0x4000000807:26
abel[   10.907815] ata2.00: failed command: READ FPDMA QUEUED07:26
abel[   10.907818] ata2.00: cmd 60/00:b0:80:88:0e/01:00:00:00:00/40 tag 22 ncq 131072 in07:26
abel                        res 41/84:00:88:88:0e/00:01:00:00:00/00 Emask 0x410 (ATA bus error) <F>07:26
abel[   10.907820] ata2.00: status: { DRDY ERR }07:26
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BuzzardBuzzporek: good recovery software might be needed to get the files out. depends on how bad things are chopped up on the drive07:28
BuzzardBuzzporek: its hard to guess just what you can recover until you have tried it07:29
BuzzardBuzzporek: you dont want to try to do the recovery with a computer that you know has issues that borks partitions07:31
=== Massrawy is now known as Alphakarem
porekBuzzardBuzz, I mean, apart from recovery software, is there no chance to find the files in the partition?07:32
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akiknoregret: do you see the file /var/run/nm-dns-dnsmasq.conf ? it should have the dns servers which dnsmasq is using07:34
akiknoregret: dnsmasq is started by network-manager07:35
BuzzardBuzzBuzzardBuzz: well i dont know any other way to try to recover files on a drive that just plain doesnt work anymore07:35
BuzzardBuzzporek: well i dont know any other way to try to recover files on a drive that just plain doesnt work anymore07:36
ST-84BuzzardBuzz, There is07:36
ST-84BuzzardBuzz, Hardware carving07:36
ST-84Drive carving or smetin like that07:36
ST-84Just reading the sectors07:36
ST-84Ignoring the file pointers07:36
ST-84As long as the bytes arent overwritten corruption wont happen07:37
akiknoregret: or if that file does not exist, nmcli dev list iface ethN | grep DNS07:37
porekBuzzardBuzz, the drive has yet undamaged partitions, and I can copy the files in them. but just one partition between neighbouring partitions, it is shown as "unknown". that's why I wonder if the data could just be accessed.07:37
BuzzardBuzzporek: something is the cause for the partition table to be not usable. Software that helps fix this is considered disk recovery is what i am thinking07:40
porekBuzzardBuzz, which software is it in this case?07:41
hypermistwhat distro is more user friendly ?, ubuntu or debian07:43
mflowlinux from scratch07:43
akiknoregret: also 'nm-tool | grep DNS' might work07:43
hypermisti need a gui, cause i plan to also game07:43
BuzzardBuzzporek: testdisk was already recommended to you, but first you need a hardware platform that is known working or you will only lose more data instead of recovering any07:43
minitruehypermist: probably ubuntu if you want to install steam, etc07:43
noregretakik: it's not there07:44
hypermisttime to go get ubuntu 14.04 then minitrue07:44
cfhowletthypermist, ubuntu is generally regarded as more user friendly than debian07:44
minitruehypermist: 14.10 :D07:44
hypermistOkay then07:44
hypermistthere isnt 14.10 on the site minitrue ?07:45
hypermistthere is 15.1007:45
hypermistand 14.0407:45
noregretakik: nmcli dev show eno1 | grep DNS -that's what i use, i don't have nm-tool - and that showed me the configured dns servers07:45
akiknoregret: if you query those dns servers directly, are they not returning the correct information?07:46
porekBuzzardBuzz, yes, I will sure not try recovery on the same computer.07:46
noregretakik: they are07:46
noregretakik: using dig/host07:46
porekBuzzardBuzz, I used testdisk -thankfully- a while ago. it was not keeping the names of the recovered files, right?07:47
porekit recovers everything in bulk, as I remember07:47
noregretakik: btw, one them is the local dns server and the other is google's07:48
BuzzardBuzzporek: there are different levels of success depending on the extent of the isssues that are fixable07:48
porekBuzzardBuzz, but in general is it good with pdf files, which is the most common one in my case?07:50
akiknoregret: just for testing, change the hosts: line in /etc/nsswitch.conf to hosts: files dns07:52
noregretakik: ok, do i need to restart some service ?07:54
akiknoregret: no07:54
akiknoregret: the install of libnss-ldapd is unnecessary unless you know your ldap directory serves hostnames07:54
noregretakik: yeah, i removed i07:55
noregretakik: still can't ping the name07:55
noregretping does not resolve it ie07:55
akiknoregret: can you paste a working dns query and failing ping test?07:56
jwtiyari have small problem07:58
jwtiyaru see my messages?07:58
hypermistis it taht what you mean minitrue07:59
hypermist15.10 ?07:59
jwtiyaru speak with me?07:59
hypermist!ask jwtiyar07:59
hypermistwell i failed07:59
hypermistlol :007:59
hypermistAnyway dont ask to ask jwtiyar07:59
Na3iLhey bilel08:00
wbillanyone know how to change stdin from the default soundcard to something else08:00
TJ-wbill: Change the snd driver index order in /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf08:01
TJ-wbill: the usual strategy is to set the index of an unwanted default device to -2 to stop it claiming index 0 (the first)08:02
wbilli need it to listen from the usb soundcard i have installed which when i do a arecord -l tells me this :  card 1: Device [C-Media USB Audio Device], device 0: USB Audio [USB Audio]08:04
=== jwtiyar is now known as jwtiayr
=== jwtiayr is now known as jwtiyar
TJ-wbill: there are 2 sound devices installed, which is it you want to use?08:05
TJ-wbill: USB is already device 0, so should be the default08:05
wbillthe input mic the mic basiucally from the usb soundcard alll the listing are at -2 i guess : options snd-usb-audio index=-208:05
wbillno there is an onboard at 008:06
TJ-wbill: Oh, sorry, I misread the arecord output!08:06
TJ-wbill: so card 0 is the onboard, and card 1 is the USB device08:06
TJ-wbill: are you recording using the GUI?08:07
wbillcommand line via an icecast2 config for stdin08:07
TJ-wbill: because, in the GUI mixer controls (PulseAudio manager) it is possible to reconfigure which device PA uses as the default, separately for playback and recording08:07
TJ-wbill: if using the command-line programs should accept an argument telling them which ALSA sound device to use08:08
=== chen is now known as Guest9847
wbilljust need the mic in use bluettoth for output etc08:08
wbillit tells me this08:09
wbillzstream: No (more) data available on standard input08:09
lettuce45if I suspend my OS, will processes like tor or torrents keep working or stop?08:10
noregretakik: https://bpaste.net/show/2e7cf70465ea08:10
* hypermist slowly downloads ubuntu 15.1008:13
noregrethypermist: i'm already running it, giving me some DNS trouble =)08:13
hypermistnoregret, its different for each machine :p08:14
noregreti guess xD08:15
akiknoregret: sorry i don't know. are you running nscd which could give you a cached response?08:15
hypermistso your name is noregret and your ubuntus faily ;P08:15
hypermistfailing *08:15
hypermistDo you still think your noregret and should change to muchregret ;)08:15
akiknoregret: if you ping svn.company.local. with the dot at the end, still failing?08:16
TJ-lettuce45: Suspend means everything stops, but memory content is preserved by the battery08:16
lettuce45ok... TJ-08:16
noregretakik: yes, still can't rsolve it08:16
TJ-akik: I've been telling noregret in #ubuntu-server, it's the nsswitch hosts entry probably getting an NXDOMAIN equiv back from mdns4_minimal08:17
hypermistnext thing is after its downloaded is08:17
hypermistBackup all my torrents and altcoin(bitcoinstuff)08:17
akikTJ-: he changed it to files dns08:17
beluga_LibreOffice bug hunting festival is on for the whole weekend: https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/BugHunting_Session_5.1.0.008:18
TJ-akik: noregret was the system restarted?08:19
TJ-akik: "07:46:01 noregret | TJ-: hosts:          files mdns4_minimal [NOTFOUND=return] dns" (now 08:19 here)08:19
wbillany idea how to change the /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf so it sees the usb mic first08:20
TJ-wbill: you can't alter the order of a single pin (input or output), only the entire sound device08:21
=== Thomas_ is now known as Guest56266
noregretTJ-: restarted after changing nsswitch.conf y ou mean?08:22
vijuI want to get rid of all open jdk java. But before that I must change default java.08:22
vijuHow do I do that?08:22
wbillok entire sound device then i just need it to look at the usb card first08:23
noregretTJ-: i did not reboot, should I ?08:24
wbillor just use it period08:24
noregretTJ-: also, check this - https://bpaste.net/show/2e7cf70465ea08:25
=== jwtiyar is now known as jwtiyar89
das_workHello. I want the MTU of my loopback iface to be persistently set to 32768. I did so in /etc/network/interfaces (http://pastebin.com/puuN15c9) but after a reboot it's set to 65K. Why is that so?08:27
=== jwtiyar89 is now known as jwtiyar_
akiknoregret: i haven't needed to reboot after changing nsswitch.conf before but it could be that that's changed08:27
=== farid is now known as Guest62401
=== jwtiyar_ is now known as jwtiyar
jwtiyarwhy i cant delete files in folders ?08:31
noregretakik: i'll reboot and try08:31
inteus!details | jwtiyar08:31
ubottujwtiyar: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)08:31
jwtiyari can just delete them one by one08:31
jwtiyari cant select more than one files just by clicking right08:32
sachin_aI installed ubuntu 15 on my Acer Aspire E15, every thing works fine except one, Laptop is not shutting down. It freezes at shutdown. What should I do?08:36
=== sergio_ is now known as Guest6476
Sl4yerwhat screen does it freeze on?08:37
=== Guest23444 is now known as b3h3m0th
sachin_aon shutdown screen!!08:39
=== b3h3m0th is now known as Guest88861
=== Guest88861 is now known as b3h3m0th
Sl4yerno need for !!08:40
Sl4yeris it the purple ubuntu screen or is it the CLI08:40
sachin_apurple screen!!!08:40
Thomas_AlvarezTrying to install the latest ubuntu on my HP probook 6570b, but as soon as it's loaded the screen freezed an all kind of colors, anything I can try?08:42
TJ-akik: I see a problem with noregret's testing bpaste data; using 'dig @<upstream DNS>' rather than just 'dig' (which would use the local private NM dnsmasq.08:45
akikTJ-: is it so that because they are using .local as their non-multicast dns domain it messes the thing up?08:45
akikTJ-: maybe changing [notfound=return] to [notfound=continue] would work?08:47
TJ-akik: according to the bpaste noregret changed it to "hosts:          files dns", but the test was aimed at the upstream DNS server, *NOT* localhost (which is the one the NM sets the local nameservers on). If "dig +short svn.company.local" fails, that shows the problem is in the local caching DNS server08:53
simonpe^^Can someone please provide me with a resource that describes how to create a -dev package with only the headers of my shared library, without having to make a copy of all my source code.08:59
=== simonpe^^ is now known as simon^^
simon^^Can someone please provide me with a resource that describes how to create a -dev package with only the headers of my shared library, without having to make a copy of all my source code.09:03
simon^^(using debhelper)09:03
noregretakik: woot, it worked :P09:12
noregretakik: shall i keep it files dns ?09:12
noregretTJ-: ^09:12
TJ-noregret: Well done :)09:13
TJ-noregret: the reboot is required because nsswitch is read by a core library early09:14
noregretTJ-: aha, got it09:14
noregretTJ-: so it's mdns's ffault it seems09:14
TJ-noregret: I'd just change the original order so it starts "file dns ..." and the then others09:15
noregretTJ-: will do09:15
TJ-noregret: that way multicast-DNS will still be asked if DNS fails09:15
noregretTJ-: aha, got it09:16
noregretthanks guys09:16
skotskano problem09:16
noregretanybody was successful in configuring pidgin to work with exchange 365? no idea what is happening, a couple of days ago worked just fine with pidgin on centos7, but now on ubuntu, it's failing.. any ideas?09:19
noregretTJ-: oh crap, ping was able to resolve it, now i'm trying ssh and i got "ssh: Could not resolve hostname svn.company.local: Name or service not known"09:22
shreddingi have an upstart script like this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13007465/ It get's "service staging restart" upon deployments of my application. After a few deployments there are lots of celery daemons and my pangolin runs out of memory. Why's that?09:22
TJ-noregret: what does "dig +short svn.company.local" report?09:23
TJ-noregret: also, have you saved an ssh configuration in ~/.ssh/config for that host that specifies the wrong IP address?09:23
noregretTJ-: it resolves correctly09:24
noregretTJ-: let me check the ssh config09:24
noregretTJ-: no ssh config09:24
TJ-noregret: how about ssh to the IP address, does that work?09:25
shreddingThe number of gunicorns (the webserver) which are restarted within the same deployment is constant.09:25
noregretTJ-: sure09:26
noregretTJ-: it just worked... i'm really confused now..09:27
noregretTJ-: dns is going crazy :/09:28
TJ-noregret: use "ssh -vvv ..." and check how ssh client is resolving the hostname09:29
friendofkiwiHello everyone! :)09:30
shreddinghello friendofkiwi09:31
friendofkiwihello shredding :) What's up!?09:31
shreddingtrying to make wade through upstart scripts :)09:32
friendofkiwigood luck with that! :)09:33
friendofkiwihello Ubik_09:34
Ubik_testing a live disk on usb09:35
LiI think I screwed my ubuntu 15.4 new installation!!! I changed the effects from compiz manager and now I lost all GUI interfaces on the desktop. How can I return the appearence to defaults?09:35
Ubik_is that ok that /dev/loop0/rofs is 100 % full?09:37
friendofkiwii don't know man :)09:38
simon^^Can someone please provide me with a resource that describes how to create a -dev package with debhelper, with only the headers of my shared library, without having to make a copy of all my source code.09:38
ikoniasimon^^: you just need to write the package manifest to only include what you want09:39
simon^^ikonia, So can I make it generate two packages, one libxxx and one libxxx-dev?09:40
davesidiousHey folks - I'm running 15.04 and Ubuntu freaked out and wouldn't boot properly.  It had a white screen with a black bar across all 3 screens.  I rebooted a couple of times and now it can boot to the desktop, but the mouse cursor has two flashing white lines beneath it, wherever it goes.09:40
ikoniathats host most software is delivered, as not everyone will want the development packages09:40
davesidiousHas anyone else experienced this issue, or have any ideas about how to fix it? :)09:41
Seveassimon^^: add the second package to debian/control and write separate debian/foo.install and debian/foo-dev.install files listing what goes where.09:41
ikoniadavesidious: first guess is video card, fall back to safe known xorg drivers,09:41
ikoniadavesidious: then move forward from there, also check the bug database for known instances09:41
simon^^ikonia, Seveas Thank you09:41
davesidiousikonia - those safe drivers are absolutely terrible, though09:41
ikoniadavesidious: yes, but they will verify the problem or not09:42
davesidiousikonia - good point.  I'll try that.09:42
Ubik_is that ok that /dev/loop0/rofs is 100 % full? on a live disk?09:42
Ubik_ro must be for read only  so this must be the cd clone09:42
ikoniaUbik_: if you mount a read only device, like a CD, as a loop back device, it will always be %100 used09:43
ikoniaas it only uses what it needs, and what it needs is the full size of the device your mounting09:43
Ubik_ikonia: ok  i try many linux distros but they all freeze in the end09:44
ikoniaUbik_: sorry - I think I've missed your original question, I was just answering the block device question09:45
Ubik_ikonia: np the original was the full drive09:45
ikoniaoriginal ?09:46
Ubik_ikonia: is there any command to see wot graphics driver is on?09:46
ikoniaUbik_: look in the xorg log09:46
Ubik_ikonia: scuse my french eng09:46
ikoniaUbik_: your english is fine09:46
Ubik_ikonia: first09:47
Ubik_ikonia: how do i do that?09:47
ikoniaUbik_: /var/log09:47
Iloveyousisterhallo everyone09:51
Ubik_ikonia: radeon driver for ati radeon chipset and list almost all radeon cards09:51
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=== tommy is now known as Guest58901
Ubik_ikonia: wot is vi escape key?09:57
Ubik_ctrl c?09:58
FuraiIt seems that my ubuntu 15.04 keeps downloading updates on it's own even if I don't want it to.09:58
FuraiIs there a way to completely disable that?09:58
akikUbik_: escape, then :q! if you just want to quit09:59
Ubik_escape does not qive me the :09:59
akikUbik_: escape does not give visual confirmation10:00
FuraiThe "--INSERT--" text in the bottom left of the screen should disappear.10:00
Ubik_ah ok10:00
FuraiThen you need to press colon10:00
Furaiand you put in q!10:00
FuraiThis will quit without saving changes.10:01
Ubik_ok i will watch some videos and greeze10:02
das_workHello. I want the MTU of my loopback iface to be persistently set to 32768. I did so in /etc/network/interfaces (http://pastebin.com/puuN15c9) but after a reboot it's set to 65K. Why is that so?10:03
Ubik_before the freeze, can i download a file with a live disk (spoosed re)?10:03
xanttyHi there :) have anyone problems with Skype on Ubuntu 15.04 after todays update? My Skype looks ugly, and broken, I cant see contacts. Messages are blank...10:07
bijan_Hi yesterday I rebooted an Ubuntu Desktop 14.04.03 LTS Laptop and now all network interfaces are gone and the notebook defaults to a too low resolution... how to troubleshoot?10:10
bijan_all network interfaces are gone now10:10
bijan_I'm writing from an imac10:10
bijan_ifconfig only shows "lo" left10:11
hateballbijan_: you could try a "sudo rm /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules" and reboot, see if that sorts your network interfaces10:12
bijan_hateball: what is this file for?10:12
hateballbijan_: have a look with cat10:12
hateballbijan_: it matches MAC to to interfaces, sometimes it can get messed up10:13
hateballbut if it is missing it will be regenerated on reboot10:13
=== HerbY_NL2 is now known as HerbY_NL
bijan_hateball: okay at least eth0 and wlan0 are still listed in there10:13
bijan_and what could have caused the graphics resolution problem?10:14
littlebithi poeple, I have xubuntu 14.10 running on my system for a while now and I want to upgrade to 15.10. Now, I have this link: http://www.unixmen.com/how-to-upgrade-to-ubuntu-15-04-vivid-vervet-from-ubuntu-14-10-utopic-unicorn/ which tells me how to upgrade it, I wanted to ask around before I blindly trust this link.10:14
bijan_any chance to rollback the last installed updates?10:14
bijan_I thought I am on LTS because it's stable and now I feel like I need reinstall the whole system10:15
hateballbijan_: well do the entries match your actual MAC address? that's the thing here.10:15
rptb1I'm migrating a disk from FreeBSD.  I fdisk'd it to contain one partition, and it has a RAID10 volume on it, but grub won't install, saying "Attempting to install GRUB to a disk with multiple partition labels"  Any idea how to fix this?10:15
=== haskell is now known as Guest3905
ikoniarptb1: dd the first 512k of the disk10:15
hateballbijan_: just killing the file and rebooting will sort it (if that is the issue) without need to look further10:15
ikoniarptb1: I suspect it's got software raid private region data10:15
hateballbijan_: what GPU and driver are you using?10:15
bijan_hateball: doing that right now10:15
rptb1ikonia: Won't that nuke the partition table?10:16
bijan_gpu is ati mobility radeon10:16
ikoniarptb1: yes10:16
=== HerbY_NL is now known as HerbY_NL2
rptb1ikonia: It has a running RAID partition it.  I don't want to nuke the table.10:17
bijan_hateball: now it complains that cryptswap1 is not ready10:17
ikoniarptb1: why ?10:17
ikoniarptb1: your trying to install grub onto it, I can only assume you're trying to install ubuntu onto the disk,10:17
davesidiousikonia - just FYI, but I upgraded to 15.10 and the problems went away :)10:17
rptb1ikonia: I'm already running Xen + Ubuntu dom0, with my FreeBSD in a VM.  The disk in question is running Linux MD RAID10 already.10:18
ikoniarptb1: then why are you writing grub to it ?10:18
rptb1ikonia: To cope with hard drive failures on other disks and keep the system bootable if other disks fail.10:18
ikoniarptb1: how are you trying to install grub ?10:19
ikonialittlebit: anyone what ?10:19
hateballbijan_: googling suggests https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cryptsetup/+bug/115366110:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1153661 in cryptsetup (Ubuntu) "The disk drive for /dev/mapper/cryptswap1 is not ready yet or not present" [Medium,Triaged]10:19
rptb1ikonia: grub-install -v --skip-fs-probe /dev/sdd10:19
littlebitikonia: I have xubuntu 14.10 running on my system for a while now and I want to upgrade to 15.10. Now, I have this link: http://www.unixmen.com/how-to-upgrade-to-ubuntu-15-04-vivid-vervet-from-ubuntu-14-10-utopic-unicorn/ which tells me how to upgrade it, I wanted to ask around before I blindly trust this link.10:19
ikoniarptb1: so that should work as you're hitting the raw device,10:19
ikoniarptb1: what's the error you get back,10:19
ikonia!upgrade | littlebit10:19
ubottulittlebit: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade10:19
rptb1ikonia: http://pastebin.com/9yJL5mD610:20
TJ-rptb1: "Attempting to install GRUB to a disk with multiple partition labels" means you left the FreeBSD disk label in place10:20
Ben64littlebit: you'd need to do an EOL upgrade first to go from 14.10, which lost support in July, to 15.04, then a normal upgrade to 15.1010:20
bijan_If I reinstall ubuntu today is it safe to use 15.10 instead of LTS?10:20
Ben64bijan_: define safe?10:20
rptb1TJ-: Any idea how to scrub it?10:20
bijan_Ben64: same stability10:20
littlebitBen64: ok and now do I do that?10:21
Ben64bijan_: no, 15.10 loses support in July 201610:21
bijan_or hopefully better cause my ubuntu 14.04lts is now badly messed up10:21
Ben64!eolupgrade | littlebit10:21
ubottulittlebit: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades10:21
ikoniarptb1: multiple partition labels, interesting10:21
rptb1TJ-: I suspected grub-install might be probing for FreeBSD disk labels.  The kernel doesn't seem to see one.10:21
littlebitok thanks10:21
bijan_Ben64: that is not a statement concerning stability while in support10:21
rptb1Incidentally, the first 1MiB of the disk is all zeros, except the partition table, as far as I can tell from hexdump./10:22
Ben64bijan_: stable - adjective - not likely to change or fail; firmly established.10:22
fanganyone here?10:24
CelelibiHi there10:24
ikoniamany people are here10:24
rptb1OK, looks like it's time to UTSL on grub2.10:25
TJ-rptb1: Yes, I suspect grub is probing the underlying raw disks and finding it10:25
CelelibiIs there a way to check which version of gcc is available in two versions of ubuntu?10:25
ikoniagcc -v ?10:25
CelelibiWithout installing ubuntu at all. :)10:25
ikonialook in packages.ubuntu.com10:25
CelelibiI'm investigating a bug someone reported about syslinux. This may be something I fixed but hasn't been merged yet.10:26
CelelibiAnd is related to the version of gcc.10:26
TJ-!info gcc | Celelibi10:27
ubottuCelelibi: gcc (source: gcc-defaults (1.144ubuntu1)): GNU C compiler. In component main, is optional. Version 4:5.2.1-3ubuntu1 (wily), package size 5 kB, installed size 44 kB10:27
CelelibiSo gcc 5.2.1 on ubuntu 15.10, right?10:28
ikoniaCelelibi: the versions are listed on packages.ubuntu.com10:28
CelelibiOk, and gcc 4.9.2 for ubuntu 15.04.10:29
heap_hi, whats the easiest way how to convert physical ubuntu machine into Vmware image?10:31
ikoniaheap_: vmware has tools for that10:32
heap_ikonia: ok i thought there is easier way using dd10:33
flux242hi, this is not particularly ubuntu question but a general linux one. For a network interface theres are rx,tx counters exported by the driver into the user space. They are /sys/class/net/IFACE/statistics/rx_bytes(tx_bytes). Are these counters 32 bit long on 64 bit platforms too?10:36
bijan_Okay I found out what hurt my ubuntu lts: Kernel 3.19.0-3110:37
bijan_using Kernel 3.19.0-30 everything works fine10:37
=== cz2 is now known as ntoskrnl
Gamoder_Hi everyone, I have the following problem: I think I started a service at port 8081, but strangely I can only access it locally, not even in the same LAN. What can be the cause? I don't think I have installed a firewall10:42
bhuddahGamoder_: check to which ip addresses you bound the service. e.g. with "netstat -tulpen"10:44
Gamoder_it says tcp        0      0*               LISTEN      1000       415802      16580/java10:44
zetheroowould there be a way to make this script only touch the .ssh/known_hosts file in each home directory instead of the entire contents of each home directory ? http://paste.ubuntu.com/13007851/10:45
Gamoder_should it be a LAN IP instead of this local IP?10:45
bhuddahGamoder_: either that or just all local addresses so it'll be *:8081 or 1::808110:45
ikoniazetheroo: just change it to only look at the known hosts file, rather than the directory top level10:45
ikoniazetheroo: the guys in #bash can help10:45
bhuddahGamoder_: that's something you can configure in that particular service.10:45
zetherooikonia: k thanks10:46
Gamoder_It's a program based on NanoServlet10:46
bhuddahGamoder_: there's got to be some config like local bind address or something like that.10:47
bijan_how do i remove the newest kernel10:48
gilHello! I seem to have a really weird bug happening. When I'm connected to Wifi, my Dell Latitude will not suspend on lid close. When I am not connected to Wifi (ie USB tether to my mobile), then suspend works fine! Does this mean anything to anyone?10:48
gilUbuntu 15.1010:48
bijan_I want to stay on Kernel 3.19.0-30 instead of Kernel 3.19.0-3110:48
gilbijan_ can you not just uninstall it in Synaptic?10:50
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noregretTJ-: ssh doesn't say10:54
Gamoder_thanks, just removing the hostname has helped10:55
TJ-noregret: seems to be something wrong on your network somewhere10:57
=== EOIP is now known as crocodilehunter
noregretTJ-: anyway could I troubleshoot that ?10:59
TJ-noregret: possibly run ssh under strace? "strace -o /tmp/ssh-strace.log -f ssh ..."10:59
Guest9903I have a freshly installed ubuntu server 14.02, however when I try to access it with ssh I get "Access denied". Even though the username is correct and password as well.11:01
Guest9903Any ideas?11:01
ikoniaGuest9903: what user account are you trying to ssh as11:01
Guest9903ehm, a user, not root11:02
ikoniaGuest9903: is it a default install, you've not changed any of the config ?11:02
Guest9903I changed the port, thats it11:03
ikoniaso then it is either a.) wrong username/password b.) you are accessing the wrong host11:03
Guest9903The logs says "Failed password"11:04
Guest9903even though I have now reset it twice11:04
ikoniathere is your answer then11:04
ikoniacan you login as a different user ?11:04
TJ-Guest9903: are either systems using non-English locales? I'm wondering if there are characters in the password being translated11:05
Guest9903Yup, that is the case ikonia: it was vmware client messing with the keys11:05
BluesKajHiyas all11:05
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wbillwhat does this mean when i cant find /dev/dsp and the stdin - this: lrwxrwxrwx   1 root root        15 1969-12-31 19:00 stdin -> /proc/self/fd/011:10
rptb1ikonia TJ-: For your interest — Scrubbing the first 10MiB from /dev/zero solved my grub install problem for a similar disk.  So once the RAID is stable I'll do the same on the troublesome one and let it recover.  Thanks for tips.11:13
hateballbijan_: you can change the default kernel if you like11:14
hateballbijan_: otherwise the meta-package will keep reinstalling the latest kernel (which you probably want after bugs are sorted)11:14
noregreti want an updated pidgin-sipe, what can I do? the current one in repo is 1.18 and i want 1.20+ version11:16
noregreton 15.1011:16
noregrethttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pidgin-sipe - it is available in development11:17
noregreti'm on 15.10, can i get a package from Xenial? or will it mess stuff? i only need a single package11:41
ikonianoregret: no11:41
ikonianoregret: use official packages for the right version11:41
noregretikonia: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pidgin-sipe/1.20.0-2 - i need this version11:42
noregretikonia: since there is a bug in the one in 15.1011:42
noregretikonia: what can i do ?11:42
ikoniawork to get it fixed11:42
noregretikonia: it is fixed in the newer version...11:43
ikoniathat doesn't help you11:43
noregrethmm, will getting a deb package of it do ?11:43
ikoniafrom where ?11:43
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noregretikonia: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+archive/primary/+files/pidgin-sipe_1.20.0-2_amd64.deb - like this for example11:45
ikonianoregret: where does that come from ?11:45
noregretikonia: Xenial packages =)11:46
ikonianoregret: so "no" is the answer to that then11:46
ikonianoregret: bottom line - use whatever you want, but people will be unable to support your system11:46
noregretikonia: what abou compiling it from source?11:47
ikonianoregret: what about it ?11:47
noregretikonia: can we say that it'll be stable and whatnot? i'm only concerned to not mess up dependencies and other stuff11:48
ikonianoregret: how can you say if it will be stable or not ? it depends on many things, and again it will be "your" build, so others can't support you11:48
noregretikonia: got it, i'll see what i can do11:48
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rahulprodevLinux to window file sharing use samba!12:03
rahulprodevLinus to Linux file sharing??12:03
cyphixrahulprodev: you can use nfs12:04
ikoniarahulprodev: samba works too12:04
rahulprodevnfs can work in windows? @cyphix12:05
ikoniarahulprodev: not very well12:05
rahulprodev@ikonia samba works on both :)12:05
ikoniathere are some options, but they are not good12:05
cyphixrahulprodev: Never tried, but I don't think so12:05
rahulprodevok thanks ikonia cyphix12:06
rahulprodevIs ubuntu uses samba or cyphix?12:07
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bekks!info cyphix | rahulprodev12:07
ubotturahulprodev: Package cyphix does not exist in wily12:07
cyphixrahulprodev: You can use samba with ubuntu of course, if that is your question12:08
cyphixand no, I'm not a package ;)12:08
rahulprodevI accidently typed your name12:09
* bekks puts a colorful cord around cyphix 12:09
rahulprodevcyphix I mean defaultly what ubuntu used nfs or samba?12:09
rahulprodev!info samba12:10
ubottusamba (source: samba): SMB/CIFS file, print, and login server for Unix. In component main, is optional. Version 2:4.1.17+dfsg-4ubuntu2 (wily), package size 860 kB, installed size 11191 kB12:10
cyphixI would say 'none' since you use whatever you want.12:10
rahulprodev@cyphix I think samba is come preinstalled on ubuntu! I'm right?12:11
bekksrahulprodev: You're wrong.12:11
cyphixrahulprodev: Ah. No idea about that.12:11
bekksrahulprodev: Whats the actual issue you are facing?12:11
rahulprodev@cyphix @bekks no issues here, I was reading about it on book. then they said12:12
rahulprodevlinux and window use samba I just got confused what linux and linux use!!112:13
bekksrahulprodev: Then they said what?12:13
rahulprodevfor file sharing!12:13
bekksrahulprodev: Windows is using SMB/CIFS filesharing, and on certain server version, even NFS, AFP, etc.12:13
bekksrahulprodev: Linux is able to use almost everything you want for filesharing.12:13
bekksrahulprodev: But thats not Ubuntu specific :)12:13
rahulprodevhm I think now I got it. Thanks!12:14
noregretrahulprodev: if you're looking for file transfer, you can use ssh/scp12:15
rahulprodevssh/scp ok I never used! I was reading all this things for knowledge!12:15
rahulprodev!info samba12:16
ubottusamba (source: samba): SMB/CIFS file, print, and login server for Unix. In component main, is optional. Version 2:4.1.17+dfsg-4ubuntu2 (wily), package size 860 kB, installed size 11191 kB12:16
knobHey guys!  I have a laptop with encrypted hdd.  Any link as to how to increase the swap space?   I have 4GB of ram, yet a SSD drive.  So I would like to increase the swap space to something like 8 gB12:16
rahulprodevI typed info samba here means it's samba is available in ubuntu I'm right?12:16
bekksrahulprodev: We already told you.12:17
bekksknob: you basically dont need more swap than RAM nowadays. Whatsthe actual issue behind your question?12:17
knobbekks, thanks!  Well, just that sometimes I run one VM inside this laptop.  And I *thought* that increasing the swap would help.12:18
jules_Hello guys i'm a new ubuntu user and i could need some help with some command (i'm studying computer science for my first year)12:18
knobDo you think maybe getting more actual physical RAM would be more beneficial?12:18
ikoniaknob: your virutalization won't use swap12:18
bekksknob: How much RAM and how many cores did you configure for your VM?12:19
knoblol... well, that fixes that then.12:19
knobbekks, I have a workstation, so the VM I do spin up in this laptop is just for a quick xyz job.  I usually give it 2 cores and 2GB of ram12:19
bekksknob: How many cores does your host have?12:19
knobIntel i5 laptop.12:20
bekksknob: I'd go with 1 core and less RAM for the VM then, like 1G.12:20
knobWhat do you think?   I am not a VM expert... yet I find them very useful!12:20
knoboh... ok .  Cool beans.  =)    Thanks!12:20
rom-does anyone know how I can add more space ssd to my ubuntu? I use along win1012:21
knobWow... I just checked RAM prices in eBay.  16GB laptop ram, 70$-ish.  Wow.12:22
bekksknob: Depends on the exact RAM type, but yeah.12:24
knobbekks, how times have changed.  I was reading yesterday that HackerNews post about "screenshots from 2002"... amazing throw back in time.12:27
knobTech changes so fast.  I remember a 486DX I had... I would reckon with 8MB of RAM.  After, it was a Pentium 120MHz.  I even got pissed at Intel when they released the 133MHz.  I was like "Damn you!" lol12:28
rom-does anyone know how I can add more space ssd to my ubuntu? I use along win1012:28
UniFreakI want to figure out what app is stealing my sublimeText's ctrl+alt+p shortcut, any idea?12:29
autowizoops I'm sorry.12:35
friendofkiwidoes anyone know any pHP mirror channel which doesn't require invitation?12:36
mcphailrom-: can you rephrase your question? It isn't clear what you want to do.12:37
=== spookyneko is now known as Neko-chan
UniFreakfriendofkiwi: what's a pHP mirror channel?12:39
UniFreakI know #php12:39
friendofkiwiUniFreak #php requires invitation, is there any other which doesn't? :)12:40
bjb1959I upgraded from 15.04 to 15.10 and when I try to install phpmyadmin or zoneminder it breaks the apache2 webserver any ideas?12:40
MathisenUniFreak,  /msg alis list php12:40
UniFreakfriendofkiwi: did you registered your nick?12:41
UniFreakregister it then try again12:41
epsilon1bjb1959, without phpmyadmin, it doesnt break?12:41
UniFreakMathisen, it's friendofkiwi, not me12:41
bjb1959I have to purge phpmyadmin including autoremove and then reboot to get it back12:42
friendofkiwiUniFreak i'm registered, but yes, maybe i didnt log in correctly, thanks anyways, will try that option12:42
friendofkiwiYes it's working now, thanks mate! :) cheers12:43
UniFreakfriendofkiwi: :)12:43
epsilon1bjb1959, so by breaking apache2, you mean the server wont start at all?12:44
bjb1959epsilon1, did you see my response?12:44
UniFreakany one know how to know what app is using a certain shortcut? some bad app is eating my sublimeText's ctrl+alt+p!!12:44
epsilon1yes, bjb1959. for me to help you we will need to carry this conversation somewhere because i will need to see terminal outputs and/or log files..12:44
bjb1959epsilon1, correct doing a systemctrl status phpmyadmin.service gives an error that the LSB webserver failed12:45
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LMTMFAhi all12:45
LMTMFAI'm trying to get a serial barcode scanner to work, I can see it's output with cat /dev/ttyS0, but often it will return garbled data12:46
bjb1959epsilon1, I am at work but I can vnc into my home machine and get one of the log files for you if you can tell me where to look and also what service to use to post it for you to view12:46
epsilon1bjb1959, no... i'll try to install phpmyadmin from my end and troubleshoot it if it doesn't work..12:47
epsilon1maybe you are not alone lol12:47
LMTMFAbaud rates match, it seem to be random, sometimes it'll scan perfectly for dozens of barcodes, and then it'll just mess up characters for dozens of scans again, any ideas?12:47
* UniFreak sigh12:48
bjb1959epsilon1, same thing happens when i try to install zoneminder as well so I figured it is just something on my system. before I upgraded zoneminder worked fine but after I started getting the errors12:50
TJ-LMTMFA: lack of hardware/software handshake would be the most likely explanation12:50
=== huwjr_ is now known as huwjr
bjb1959epsilon1, the reason I was trying to install phpmyadmin was to delete the old zoneminder database so I could try a fresh install but got the same web server error I received when trying to install zoneminder12:51
epsilon1bjb1959, okay thanks... this may be something to do with a new version of apache212:52
LMTMFATJ- no handshake is set, neither software nor hardware is setup, I have the setup scancodes for the scanner, to set it up. Do you have any info on setting it up on the OS side, links / settings / keywords to search for?12:53
alteregoahello i got some issues with update-initramfs  a unused kernel12:55
epsilon1okay, sadly, it didnt break my install bjb195912:55
alteregoaits still looking on /var/tmp for some files during update-initramfs12:55
alteregoabut i deleted all that reference in /boot to that unused kernel12:56
alteregoais there some config file that still holds reference to installed kernel12:56
TJ-LMTMFA: it depends on what software you're attaching to the serial terminal (/dev/ttySx), but see "man stty"12:56
bjb1959epsilon1, do you think doing a reinstall of apache2, mysql and php would help?12:58
LMTMFATJ- Thanks, I'll have a look12:59
epsilon1bjb1959, did you alter your apache2 configuration? maybe a module is conflicting with those scripts12:59
TJ-bjb1959: when it breaks consult the various logs under /var/log, /var/log/apache2/ for clues as to why12:59
LMTMFATJ- mind, I've set the baud rate as low as 600 with character interval at 99ms, so it was Really slow in sending data, results were the same. Would you say handshaking is still the place to go looking?13:00
epsilon1bjb1959, TJ- is right... a fresh install in my case works so there is no reason to believeit wouldn't help. but if you significantly altered your apache2 config or sites-enabled then maybe you don't want to do that13:00
bjb1959epsilon1, I did not modify them from what they were in 15.04 no.13:01
epsilon1so it simply the upgrade that borked it... weird. definitely have a look at the log files. systemctl status apache2 can give you some hints as well13:03
epsilon1bjb1959, journalctl -xe may also help you after attempting to start apache213:06
bjb1959epsilon1, I will vnc in, reinstall zoneminder then run systemctl status and tell you the exact fail message. maybe that will help13:06
epsilon1bjb1959, do you not have ssh? :P13:06
epsilon1sorry. I'm trolling13:06
epsilon1also, run tail /var/log/apache2/error.log13:07
bjb1959epsilon1, yes I use putty at work. I can do it from the terminal13:08
epsilon1if something causes apache2 to fail starting, it will show in error.log and that will give you an indication as to which directive is causing the server to abort13:09
parhello Ubuntu. I am in desperate need of help :) For no appearent reason on a fresh VM with postfix/dkim/dmarc installed, there are some weird behaviours. Neither postfix/dmarc/dkim start, and I do not get tty login on console. however other processes (ssh?) - start.  You can see the syslog here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13008733/ , and what I get in console: http://postimg.org/image/dnnepqbu1/full/13:10
parIt looks as if postfix does start however it gets killed later13:11
paroh it's 14.04LTS13:12
TJ-par: what kind of VM is it?13:12
parTJ-, digitalocean13:12
parI am not aware of underlying infrastructure13:13
jayjoIs there a way to use telnet to scan all ports and see where I get a response?13:13
parjayjo, you scan ports with nmap. not with telnet.13:13
TJ-par: probably Qemu/KVM "fbcon: cirrusdrmfb (fb0) is primary device"13:15
parTJ-, I can spin up another VM and it works just fine. So it must be something with the VM config, but I can't nail it - I tried comparing it to a fresh VM, but couldn't find anything13:16
bjb1959epsilon1, reinstalled and then did service apache2 restart and get a error "Failed to start LSB: Apache2 web server" and  syntax error on line 222 of /etc/apache2/apache2.conf failed to open config file /et/phpmyadmin/apache2.conf13:16
TJ-par: how about "stages.py[WARNING]: Could not find module named cc_ubuntu_init_switch" ? does that show on both?13:17
alphasegHello, a week ago I've updated ubuntu from 15.04 to 15.10 and since this update, I get the dots at the booting and after it's a black screen. I tried to use the fglrx driver in wily-proposed and it changed nothing. I seems to be unable to find to cause. Can someone help me please ?13:17
cfhowlett!nomodeset | alphaseg13:17
ubottualphaseg: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter13:17
TJ-alphaseg: unless the fglrx fix is in, I've been hearing it is broken for 15.1013:18
epsilon1so bjb1959 look at /etc/apache2/apache2.conf13:18
epsilon1also, journalctl -xe and /var/log/apache2/error.log may tell you what the syntax error actually is so that you can remedy13:19
alphasegTJ-: it seems that they have resolve for some person. That what I saw in the bug 149388813:19
ubottubug 1493888 in fglrx-installer (Ubuntu Wily) "FGLRX incompatible with gcc 5" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/149388813:19
jayjoWhen running nmap, I get the result: All 1000 scanned ports on ... are filtered13:19
TJ-alphaseg: oh, that's good to know!13:19
alphasegubottu: thanks I will look into it13:19
ubottualphaseg: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:19
jayjoWhat does it mean to be filtered?13:19
TJ-jayjo: probably intercepted by a firewall13:20
jayjowhich would be on my end, right?13:20
jayjoclient side?13:20
TJ-jayjo: on the target usually, or a firewall in front of it13:20
parTJ-, yes, I can see the same error on fresh new VM13:21
rexwin_this is not working in ubuntu lsof -i:8013:21
TJ-par: and the 'fresh' works? I can only say, look for config differences!13:21
TJ-par: nothing in the log gives a clue13:21
OerHeksrexwin_, lsof -i tcp:8013:23
bjb1959epsilon1, the error says the file doesn't exist but it does exist. is there anything in particular I would be looking for in the file?13:23
rexwin_this is also gives nothing13:24
rexwin_HEAD show it is served by nginx13:24
rexwin_why is lsof not working13:24
jayjoI know of a specific port that is giving a response with telnet, so when I run `telnet host.address.com port` I get a response. If I run `nmap -O host.addresss.com` I get 'all 1000 scanned ports on ... are filtered'. Why the inconsistency?13:26
bekksjayjo: There is no inconsistency, you need to understand what nmap is,how it works, and how to read the output.13:27
epsilon1bjb1959, run "head -222 /etc/apache2/apache2.conf | tail -1" and tell me the output13:28
Chaos_ZeroHow can I change the default file manager for all new users?13:30
jayjo bekks: I'm using the docs, it says that filtered just means it wasn't able to get any information back 'because packet filtering prevents its probes from reaching the port'. Why does that same issue not happen with telnet?13:32
bjb1959epsilon1, that error was because of a line that I added to the end of the config file per a different set of instructions I forgot about. I removed that line and reinstalled. now I get these errors ERR [Unable to run "sudo -u www-data /usr/bin/zmdc.pl check", output is ""]  and Failed to start ZoneMinder CCTV recording and surveillance system.13:37
epsilon1yes, bjb1959.. i am looking into zoneminder docs.13:42
epsilon1maybe www-data doesnt have permission to access some file zoneminder wants, maybe a tmp dir?13:43
bjb1959epsilon1, oops sorry hit enter too quick. zoneminder doesn't work but apache is fine now. I am installing phpmyadmin again to see if it works now. probably need to just delete the old zoneminder database, do a purge, autoremove, clean and reinstall you think?13:44
epsilon1yes, that might do bjb195913:44
epsilon1chgrp www-data /etc/zm/zm.conf13:45
NullThoughtAnyone here have a 4k monitor?13:46
bjb1959phpmyadmin works fine now. I will give that a try. thanks for all your help13:46
epsilon1no prob.13:46
NullThoughtI recently bought one to go with my GTX 960, but the user interface is very sluggish for some reason13:46
NullThoughtrunning 15.1013:47
DomkelkHello. Can anyone please explain me, how is that I have installed Ubuntu 15.10 on GPT disk, without making a BIOS boot partition, and it still works (boots OK)? Grub displayed the error that there is no boot partition, but the system still boots ok. Thanks.13:49
PeanutHi, I'm trying to install the ZFS that's included in Wily (15.10). But the DKMS fails with 'Please make sure the kmod spl devel <kernel> package for your distro is installed." I can't seem to find that package, any suggestions?13:50
TJ-Domkelk: is the system UEFI? maybe there is an EFI SP?13:50
hypermistis it better to use 15.10 or 14.04 for games/everyday ?13:50
cfhowlettDomkelk, bios boot partition???  I don't have on of those either.  perhaps you meant UEFI13:51
DomkelkThe system is BIOS.13:51
cfhowletthypermist, 14.04 is long term support.  15.10 is not.13:51
hypermistAlright 14.04 IT IS :D13:51
Peanuthypermist: I'm running 15.04 for gaming/work. You don't need LTS for your desktop, you get much newer version of software if you keep tracking current ubuntu.13:52
hypermistPeanut, oh?13:52
hateballhypermist: I use LTS for servers, latest release for desktop/gaming13:53
PeanutYou get a much newer libreoffice etc. with 15.10 than you get with 14.04, of course. LTS is great if you run a server in production and don't want to upgrade twice a year. But for desktop use, why not track the latest releases?13:53
parTJ-, I found the culprit. Had killprocs in /etc/rc2.d enabled somehow13:53
TJ-Domkelk: then there is probably a legacy blocklist somewhere.13:53
TJ-par: Ouch!13:53
parNO IDEA where did that came from13:53
ST-84It only sucks that ubuntu server does not support 32-bit anymore.13:53
hypermistoh okay hateball, but where are you seeing 15.04 ?13:53
cfhowlettST-84, 32 bit computers are going the way of the dodo.  deal with it.13:53
hateballhypermist: 15.04 will be EOL soon, 15.10 is what you want13:54
TJ-ST-84: so what is this? http://releases.ubuntu.com/wily/ubuntu-15.10-server-i386.iso13:54
hypermistoh damn people confusing me hateball hahahahah13:54
ST-84TJ-, It was not on the main page13:54
ST-84How could i have known13:54
TJ-ST-84: http://releases.ubuntu.com/wily/13:54
ST-84I have it running on Gentoo though so im fine for now.13:54
PeanutSeconded, you want 15.10 - I just didn't upgrade yet, so I can only attest to how well things work with 15.04.13:54
PeanutSteam runs great (TF2, KSP).13:54
jayjoyikes, just got an email for running nmap. didn't know this was frowned upon13:55
DomkelkTJ-: What do you mean? I have whiped the disk, made it GPT and only created swap,root,home partitions. While installing Ubuntu, grub complained that there is no boot partition and some error, but after restart system booted ok.13:55
hypermistwell, /me checks to make sure he got his important files from windows13:57
TJ-Domkelk: Well, GRUB must be finding the core.img from somewhere. You sure its not from another device?13:57
DomkelkTJ-: Sure. No other devices or disks. The system is BIOS for sure. The disk is GPT. I'm not complaining, just want to learn how is this possible :)13:59
ioriaDomkelk, have you checked sudo parted -l  ?14:00
TJ-Domkelk: Well, if the disk were fresh, it wouldn't be, since a GPT config needs a BIOS boot partition for grub-install to work. Like I said it sounds like there's a stray core.img blocklist being loaded14:00
DomkelkTJ-: located core.img in /boot/grub/i386-pc/core.img.14:00
Domkelkioria: yes. only one disk with three partitions (swap, root, home)14:01
TJ-Domkelk: right, but grub-install takes that file and puts it in a blocklist, or in the BIOS boot partition14:01
ioriaDomkelk, partition table ? msdos ?14:01
Domkelkioria: table is gpt14:02
parTJ-, last night i was very tired and it was very late, and I was using sysv-rc-conf ..  Must have accidently pressed space and marked killprocs to start in runlevel 2 :)))14:02
parthis is the fail of the year oh lol14:02
Peanutpar: well done :-)14:02
TJ-par: That'll teach ya :p14:02
paryeah. go to bed. my wife is always right.14:03
TJ-sysv-rc-conf vs wife... and sysv-rc-conf won!? :O14:03
ioriaDomkelk, gpt confused it ... it expected a uefi14:03
JohnnyComeL8lyI don't quite understand what you did, but I'm sure I've done some stuff on par with that.14:03
TJ-grub-install has no problem with GPT, regardless of UEFI or BIOS14:05
TJ-Domkelk: best thing if you want to know where core.img is loading from is disassemble the boot.img code in the MBR14:06
elian_hey all, just a simple question, I'd like ubuntu to boot without waiting for user input if errors are found on the root filesystem. Right now it waits for the user to enter F (fix), S (skip), etc.... It would be nice to have ubuntu always go with F (fix) without waiting for user input.14:06
DomkelkTJ-: so i guess it used blocklists. says it's unreliuble on the internets...14:06
elian_is that possible ?14:06
TJ-Domkelk: For MBR the blocklist is the standard way, usually starting in sector 1 through to start of partition #114:07
DomkelkTJ-: Well, the disk is GPT for sure.14:07
TJ-Domkelk: GPT starts in sector 1, so I can't imagine core is there!14:08
OerHekselian_, choose fix, so after the fix the fsck does not come back. ( hopefully)14:12
runelindanyone know of ppas that track more recent OpenSSH?  I'd like to get version 714:13
ioriaDomkelk, you get an error like this ? https://blog.hostonnet.com/grub-install-warning-this-gpt-partition-label-contains-no-bios-boot-partition-embedding-wont-be-possible14:15
Domkelkioria: yes14:15
elian_OerHeks: I've found the solution I think, add FSCKFIX=yes  in /etc/default/rcS14:16
VoyageI am using 'audio-recorder' in kubuntu but it is giving  a huge buzz sound in the background. This buzz sound is not while I actually play an audio file but is there when I record that audio file. Is there any good solution to record sound from my sound card or any kind of application like browser, audio player etc?14:16
plugyni'm a big noob. Never done a major dist update to xubuntu, will it keep my riced settings and regular settings?14:16
cfhowlettVoyage, you you using the onboard mic or an external mic?14:16
ioriaDomkelk, wel, it tells the fix, but does not explain ....14:16
=== asus is now known as Guest70401
Domkelkioria: Reinstalling now with 1MiB bios boot partition. Just was curious how it worked without it.14:17
ioriaDomkelk, good idea14:18
Voyagecfhowlett,  for now, I am not recording audio from mic. I am recording something coming from browser14:18
cfhowlettVoyage, then you are likely getting electromag static.  it happens.  this is easily fixed with audacity.14:18
Domkelkioria: I guess it used blocklists. Now I just need to understand what it is :) Thanks for help!14:19
DomkelkTJ-: Thanks to you too :)14:19
UniFreakit's only me or not, I find unity is buggier than windows desktop14:21
TJ-Domkelk: in case you ever want to figure those things out, offset 0x5B of the MBR code contains the sector number of the 1st sector of the core.img. That offset can vary a but, but for, say, a BIOS Boot partition starting at sector 34, that value would be "22 00 00 00" (a hex long little-endian) which is 0x00000022 which is decimal 3414:21
UniFreakmany weird problem, like super key suddenly not work, dock suddenly disappear and refuse to appear again14:22
noregretwhere can I monitor hdd io ? system-monitor does not have that option as i can see14:23
DomkelkTJ-: Thanks.14:24
cyphixnoregret: iotop does that14:26
dupingpingPlease look here http://people.ubuntu.com/~dupingping86/14:26
noregretcyphix: on a 5200 rpm drive for instance, what is a high write IO ?14:28
cyphixnoregret: I sadly don't know14:28
noregretcyphix: thanks14:29
epsilon1noregret, for a definitive answer you will need a benchmark of your particular drive... io rates vary considerably for different drives of the same rotational speed, due to cache, sata controller...14:30
OerHeksdupingping, is that an up2date list about laptops?14:30
Voyagecfhowlett, can audacity record as well?14:32
dupingpingOerHeks, yes.14:33
cfhowlettVoyage, yes.  you'll need to specify the input14:33
OerHeksdupingping, usefull :-)14:33
dupingpingOerHeks, I think that http://www.ubuntu.com/certification/desktop/models/?release=12.04+LTS&category=Desktop&category=Laptop is a bit complex.14:34
dupingpingOerHeks, So i just made it to more easily explore.14:34
OerHeksdupingping, good job, how do we get involved, with additional info ?14:35
OerHeksdupingping, maybe worth a talk with the wiki team14:36
dupingpingOerHeks, yes, maybe.14:36
dupingpingOerHeks, How can i meet them directly?14:37
Guest3905is antonfire still here?14:38
epsilon1no antonfire here14:38
Voyagecfhowlett,  its just not working. now audio-recorder and audacity is just not recording the voice from vlc or firefox14:39
Guest3905epsilon1, damn it, is he a regular here?14:39
cfhowlettVoyage, did you direct the input to internal??14:39
epsilon1Guest3905, sorry, I would have no idea.14:40
epsilon1to check if someone is present, start typing their name and press the tab key. ie: epsi<tab> = epsilon114:40
epsilon1if it doesn't work, there is no one in the channel with that name14:40
Voyagecfhowlett,  there is no "internal" dropdown14:41
epsilon1or /whois <nick>14:41
Voyagecfhowlett,  maybe I installed pavucontrol and that messed up things?  audio-recorder was recording things before I installed pavucontrol14:42
cfhowlett*maybe*????  did you or didn't you?14:42
Voyagecfhowlett,  honestly, I dont know14:42
cfhowlettVoyage, http://audacity.wonderhowto.com/how-to/record-internal-sounds-your-computer-with-audacity-178856/14:42
porekhello, I am doing a search in the dash for an application, and it gives only results of some irrelevant files. how can I make it work properly?14:45
OerHeksdupingping, #ubuntu-laptop , #ubuntu-website i guess, there is no #ubuntu-wiki channel. Maybe you should contact the https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DocumentationTeam, not through IRC14:45
dupingpingOerHeks, Yeah, thank you. Let me do it now.14:46
OerHeksdupingping, i am not sure how i can help, all i can say is i like the idea, and it is workable. ( next step would be 14.04 cert)14:47
dupingpingthat's good, i think. and I already have 14.04 cert.14:47
joltmanif I create a secondary IP on Ubuntu Desktop 15.04, do I have to add another gateway/dns-search and dns-nameservers to the secondary IP?14:48
joltmanand, i only want certain services to use that IP14:48
joltmanso should I add a higher metric to that interface?14:48
joltmanthe issue I ran into was that when I added the secondary IP, the Desktop loses all DNS14:48
joltmanyet, on 14.04.3 LTS server, i have done the same thing, and it works fine!14:48
joltmanthat's my config now, with the secondary IP commented out14:49
dupingpingOerHeks, please look http://people.ubuntu.com/~dupingping86/trusty.html14:50
=== noteness is now known as lil_grepper
OerHeksdupingping, great!14:51
Picidupingping: btw, the Ubuntu Documentation Team's channel is #ubuntu-doc14:51
OerHeksPici is awesome, thanks :-)14:52
VoyageHow can I make pavucontrol do default settings. I think it has messed up my recording. audio-recorder was recording audio from firefox until I installed pavucontrol.  now audio-recorder and audacity is just not recording the voice from vlc or firefox14:53
porekhello there, how can I cut-paste files from one drive to another over command line?14:55
fjoesne_anyone been unable to install locales because of an unmet dependency that cant be installed? "Depends: libc6 (>= 2.9-0ubuntu10) but it is not going to be installed or.." I have been googling and finding lots of similar issues, but none of the solutions work for me. pastebin: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/13009803/14:58
chotaz`w!mv | porek14:58
chotaz`w!mv > porek14:59
chotaz`wporek, you can use the `mv` command.14:59
porekchotaz`w , thank you. I'd like to move folders between different drives, how would be the correct format? I find several formats, but dont find the exact one15:04
Piciporek: mv /path/to/folder  /path/to/new/location/15:04
porekPici, it is easy to name the original path something like ~/Downloads/Papers, but how would I name the destination path on an external drive/partition, say sdb2?15:06
calvinhi im new to internet relay chat protocol... is this a place to get help or what?15:06
JohnnyComeL8lyIt is mounted, right?15:06
Piciporek: where is sdb2 mounted to?15:06
JohnnyComeL8lycalvin: help for what?15:07
calvini don't know what this does15:07
Picicalvin: this channel is for help with Ubuntu Linux15:07
calvinow i see15:07
porekPici, there comes my second question, how can I see mounted partitions and unmount/mount a partition on command line?15:07
Piciporek: type mount15:07
TheMontyChristdo ubuntu has some type of mixer/equalizer?15:07
JohnnyComeL8lyYou can hangout here though, calvin and  learn.15:07
TheMontyChristdoes ubuntu use pulse or alsa?15:07
calvinthanks for the suggestion15:08
JohnnyComeL8lypulse audio.15:08
calvinwhat version of ubuntu?15:08
cfhowlettVoyage, I just tested recording an audio stream with audacity.  works perfectly.  here's the tutorial.  http://manual.audacityteam.org/o/man/tutorial_recording_computer_playback_on_linux.html15:08
JohnnyComeL8lycalvin: It doesn't really matter.15:08
JohnnyComeL8lycalvin: The latest is 15.10 though.15:09
calvinit's a beta15:09
=== Neko-chan is now known as SpookyNeko
cfhowlettTheMontyChrist, not by default except in ubuntustudio: audacity cam be used to mix15:09
cfhowlettcalvin, there are not beta ubuntus currently supported.15:09
pupdawghas anyone else noticed that even after you install upgrades, the icon stays in the system tray?15:09
JohnnyComeL8lyTheMontyChrist: Ubuntu uses pulse audio by default.15:09
TheMontyChristbe nice to adjust the bass on chrome etc15:10
TheMontyChristlisting to some of my google play tunes and I'd like to tweak the audio15:10
cfhowlettTheMontyChrist, vlc-player has that level of control15:10
JohnnyComeL8lyYou might be able to install a chrome app that is a mixer....15:10
JohnnyComeL8lyOr try the built in mixer.15:11
porekPici, the output of mount shows only sdaX partitions, while there is a flash drive is connected. it may be that flash drive is defected, though (which is part of the larger story)..can I check otherwise if the flash drive is properly connected or not?15:11
JohnnyComeL8lyTheMontyChrist: Try settings > sound15:11
JohnnyComeL8lyTheMontyChrist: Nvm....15:12
Piciporek: unplug it and plug it back in and then type dmesg, you should see some information there about what the system detects, and if it tries to mount it anywhere15:12
calvini have a question. is purging whoopsie and kerneloops-daemon safe?15:12
JohnnyComeL8lyIdk at all.15:12
calvinif they are safe to remove i will go further and purge apport15:13
calvini never use them15:13
porekPici, since currently I can only use command line, can I unplug it via command, or should I hard-pull it?15:13
Piciporek: just physically pull it out15:13
calvini'm afraid the system may go unstable after I remove the bug tracking feature15:13
JohnnyComeL8lycalvin: I've made many mistakes by removing "extra" software... why are you wanting to remove it?15:14
calvinreserving space on my ssd15:14
porekPici, interestingly, the drive was mounted on a second machine15:14
JohnnyComeL8lyTheMontyChrist: Try Veromix... it is in the repositories.15:15
calvini'm running out of space really quickly so i want to remove some other bits of the system that don't sound so mission-critical on dpkg -l list15:15
porekPici, I inserted a new drive to the computer with command line, and it automatically gave lines like "no caching mode page found"..."Assuming drive cache: write through"..and the cursor is blinking..since I cannot get to desktop, I cant copy-paste it..15:17
porekok, I pressed enter, and the command line prompt resumed15:17
JohnnyComeL8lycalvin: How are you running out of space?15:17
artoiscalvin: https://wiki.debian.org/FreeSpace15:18
calvingames from steam lol15:18
porekPici, but with this second flash drive, too, I see only sdaX when I type mount15:18
calvinalright i'll check that out15:18
JohnnyComeL8lyHow big is your drive?15:18
JohnnyComeL8lyDude, how much space is free?15:18
calvinless than a gig15:18
calvini want to reserve as much space as possible15:19
cfhowlettcalvin, sudo apt-get clean && sudo apt-get autoclean *might* give you some space15:19
calvini don't have money to throw on another drive right now15:19
calvini've done it15:19
JohnnyComeL8lyI think you need to look at your game repertoire... see what you actually use.15:19
calvinthat is not the problem15:19
calvinmy multimedia files are huge15:20
JohnnyComeL8lyI have a 120 GB SSD... and I don't have your problems.15:20
calvini keep multigig production videos15:20
calvinsome are 1080p some are 4k15:20
JohnnyComeL8lyDefine production....15:20
porekPici, thank you, no worries, I will try another solution15:20
JohnnyComeL8lyWell, if you have a business, then plan on getting more storage.15:21
cfhowlettcalvin, same here.  256 is very minimal especially if you are also gaming.15:21
calvini make dramatic motion videos to sell to my colleagues who need them as a filming background and the like15:21
=== rajak is now known as Guest82430
artoisclients, you mean?15:21
calvinthe games only eat less than 100GB15:22
JohnnyComeL8lyI only play like 5 free software games... I doubt that they take up more than a gig.15:22
calvinmy project videos use over twice that much15:22
cfhowlett"only" 100 of 256 total.  right.15:22
calvini use cinelerra to work btw15:23
calvini don't have money to spare on an external hdd15:23
JohnnyComeL8ly"My problem is not my problem!"15:23
ST-84No videos are showing up in my Video lens15:23
swenzelcalvin did you try ubuntu's disk usage analyzer? maybe you can find a big project/movie that you don't need anymroe15:23
ST-84video scope*15:23
calvinsadly no lol i need to keep them all15:23
JohnnyComeL8lyST-84:  Maybe you don't have any....15:23
cfhowlettcalvin, *false* if for no other reason than you need to backup your work.  but hey ... maybe you have another solution.  right?15:23
ST-84I have 500GB of Anime15:24
ST-84dont having any is an understatement.15:24
artoisspend money to make money, etc.15:24
artoisST-84: some kinda statement15:24
calvini've audited my videos one by one and I still need them all15:24
ST-84Ranging from mp4, mkv to webm15:24
ST-84So it should have worked15:24
cfhowlettthen you need a backup solution calvin15:24
calvini only keep mpeg and mp4 files15:24
JohnnyComeL8lycalvin: I think this is a chicken and egg issue....15:24
calvinyes kinda lol15:24
ST-84Is there a program i need to run like shotwell for the picture scope.15:25
artoisif it ends in 'mpeg', it's probably about four times as large as it needs to be15:25
artoisor 8, if you're willing to use h.26515:25
JohnnyComeL8lyST-84: run this cmd in your terminal (ctl + alt + t)15:25
artoisbut the cheapest, most time efficient solution...15:25
artoisis to get more storage15:25
JohnnyComeL8lyST-84: ls -l ~/Videos15:26
calvini should have gotten a terabyte 7200rpm hdd instead15:26
ST-84I know the files are there15:26
ST-84JohnnyComeL8ly, Im the owner of the files and they are there15:27
calvinbut i have to suffer some performance hit on gaming by that.... not dare enough lol15:27
JohnnyComeL8lyWell, I don't use *Ubuntu* so I'm thinking that you might have to do this yourself... or wait till somebody else takes interest.15:28
JohnnyComeL8lycalvin: How many games to you play in a week?15:28
swenzelcalvin, maybe you should sacrifice some of your games for your work until you have enough money to buy a bigger storage :P15:29
calvini played bioshock infinte this morning15:29
Voyagecfhowlett,  ok, is there a good near human text to speech app?15:29
calvindifferent games everyday15:29
calvini don't play everyday15:29
calvinbut definitely every week15:29
ST-84Voyage, epseak is one15:29
ST-84Voyage, no itsthe reverse15:29
ST-84Text to speach15:29
JohnnyComeL8lyECHO swenzel.statement15:29
=== SpookyNeko is now known as Neko-spooky
Latrodectuswhat's the easiest way to remove unity reccomended apps, without installing another desktop mannager?15:30
calvinoh noes!! :015:30
VoyageST-84,  what do you mean?15:30
LatrodectusST-84: what about orca?15:30
calvini think you need unity tweak tool15:30
Latrodectuscalvin: ty15:30
cfhowlettLatrodectus, unity is heavily integrated with ubuntu.  removal is likely to break things.  BUT you need not use it.  install an alternate desktop environment, logout, choose the alternate DE, login.  no unity15:30
JohnnyComeL8lyOr, install Xubuntu!15:31
Latrodectuscfhowlett: "without installing another desktop manager"15:31
JohnnyComeL8lyLatrodectus: You might just be stuck....15:31
Latrodectuswhy they do this?15:32
Latrodectusi'm sure that there's a setting that i can turn off15:32
JohnnyComeL8lyI'd just as soon switch to Xubuntu... or even better Trisquel.15:32
calvini made the annoying unity less annoying by removing every package starting with unity-lens- (apart from unity-lens-applications) and every package starting with unity-scope- (apart from unity-scopes-*)15:32
JohnnyComeL8lyTrisquel is completely libre.15:33
calvinthis made the unity much lighter15:33
calvini see someone running ubuntu on a mac here15:33
cfhowlettJohnnyComeL8ly, just to be polite, do NOT advocate other OS in this channel.  thankyou.15:33
JohnnyComeL8lyOr, you could flee the Unity...15:33
JohnnyComeL8lyOk, I suppose that is good to remember. :-}15:34
calvinafter i removed every package related to those i made my computer booting up in 7 secs15:34
artoiscalvin: amazin’ (fruit)15:34
artoisbe usable faster if you stopped shutting it down15:34
Latrodectusor install a ssd15:34
calvinit used to be over 14s15:34
Latrodectusssd boot in > 1 second15:35
calvinmine is already an ssd15:35
JohnnyComeL8lyI could have guessed.15:35
VoyageIs there a good near human text to speech app/service?15:35
Latrodectusubuntu must be really heavy then...15:35
JohnnyComeL8lyHello, Ubik_.15:35
Ubik_i have q question regarding live cd15:35
Ubik_a question...15:36
cfhowlett!ask | Ubik_15:36
ubottuUbik_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience15:36
joltmananyone know the correct method to configure a secondary IP on the primary ETH adapter?15:36
JohnnyComeL8lycfhowlett: Is there no room for expressing discontent with non-libre software?15:36
joltmani'm having issues15:36
cfhowlettJohnnyComeL8ly, advocating for non -ubuntu OS is beyond expressing discontent15:36
Ubik_cfhowlett: is it possible to download a file using firefox? as cd is read only (in Fact i use a usb live disk)?15:37
JohnnyComeL8lyIt is a very similar OS... it is just stripped down.15:37
cfhowlettUbik_, details15:37
Ubik_Desktop freezes each time I download a file using firefox15:38
cfhowlett!flavors | JohnnyComeL8ly, we are here to support these flavors.  perhaps your talents could be better utilized in the trisquel channels??15:38
ubottuJohnnyComeL8ly, we are here to support these flavors.  perhaps your talents could be better utilized in the trisquel channels??: !Ubuntu-GNOME, !Kubuntu, !Xubuntu and !Lubuntu are simply flavors of Ubuntu that come with GNOME, KDE, Xfce, and LXDE (respectively) installed as default, instead of Unity. Other specialized flavors of Ubuntu include !Edubuntu, Ubuntu !Studio, and !Mythbuntu.15:38
cfhowlettUbik_, how much ram do you have?15:38
JohnnyComeL8lycfhowlett: I'm pretty sure you'd rather have me talking about another libre distro very similar to Ubuntu, than whine about how Ubuntu isn't libre....15:38
Ubik_cfhowlett: 1 gb15:39
JohnnyComeL8lyAnd, I'll leave it at that.15:39
cfhowlettUbik_, it's possible to run a live session ubuntu with 1 GB, but you'd find lubuntu or xubuntu more snappy15:39
cfhowlettas they are optimized for low spec hardware like yours15:39
Latrodectusi get it that ubuntu has to make money, but this is plain stupid, and totally against everything that linux stands for...15:40
cfhowlettLatrodectus, fair critique - please continue in ubuntu-offtopic.  thanks.15:40
Latrodectusi will15:40
ioriaUbik_, how did you  do   the iso ?15:40
calvindo you have any idea how can I chat on this irc channel in a terminal?15:41
Ubik_cfhowlett:i tried unity ubuntu and kubuntu and gnome ubuntu,  works well until I try video15:41
cfhowlettcalvin, irrsi is a text based irc client, I think.15:41
Ubik_ioria: using yumi from pendrive15:41
calvinthanks for the suggestion15:41
calvini'll look it up15:41
cfhowlettUbik_, yep.  1 gb is MINIMAL.  add ram or try lubuntu/xubuntu15:41
cfhowlett!irc | calvin15:42
ubottucalvin: A list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines15:42
cfhowlettcalvin, sorry, wrong factoid15:42
cfhowlettVoyage, still with us?15:42
ioriaUbik_,   1g is not optimal for  unity-ubuntu ...  but it should not crash ... ,have you checked the iso ?15:43
Ubik_cfhowlett:ok i'll have a try    x or l to begin?15:43
Ubik_ioria: it does not crash, it freezes15:44
=== zwitter__ is now known as arunpyasi
cfhowlettlubuntu would be my first stop15:44
Ubik_ioria: only alt sys b works then15:44
ioriaUbik_,   32 or 64 bit  ?15:44
porekhello again, I've had some partition damages this morning, as I talked to people here. I was informed that I could dd the damaged partitions / drives to see if they are permanently corrupted or can be used again, like if dd exits with an error, then it means the disk / drive is damaged..can I safely assume that?15:45
cfhowlettreference:  most of the computers on my campus are Vista vintage desktops, 32 bit.  Ubik_15:45
Ubik_ioria: 3215:45
ioriaUbik_,   lubuntu15:45
=== zengine_ is now known as zengine
ioriaUbik_,   if you don't know it,  take some image on Google15:46
cfhowlett!lubuntu | Ubik_15:46
ubottuUbik_: lubuntu is Ubuntu with LXDE instead of !GNOME as desktop environment, which makes it extremely lightweight. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu - /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.15:46
Ubik_ioria: ok np   32bits only i guess?15:46
ioriaUbik_,   sure15:47
ioriaUbik_,   no, i mean you  need a  32  bit iso15:47
Ubik_ubottu: i tried gnome also   freezes too15:47
ubottuUbik_: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:47
=== beck is now known as designbybeck
Ubik_ubottu: lol15:47
cfhowlettUbik_, gnome is pretty demanding of system resources15:47
Ubik_cfhowlett: ok lubuntu then15:48
ioriaUbik_,   i  suggest 14.0415:48
cfhowlettUbik_, I have it on my vbox and the USB key I carry around on my neck.  it does the job.15:48
herrkinhello, community I have some questions for you. the first one is, is there a way to make a user so that it only has permissions to edit network settings? and another thing is, I want to protect the recovery of the password via grub but still let the system start skipping the grub. how can I do that?15:48
ikoniaherrkin: do you understand how illogical that is15:48
Ubik_ok    bb then15:49
artoisherrkin: yes; doesn't it do that already?15:49
ikonia"you want to project grub" - great thats fine, but you also want the ability to bypass it, how can you have both ?15:49
Ubik_thx for help15:49
cfhowlettherrkin, you can give users permissions such as network management.15:49
herrkinikonia, what part?15:49
ikoniaherrkin: securing grub but also having the ability to bypass it15:49
herrkinI just want the system to start but I dont want any user to have access to the console to recover the password, I have done that in the pass so its a security issue, ikonia15:50
=== genii is now known as zombiegenii
ikoniaherrkin: so set the time out to 0 and put the set the grub password hash15:51
herrkincfhowlett, how can I do that?15:51
cfhowlettherrkin, system > settings > users and groups > advanced settings15:51
=== Guest44979 is now known as twinsenx
joltmanthink i got it15:52
joltmani had a static DHCP entry for a MAC that was pointing to .8115:53
joltmanremoved that, cleared some ARP15:53
joltmanlookin good!15:53
herrkincfhowlett, sorry I was talking about ubuntu server. so no gui available15:53
cfhowlett!server | herrkin15:53
ubottuherrkin: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide - Support in #ubuntu-server15:53
cfhowlettserver channel would know the details.15:53
=== zombiegenii is now known as genii
herrkinikonia, there will be always a way to access the grub pressing esc I think.15:54
herrkincfhowlett, ok I will ask the server channel15:54
ikoniaherrkin: yes, but you can't edit if if you lock it15:55
herrkinyes, that was my question, how do I lock it?15:56
Latrodectusherrkin: change the rw premissions, see "man chmod"16:01
=== twinsenx is now known as twinsenbrim
Ubik_hello now running lubuntu16:11
sendja  hello16:15
sendjacan someone tell me what is this ?16:16
herrkinLatrodectus, change permissions of what?16:16
Latrodectusherrkin: the file16:17
herrkinwhat file?16:17
sendjawhat we are doing here ?16:17
Picisendja: This is the official support channel for Ubuntu Linix16:17
Latrodectusherrkin: you're trying to edit grub right?16:17
Picier, Linux16:17
herrkinLatrodectus, the question was how do I prevent a user to change the password via grub16:17
herrkinso that they cant gain access to root16:18
sendjawould you exlpan more pls ?16:18
Latrodectusherrkin: what's your threat model?16:18
herrkinI dont know what you mean, Latrodectus16:18
Latrodectusherrkin: who exactly are you trying to prevent from rooting your device, and how hard will they try?16:18
Latrodectusdepending on that i can suggest counter measures16:19
herrkinI think they would only try looking at the files on my home folder (for the code) via putting the disk on another machine16:19
herrkinthe home folder is encrypted so I think thats safe16:19
Latrodectusherrkin: do you need a disk drive?16:19
herrkinand another thing is rooting via grub16:20
Latrodectusalso can you put a password on your bios?16:20
herrkinI have done that, I dont remember exactly how  but via grub I just changed it16:20
herrkinbut I need the service to start without aking for a password16:20
herrkinjust start the services16:20
Latrodectusherrkin: it's usually via the bootup for the chipset16:20
herrkinok I remember I edited something via grub console and changed the root pass so I could log in.16:21
herrkinthats what I want to prevent people doing16:21
Latrodectusherrkin: then what you want to do is encrypt your disk16:22
Latrodectusbut you would need to reinstall your os...16:22
TJ-Latrodectus: this PC isn't herrkin's it is a clients, on their network, in their premises. Threat model is them obtaining source-code of the service/product herrkin licenses to them16:23
herrkinor messing with the system16:23
herrkindatabases, things like that16:23
herrkincompany employees are threat to them and to us16:24
Latrodectusand it's to protect from threat's that have direct access to the box?16:24
sadhi is er een nederlander aan bord?16:24
rom-mcphail ==> how I can add more hdd to my ubuntu? I use along win1016:24
=== sad is now known as Guest29153
Latrodectusherrkin: buy some crazy glue16:24
rom-how I can add more hdd to my ubuntu? I use along win1016:24
Latrodectuscrazy glue the keyboard and mouse16:24
TJ-Latrodectus: they want log-in access to 'change the IP' and apparently DHCP is a no-go. I've suggested a cheap router in front of this PC that they can access16:25
yao_ziyuanhi all. just switched from fedora to xunbuntu :)16:25
Guest29153i need help bij install indicator weather in lubuntu 14.0416:26
yao_ziyuanbut one problem: the boot screen is all black. my laptop has the same xunbuntu but it can display the "xubuntu" boot screen fine.16:26
TJ-!modeset | yao_ziyuan16:26
TJ-!nomodeset | yao_ziyuan16:26
ubottuyao_ziyuan: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter16:26
flame_geeklittle help16:26
flame_geekwhich one is the best IDE for vala ?16:27
yao_ziyuanvia this article (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Troubleshooting/BlankScreen) i know it must be my video card. but following that article's instructions, i can't find my grub's menu.lst file. i guess ubuntu today uses another boot manager.16:27
Latrodectusherrkin: also i would suggest unplugging the other devices that are not needed for device usage, and then locking the case16:27
Latrodectus^if you are allowed to do that...16:27
drdozerhi - my ubuntu box forgets that my network printer exists16:27
Latrodectusanother vector that you might want to consider is a hack via network boot, so turn that off16:27
Latrodectus(if you don't need that)16:28
vijuI have a text editor which I separately downloaded and kept in home folder. Can I make a link to it /usr/sbin? Okay I am trying to use the application as any other application that comes preinstalled with ubuntu.16:28
drdozerI can install the drivers and print a test page, but when I close the printer finding dialogue, it forgets the printer16:28
TJ-yao_ziyuan: Edit "/etc/default/grub" and the line "GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="..." and add " nomodeset"16:28
herrkinLatrodectus, why?16:28
TJ-yao_ziyuan: Then, do "sudo update-grub"16:28
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Latrodectusherrkin: paranoia16:29
herrkinLatrodectus, because they can boot via usb stick for example and gain access to the system?16:29
drdozerit is an epson xp-33216:29
Latrodectusherrkin: or just wipe the system16:29
porekhello everyone, summing up my recent question, can I test the health of a flash drive by applying dd command to wipe it and see if completes without errors?16:29
herrkinLatrodectus, they dont have anything in there anyway, only ethernet connected16:29
Latrodectusherrkin: good, then the cheep router will solve this problem16:30
herrkinjust let them edit the router to cope with network problem. the rest is only I can edit.16:30
TJ-porek: in theory, but it might accept writes but fail on reads, so you also need to try reading back from it16:30
yao_ziyuanTJ-: done. will now restart to see.16:30
porekTJ- how can I do that?16:33
porekI mean reading back16:33
akikporek: you can use badblocks to run the test16:33
yao_ziyuanTJ-: your solution partially solved the problem. at startup, it's a black screen a little while and then the xubuntu boot screen (with a progress indicator running clockwise). the screen resolution is not my monitor's highest one (1920x1080), and this wrong resolution persists after login to desktop.16:34
porekakik, thank you, this looks like the tool!16:35
porekakik, I found that I needed to install e2fsprogs, right?16:35
porekand then sudo badblocks -vsn /dev/sdX ?16:35
akikporek: just follow the package manager's instructions16:36
TJ-yao_ziyuan: Right; that's due to the kernel's video mode-setting being disabled! I'm afraid this is a common issue with no easy solution. In theory, the black screen during boot should be replaced by the X server GUI greeter display without 'nomodeset' - did you never get the greeter?16:36
Biosphereanyone here can help with bootsplash grub to display on all monitor outputs?16:36
porekakik, ok, I will start with it in a little bit16:37
akikporek: -w is for write test16:37
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TJ-yao_ziyuan: another possible fix is to dispense with the graphical splash screen during boot (which causes GRUB to but the video device into a grpahical mode) which later gives the kernel problems switching modes. The fix for that is not "nomodeset" but instead, removing the comment # from in front of "GRUB_TERMINAL=console" in "/etc/default/grub" and "sudo update-grub"16:38
yao_ziyuanxubuntu's display settings now says my current resolution is 1400x1050, which is obviously wrong.16:38
Biosphereno I want the graphical on three monitors during boot time16:38
Biosphereor all outputs16:38
TJ-Biosphere: not possible; grub only drives the primary device through the BIOS/Firmware interfaces16:39
yao_ziyuannow i'm trying to remove "splash" and "nomodeset" from my GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT value.16:39
Biospherewell if I use the ubuntu amd drivers it works but when I use the proprieroty driver it turns one off16:39
Grimbleeà l'huile16:39
porekakik, so should I add -w , too?16:40
TJ-Biosphere: that's not GRUB though, that's Linux by then16:41
BiosphereTJ-: so I guess its using the X11 driver for bootsplash?16:41
TJ-Biosphere: which GPU and drivers is the system using?16:41
TJ-Biosphere: no, X has nothing to do with bootsplash16:41
TJ-Biosphere: the package plymouth handles boot-time splash-screen16:42
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yao_ziyuanremoving "splash" and "nomodeset" now gives me a text boot screen. i see "ACPI PCC failed." the screen solution is right now.16:42
TJ-Biosphere: I'm not sure if, or how, fglrx can be told to enable all outputs. Your assumption is you want all outputs cloned16:42
BiosphereTJ-: cloned only for the bootspolash desktop UI is not like that which is fine once I hit X16:43
TJ-yao_ziyuan: don't worry about "ACPI PCC failed" - an over-zealous kernel dev left that message in when they shouldn't have. It was later demoted to only show when debugging16:43
TJ-Biosphere: well, that'd be a plymouth issue then. For drivers that don't clone the outputs it'd need logic that could enable clone mode16:43
yao_ziyuanTJ-: yeah. now i only wonder if i can get a boot splash screen for my old video card.16:43
BiosphereTJ-: whenever I use fglrx-updates the framebuffer drivers seems to be over written with AMD version or something....16:44
yao_ziyuanlspci says my video driver is "VGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Caicos [Radeon HD 6450/7450/8450 / R5 230 OEM]"16:44
BiosphereTJ-: open source drivers worked perfectly for bootsplash but of course grappy for desktop gaming16:44
TJ-Biosphere: probably, you can't have the KMS and a FB driver fighting without some strange things happening :)16:44
Biosphereyao_ziyuan: You just trying to text boot for grub?16:45
TJ-Biosphere: always the case! as i say, if the fglrx has an option to enable cloning (without needing xrandr) and plymouth can be 'taught' to use that16:45
yao_ziyuanBiosphere: text boot (removing the "splash" option) runs fine. but i want a graphical boot.16:45
TJ-yao_ziyuan: Do you boot it that much!?16:45
Biosphereyao_ziyuan: you mean the bootsplash?16:45
yao_ziyuanBiosphere: yes16:46
Biosphereyao_ziyuan: your only getting low res right?16:46
bviktorwhy does ubuntu software center (or any other gui needing root rights) ask for a specific user?16:46
bviktori have sudo rights from AD but it asks for a local user password16:46
bviktorthat's just stupid16:46
Biosphereyou need root permissinos for some of then bviktor16:46
bviktori DO have root permissions16:47
bviktorthat's the problem16:47
Biosphereya but you are actually logged in as root or just have to same perms?16:47
bekksbviktor: No. You have the right to get the root role using sudo.16:47
bviktori have an AD user with sudo rights, but instead it asks for the password of a local user16:47
bekksBiosphere: you dont need to be logged in as root.16:47
Biosphereif your in a gui try gksudo software-manager16:47
yao_ziyuanBiosphere: right. if i use "quiet splash nomodeset", i do see a graphical bootsplash but it's resolution is wrong (a very wide font) and this wrong resolution remains after i log into the desktop. xubuntu says the resolution is set to 1400x1050 but my LCD's native resolution is 1920x1080.16:47
TJ-bviktor: is the system using "libpam-krb5" to authenticate to AD?16:47
bekksBiosphere: "sudo rights" == "you have the right to execute things using sudo" != "you are root already".16:48
bviktorand a lot of other components16:48
bviktormost likely krb5 and pam too16:48
bviktorterminal sudo works flawlessly16:48
bviktorbut in the gui it won't let me specify a username16:48
Biospherebviktor: try gksudo before the command otherwise I not sure what else will help16:48
TJ-bviktor: no, it uses the current username16:48
Biosphereyao_ziyuan: did you try the VGA=791 or whatever it is for 1920x108016:48
bviktori'm logged in as viktor.berke16:48
bviktorthat's the AD user16:49
bviktorthen it pops up a window16:49
vaderAnyone else have problem upgrading from 15.04 --> 15.1016:49
bviktor"please enter password for bviktor"16:49
TJ-Biosphere: that option is long-gone16:49
yao_ziyuanBiosphere: ok. i want to try. can you give my the detailed command line?16:49
bviktorbviktor is the local user16:49
Biosphereit works for me16:49
Biosphereotherwise you can try uncomment GRUB_GFXMODE=1920x108016:49
=== main is now known as leghead
bviktorand like i said, sudo -l lists me as being permitted to run all commands with sudo16:50
bviktorand it pretty much works flawlessly in the terminal16:50
bviktormaybe... if i add another local user, it'll let me pick username16:50
Biosphereand add GRUB_GFXPAYLOAD_LINUX=keep to grub config file16:50
vaderI can boot only to the five Ubuntu dots where it hangs16:50
bviktorand then i can enter my AD username instead16:50
porekakik, so the whole form is like sudo badblocks -vsn -w /dev/sdX  ?16:50
TJ-yao_ziyuan: the reason you needed nomodeset was because GRUB put the video device into graphics mode. You'll end up back in the black screen situation if you have GRUB in GFX mode and don't use "nomodeset"16:50
TJ-bviktor: how about if you use "gksudo gedit" does that also work, or prompt you like Software Center?16:51
Biosphereyao_ziyuan: make sure your GRUB_CMDLINX_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash" and then try GRUB_GFXMODE=1920x1080 and add GRUB_GFXPAYLOAD_LINUX=keep16:51
bviktorlemme check16:52
Biospherebviktor: what flavor are you using xubunut 14.04 or ?16:52
bviktorubuntu 15.1016:52
yao_ziyuanBiosphere: i'll try.16:52
Biosphereyao_ziyuan: ok16:52
bviktorit's a very recent laptop so i need all the support... it's still buggy anyway lol16:52
Biospheredidn't like 15 it was too flakky for me16:53
bviktorit's not installed16:53
yao_ziyuanBiosphere: i see there is an existing entry GRUB_GFXMODE=640x480.16:53
bviktorgksudo package doesn't exist16:53
bviktori guess it's some gnome package16:54
Biosphereyao_ziyuan: ya uncomment that and put 1920x108016:54
Biosphereand add the GRUB_GFXPAYLOAD_LINUX=keep under it16:54
bviktorTJ-, yup, gksudo works perfectly16:54
vaderIf someone get a chance, possible to revert back to 15.04 --> 15.10 will not boot (locked out)16:54
TJ-bviktor: that suggests Software Center is doing something different and not using lib_pam as we'd expect it to. Bug report time I think!16:55
bviktorTJ-, i'm pretty sure it's just because of that stupid assumtpion that there can only be local sudo rights16:55
bviktorand frankly, that's true in 99% of the cases16:55
bviktorit's not too often that you get those rights delegated from a directory serve16:56
bviktorbut lemme check my theory about the 2nd user16:56
bviktori think it won't let me pick a username because there's only 1 (local) user that is admin16:56
bviktorso basically it wants to outsmart me hehe16:57
TJ-bviktor: everything authentication-wise should go through libpam. Have you check /var/log/auth.log for clues16:57
bviktorbut there's not an auth attempt to begin with16:57
bviktoroh how stupid16:58
bviktori added another user16:58
bviktornow it says "select user"16:58
bviktorand of course it's a drop down, not an input field16:58
Lisaaaabrun-parts: /etc/cron.daily/locate exited with return code 216:58
bviktorand it only lists the local users...16:58
LisaaaabAny help for that16:58
TJ-bviktor: that makes sense if there's no ldap integration16:58
bviktoryeah, IF there's no ldap integration16:59
yao_ziyuanBiosphere: tried. no splash screen. resolution is right.16:59
bviktortoo bad it's exactly what's happening16:59
Biosphereyao_ziyuan: no bootsplash but the resolution is 1920x1080?16:59
yao_ziyuanthe only chance i can see a graphical bootsplash is by using "nomodeset", but this causes a wrong resolution (1400x1050).16:59
yao_ziyuanBiosphere: right17:00
Biosphereyao_ziyuan: do you want bootsplash?17:00
yao_ziyuanBiosphere: if i can.17:00
bviktorerr, it's AD to be more specific, but the idea is the same17:00
yao_ziyuanBiosphere: i can live without it, but if there is a chance i can...17:00
Biosphereyao_ziyuan: what dos the your GRUB file have to DEFAULT_LINUX and GRUB_TERMINAL=console need to commenteed out17:00
Lisaaaabrun-parts: /etc/cron.daily/locate exited with return code 2 any fix ? I get ever day an email17:01
BiosphereLisaaaab: check your root user crontab and remove that line17:01
bviktorwhat's the middleware that asks for the password, policykit?17:01
Biosphereyao_ziyuan: Your using the flgrx-updates for your driver or you using the opensource or from AMD website?17:02
yao_ziyuanBiosphere: there doesn't seem to be these two entries in my GRUB file. my GRUB file was just automatically generated by a fresh Xubuntu installation.17:02
Netekhello all, I am attempting to learn grep and I want to create a file that will filter 2 log files.  one is an access log and another is an error log.  Is there anyway I can combine both files into one sorted by date?17:02
LisaaaabAnd how to do it ?17:02
=== ntoskrnl is now known as cz2
BiosphereLisaaaab: change to root user and type crontab -L17:03
Biosphereyao_ziyuan: GRUB_DEFAULT=017:03
BiosphereGRUB_DISTRIBUTOR=`lsb_release -i -s 2> /dev/null || echo Debian`17:03
BiosphereGRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash consoleblank=0"17:03
bviktorTJ-, i've got a feeling that this problem is restricted to those unity/ubuntu specific gui stuff17:04
LisaaaabI get no crontab for root17:04
Netekissue is with one log file I have the date in 01/Sep/2015 format and another I have the date set as 09/01/201517:04
bviktormost of them will prolly go away if i change DEs17:04
bviktori assume17:04
yao_ziyuanBiosphere: i'll upload my GRUB file for you to examine.17:04
bviktorsince gksu works ok17:04
TJ-bviktor: it would not surprise me17:05
yao_ziyuanBiosphere: my current GRUB file: http://www.pastebin.ca/322684317:06
LisaaaabI get no crontab for root17:06
BiosphereLisaaaab: ok ummm... one sec17:07
Biosphereyao_ziyuan: Ok your file looks good... but you there is no bootsplash.... which driver you using? flgrx-updates?17:07
yao_ziyuanBiosphere: i'm using whatever video driver the Xubuntu installation gave me.17:07
LisaaaabIt is an week old 15.10 I just installed Postfix Dovecot Nginx and Maria17:08
nglpx1Lisaaaab, try 'sudo updatedb' as root17:08
tewardLisaaaab: what do you mean by 'no crontab for root'17:08
yao_ziyuanBiosphere: how do i see my driver version? i don't think it comes from AMD because it's set up by a Xubuntu installation.17:08
Biosphereteward: I ask to check the root crontab17:08
LisaaaabFailed to generate /var/cache/locate/locatedb.n17:09
Biosphereyao_ziyuan: there the problemt then... one sec I'll get you the command todo17:09
nglpx1Lisaaaab, that's the issue17:09
Biosphereyao_ziyuan: type gksudo software-properties-gtk in console window in gui and click on the additional drivers tab17:09
Biosphereyao_ziyuan: installl the fglrx-updates and then reboot and see17:09
LisaaaabAnd now17:10
nglpx1Lisaaaab, have you done it as root?17:10
yao_ziyuanBiosphere: interesting.17:11
yao_ziyuanBiosphere: there is also an additional driver offered to me from Intel (intel-microcode). should i use it as well?17:11
Biosphereyao_ziyuan: what card you have exactly? HD6850?17:11
jayjoIs there a way to find my internal ip from the command line?17:11
LisaaaabYes all as root17:11
Biosphereyao_ziyuan: try the video card first and see17:11
yao_ziyuanBiosphere: VGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Caicos [Radeon HD 6450/7450/8450 / R5 230 OEM]17:12
Biosphereyao_ziyuan: intel microcode may be a chipsite cpu thing17:12
nemoI have an external HD that has an EFI partition. iomega eGo 1.5TiB - I was hoping to boot off of it.  Easiest way to setup a quick boot seemed to me to use usb-creator-gtk17:12
Biosphereyao_ziyuan: i would try the flgrx-updates first if that doesn't work try fglrx17:12
nemoUnfortunately it fails on boot manager setup - I'm guessing due to EFI - hard to say, this eGo seems to support on-disc encryption and exposes a 2nd magic "CD" drive w/ disc encryption exe so probably has some extra stuff going on.17:13
nickenchuggets__does anyone know how I might be able to test fail2ban?17:13
Biosphereyao_ziyuan: one of those should do the trick you may have to COMMENT OUT the GRUB_GFXMODE and PAYLOAD lines after the install if it doesn't work but.... try just installed the fglrx-updates and rebooting first17:13
yao_ziyuanBiosphere: so i now selected flgrx-updates and closed that window. should i restart now?17:13
nemoI was wondering if usb-creator-gtk was UEFI aware, and if not, what the best approach might be to install to it17:13
Biosphereyao_ziyuan: yes reboot did it say it was activated?17:13
nemoI'm thinking I could also setup the installer on a flash drive, boot to that, then install to the external HD normally, but that seemd a bit convoluted17:14
nglpx1Lisaaaab, try to create thet directory manually17:14
nemowas hoping I could just install from my current desktop17:14
yao_ziyuanBiosphere: oops, i haven't clicked "Apply changes". now i'm doing it.17:14
Biosphereyao_ziyuan: ok17:14
Biospherenemo: you trying to make a bootable UEFI stick?17:14
nemoBiosphere: I guess basically that except replace stick with 1.5TiB of spinning rust ☺17:15
yao_ziyuani was thinking ubuntu/xubuntu would be home (fedora wasn't nice to me) but now it seems... way to go17:15
nemoBiosphere: wanted an external drive for storing stuff that I could also boot off of17:15
yao_ziyuanor it's just my pc getting too old17:15
Biospherenemo: so a persistant setup or not persistant?17:16
Biospherenemo: I usually use dd for my usb stick iso stuff17:17
nemoBiosphere: hm...  I'm really not too particular, I'd like to have it still usable as a filesystem, ideally w/o all the permission hassles that ext4 entails, so probably sticking w/ fat3217:18
nemoBiosphere: that's why I thought the usb-startup-disk thing would be perfect17:18
nemoI guess I could blow away the EFI stuff too...17:18
nemowould rather not screw w/ the drive too much though, in case others want to use it17:18
yao_ziyuanBiosphere: this time it's a lot better: i see the graphical bootsplash (although the aspect ratio is wide (the logo looks wide)) and then i get a desktop with the right (1920x1080) resolution.17:18
nemowould be nice to keep their builtin stuff working17:18
nemocould maybe use ntfs. crappy filesystem, but less crappy than fat32, and no permissions issues17:19
Biosphereyao_ziyuan: ok... so you need the bootsplash to be proper resolution... sometimes I can never get that to be the proper resolution... whats yout TTY's resolution like now CTRL+ALT+F1?17:19
nickenchuggets__could someone try to ssh into my server?17:20
nglpx1Lisaaaab, cd /var/cache/locate/locatedb.n (as root)17:20
nickenchuggets__I want to see if fail2ban works17:20
nickenchuggets__without banning myself17:20
yao_ziyuanBiosphere: i don't seem to have a TTY except Ctrl+Alt+F7 (which is my graphical UI)17:20
nickenchuggets__this is my IP:
=== Shibe is now known as SpookyShibe
legheadhi a short question can i reboot a computer by ssh without my ssh to stuck?17:20
nickenchuggets__if you could try to log in like, 6 times, that'd be sweet, thanks17:21
Biosphereyao_ziyuan: oh ok.... you can try to comment out the GRUB_GFXMODE and GRUB_GFXPAYLOAD_LINUX and try17:21
Biosphereleghead: sudo reboot17:21
TJ-yao_ziyuan: boot into GRUB command-line and run vbeinfo to find out which modes are available to grub17:21
Biosphereleghead: or you can use sudo shutdown -r now17:21
legheadBiosphere: if i do so the therminal stucks17:21
Biosphereleghead: oh really thats not correct17:22
nemoBiosphere: hm... this looks maybe promising. haven't read too far yet. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/UEFI-and-BIOS17:22
yao_ziyuanTJ-: i don't seem to have a chance to go into GRUB command line as Xubuntu is my computer's only boot option and it goes directly into the bootsplash.17:22
yao_ziyuani'm restarting.17:22
nickenchuggets__I need someone to help me test fail2ban17:22
Voyagehow to convert 44000 hz to 8000hz wav file?17:22
TJ-yao_ziyuan: you hold down the Shift key BEFORE the boot gets to GRUB, grub will detect it and show the menu, then you can press 'C' to get the cmdline17:22
Biospherenemo: never tried that before17:23
nemohm... requires booting into uefi mode17:23
legheadBiosphere: and is there a possibillity to automaticly relogin after reboot?17:23
Biosphereleghead: into tty or GUI?17:23
nemohm... might end up needing that 2nd thumbdrive after all. bleah17:23
Biosphereleghead: never done that before.... not sure17:24
Biosphereleghead: what distro flavor you using?17:24
legheadBiosphere: so that i dont have to be physically @ the other pc to login eg17:24
legheadBiosphere: pandian17:24
nemohttp://askubuntu.com/questions/395879/how-to-create-uefi-only-bootable-usb-live-media  this sounds easier17:25
Biosphereleghead: http://askubuntu.com/questions/168706/how-do-i-auto-login-as-root-into-the-tty-upon-boot17:25
nemodon't reallly need grub17:25
mjaykleghead: soounds like you want to beable to ssh into your box17:25
legheadmjayk: beable?17:26
yao_ziyuanthis time it's the same: the bootsplash is a wide-font "xubuntu" logo (and a ellipse running clockwise), but the desktop resolution is right (1920x1080).17:27
yao_ziyuannormally you should see this xubuntu boot screen: http://www.ubuntu-pomoc.org/wp-content/uploads/Xubuntu-3.png17:28
TJ-yao_ziyuan: you hold down the Shift key BEFORE the boot gets to GRUB, grub will detect it and show the menu, then you can press 'C' to get the cmdline17:28
yao_ziyuanbut mine is a "widened" one.17:28
Biosphereyao_ziyuan: try the fglrx driver instead of fglrx-updates17:29
yao_ziyuanBiosphere: ok. i'll try your solution first.17:30
drdozermy desktop keeps forgetting my network printer, but my laptop remembers it - both latest ubuntu -- any ideas?17:32
Voyagehow to convert 44000 hz to 8000hz wav file?17:32
ubuntu382daftykins: hey you helped me to dual boot ubuntu yesterday you might remember, i'm just writing from the ubuntu os :)17:33
BiosphereVoyage: checking into it now17:34
BiosphereVoyage: trying using audacity for audio file manipulations.... should do what you want17:36
Voyage I just used audacity but it introduces a small buzz in background17:37
VoyageBiosphere, ^17:37
Netekright is there a fix for ubuntu 14.04 to auto detect when I have unplugged the HDMI cable?  At the moment I need to go to display settings in order for the system to recognise that it has been unplugged along with audio17:38
BiosphereVoyage: you have others input/outputs disabled except the one your using... if not try using pavucontrol and disable all inputs and outputs except the ones you need17:38
BiosphereVoyage: under configuration tab in pavucontrol17:39
vrapelifirefox is nowadays always asking of flash, outdated plugin, please help me to fix this issue? any good links?17:39
Biospherevrapeli: what flavor distro you using?17:39
VoyageBiosphere,  no, I mean, I opened 8000 kh.wav in audacity and did export to 8000kh following this http://manual.audacityteam.org/o/man/examples_exporting_audio_for_ringtones.html .  but it introduces a small buzz in background17:40
BiosphereVoyage: oh I see can you filter it out after your create the file with noise reduction?17:40
vrapeliBiosphere: Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS / Firefox 41.0.1 / Shockwave Flash 11.2 r20217:41
VoyageBiosphere,  where is noise reduction option?17:42
linociscohi all17:42
Biospherevrapeli: you should install the adobe flash plugin instead of shockwave17:42
jayjo_When I run telnet on my local machine, and then on my server, the IP it says it's trying to connect to is different each time. Is there a reason for this?17:42
linociscowhat is wrong here http://paste.ubuntu.com/13012176/?17:42
Biospheresudo apt-get install adobe-flashplugin17:42
vrapeliBiosphere: thanks, I will try this17:43
artoislinocisco: you tell us17:43
Biospherelinocisco: you have a version conflict with gtk+ and gio-unix it appears17:44
Biospherelinocisco: you trying to install wget?17:44
BiosphereVoyage: under effect noise removal17:45
nemojayjo_: round-robin dns?17:45
nemojayjo_: $ dig +short google.com | wc -l17:46
linociscoBiosphere, gwget17:46
VoyageBiosphere,  I see asterisk is saying the file is still 44000 hz.  opened 8000 kh.wav in audacity and did export to 8000kh following this http://manual.audacityteam.org/o/man/examples_exporting_audio_for_ringtones.html .  but it introduces a small buzz in background17:46
vijuHi, I have added my text editor symlink to /usr/bin but I don't see it when I try to 'open with' other application.17:46
linociscoVoyage, asterisk guy?17:46
BiosphereVoyage: your trying to transfer wav to cell phone ring tones... oh ok... does the buzz appear on your system or just the phone?17:47
Biosphereviju: is it executable?17:47
vijuYes, it's sublime text.17:48
vijuI can launch it from terminal.17:48
sirujust installed ubuntu 15.10 with fde17:48
Voyagelinocisco,  Biosphere  not ringtone but machine recording17:48
siruthe installer asks for the keymap after you enter the encryption password17:49
siruit should be the other way around17:49
vijuBiosphere, does that require me to restart or anything? I haven't done such kind of restart work for nominal stuff as this.17:49
Biosphereviju: no you don't have to17:49
siruwhere should I file a bug?17:49
Biosphereviju: i think the link is in the wrong place for open with option standby....17:50
wicopeHi. What is the name of the program, that when I select text, I can stick with the middle mouse button ? Thanks17:50
linociscoBiosphere, what do I do next?17:50
vijuBiosphere, do you mean it should have been /usr/sbin or /bin?17:51
Biospherelinocisco: not sure.... you can break your system if your not careful with versions of packages...17:51
linociscoBiosphere, I dont know how to be careful.17:51
Biosphereviju: no i think the symlink needs to be in /usr/share/applications but not sure checking now17:51
linociscoBiosphere, i would like to install now one downloadmanager to support resume function17:51
OerHekslinocisco, gwget was written for gnome2, that project is dead. https://projects.gnome.org/gwget/17:52
TJ-siru: the keymap used to accept the encryption pass-phrase would be the one selected when the installer boot started. The mapping chosen *during* installer options selection is only written to /target/17:52
linociscoBiosphere, fat rat is not ok, GWget is not ok. what to install next?17:52
ulrichardafter upgrading to wily werwolf, my taskbar and launcher bar are gone. How can I get them back?17:52
OerHekslinocisco, filezilla can17:52
linociscoOerHeks, what should I install as download manager?17:52
Biospherelinocisco: not sure...17:52
TJ-!info uget | linocisco17:54
ubottulinocisco: uget (source: uget): easy-to-use download manager written in GTK+. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.10.4-1ubuntu1 (wily), package size 218 kB, installed size 1017 kB17:54
Biosphereviju: ok you have to add a .desktop file into your /usr/share/applications17:55
jayjo_nemo: can you explain round-robin dns?17:55
siruTJ-: thanks ... there was only a language option if I remember it correctly17:55
Biosphereviju: so I copied the leafpad.desktop file and changed it to in my case geany.desktop and changes the respective parameters to launch the app you want17:55
siruwill try a install in a vm and check17:56
vijuBiosphere, thanks, I was just checking the contents as you said.17:56
TJ-siru: The very first installer boot option is usually an icon with a keyboard bottom-centre - at least for El Torito/MBR boots. EFI boots use GRUB and don't get that, I seem to recall17:56
Biosphereviju: that should do what you want that way.... mine shows up in the context menu I don't have to click open with... but you may have to17:57
yao_ziyuanBiosphere: fglrx and fglrx-updates seem to have the same bootsplash. anyway, this one is good enough for me: the progress bar is a circle a little widened (a slight ellipse).17:58
wicopeWhat is the name of the program default Ubuntu when i select text can paste with the middle mouse button?17:58
Biosphereyao_ziyuan: ya sometimes I get that problem too with wide bootsplash on some of my amd cards... but glad you got it working a little better.. fyi fglrx-updates are better for you17:59
yao_ziyuanit's quite reasonable that the bootsplash doesn't have an animation exactly for my native resolution (1920x1080), so it uses an appoximate one.17:59
Biospherewicope: depends you in terminal windows or just file manager or something?17:59
nemojayjo_: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Round-robin_DNS17:59
yao_ziyuanBiosphere: yes, i'm choosing fglrx-updates as my final driver.17:59
Biosphereyao_ziyuan: ok good...17:59
nemojayjo_: it's used for load balancing and automatical failover18:00
TJ-yao_ziyuan: the plymouth-theme-* has a 'scale' script for the logo, so it should centre + ensure 1:1 aspect ratio, unless the underlying video mode is stretching from, say, 1440 video res to 1920 screen res18:01
=== EriC^^ is now known as explosive
yao_ziyuanBiosphere, TJ-: thank you both for helping me with this problem18:01
Biosphereyao_ziyuan: no problem glad to help18:01
yao_ziyuanTJ-: so you have a clue to get a better result?18:02
linociscoTJ-, thanks. i m downloading ubuntu iso using uget18:02
TJ-yao_ziyuan: as I said earlier, use GRUB cmdline mode to run its vbeinfo tool and find out what video resolutions GRUB can use18:03
wicopeBiosphere: thanks, examples: i select text in firefox, atom, nautilus, gedit, .. and can paste with the middle mouse button. What's the name of this program?18:03
TJ-yao_ziyuan: you hold down the Shift key BEFORE the boot gets to GRUB, grub will detect it and show the menu, then you can press 'C' to get the cmdline18:03
Biospherewicope: I believe its in your mouse config program not sure whats its called though... the terminal sometimes have seperate option for pasting18:03
explosivewicope: does shift+insert work to paste?18:04
Latrodectususually shift+ctrl+v works18:04
jayjo_so to check if this is round-robin, is there a way to list all ips for a server?18:05
Biospherethis all depends on the gui your using... for example i3 doesn't work the same18:05
wicopeBiosphere: ok, i check the config of awesome-wm18:05
wicopeexplosive: yes shift+insert work to paste18:06
Biospherewicope: I believe so.... its under your shortcut keys or mouse options... if I remember correctly18:06
wicopeLatrodectus: yes shift+ctrl+v works too18:06
wicopethanks all bye18:07
Biospherewicope: laterz18:07
Latrodectuswicope: it's standard in all operating systems to have shift+ctrl+v as paste for terminal/cmd18:07
yao_ziyuanTJ-: and then enter 'vbeinfo'?18:08
TJ-yao_ziyuan: correct18:08
yao_ziyuanok. doing it now.18:08
TJ-yao_ziyuan: type "help" first you'll see all the commands18:08
samb1hi, I'm in the process of porting a big perl application with many dependencies from one release to another (actually from lucid to precise or newer distros) the thing is with a lot of the legacy stuff it's possibly breaking due to being built with newer versions of things in precise , just wondering is it possibly to use apt to install older versions of various deb packages ?18:09
Seveassamb1: if you want old, stay on an old Ubuntu.18:09
explosivewicope: you can set it with xinput or an xorg config maybe18:09
TJ-samb1: not a good idea; I'd recommend creating a chroot environment for the 'old' release on the 'new' supported release18:10
explosivestill interested to get the middle mouse button working?18:10
Biospheresamb1: you can do apt-get cache to install older paackages but be carefuyl you can break your system that wya18:10
samb1but lucid isn't supported anymore right?18:10
samb1Biosphere: it's ok I can spin up new systems just trying to figure out what works best18:11
yao_ziyuanTJ-: vbeinfo gave a long list of resolutions but none of them is my native resolution (1920x1080). at last vbeinfo says: "Preferred mode: 1920x1080".18:13
samb1so with apt if I do something like apt-cache policy libsome-package-perl it will give me the options as per the repos, but typically the options won't go that far back18:14
TJ-yao_ziyuan: so GRUB can see 1920x1080 then18:14
TJ-yao_ziyuan: in which case using it for gfx_mode should be OK, and with 'keep' linux should maintain it. Which suggests plymouth has an issue, or else the video driver is arbitrarily resetting the mode18:15
yao_ziyuanTJ-: first there is a long list of available modes like "0x1e6 1920 x 1440 x 32 ..."18:15
yao_ziyuanthen "EDID version: 1.3"18:15
yao_ziyuanthen "Preferred mode: 1920x1080"18:16
Biosphereyao_ziyuan: fi you add vga= the code in the cmdline in grub you can try and fore that resolution18:16
yao_ziyuanmaybe 1920x1080 is "preferred" but not "available"?18:16
yao_ziyuanBiosphere: 1920x1080 doesn't have a "code" like "0x1e6" for 1920x144018:16
Biosphereyao_ziyuan: oh then your sol with the VGA= option then18:17
yao_ziyuanBiosphere: what is sol?18:17
FragUPlentyHello, I get an error when trying to update ubuntu 15.10 which I recently upgraded to18:18
FragUPlentyW:Failed to fetch cdrom://Ubuntu-MATE 15.04 _Vivid Vervet_ - Release amd64 (20150422.1)/dists/vivid/main/binary-amd64/Packages  Please use apt-cdrom to make this CD-ROM recognized by APT. apt-get update cannot be used to add new CD-ROMs18:18
FragUPlenty, W:Failed to fetch cdrom://Ubuntu-MATE 15.04 _Vivid Vervet_ - Release amd64 (20150422.1)/dists/vivid/multiverse/binary-amd64/Packages  Please use apt-cdrom to make this CD-ROM recognized by APT. apt-get update cannot be used to add new CD-ROMs18:18
FragUPlenty, W:Failed to fetch cdrom://Ubuntu-MATE 15.04 _Vivid Vervet_ - Release amd64 (20150422.1)/dists/vivid/restricted/binary-amd64/Packages  Please use apt-cdrom to make this CD-ROM recognized by APT. apt-get update cannot be used to add new CD-ROMs18:18
FragUPlenty, W:Failed to fetch cdrom://Ubuntu-MATE 15.04 _Vivid Vervet_ - Release amd64 (20150422.1)/dists/vivid/universe/binary-amd64/Packages  Please use apt-cdrom to make this CD-ROM recognized by APT. apt-get update cannot be used to add new CD-ROMs18:18
FragUPlenty, W:Failed to fetch cdrom://Ubuntu-MATE 15.04 _Vivid Vervet_ - Release amd64 (20150422.1)/dists/vivid/main/binary-i386/Packages  Please use apt-cdrom to make this CD-ROM recognized by APT. apt-get update cannot be used to add new CD-ROMs18:18
BiosphereSht Out of Luck18:18
BiosphereFragUPlenty: whats in your sources.lst file?18:19
explosiveyao_ziyuan: what's the problem?18:19
BiosphereFragUPlenty: /etc/apt/sources.list18:19
yao_ziyuanexplosive: the bootsplash isn't in my monitor's native screen resolution.18:19
explosiveyao_ziyuan: type sudo nano /etc/default/grub18:20
yao_ziyuani actually often see this problem in my ubuntu experience years ago18:20
explosivethen save and sudo update-grub18:20
MonkeyDustFragUPlenty  next time, use a pastebin18:21
yao_ziyuanexplosive: i seem to have already tried with that but i can try it again18:21
daftykinsFragUPlenty: your system is looking for a CD, go into system settings -> software and sources and uncheck the CD as a source.18:22
yao_ziyuanGRUB_GFXMODE=1920x1080 doesn't help.18:24
FragUPlentythanks I think that fixed it18:24
yao_ziyuanand grub didn't give a vga code for 1920x1080 at all.18:24
yao_ziyuani mean, vbeinfo didn't give a vga code for 1920x1080 at all.18:24
explosivedid you try adding the =keep to grub's keep variable? yao_ziyuan18:24
yao_ziyuanexplosive: yes18:24
TJ-yao_ziyuan: it's plymouth, of the fglxr driver, in all likelyhood.18:25
Biosphereyao_ziyuan: what do you get when you do xrandr --query18:25
yao_ziyuanBiosphere: there is a 1920x1080      60.0*+18:26
Biosphereyao_ziyuan: ok well thats good then... you using DVI or VGA or HDMI to monitor?18:27
yao_ziyuanBiosphere: the full output is here: http://www.pastebin.ca/322696918:27
yao_ziyuanBiosphere: it's not HDMI. it's a Dell Inspiron 580s bought in 2011 -- the typical desktop pc connected to a 21 or 23" LCD.18:28
yao_ziyuanthe LCD is also part of the Dell package.18:28
Biosphereyao_ziyuan: if you don't see a 1920x1080 when you do vbeinfo like TJ said then i think you SOL = Shit Out of Luck18:29
yao_ziyuanit's a VGA cable i suppose. it's whatever is typical for a desktop pc.18:29
Biosphereyao_ziyuan: you'll have to find a resolution that has the same aspect ratio for the bootsplash to not be widened18:30
yao_ziyuano, now i notice that when vbeinfo outputs, there is an asterisk before 1400x1050:18:32
yao_ziyuan* 0x146 1400 x 1050 x 32 (5632)18:32
yao_ziyuanwhich means grub at that time uses that resolution.18:33
TJ-yao_ziyuan: that'll be active mode if I recall correctly, but you also had 1920x1080 as preferred, so it should be used18:33
=== goddard1 is now known as goddard
yao_ziyuanTJ-: but 1920x1080 doesn't appear in the "normal list"18:33
yao_ziyuanthe "normal list" is the list above the line "EDID version: 1.3"18:34
Biosphereyao_ziyuan: did you try grub-customizer18:34
TJ-yao_ziyuan: Ahhh, that would explain it18:34
yao_ziyuaneach mode in the "normal list" has a vga code, like "0x146".18:34
TJ-yao_ziyuan: sorry, you said that earlier but I skipped over it18:34
=== Motoservo_ is now known as Motoservo
yao_ziyuanTJ-: yes. 1920x1080 only appears BELOW "EDID version: 1.3": "Preferred mode: 1920x1080"18:35
Biosphereyao_ziyuan: try this http://askubuntu.com/questions/206967/why-isnt-grub2-using-custom-resolution18:35
yao_ziyuanBiosphere: do i still need to try grub-customizer?18:35
Biosphereyao_ziyuan: try that link first18:36
TJ-yao_ziyuan: right, that came from the grub.cfg setting you'd made18:36
TJ-yao_ziyuan: grub can't adopt any mode vbeinfo cannot 'see'18:36
Biosphereyao_ziyuan: try adding the vga=0x0366 to your grub cmdline18:36
Biosphereyao_ziyuan: sorry vga=0x036818:37
=== Php is now known as Guest96311
Guest96311Hey can anzbodz help me18:37
yao_ziyuanthe link given by Biosphere doesn't work here... i'm in china... the browser stalls at "Waiting for ajax.googleapis.com..."18:37
nailerhelp what?18:37
yao_ziyuangoogleapis.com is blocked in china...18:37
yao_ziyuani'll try vga=0x0366 directly18:38
Biosphereyao_ziyuan: ok nvm18:38
yao_ziyuanok, the web page opened...18:38
nailerchina-user - you can use tor browser18:38
Guest96311I want java for my ubuntu where can i get it18:38
Biosphereyao_ziyuan: ok but you 368 instaed18:38
BiosphereGuest96311: you want openjdk or oracle?18:38
bekks!java | Guest9631118:39
ubottuGuest96311: To just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.18:39
BiosphereGuest96311: sudo apt-add-repository ppa:webupd8team/java for oracle and then sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install oracle-java8-installer18:39
yao_ziyuanBiosphere: can i add this to the GRUB file?18:40
yao_ziyuanBiosphere: ok i see18:40
captinehi all.  had our windows admin confused.  followed https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/sssd-ad.html to add an ubuntu vm to active directory.  the last command is to add the server to the domain.  normally, when adding new laptops etc to the domain, a AD admin needs to enter username and password, however, the command in ubuntu was successful without a username or password.  server was listed in the active18:41
captinedirectory config tool thing  (i dont know much about AD).  thought this was interesting?18:41
Biosphereyao_ziyuan: yoiur grub cmdline should look like this GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash consoleblank=0 vga=0x0368""18:41
captineanyone else had this?18:41
Biosphereyao_ziyuan: you don't need consoleblank if you dont' want it though18:41
MonkeyDustcaptine  there's also #ubuntu-server18:41
captineMonkeyDust: thanks.  didnt realize that18:41
yao_ziyuanBiosphere: i'm not including "consoleblank=0". does it matter?18:42
=== Guest96311 is now known as Php___
Biosphereyao_ziyuan: no18:42
captineMonkeyDust: i assume the same would happen with a desktop though?18:42
KSFTI installed Ubuntu on a laptop that came with Windows 8, but when I start it, it immediately starts Windows, and I don't see GRUB. I did turn off secure boot. Can anyone help?18:42
yao_ziyuanBiosphere: i'm also commenting out GFXMODE and GFXPAYLOAD_LINUX. is this ok?18:42
naileri have some questions18:42
Biosphereyao_ziyuan: yup you need to18:42
zacwallsHow can I get Xubuntu to run faster as a whole. Kernel and everything? Because like 70% of my CPU is being used up when I have a small amount of processes running.18:43
yao_ziyuanok. restarting.18:43
KSFTboot-repair gives an error and this link: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1300642418:43
KSFTit says "Locked-ESP detected."18:43
KSFT"You may want to retry after creating a /boot/efi partition"18:43
naileri'm new to IRC clients, so, how can I reply someone, not general chat? that the guys knows who i am talking to. and how to send files over?18:43
zacwallsKSFT, You are still here? Damn, you are dedicated.18:43
KSFTI left for a while18:43
KSFTjust got back18:44
Biospherenailer: highlight then just type there name and to message /query18:44
KSFTstill can't get GRUB to start, and I can't get any help other than "change every single BIOS setting until it works"18:44
zacwallsAnd, I still cant get any help (0_0)18:44
KSFTso can anyone help?18:44
k1lzacwalls: see what is using all the cpu and think about reducing the services.18:45
k1lzacwalls: or if its a slow hardware anyways think about using a less consuming DE like Lubuntu18:45
yao_ziyuanBiosphere: this time (with vga=0x0368), it's even worse: the bootsplash becomes a text one, with four dots mimicking a progress bar...18:45
Biosphereyao_ziyuan: ok so you can't do vga then18:45
BiosphereKSFT: what up your having grub boot problems whats distro flavor you on?18:46
jeffreylevesqueis ubuntu debian based?18:46
Biospherejeffreylevesque: yes18:46
Php_Have anybody experience with moonlight gamestream on the Raspberry Pi2 ?18:47
jeffreylevesqueBiosphere: i have ubuntu 12.04, trying to `apt-get install spellcheck`.  but ubuntu package manager doesn't have the package :(18:47
Biospherezacwalls: what you need help with? linux flavor distro?18:48
KSFTBiosphere: I'm on Ubuntu18:48
KSFT64 bit?18:48
KSFTis that what you mean by "flavor"?18:48
KSFT14.04, I think18:48
BiosphereKSFT: ubuntu 14.0418:48
KSFTjust checked18:48
BiosphereKSFT: do uname -a18:48
yao_ziyuanBiosphere: so now we should try grub-customizer?18:48
k1l!find spellcheck18:48
ubottuFound: hunspell-an, hunspell-de-at, hunspell-de-ch, hunspell-de-de, hunspell-eu-es, hunspell-gl-es, hunspell-uz, libreoffice-voikko, myspell-ca, myspell-eo (and 24 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=spellcheck&searchon=names&suite=wily&section=all18:48
KSFTBiosphere: do you want the whole output?18:49
Biosphereyao_ziyuan: you can try that now see if that works for ya18:49
BiosphereKSFT: yes please the oneline18:49
k1ljeffreylevesque: what spellcheck exactly?18:49
jeffreylevesqueBiosphere: actually i can't find the 'spellcheck' package - https://github.com/koalaman/shellcheck#installing18:49
jeffreylevesquei'm using ubuntu 14.04 locally18:49
jeffreylevesqueand it can't find the package either18:49
nailerhow about launchpad?18:49
k1ljeffreylevesque: not sPellcheck, its sHellcheck18:49
k1ljeffreylevesque: its in the trusty-backports repo for 14.0418:50
Php___Do anybody have experience with Moonlight Gamestream on the Raspberrz Pi 2?18:50
KSFTBiosphere: "Linux ubuntu 3.19.0-25-generic #26~14.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Fri Jul 24 21:16:20 UTC 2015 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux"18:50
yao_ziyuanBiosphere: grub-customizer isn't in ubuntu's default repositories. i think i should walk away from this approach.18:50
bekks!ask | Php___18:50
ubottuPhp___: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience18:50
yao_ziyuanBiosphere: i'm going too far.18:50
Biosphereyao_ziyuan: you need to repo18:51
yao_ziyuanBiosphere: i'm ok with the slightly widened bootsplash...18:51
Biosphereyao_ziyuan: ppa:danielrichter2007/grub-customizer18:51
yao_ziyuanBiosphere: how could grub-customizer improve my result?18:51
Biosphereyao_ziyuan: there are more customisable optinos18:52
linuxey@ KSFT You have an efi partition with errors, eh?18:52
yao_ziyuanBiosphere: i think i don't need them...18:52
BiosphereKSFT: so you want to install a spell checker or?18:52
Biosphereyao_ziyuan: ok18:52
KSFTlinuxey: I don't know18:52
TJ-yao_ziyuan: how much time are you going to spend starting at the boot-splash? If it is there that long, there's something wrong!18:52
KSFTBiosphere: ...what?18:52
linuxey@KSFT you should boot from an Ubuntu DVD18:52
BiosphereKSFT: what are you trying to install? or fix?18:52
KSFTlinuxey: I'm currently in a live session from a USB thing18:52
KSFTI installed Ubuntu, but I can't boot it normally18:53
KSFTGRUB doesn't show up when I start my computer18:53
KSFTit starts Windows immediately18:53
BiosphereKSFT: can you get to the grub menu at all or into linux?18:53
explosiveKSFT: press the boot menu option and choose ubuntu18:53
TJ-KSFT: if it is UEFI, sounds like you have QuickBoot/FastBoot enabled, and it goes immediately into the default boot entry18:53
BiosphereKSFT: if not use a live usb stick and do repair grub18:54
yao_ziyuanTJ-: yeah, as you can see, i'm compulsive.18:54
KSFTI turned off secure boot in the BIOS settings and fast boot in the Windows control panel18:54
jeffreylevesquek1l: how do i access trusty-backports repo to install my package 'spellcheck'?  do you know if 12.04 has it too18:54
BiosphereKSFT: you only have one drive with dual boot for linux and windows but it defaults to windows correct?18:54
TJ-yao_ziyuan: I reboot maybe once every couple of weeks on my primary laptop; rest of the time its suspend/resume18:54
KSFThow do I "do repair grub"?18:54
k1ljeffreylevesque: its not spellcheck18:54
linuxey@ KSFT - https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/grub2/+bug/109147718:54
KSFTBiosphere: that's correct18:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1090829 in dosfstools (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #1091477 grub-efi fails to install with Input/output error" [Undecided,Confirmed]18:54
BiosphereKSFT: ok18:54
yao_ziyuanTJ-: my splash only took like 2-3 seconds18:54
TJ-KSFT: but there is still a QuickBoot option that may select the default boot entry and go straight to it18:54
KSFTit's an SSD, in case that matters18:54
daftykinsKSFT: it's still about the default boot entry, nothing to do with not having GRUB.18:54
NetworkingProhey everyone18:54
BiosphereKSFT: so boot up into a live and reconnect to irc I will guide you from there18:55
k1ljeffreylevesque: its shellcheck. with a H instead of P. it has nothing to do with checking the language18:55
NetworkingProhow do I search the disk for an executable by name?18:55
yao_ziyuanTJ-: and the current slightly widened splash looks good18:55
KSFTI'm on a different computer18:55
KSFTI have two18:55
BiosphereKSFT: oh ok good18:55
NetworkingProim trying to find out where docker is installed, its not linked properly.18:55
k1ljeffreylevesque: no, it cant be installed from the repos for 12.0418:55
daftykinsBiosphere: i highly doubt it's no GRUB, saw the install last night18:55
BiosphereKSFT: load usb live on the problem system and then install... one sec18:55
KSFTI'm in a live session now on the one I'm trying to fix18:55
xNearHello everybody, is it possible to make hybrid GPU working with not-propertary drivers?18:55
xNearwith open-source18:55
zacwallsk1l, Mainly my browser. But I started using Vivaldi. It runs really nice.18:55
KSFTThis IRC session is open on another one18:55
BiosphereKSFT: whats happens when you do update-grub18:55
explosiveKSFT: it's EriC^^18:56
BiosphereKSFT: ya18:56
linuxeyI have a basic question .. what the hell is the "proper" way for me to get uwsgi 2.0 onto my 14.04-2 systems without going the untrusted/sid route? Nothing that new in backports. Go with Jessie trusted?18:56
linociscohi all18:56
explosiveKSFT: can you type sudo apt-get install efibootmgr then sudo efibootmgr -v | nc termbin.com 999918:56
KSFTBiosphere: "/usr/sbin/grub-probe: error: failed to get canonical path of `/cow'/"18:57
MonkeyDust!find uwsgi18:57
ubottuFound: libapache2-mod-proxy-uwsgi, libapache2-mod-proxy-uwsgi-dbg, libapache2-mod-ruwsgi, libapache2-mod-ruwsgi-dbg, libapache2-mod-uwsgi, libapache2-mod-uwsgi-dbg, python-uwsgidecorators, python3-uwsgidecorators, uwsgi, uwsgi-app-integration-plugins (and 31 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=uwsgi&searchon=names&suite=wily&section=all18:57
KSFTperiod, not a slash at the end18:57
KSFTexplosive: I'll do that18:57
k1ljeffreylevesque:  "sudo apt-get install shellcheck/trusty-backports"18:57
k1ljeffreylevesque: and once again: it doesnt check your spelling18:57
OerHekslinuxey, build it yourself i guess, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/uwsgi/2.0.7-1ubuntu618:57
linuxey@ubottu... ok - but I need uwsgi 2.0.x18:58
KSFTexplosive: http://termbin.com/z19w18:58
OerHekslinuxey, so ? i gave you the source page18:58
BiosphereKSFT: add GRUB_DISABLE_OS_PROBER=true18:58
Biosphere to your /etc/default/grub and then redo update-grub and let me know what it does18:58
BiosphereKSFT: you have to sudo edit the file18:59
KSFTBiosphere: okay18:59
explosiveKSFT: please dont follow his instructions18:59
KSFTexplosive: okay18:59
KSFTwhy not?18:59
Biosphereexplosive: my instructions?18:59
explosiveit's jibberish19:00
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KSFTwhat should I do?19:00
linuxey@oerHeks .. you're saying - backport it myself then support it , huh?19:00
explosiveKSFT: type sudo parted -l | nc termbin.com 999919:00
KSFTexplosive: okay19:01
KSFTexplosive: http://termbin.com/2ow319:02
linuxeyMy INFR team voted to go with Ubu instead of CentOS and one reason was "newer versions" .. so far.. BS. EPEL has newer versions... unless I'm missing something. I don't want to roll my own ffs.19:02
daftykinslinuxey: this is a volunteer channel, so passing on any frustration with your job to use and using non-family friendly language is not welcome19:02
daftykins*to us19:02
explosiveKSFT: type sudo mount /dev/sda8 /mnt19:03
explosiveKSFT: then sudo mount /dev/sda2 /mnt/boot/efi19:03
KSFTexplosive: done19:03
linuxeyyes - I am frustrated19:03
KSFTdone both19:03
KSFTno output from either19:03
explosiveKSFT: for i in /dev /dev/pts /proc /sys /run; do sudo mount -B $i /mnt$i; done19:04
explosivetype the whole line19:04
nailerhow to record windows 10 iso to my usb flash drive? i know about dd and winusb, but dd doesn't write iso correctly (it doesn't boot after that), and winusb if f****** slow, really19:04
Biosphereexplosive: its not a partition problem19:04
NetworkingProAnyone in here use docker?19:04
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bekks!ask { NetworkingPro19:04
ubottubekks: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)19:04
bekks!ask | NetworkingPro19:04
ubottuNetworkingPro: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience19:04
daftykinsBiosphere: please let that one go, it's well in hand.19:05
NetworkingProIve done sudo apt-get install docker, it shows its already installed19:05
KSFTexplosive: done19:05
KSFTno output again19:05
NetworkingProbut when I do  docker it says not found19:05
explosiveKSFT: type sudo chroot /mnt19:05
Biospheredaftykins: whatever19:05
thebwtlinuxey: well, you can just build it and use it ya'll self. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CheckInstall makes it really easy19:05
linuxeyso it seems that a common choice is going to be - backport yourself, or update with debian then get ready for many updates which will continue to cause future dependency issues, so what is the preferred method outside of backport my own?19:05
NetworkingProi did locate docker and dont see it anywhere19:05
TotenhandSuccessfully set up ubuntu not on sda0 ad have everything working within my dual hard drive ubuntu/windows laptop setup19:05
NetworkingProAny idea where I can make sure its installed and find the binary?19:05
daftykinsnailer: don't use that language here. if indeed it *can* be done from Linux, it'll need to be some other kind of GUI program - dd definitely doesn't work with Windows ISOs.19:06
KSFTexplosive: done19:06
KSFTnew prompt19:06
explosiveKSFT: grub-install19:06
daftykinslinuxey: stick to LTS with 14.04, find any PPAs for any newer software you might require.19:06
KSFTexplosive: "Installation finished. No error reported."19:06
KSFTback to the root prompt19:06
explosiveKSFT: update-grub19:07
KSFTexplosive: done19:07
linuxeydaftykins: You mean backports PPAs ?19:07
explosiveKSFT: most likely you have a hardwired bios that wont boot anything but the windows efi, and erases the ubuntu entry, right now ubuntu entry isn't there, so there's a slight chance the installer messed up19:07
KSFTexplosive: will it work now?19:08
explosiveKSFT: type exit, then try rebooting, if you dont get ubuntu then we can try switching the efi files to trick the bios into booting ubuntu19:08
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explosiveKSFT: i'd say 20% it might work19:08
daftykinslinuxey: no, i don't - i mean any PPA that provides it.19:08
explosivegive it a shot, if not we can switch the files and it'll work most likely19:08
thebwtlinuxey: https://launchpad.net/~chris-lea/+archive/ubuntu/uwsgi19:08
KSFTthat's te output from update-grub19:08
KSFTin case it matters19:09
explosiveok, type exit then restart19:09
Tex_Nickmy VPN keeps occasionally dropping out, sometimes 2 or 3 times a day or so ... I sometimes get a system error dialog that indicates "system program error" and sometimes get an apport dialog ... how can I gather info from my system on the error, so I can report back here with useful info or resolve the issue myself ?19:09
daftykinsTex_Nick: read VPN logs19:09
KSFTexplosive: it logged me out19:09
=== SpookyShibe is now known as ScaryShibe
explosiveKSFT: yeah, out of root@... ?19:10
KSFTexplosive: no, typing "restart" brought me to a login screen19:10
KSFTnot in the terminal19:10
KSFTshould I restart?19:10
linuxeydaftykins: I had tried using a Debian/trusted repo and that seemed to be good, but then it upgraded about 26 other packages. What I am trying to do is not mirror a full repo, but keep a local set of repos beyond the 14.04 dvd base that I use, so I wanted to cherry pick packages. Once I go to the PPA/Debian repos it seems like a slippery slope. Regardless - Is it preferred to use PPAs over Debian? Wouldnt Debian past the testing be "S19:10
explosiveKSFT: yeah,19:11
KSFTshutting down...19:11
KSFT...it froze up19:11
KSFTusing power button...19:11
thebwtlinuxey: negative, adding those debian repos can wreck havoc. Don't use them on anything other than debian installs. That's not how they're meant to be used.19:12
daftykinslinuxey: when you say debian, if you mean a PPA is really meant only for debian releases then using that would definitely cause you to have a bad time.19:12
KSFTstarting again...19:12
KSFThey, GRUB started!19:12
linuxeythebwt: Yes - I found Lea's PPA, that's a possibility19:12
KSFTit's working!19:13
linuxeyRight .. so basically I want to stay with PPA - are those inherently backports or do I just need to go case-by-caes?19:13
explosiveKSFT: great19:13
KSFTnow can you help me with another problem?19:13
thebwtlinuxey: PPAs are the best way to outsource maintaining software out of band, but then you're at the mercy of that maintainer.19:13
KSFTwifi isn't working19:13
KSFT...also, there's no cursor19:13
linuxeyKSFT: Happy to hear19:13
KSFTmouse works but trackpad doesn't19:13
KSFTwifi isn't working now19:14
daftykins!broadcom | KSFT use the model # we found last night and set it up19:14
ubottuKSFT use the model # we found last night and set it up: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx19:14
Biosphereyou also need fwcutter in case he need sto extract the firmware19:15
Biospheremay need19:15
KSFTdaftykins: how do you remember the model number?19:15
YukenIn Ubuntu (more specifically, Lubuntu 15.10), how would I Lower the sound of certain programs?19:15
YukenInstead of all.19:15
BiosphereYuken: you can change the volume when the program is open with pavucontrol19:15
BiosphereYuken: not sure if it sticks after you close it though19:16
daftykinsKSFT: because it was just last night, broadcom wifi 43xxx19:16
daftykinsKSFT: don't you remember typing it...19:16
KSFTI don't remember the number19:16
KSFTthat website tells me to run "lspci -vvnn | grep -A 9 Network "19:16
KSFTit saoh, nm19:17
KSFToh, nm*19:17
KSFTmistyped it19:17
Tex_Nickdaftykins: I'm looking in /var/log for VPN logs ... don't see anything ... where else should I look19:17
YukenBiosphere, install via apt, correct?19:18
BiosphereYuken: ya19:18
KSFTBCM4352 14e4:43b119:18
KSFTignore me19:18
BiosphereYuken: sudo ap-get install pavucontrol19:18
daftykinsTex_Nick: if you don't mind me saying so, not being able to locate the logs of whatever VPN service you use would be a very early research step19:18
Tex_Nickdaftykins: oh hmmm I just looked into syslog ... found something there19:19
daftykinsyep ;)19:19
KSFTso should I install bcmwl-kernel-source?19:20
daftykinsKSFT: it's all in the guide, please stop asking questions which already have answers.19:20
linuxey_daftykins: I think I got it - don't mix Jessie with Trusty19:20
linuxey_either PPA or backport yourself19:21
Tex_Nickdaftykins: well sir my initial research step was here lol ... hey thanks for the input ;-)19:21
daftykinslinuxey_: yeah ;) installing stuff for debian on an ubuntu release is a great way to totally hose your install.19:21
KSFTthe entire computer seems to have now frozen up19:21
daftykinsTex_Nick: it shouldn't be, in future19:21
linuxey_Agreed.. seemed to work at first, then it's like a virus - everything suddenly HAS to have that debian repo to install due the upgrades19:22
Tex_Nickdaftykins: ok man I stand reprimanded19:22
daftykinsTex_Nick: :)19:22
daftykinslinuxey_: for what it's worth any of those hosts would probably be better off with a clean install19:23
KSFTalright, I got it working19:23
KSFTa lot of people here were very helpful19:23
KSFTI'll be sure to come back next time I have a problem before thoroughly Googling19:24
KSFTto annoy you more19:24
linuxey_So there was a port for how to easily backport for 14.04 .. what was that link? I thought I'd go there is I needed to. If I build a package myself, I have to make it a Bamboo job and make sure everyone knows about it so it's not just on my build system. These things will need to be maintained and go to prod. Then again - I'd depend on a PPA maintatiner in the other case.19:24
linuxey_daftykins: yep - I've already Cobbler booted them back to the base19:24
daftykinsplus PPAs are third party so 1) can't be supported here 2) have to be trusted without knowing the maintainer19:25
daftykins3) may disappear tomorrow if they gave up19:25
linuxey_Ok, so Dafty.. .you have a 14.04-2 system.. devs have to have uwsi 2.0 for the websocket support.. where do YOU go?19:26
daftykinsno, 14.04.3 is current - so you probably want to dist-upgrade your installs to begin with19:26
Seveaslinuxey_: I'd maintain the packages myself. In fact, at work we have around 2000 packages we maintain.19:27
daftykinslinuxey_: i can't answer that as i don't know what it is and don't use it, so it's not important for me19:27
Seveas(including uwsgi)19:27
daftykinsyeah i'd go Seveas' way, own repo ftw19:27
bjb1959anyone familiar with zoneminder? I installed and set everything up according to the instructions and I can get to zoneminder but when I add a camera the source link is red and it isn't active. I had it working fine on ubuntu 15.04 but since updating to 15,10 I can't seem to get it to work. any ideas?19:29
linuxey_wow. 2000? cmon19:29
prashant_123456hello all19:29
prashant_123456is there any way to detect improper shutdown or system crash ?19:29
artoiswhat good would it do you?19:30
linuxey_At that point, I'd just go with a source based build lol Arch and Thin station19:30
daftykinslinuxey_: Arch isn't practical for the workplace19:30
daftykinsi'd learn to compile and make the packages.19:30
linuxey_oh.. don't get me wrong - i've built many packages from source and all my own code.. just not in ubuntu19:31
linuxey_i grew up on RH19:31
daftykinsprashant_123456: why are you highlighting people that aren't talking to you?19:31
prashant_123456daftykins: oh sorry19:31
prashant_123456daftykins: its my mistake sir19:32
daftykinsprashant_123456: so can you give more detail about what you're trying to achieve?19:32
prashant_123456daftykins: yes i enabled irssi sound notifications and just trying if anyone pings me19:33
daftykinswhat the...19:34
keepguessingI am on ubuntu 15.10 and wanted to install latest vim with python 3 support. apart from installing from source is there a way around?19:35
RidgewingHi I generated this hardware report : http://pastebin.ca/3227053 which reports the hardware specs of my laptop. How do I pastebin this successfully in xHTML ?19:35
Ridgewingdaftykins: Hi I'm from the UK too ! 'memer you from #ubuntu-uk.19:35
daftykinsRidgewing: hi there19:36
daftykinskeepguessing: find a PPA.19:36
daftykinsRidgewing: though technically i'm not from there ;)19:36
=== master is now known as Guest70898
Ridgewingdaftykins: Yes I'm slightly outta my eelement on #ubuntu to. Is that what you meant ?19:37
OerHeksRidgewing, that takes ages to load here, paste.ubuntu.com has got a plain text option19:37
linuxey_keepguessing: welcome to my world. seems like the favored method is to backport yourself19:38
daftykinsRidgewing: nah just not from the UK.19:38
linuxey_followed by PPA19:38
RidgewingIcan't use pste.ubuntu.com - 'cos it says "scripts aren't allowed" there.19:38
daftykinsare you using an addon like noscript and blocking its' functionality?19:39
Ridgewingdaftykins: It's a crown dependancy, isn't it ??19:39
daftykinsyour paste doesn't even load for me, heh - must be the coming from california19:39
thebwtlinuxey_: it should be PPA, then if you can't find one backpoirt it. Which... What answer would you prefer?19:39
daftykinsRidgewing: sorry that's off topic here19:39
RidgewingHere's that paste again - from a more reputable website : http://pastebin.com/NaJn0iJa19:41
prashant_123456hello all19:42
daftykinsRidgewing: what exactly are you wanting to do with this info?19:42
Ridgewingdaftykins: I need to pastebin - or upload it to a website - so that I can effectively display my system specs, in order to solve anther problem/bug. Ok ?19:43
daftykinsRidgewing: not really, what's the actual problem?19:43
akikpastebin fail19:44
linuxey_thebwt: why is a PPA preferred? Just the workload aspect?19:44
RidgewingIt's complicated ... but I shall try.19:44
daftykinslinuxey_: they provide updates over a static source compile, of course19:44
thebwtlinuxey_: the modularity, it is typically only a single package, don't have to worrk about it borking the rest of the system (like your debian repo situation)19:44
linuxey_well.. yes. I got the part about going backport, but I was asking - why PPA backport vs my own19:45
RidgewingIf fact - I don't thinkI shall. I'm bored with it , bye all.19:45
thebwtlinuxey_: vs your own, we don't assume most users can compile debian packages19:45
thebwtlinuxey_:  (hence my link to checkinstall earlier19:46
MonkeyDustthebwt  don't abuse the enter key, it has rights too19:46
linuxey_oh.. i already have build tasks to build debs the hard way even :)19:48
linuxey_i gotcha. we use Bamboo to create artifacts, such as debs19:48
thebwtlinuxey_: oh, in that case roll it yourself, that PPA looks like it hasn't been updated in a year.19:48
linuxey_ok.. good. thanks19:48
linuxey_by the way, I also build a slew up the latest python debs with the bdist_deb plugin.. works great.19:49
linuxey_a slew of19:49
thebwtlinuxey_: sounds like your team should start their own PPA :)19:50
linuxey_pulls the latest python modules from pypi and creates debs19:50
NetworkingProAnyone know anything about docker?  Speifically, it doesnt seem to sync up with the docker repo I added...19:51
linuxey_ok.. good room. nice to have some ubu peeps around. i'll be back19:51
daftykinsNetworkingPro: there's probably a channel for it, here on freenode if you /msg alis list *docker*19:51
linuxey_later thebwt and daftykins and seveas19:52
daftykinslinuxey_: good luck o/19:52
thebwtlinuxey_: Good luck!19:52
seonerhi why using ubuntu when you are debian?19:52
bekksseoner: Its your decision what you are using - so is ours.19:53
seonerbekks: that was not really the question19:54
wileeeI like an update once in awhile19:54
rabenstewhat if i delete a module from /lib/modules19:55
bekksrabenste: Why would you do that?19:55
rabenstehaving problems getting two diffrent dvb-c cards working at the same time19:55
daftykinsrabenste: i think blacklisting is better than deleting19:56
MonkeyDustrabenste  if you really want to know, for testing purposes, try it in a VM19:56
rabensteone uses the mantis driver, the other one is a digital devices card19:56
daftykinsi would think passing a TV card through to a VM would be more of a hassle :)19:56
rabenstemmh that comes a little bit late ;) already did ...19:56
neredsenvyI created a Windows bootable USB it works on other PC's however not on this one that has Ubuntu installed. In BIOS I set USB as first and Win Bootable Media during restart I go to boot menu select USB but PC just goes to Ubuntu login screen.19:56
rabenstethe mantis driver should be included in 14.0419:57
neredsenvyFor some reason Ubuntu takes over boot priority everytime19:57
rabensteanyway to rebuild it?19:57
neredsenvyWhy is this happening and how can I fix it ?19:57
daftykinsneredsenvy: perhaps the other systems were EFI capable and booted as EFI, but you don't have a normal boot image for it to work on this other system?19:57
wileeeneredsenvy, Nah it is you knowing how check with ##windows19:57
knobneredsenvy, the other PCs it works... are they base-Windows?19:57
daftykinsneredsenvy: easiest way to prove if it's ubuntu at fault, disconnect the disk with ubuntu on.19:57
knobOr are they base-Linux?19:57
bekksknob: What do you mean by "base-Windows" and "base-Linux"?19:58
neredsenvywileee: I have two same PC's one has Windows installed this one has Ubuntu. On Windows one it boots on USB to installer on Ubuntu it does not.19:58
wileeeneredsenvy, That is outside our support is all, an assumption of ubuntu blocking is an error19:58
neredsenvyInstead of booting on USB it skips and goes to Ubuntu login screen19:58
explosiveneredsenvy: maybe you're booting legacy on efi or vice versa19:59
wileeeneredsenvy, find the per-session bot, outside the bios maybe.19:59
explosiveneredsenvy: are you booted in ubuntu right now?19:59
explosiveneredsenvy: type sudo parted -l | nc termbin.com 999919:59
knobbekks, if he removes the Windows USB... does the machine boot Windows, or Linux?   Just wondering.  Throwing ideas out there19:59
daftykinsknob: not very helpful20:00
knobI think that it is helpful.20:00
bekksknob: In fact it isnt, at all.20:00
daftykinsyep EFI :)20:01
daftykinsneredsenvy: which Windows on the drive, 7? 8? 10?20:01
knobThat's ok for you guys that know more than me.  For myself, that helps me to help neredsenvy.20:01
neredsenvyWindows 10 on the USB stick20:02
explosiveneredsenvy: you're trying to boot legacy on efi, try setting the bios to legacy mode and try booting it20:02
neredsenvyok will go try it now20:02
ChibaPetHi all. I've got a 15.10 live desktop booted on my newish low-end BayTrail ASUS laptop, and I notice that while the volume keys are recognized, the screen brightness keys aren't. I'm able to control brightness via a control panel, but I don't see xbacklight installed. Is there a way for me to control backlight from the keyboard?20:10
daftykinstried any of the kernel boot parameters such as acpi_backlight=vendor ?20:11
ChibaPetNot yet. I'd assumed it had the right driver based on the control panel being able to use it, but would the boot parameter affect keyboard control somehow?20:11
RenfriedChibaPet: I had that issue, managed to fix it and it now works, but the graphic doesnt. not sure what i did wrong, but its not broke enough for me to fix it :)20:11
Apachezis 15.10 out yet?20:12
ChibaPetApachez: yes20:12
Apachezso the usual... wait about 1 month to avoid early bugs?20:12
daftykinsChibaPet: just a guess, wouldn't hurt to try20:12
ChibaPetSo, my other question is how often people complain about crashes and data loss with a pure butter-fuss system.20:12
daftykinsApachez: wait for 15.10.1 ;)20:12
Renfriedthink this is what i followed http://askubuntu.com/questions/180819/how-to-control-brightness-on-acer-laptop20:13
daftykinsyou mean btrfs, nobody calls it that to my knowledge :P20:13
daftykinsChibaPet: essentially don't use what isn't proven yet.20:13
ChibaPetdaftykins: That's the one. Seems more evocative to expand it.20:13
Apachezany of you who knows status of a gui config tool for logitech mice?20:13
ChibaPetAh, but this is a laptop meant for misery and pain and trying new things. :P20:13
Apachezlike mx500 and such?20:13
daftykinsApachez: i think you're on the wrong OS if you want tools for those20:14
ChibaPetAlright, two of you are saying to try acpi_backlight=vendor - I'll try that.20:14
daftykinsChibaPet: add it as a one-time thing by holding left shift at boot and editing the boot entry.20:15
Renfriedas i said now it works, but the onscreen graphic does it (it was the other way around before)20:15
Apachezdaftykins: the mouse works but the extra features like "sideclick" (or whatever you would call it) doesnt20:15
daftykinsno point doing a permanent edit for a quick try20:15
Apachezthat is when you can move your scrollbutton sideways20:15
daftykinsApachez: yeah, i doubt you'll find anything to solve that in terms of utilities by Logitech themselves.20:15
bviktoram i the only one who can't unlock his encrypted disk after install?20:17
bviktori even tried with a simple password like Aa0120:18
bviktorbut nope, it asks for the password forever20:18
wileee!details | bviktor consider20:18
ubottubviktor consider: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)20:18
bviktorubuntu 15.10 installed with FDE20:18
bviktorFDE password is Aa01, after reboot it asks for unlock password, i enter it, and it won't accept it20:18
bviktorcryptsetup failed, bad password or options?20:19
Cyb3rn3tIs there a way, to store nautilus's thumbnails in the images folder instead on the ~/.cache/thumbnails folder ?20:20
alberto_c'è qualche italiano mi servirebbe una info20:20
RenfriedHave you tried veracrypt?20:20
keepguessingHas the way you add dns address to resolv.conf changed?20:21
bviktori'm using the builtin encryption during install20:21
bviktorerase disk, use lvm, encrypt disk20:21
ChibaPetHm. acpi_backlight=vendor didn't seem to impact anything, but today's newly learned thing (thanks to Renfried's link) is that xrandr can drive backlight values.20:21
ChibaPetIt's conceivable that the directive is being ignored for the live-cd boot.20:22
wileeeRenfried, be aware in the ubuntu repos only here20:22
Sp00kenNot sure if this is a suitable question for this area, but - default Lubuntu 15.10, audio does not function in the web browser (more specifically, Youtube)20:23
Sp00kenworks fine in ohter places.20:23
=== jarek is now known as Guest42055
daftykinsCyb3rn3t: why not just symlink that path elsewhere?20:23
BluesKaj_Sp00ken, which web browser?20:24
Sp00kenBluesKaj_, Firefox.20:24
Sp00kenWhichever version comes with plain old Lubuntu 15.1020:24
Renfriedveracyrpt is in the repo, just not the latest version20:24
=== Bray9082_ is now known as Bray90820
ioriabviktor, not  sure, could be keyboard layout issue20:25
bviktorexcept i tried both layouts20:25
bviktorthe native vs us20:25
BluesKaj_Sp00ken, install lubuntu-restricted-extras\20:25
BluesKaj_Sp00ken, without the \20:26
Sp00kenBluesKaj_, doing so right now.20:26
wileeebviktor, So why the encrypt? this really needed?20:27
bviktorit is20:27
Sp00kenBluesKaj_, worked wonderfully! thank you.20:27
bviktorwe develop corporate source code on these comps20:27
bviktorand they managed to get those laptops stolen on more than one occasion...20:28
BluesKaj_Sp00ken, yw20:28
ChibaPetbviktor: What version? I'm about to do an encrypted install, and I can share my results once it's done.20:28
wileeebviktor, really, cool, you might look for bugs here on the web, with the apps used and release20:28
ChibaPetSame here. I'll tell you how it goes.20:28
bekksbviktor: your devs should store the sourcecode on corporate servers, instead of notebooks :)20:28
ChibaPetbviktor: Out of curiosity, have you booted rescue media and tried cryptsetup to make sure what's on-disk is sane?20:29
bviktoryeah, source code isn't edited on git serves though, only pushed to them20:29
=== Sp00ken is now known as Yuken
bviktorChibaPet, no, this is a fresh new laptop, no need for rescue, i'll just re-install again and see what fixes it20:29
=== Neko-spooky is now known as Neko-chan
ChibaPetbviktor: Well. I'm saying, boot into a rescue environment and look at what the installer did.20:30
bviktorit encrypted /, obviously20:30
bviktorhence it asks me20:30
ioriabviktor, you can try to unlock from live20:30
bviktorguess what, it works with Aa1120:30
ChibaPetbviktor: If it's that obvious, then it worked and you have no problem. :P20:30
bviktorbut not with Aa0120:30
bviktori do have a problem, it's the problem that's obvious lol20:31
bviktorso yeah, there's something with the keyboard layout20:31
ioriabviktor, or faulty20:31
bviktorthere's 2 possibilities for the placement of 0, ofc i tried both several times20:31
bviktoror that, though you have to enter the password twice upon setup20:31
ChibaPetbviktor: Ah. Beware keyboard layouts. Good catch.20:31
ioriabviktor, ppc  cpu  ?20:33
bviktori really need to figure this out, because i'll use very long generated passwords and an usb unlock key20:33
bviktorioria, nah, a simple asus laptop20:33
ioriajust this bviktor  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cryptsetup/+bug/138283120:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1382831 in cryptsetup (Ubuntu) "cryptsetup : failed bad passphrase or options" [Undecided,New]20:35
bviktorbtw they should really create a refresh iso, entering noveau.modeset=0 every time i boot the installer is a pita20:35
bviktorioria, ty good to know20:35
ioriait's old20:36
daftykinsbviktor: but 'nomodeset' is a simple option to add, and not everyone needs it.20:36
bviktoryeah, i obviously wouldn't waste my time on it if i didn't it20:36
bviktori'm not saying it's "complex", it's just tedious for the 20th time20:36
daftykinswhy would you be booting live media so many times?20:37
bviktorto test deployment?20:37
bviktorwe have dozens of this laptop20:37
daftykinswhy don't you use a flash drive with that modification set permanently? :)20:37
ubuntu944hey guys20:37
YukenI went with the simple install option, as I'm a bit of a newb and all, to install alongside Windows 10. If I were to delete my W10 partition, could I use said space to expand my current space?20:37
bviktorbecause i haven't looked into how to do that because i was busy with much more important issues20:38
bviktormy time isn't unlimited, last month i had 77 hours ovetime still20:38
ubuntu944i have a big problem. yesterday i installed ubuntu dual boot with windows 10 and yesterday it seemed to work. however, today i did some stuff with ubuntu like install nvidia drivers and now it's stuck in a login loop and i cant login anymore20:38
ubuntu944does anyone know about this problem?20:38
daftykinsbviktor: ok, was just suggesting it...20:38
bviktorany other "why do i" questions? :)20:38
daftykinsbviktor: depends, you doing anything to make your life harder that can be fixed? ;)20:39
bviktorlike i said, there are 100 other things that need to be fixed20:39
bviktori can't solve them all at once20:39
daftykinsYuken: not easily.20:39
ubuntu944daftykins: hey you might remember me from yesterday, dual boot ubuntu with windows 1020:40
* daftykins reads up20:40
bviktornow i'm gonna copy-n-paste the 'Aa01' password from gedit to the installer make sure it's entered correctly, if i can't unlock it now, i'm out of ideas20:40
daftykinsubuntu944: you could try undoing what you did by booting recovery mode20:41
daftykins!recovery | ubuntu94420:41
ubottuubuntu944: If your system fails to boot normally, it may be useful to boot it into recovery mode. For instructions, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecoveryMode20:41
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Yukendaftykins, do you know of any resources I Could look at, to figure out how I'd do so?20:41
ubuntu944okay thank you, i will try to boot in the recovery mode20:41
daftykinsYuken: well if you installed with LVM i think if you learnt how to use that you could, sure.20:41
bviktordaftykins, any quick-n-dirty way to modify the ubuntu installer iso's default grub command line?20:42
bviktori can't seem to find it in google20:42
ChibaPetbviktor: If you have a lot to do, maybe there's some sort of kickstart or jumpstart clone for Ubuntu.20:43
explosivebviktor: for uefi only?20:43
bviktoryup, uefi only20:43
bviktoris that on the efi partition?20:43
ubuntu944daftykins and ubottu: i chose recovery mode in grub and then "resume" and it launched with the login screen and also i could login!20:43
bviktorcoz then it's easy enough20:43
ubuntu944now well, what do i have to do that it works in the "normal" mode?20:43
daftykinsubuntu944: ubottu is the channel bot :)20:43
explosivebviktor: make a fat32 partition, extract the iso contents there, and modify /boot/grub/grub.cfg on the iso20:43
ubuntu944whoops :D20:43
daftykinsubuntu944: sounds more like it was in sleep mode20:44
bviktorexplosive, ty hang on a sec20:44
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ChibaPetbviktor: This suggests that it's possible, but if you like booting ISOs, that's fine too: https://gist.github.com/ludo/365281120:45
daftykinsChibaPet: already been told :)20:45
ubuntu944daftykins: okay i will try to reboot and launch it in the "normal" mode. however i always have to set anyways "nomodeset" or it will not go to the login screen20:45
daftykinsubuntu944: sounds like the nvidia driver did not go on.20:46
bviktornah it's just the same wonderful bug i hit20:46
bviktorit's fixed in the repo tho, but not on the install iso20:46
daftykinsbviktor: there's always nightlys, if one exists for whichever release you're using20:47
daftykinsDanielh90: hi20:47
bviktorgood to know20:47
CelelibiHi there.20:48
ubuntu944daftykins: okay the first good message, i can login again! thanks for the tips with the recovery mode. do you know how to fix that nvidia drivers problem?20:48
bviktorguess what, unlock works now, yay20:48
CelelibiWhat's the "4:" in front of the version number? http://packages.ubuntu.com/wily/devel/gcc20:48
daftykinsubuntu944: so normal mode is fine now?20:48
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Cyb3rn3tdaftykins: because I mounted a net drive, where my picture stored, and I'd like to browse them from different PCs without caching ona all of the PCs20:49
ubuntu944daftykins: normal mode with "nomodeset" when i boot without "nomodeset" there is just a blank purple screen and nothing happens20:49
daftykinsubuntu944: ah right, "sudo apt-get install nvidia-352" and reboot20:50
ubuntu944daftykins: okay thank you i will try! should i do in recovery mode or normal mode with "nomodeset"?20:50
daftykinsnormal without nomodeset20:51
Guest93233i need help about use of my weather indicator in lubuntu 14.0420:51
ubuntu944daftykins: but how can i enter the terminal in the blank purple screen? sorry for such a stupid question20:51
daftykinsubuntu944: i thought you said it's booting normally fine20:52
ubuntu944daftykins: nono, only with "nomodeset"20:52
daftykinsubuntu944: yeah so you boot up with nomodeset, install the package, then reboot and stop using nomodeset.20:52
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timwisHey guys, I'm trying to check for rows in a CSV file that have the same values in the first 2 columns. Playing with awk and got it to work with the first column, cant get it to work on both. Any idea why? awk -F';' 'NR>1{arr[$1]++}END{for (a in arr) print arr[a], a}' OPEN_DATA_FILE.txt | grep -v '^1'20:52
daftykinstimwis: #bash might be better.20:53
Guest93233why is my weather indicator not visible on lubuntu 14.04?20:53
ubuntu944daftykins: wait a second error occured when i tried to boot ubuntu again without nomodeset. something like "iwlwifi" and "unsupported splx structure"20:53
liftmeuphello all20:53
daftykinsubuntu944: doesn't matter right now, focus on the task at hand20:53
ubuntu944daftykins: alright!20:54
bviktorso why is it that even after i turn off write-protection on a pendrive with hdparm, it still says it's write protected when mounting?20:56
ubuntu944daftykins: okay i installed and rebooted now, first there was the purple blank screen again and now it turned black. nothing happening right now20:59
bodomHi there, i am trying to upgrade from 14.10 to 15.04 but when i issue "do-release-upgrade" i get a "no new release found" error21:02
explosivedid you change the sources.list?21:02
bodomexplosive: i never had to: do-release-upgrade will take care of that21:03
postmoderndid a fresh install of ubuntu 15.10, and now it locks up during bootup (keyboard lights won't work)21:03
explosiveyou do if it's eol21:03
explosivebodom: type sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list21:03
postmodernoh nevermind, ATI driver issue21:04
explosivechange xx.archive.ubuntu to old-releases.ubuntu21:04
bviktorso where can i find the nightlies for 15.10, daftykins ? i could only find the 16.04 ones21:04
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=== zombiegenii is now known as genii
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daftykinsubuntu944: hmm probably going to need more system info then, boot back in with nomodeset21:11
ubuntu944daftykins: hmm yes i tried now. but now again i am in the login loop. >_<21:11
daftykinswhat is happening?21:12
ubuntu944well there was the purple screen and then the black screen. then i shut down and booted ubuntu with nomodeset. the login screen appeared and always when i login i get back to the login screen again21:13
ubuntu944i dont understand why this problem came again because when you told me about recovery mode it went away21:13
daftykinsok press ctrl+alt+F1 and you should see a terminal login screen21:13
daftykinslog in there, then run "lspci | nc termbin 9999"21:13
* daftykins glances at explosive 21:13
bodomexplosive: thank you, it works now. Let's hope for as less damage as possible :)21:16
ubuntu944daftykins: it says "nc: getaddrinfo: name or service not known"21:17
ChibaPetdaftykins: In the installer, I've made a big partition as a LUKS block device, but it seems to insist on making it a filesystem and not a PV for LVM, which I wanted to break into swap and root-for-btrfs partitions. Am I missing something, or is this sort of scheme just not supported?21:17
daftykinsubuntu944: ah your system must be offline. wifi only?21:17
ubuntu944daftykins: yes :/21:17
ubuntu944b ut my wifi worked in ubuntu21:17
daftykinsChibaPet: sorry i don't use encryption or LVM, can't help you.21:17
daftykinsubuntu944: sudo dhclient wlan021:17
daftykinsoh that won't work21:18
daftykinsheh ignore me21:18
ChibaPetdaftykins: Alright. I'll forge on!21:18
bviktorexplosive, thanks, i did just what you suggested, used lili instead of rawrite, and then the partition wasn't read-only21:18
ubuntu944daftykins: it says "cannot find device wlan0"21:18
daftykinsyeah nevermind, wouldn't have worked anyway21:18
daftykinsubuntu944: run "sudo apt-get purge nvidia* " then reboot and go in with nomodeset again.21:19
john_doe_jrI have a program that I run the terminal but it keeps the terminal open …how do I exit the terminal after opening it in the terminal?21:21
bviktoras for being unable to decrypt, of course the installer changes keyboard layout by default AFTER asking for the passphrase21:21
bviktorlove to figure that shit out21:21
ChibaPetMore general question... Is there no synergy package available? I just said "apt-cache update ; apt-cache search synergy" and it seems not to know about one.21:21
daftykinsjohn_doe_jr: run it with & perhaps21:21
Seveasjohn_doe_jr: add a & to the end of the command21:21
ubuntu944daftykins: okay i did it and now i21:21
daftykinsSeveas: ^5!21:21
bekksjohn_doe_jr: run it with nohup and &21:21
ubuntu944now the login loop has gone!21:21
explosivejohn_doe_jr: <program> & disown21:21
bviktorso my unlock password was Aa`121:22
ubuntu944i booted with nomodeset21:22
daftykinsbviktor: careful on the language please.21:22
ChibaPetbviktor: If you're encrypting root, none of your locale stuff is available until after that. You can always build a custom kernel with the desired locale.21:22
bviktori'm talking about install time, not boot time21:22
bviktorduring install, it uses US by default, asks for encryption key, THEN it changes layout to HU21:24
ChibaPethttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynergyHowto suggests that there should be a synergy package :/21:24
Churchjohn_doe_jr: best bet would be running under 'screen'. This way you can reattach that session with that CLI app running later on if needed.21:24
ubuntu944daftykins: so if you need more information for i can boot without "nomodeset", i am in ubuntu now :)21:24
ChibaPetbviktor: You can re-key your LUKS, although yeah, that's kind of unfortunate.21:24
john_doe_jrbekks: that's exactly what I needed….what does the nohup utility do …first time I heard about it21:25
bekksjohn_doe_jr: nohup attaches the application to the init process, not to the terminal.21:25
daftykinsubuntu944: "lspci | pastebinit"21:26
john_doe_jrbekks: well thank you very much21:26
daftykinsubuntu944: that's as long as pastebinit is installed anyway21:26
Churchwell, technically it's not exactly "to the terminal", but "to the shell launched by/within terminal"21:26
bviktorand ChibaPet fyi i *do* have to use HU at boot time21:26
bviktornot US21:26
daftykinsChibaPet: synergy became pay for several lifetimes ago21:26
bviktorseveral askubuntu answers also said to use US but it seems not to be the case, at least not anymore21:26
ubuntu944daftykins: oh it says pastebnit os noit installed, should i install it?21:27
daftykinsubuntu944: yep21:27
clockyHello, can someone help me with Ubuntu?21:27
daftykinsclocky: just ask away21:27
ChibaPetdaftykins: Still available under a free license for a number of versions, but I'm seeing in https://github.com/synergy/synergy/issues/4998 that the issues I've seen on Slackware are also there on Ubuntu. Unfortunate.21:27
clockyWhere ngoni.conf located?21:27
clockyNginx *21:28
daftykinsclocky: /etc/nginx/21:28
ubottucristian_: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».21:28
MonkeyDustclocky  find out with   locate ngoni.conf21:28
ST-84The trash can shows that it is full21:28
clockyThank you21:28
ST-84Even though its empty21:28
ST-84How do i force it to show that its empty21:28
ChibaPetWell. Thank you all for the input and help! Have a good weekend. :)21:28
ubuntu944daftykins: here is the url: www.paste.ubuntu.com/1301551421:28
clockyAnd how to copy file from 1 directory to another21:28
wileeeheh been working in root21:28
MonkeyDustclocky  cp from to21:29
ubuntu944sorry without www. before21:29
clockyMonkeyDust: Ty21:29
clockyLocate didn't help21:30
daftykinsubuntu944: hmm, ok try this - "sudo apt-get install nvidia-346 nvidia-prime"21:30
MonkeyDustclocky  basically: locat [filename]  ... make sure the filename is correct21:31
daftykinsMonkeyDust: locate is no good until the db is updated?21:31
daftykinseven with a correct filename21:31
ubuntu944daftykins: alright and then  should i reboot with normal mode without "nomodeset"?21:31
bviktorfind / -name21:31
bviktorthat always works ^^21:31
daftykinsubuntu944: yeah try it21:32
daftykinsdoesn't matter anyway, i said where the file was ;)21:32
daftykinsalso of use would've been "dpkg -L nginx"21:32
clockyThank you! You are awesome)21:33
Bashing-omST-84: Did you check both trash bins ? ' ls -la .local/share/Trash ; sudo ls -la /root/.local/share/Trash/files ' .21:34
ubuntu944daftykins: i tried, after choose ubuntu in grub there is just a blank screen and nothing happens :(21:34
yao_ziyuanturns out, my freshly installed xubuntu is a little old (15.04). is it worth upgrading to 15.10 now?21:34
daftykinsyao_ziyuan: no hurry, but 15.04 will go EOL end of January21:35
wileeeyao_ziyuan, before it's eol.21:35
omgitsmitand here i am on 14.04...21:35
daftykinsubuntu944: hrmm that is annoying, ok can you get a terminal login @ ctrl+alt+F1 ?21:35
daftykinsomgitsmit: yes but that's LTS, good until 201921:36
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clockyWhat means ommiting directory?21:36
omgitsmitdaftykins: yeah but all the new things \o/21:36
ubuntu944daftykins: when i do that nothing happens, just the blank screen21:36
yao_ziyuani have experience back in 2007 or 2008 where a distro upgrade of ubuntu broke my system and i have to reinstall the whole system from scratch21:36
daftykinsomgitsmit: all the wonderful new pointless things \o/21:36
daftykinsyao_ziyuan: yep but you have a good backup so it's no problem21:36
YukenThere should be no problems simply wiping Windows, with the default set up that Ubuntu does when I choose "Install Alongside Windows 10", correct?21:37
YukenIn Lubuntu 15.10, ofc.21:37
vfwyao_ziyuan: The situation you describe is not the norm21:37
yao_ziyuanafter half a year the current version will get old anyway21:37
wileeeYuken, I would not gui that21:37
yao_ziyuanwhat are you guys' upgrade strategy? upgrade or reinstall the new version freshly?21:37
daftykinsyao_ziyuan: clean install LTS every time.21:38
omgitsmityao_ziyuan: i upgrade and if it breaks, reinstall lol21:38
Yukenwileee, what exactly do you mean?21:38
daftykinsubuntu944: ok reboot and nomodeset again :(21:38
wileeeYuken, using alongside to remove windows is a clumsy mistake really not a usable method21:38
vfwyao_ziyuan:  I will admit that fresh clean install is hard to beat.21:38
wileeeYuken, May just be the wording interpretation though.21:39
Yukenwileee, I have already installed alongside Windows, using the default option. This was mainly to test if my games would run properly in WINE. As they do, I am planning to remove the Windows partition, then expand my current Linux partition.21:39
ubuntu944daftykins: i did and now again the login loop!! >_<21:39
daftykinsubuntu944: yeah but use ctrl+alt+F1 again21:40
usermeis there a good program for  editing photos on linux?21:40
vfwuserme: gimp21:40
wileeeYuken, Cool, I would just remove windows from the install or live in gparted, or the cli, first, but that's me.21:40
Yukenuserme, depends on needs. For most, GIMP.21:40
omgitsmitI had no problem deleting my windows partition, just make sure you're using grub to boot - even went further by using gpart to extend my linux partition afterwards21:40
usermeis that pre loaded on here or habe download it21:40
ubuntu944daftykins: okay what do you want me to write?21:40
Yukenwileee, that is what I'm planning to do. Boot up on my SD card, and wipe the Windows partition.21:40
yao_ziyuanmaybe a good upgrade strategy is to only upgrade/reinstall when a major problem occurs.21:40
wileeeYuken, Cool, sounds like your aware of boot issue if needed, if uefi be sure to know.21:41
usermehas anyone ever used gimp21:41
bekksI bet someone did.21:41
bekks!ask | userme21:42
ubottuuserme: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience21:42
vfwuserme: Yes.  I've used it21:42
Yukenwileee, don't use UEFI. PC Is... welllll...21:42
Yuken HexChat: 2.10.2 ** OS: Linux 4.2.0-16-generic i686 ** Distro: UbuntuŸ "wilyàV-s" 15.10K• ** CPU: 2 x Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU     T5250  @ 1.50GHz (GenuineIntel) @ 1000MHz ** RAM: Physical: 2.0GiB, 69.4% free ** Disk: Total: 146.0GiB, 30.3% free ** VGA: 8086:2a02 ** Sound: HDA-Intel - HDA Intel ** Ethernet: 10ec:8136 ** Uptime: 3h 9m 5s **21:42
daftykinsubuntu944: actually, ideally i would look at some log files on there - but you can't upload them right now as your install won't be online. at the login screen does it let you pick 'guest' login? does that work? (ctrl+alt+F7 to go back to the GUI)21:42
vfwuserme: It works nicely.  Try it and see.21:42
wileeeYuken, Can you pastebin sudo fdisk -l21:42
ubottucristian_: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».21:42
usermelol bekks21:42
wileeecristian_, again?21:42
bekksuserme: Thats not funny. Just ask your question instead of taking polls, please.21:43
Yukenwileee, http://paste.ubuntu.com/13015733/21:43
ubuntu944daftykins: with guest i get back same :/ but i can see in the login screen that im connected to my wifi. or could i do what you want in the recovery mode?21:43
usermecan u copy image from one photo to another on bimp21:43
daftykinsubuntu944: try "pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.1.log"21:44
Yukenwileee, the largest partition, 124GiB, is the Windows partition.21:44
daftykinsuserme: gimp is like photoshop, so i'm sure yeah21:44
usermecheers mate21:44
wileeeYuken, looks msdos, raid?21:44
usermeok how do u know21:44
Yukenwileee, no RAID. Not sure what you mean, exactly, by MSDOS.21:44
vfwuserme: You can save an image to different format. Yes21:44
YukenBesides Microsoft DOS, ofc.21:44
clockyHow to copy all directory from 1 destination to another??21:45
wileeeYuken, msdos is  mbr not uefi21:45
ubuntu944daftykins: it says that reading the file is not possible21:45
usermenah dont want save to diff format21:45
zubuntumay i ask something?21:45
daftykinsubuntu944: hmm possibly doesn't exist?21:45
minitrueclocky: mv -r <sourcedir>  <destiny>21:45
Yukenwileee, ah, yes, I believe I use MBR - if that would be the correct way to say it.21:45
zubuntui re-installed ubuntu 15.04 now21:45
Yukenwileee, I do not use GPT, nor a UEFI board.21:45
wileeeYuken, What you showed did not answer that until that link is all, just wanted to be sure you knew.21:45
vfwclocky: mv /place-1/dir-1 place-2/dir-121:45
zubuntuafter installing windows 1021:45
ubuntu944daftykins: there is only Xorg.0.log21:46
zubuntui also installed EasyBCD on windows to able to boot select21:46
zubuntubut i dont know why it doesnt work21:46
ubuntu944and Xorg.1.log.old21:46
daftykinsubuntu944: ah pick that one :) i wasn't 100% sure on name21:46
vfwclocky: mv Potos/Family-Pictures Pictures/Family-Pictures21:46
zubuntuwhenever i choose ubuntu on boot menu it restarts and restarts over again21:46
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clockyvfw: Ty21:47
wileeezubuntu, 15.04 is supported till jan only, might be a better choice, with help to get going.21:47
zubuntuit doesnt boot to ubuntu21:47
ubuntu944daftykins: paste.ubuntu.com/1301579121:47
clobranominitrue, clocky: to "copy" the command is cp -r <sourcedir> <destdir>21:47
vfw!nomodeset | zubuntu21:47
ubottuzubuntu: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter21:47
vfwzubuntu: possibly...21:47
usermeexample i have one thing on one photo and one of another wondered if can copy a image to look it it was one photo21:47
minitrueclobrano: hu..sorry for that, i dont know what i was thinking21:47
vfwuserme: You can copy/paste selected portions of one image to another.21:48
daftykinsubuntu944: hmm looks like you're booting with nomodeset :) that's why it's not working, i think it's added permanently every time since that's how you had to install. can you use 'e' to edit the normal ubuntu boot entry and delete nomodeset from the entry?21:48
OneM_IndustriesHow I prevent ubuntu from automatically opening a drive when I insert it into my computer?21:48
daftykinsubuntu944: in fact, before that... "pastebinit /etc/default/grub" please21:49
ubuntu944daftykins: yes because when i dont do that there is just a black screen and nothing happens also i cant enter the terminal21:49
ubuntu944daftykins: i always need to enter the nomodeset manually with "e"21:49
=== zombiegenii is now known as genii
ubuntu944daftykins: paste.ubuntu.com/1301583221:50
zubuntulet me try it21:50
clockyWhat does sudo ln-s do?21:50
zubuntusee ya21:50
daftykinsubuntu944: ok, but i was expecting this log to be the one from the first boot after installing the nvidia driver - if you follow me21:51
mlvmhnmy system keeps hanging, what do i need to do??21:51
bpromptclocky:  same thing ln -s does, but with "sudo" :)21:51
vfwclocky: You need a space between ln and -s  and it will create a symlink.  See man ln21:52
Yuken_What, exactly, do these locks mean? http://i.imgur.com/PNUKfVE.png21:52
daftykinsmlvmhn: memtest #121:52
mlvmhnin terminal?21:52
daftykinsYuken_: swap, for example, you must turn off before you can delete.21:53
ubuntu944daftykins: hmm this is not the log? how can i give it to you?21:53
daftykinsmlvmhn: no it's a bootable ISO / on the ubuntu boot menu if you hold left shift at boot time21:53
Yuken_daftykins: Would I be able to resize /dev/sda5, if I were to delete /dev/sda2?21:53
daftykinsubuntu944: i'm not sure which one it'd be, typically /var/log/Xorg.0.log is the one of the boot that just happened21:53
daftykinsYuken_: no21:53
Yuken_daftykins: Would there be any way to allow for me to do so, or is it impossible?21:54
mlvmhnwhat will this command do?21:54
clockyCan someone help me to install 1 project from git? I21:54
daftykinsmlvmhn: it's not a command, it's a program - and it tests your RAM21:54
daftykinsYuken_: not without full backup beforehand, no - sda5 cannot change until sda2 changes21:54
daftykinssda5 is a logical drive within sda2 which is an extended partition21:54
ubuntu944daftykins: hmm okay so i sent you this before but theres not the log of this boot before? :/21:55
mlvmhnbut my RAM works fine under Windows, this problem started in Ubuntu21:55
mlvmhni have 4 GB RAM, is not that enough for Ubuntu??21:55
Yuken_daftykins: I would like to delete sda2, to use that space for sda5, my Linux partition. So, this is not possible? Or am I misinterperating?21:55
daftykinsubuntu944: i think the best way, would be to power up as normal, boot *without* nomodeset, then power off when it goes blank - boot your flash drive of ubuntu, then come online and we'll get the log from the disk21:55
lukas_Hi ...21:56
daftykinsYuken_: you can't delete sda2 because all of its' children must be dead before it will surrender its' life :)21:56
jason__mlvmhn, the first thing I'd do is check to make sure you have swap setup21:56
Yuken_daftykins: ah, hell. So the ebst bet, if I want to use that space, is just an entire reformat?21:56
clockyCan someone help me with installation one project from git on Ubuntu on digital ocean?21:56
mlvmhnhow do i chck that?21:57
daftykinsYuken_: is the task here just to take some space from Windows and give it to your ubuntu / fs?21:57
ubuntu944daftykins: okay so i should boot my live usb stick then? wouldnt it be an alternative to boot in the recovery mode or and get the things you need or is that not good?21:57
daftykinsmlvmhn: "free -m" in the terminal, pasted to http://paste.ubuntu.com21:57
daftykinsjason__: good call21:57
Yuken_daftykins: If I can do that, that would be fine.21:57
daftykinsubuntu944: i think recovery would be offline21:57
jason__clocky, sudo apt-get install git-core; git clone url21:57
daftykinsYuken_: i was just asking if that is what you are doing today?21:58
daftykinsYuken_: oh silly me i had the numbers wrong, sda4 is the extended partition, not 221:58
daftykinsYuken_: if you want to reduce the size of sda2, you should be able to right click it now and resize?21:59
ubuntu944daftykins: in the recovery, i can choose" network    activate network" maybe with that?21:59
clockyI know how, but there are lots of dependencies , and not full instruction given, so lost all day trying to install it. If someone has a free time and good mood,  I will appreciate it)21:59
daftykinsubuntu944: not with wifi no21:59
mlvmhni have pasted the result in the web adress, what will i do now??21:59
daftykinsclocky: what are you trying to install on this VPS?21:59
daftykinsmlvmhn: you have to link us as we can't guess it21:59
Yuken_daftykins: Yep, seems to work fine.22:00
mlvmhnhow do i link it?22:00
clockyKind of mumble server22:00
daftykinsYuken_: so now you must right click on swap and select 'swapoff'22:00
daftykinsYuken_: both padlocks should have gone, now22:00
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mlvmhnmlvmhn@Mikael-HP-Compaq-8000-Elite-SFF-PC:~$ free -m22:02
mlvmhn             total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached22:02
mlvmhnMem:          3848       2790       1058        427         99       103222:02
mlvmhn-/+ buffers/cache:       1657       219022:02
mlvmhnSwap:         3989          0       398922:02
daftykinsmlvmhn: i actually meant to paste the link to the paste site, you don't paste to the channel :)22:02
vfw!paste | mlvmhn22:02
ubottumlvmhn: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.22:02
daftykinsmlvmhn: ok so it's not that, you have swap - so back to running memtest22:02
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daftykinsmlvmhn: have a read here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/591488/how-do-i-run-memtest8622:03
sukeei am having issues with my wireless connection22:03
vfwsukee: Tell us more.  (All in one post...)22:03
sukeecant get its full potentials out of my laptop while using linux22:03
daftykinsclocky: i wouldn't use git, try and find a PPA if you can.22:03
vfwsukee: Can you elaborate on that just a bit?22:04
ubuntu944daftykins: it seems like ubuntu hates me. i chose "try ubuntu without installing" and it just stays at the first loading dot and nothing happens :(22:04
=== ilbelkyr is now known as zombcode
clockyThere is no(22:04
mlvmhnthe problem is only coming when running many programs like 10 tabs in Chrome and watching a 720p movie in vlc22:04
sukeefor example with my wired connection i have like 20+mbps from the speedtest.net for download speed but through a wireless connection i get around 5mbps22:05
vfwmlvmhn: memtest22:05
daftykinsubuntu944: did you use nomodeset? ;)22:05
daftykinsmlvmhn: so does it really 100% stop and you can't do anything, or does it just become slow?22:05
daftykinsclocky: sorry, you'll have to wait for someone to help you build that git project. usually the git pages have instructions?22:06
vfwsukee: iwconfig | pastebinit22:06
mlvmhnyup, the system hangs watching a movie in fullscreen in vlc. the movie freezes but the sound is still going22:06
ubuntu944daftykins: okay i set now finally i'm in thanks! so im at the ubuntu live now22:07
daftykinsmlvmhn: ok so still run memtest as in my above link please.22:07
mlvmhncan i install another linux dist?22:07
daftykinsubuntu944: ok open a terminal and run "sudo apt-get install pastebinit && sudo parted -l | pastebinit"22:07
vfwsukee: If you see this  5mpbs consistantly, it could be that your router only allows that speed on that connection.22:07
daftykinsmlvmhn: that's not going to help you, go and run memtest. third time i am saying now.22:08
mlvmhnhow long will it take?22:08
sukeevfw, http://paste.ubuntu.com/13016065/22:08
daftykinsan hour maybe.22:08
vfwdaftykins: How much RAM does mlvmhn have?22:08
mlvmhn4 GB22:08
daftykinsvfw: guessing by the free -m, 4GB22:09
clockydaftykins: yes it has, but not full, there are some misses22:09
sukeevfw, yeah indeed via wireless connection i get that 5mbps constantly or like 8mbps tops with some alterations some other people suggested22:09
daftykinsclocky: *shrug* install git, git clone... blah blah - i don't have a clue :)22:09
vfwsukee: Ok.  Looks as though the wifi connection is good and solid, signal report is good.22:09
ubuntu944daftykins: paste.ubuntu.com/1301607922:09
mlvmhndont have time to run memtest, i need my computer22:10
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vfwsukee: Do you really need more than 5mbps?22:10
daftykinsubuntu944: sudo mount -t ext4 /dev/sda6 /mnt && pastebinit /mnt/var/log/Xorg.0.log22:10
mlvmhnhow much RAM is needed for Ubuntu?22:10
vfwmlvmhn: How much do you have?22:11
mlvmhn4 GB22:11
vfwmlvmhn: Plenty. (If it is all good.)22:11
daftykinsmlvmhn: sorry but without knowing what is wrong, you are just wasting your own time. so it's either 1 hr and know for sure, or keep having problems.22:11
daftykinsmlvmhn: maybe if you have work to do you should stop trying to watch video whilst you do it, then it won't freeze.22:11
ubuntu944daftykins: paste.ubuntu.com/1301609722:11
wileeemlvmhn, if you're swapping and have a spinning drive, that makes it seem frozen as a mean22:12
mlvmhnbut why did my windows system never freeze but my ubuntu system does??22:12
vfwmlvmhn: Is it one 4G stick?  Or 2 ea 2G sticks?22:12
sukee_vfw, sorry got a weird crash22:12
daftykinsubuntu944: and you definitely did a test boot without nomodeset before powering off and booting the flash drive?22:12
mlvmhnone 4 GB stick, my total is 64 GB22:12
ubuntu944daftykins: yepp there was just a black screen and nothing happened. then i powered off and booted from the flash drive22:13
blacklisthi all22:13
ChibaPetbviktor: Amusingly, the encrypted install worked, although I gave up on trying to get it to slickly handle btrfs as well. The amusing bit is where it tells me I've entered a bad passphrase, but then after a moment says it's fine and continues to boot.22:13
bviktorbtrfs haha22:13
daftykinsubuntu944: the log still states that nomodeset is being used to boot :S22:13
sukee_vfw, did you saw my pastebinit ?22:13
vfwubuntu944: Some display adapters require nomodeset22:13
vfwsukee_: Yes22:13
bviktorsounds great..22:14
bviktoratm i'm trying to set up usb unlock22:14
ChibaPetbviktor: The laptop was running ZFS root on LUKS earlier today. It seemed worth trying butter-fuss.22:14
mlvmhnshould i try watching a movie without ruuning Chrome with tabs in the background?22:14
edeniqueany pro with a vpn connection on ubuntu ,, im a noob22:14
bviktorzfs is great for nas/san22:14
vfwsukee_: Your WiFi connection is good.  Signal report is good.22:14
ubuntu944daftykins: really?? okay i will do it again just to be 100% sure. so i will boot my normal ubuntu without that i enter "nomodeset" in "e". then when black screen i shut down and start live usb again22:14
bviktorfail to see the point on a desktop tho22:14
ubuntu944daftykins: okay?22:14
vfwsukee: Do you really need more than 5mbps?22:14
daftykinsubuntu944: use 'e' to edit then look what is already there, something like "...quiet splash nomodeset ..."22:15
ChibaPetbviktor: Terrifically efficient back-ups.22:15
bviktorassuming you have ECC ram22:15
sukee_vfw, well i kinda want it for faster downloads on my laptop and i dont get why it has to be slower22:15
bviktoralso, snapshot != backup22:15
daftykinssukee_: what kind of downloads?22:16
ChibaPetbviktor: Good catch. But send/receive == backup.22:16
bviktorum, sure22:16
ubuntu944daftykins: i will show you photo22:16
daftykinsubuntu944: cool22:16
sukee_daftykins, well torrents and such but also for my OS updates and such22:17
vfwsukee_: I don't know why it is slower either.  It could be a setting on the router.22:17
daftykinssukee_: neither are wifi related then particularly.22:17
daftykinstorrents = your source is bad, OS updates = your ubuntu mirror is bad :)22:17
daftykinsyou can confirm that wifi is not to blame by using a network cable temporarily with wifi off, to test22:17
ChibaPetbviktor: Oh, I missed the ECC RAM bit. That's largely been debunked.22:18
sukee_maybe a faulty drivers fault ?22:18
vfwdaftykins: He did.22:18
daftykinsah ok, wasn't following along22:18
vfwsukee_: Yes, that is a possibility.22:18
daftykinsvfw: what's the adapter and driver then?22:18
ubuntu944daftykins: here: http://imgur.com/JhJfmuX22:18
bviktorcitation needed22:18
vfwsukee_: lspci | pastebinit22:19
ChibaPetNah, you can find it if you look. :P22:19
daftykinsubuntu944: ok that's extremely confusing :)22:19
ubuntu944daftykins: its not normal?22:20
daftykinsintel 103022:20
daftykinsubuntu944: no definitely not, the log suggests it's booting with nomodeset and yet it's not there - although there's a double space, did you add that?22:20
vfwsukee_: daftykins http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=220155622:21
daftykinsvfw: you spotted the realtek wired LAN22:21
vfwsukee_: Fully updated?22:22
daftykinsvfw: wifi is intel 1030, own the same card myself22:22
ubuntu944daftykins: yeh might be, i removed and booted now. now i get the following error:  "iwlwifi unsupported splx structure"22:22
ubuntu944daftykins: its really strange, sometimes i just get a black screen and sometimes i get this error. and now it wont boot22:22
daftykinsubuntu944: is that lonely white text on a black background ?22:22
sukee_vfw, yeah just installed 14.04 and fully updated22:22
ubuntu944daftykins: yep22:22
daftykinsubuntu944: tell you what, boot and delete "quiet splash" too22:22
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vfwdaftykins: sukee_ my bad... it is intel 1030\22:23
ubuntu944daftykins: alright22:23
ChibaPetActually, I guess this is worth sharing just to bring more light to the world: http://jrs-s.net/2015/02/03/will-zfs-and-non-ecc-ram-kill-your-data/22:23
vfwdaftykins: So the Intel 1030 works ok for you?22:23
daftykinsi don't use ubuntu on that laptop (but don't tell anyone)22:23
vfwdaftykins: ooops.... ;022:24
ubuntu944daftykins: now i get really much white text. but it seems like it will not boot now. i will upload a photo for you22:24
daftykinsubuntu944: yeah wherever it stops, the messages *might* be interesting22:24
ubuntu944daftykins: here: http://imgur.com/RnaJFvu22:26
vfwsukee_: daftykins I'm seeing this, but it is for Ubuntu 12.04: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=213649222:27
sukee_vfw, should i try commenting out "dns=dnsmasq" within /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf.?22:29
do2kdhallo out there :) hope that i am right here and i can explain what i search right, cause english isn my language. german? i am a ham radio op and want to filter the "noise" on the bands out of conversations in real time. i use jack rack but have not found usefull filters yet. any ideas? thanks for help or to say me the right channel....22:29
vfwsukee_: daftykins http://askubuntu.com/questions/363126/slow-wifi-after-with-centrino-wireless-n-1030-rainbow-peak22:29
vfwsukee_: I don't know, maybe.22:29
daftykinsubuntu944: do you get a TTY login from any of ctrl+alt+F1 through ctrl+alt+F6?22:29
daftykinssukee_: that won't help you22:30
ubuntu944daftykins: when i enter those combinations nothing happens22:30
vfwsukee_: Actually, I do not think the slow speed would be changed by using different method for acquiring domain name IP info.,22:30
daftykinsubuntu944: the text doesn't even disappear?22:30
OneM_IndustriesHow I prevent ubuntu from automatically opening a drive when I insert it into my computer?22:30
ubuntu944daftykins: no nothing appears it seems like its freeze or something22:31
OneM_IndustriesI sometimes deal with potentially dangerous drives, so I want to be able to control what happens when I put a drive in my system.22:31
daftykinsubuntu944: ok, i think i will need to run this by a brighter mind to find out what is going wrong22:31
daftykinsOneM_Industries: it's not Windows, it's not going to autorun some malware from a Windows machine or some such :P22:32
sukee_vfw, daftykins i will try this one's solutions : http://askubuntu.com/questions/363126/slow-wifi-after-with-centrino-wireless-n-1030-rainbow-peak22:32
OneM_IndustriesHeh, I know.22:32
daftykinsOneM_Industries: then why are you afraid :P22:32
OneM_IndustriesIt just makes me a bit nervous.22:32
OneM_Industries(And, also, it can be a bit annoying.)22:33
ubuntu944daftykins: okay yes i can understand that. well it's really confusing. i always could only launch whith nomodeset. and then this login loop will come often. i dont know the reasons :(22:33
daftykinssukee_: no i don't think so - "lshw -C network | pastebinit" if you could22:33
daftykinssukee_: that post suggests to change driver, but i bet you're on iwlwifi already22:33
daftykinsubuntu944: probably 15.10 being too new causing something, that 970M is very new too. optimus is always a nightmare with Linux22:33
vfwsukee_: You can try it, but not sure...  May be something beyond Ubuntu and the wifi adapter.  If you have a different wifi card, you could try that  too..22:34
daftykinsubuntu944: are you going to be online much later tonight? (was machst du heute nacht? :) )22:34
sukee_daftykins, vfm http://paste.ubuntu.com/13016335/22:34
vfwsukee_: Again... we do not know for sure that your rotuer will allow speeds higher than 5M.22:35
sukee_vfw, my wired connections are all above 20+M22:35
daftykinsare you talking 5 megabytes per second of throughput, or 5 megabits of wifi connection link speed, vfw?22:35
sukee_vfw, and on windows through wireless is 20+M22:36
ubuntu944daftykins: hmm yes i see. i think it really must be something with the graphics card. because when you told me to uninstall all the drivers at least the login loop was gone first22:36
daftykinssukee_: yes so you see iwlwifi is already in use22:36
ubuntu944daftykins: are you from germany too? :D i think i will still be awake for some time though i dont know how long maybe 1 hour since i had a long workday :) tomorrow and sunday i will be available long22:37
bviktorChibaPet, assuming the theory is correct, then you "only" need to add big amounts of ram exclusively for your file system, cool22:37
bviktorand a ups for the comp, too22:37
bviktorzfs is just not for the desktop, no matter what22:38
daftykinsubuntu944: ok, i was thinking of popping out briefly22:38
sukee_daftykins, so whats the problem ? since on windows i get normally my full potential via Wi-fi22:38
daftykinssukee_: Linux isn't too hot, that's the problem sadly.22:38
sukee_daftykins, okk i guess ill have to live with it :P22:39
daftykinssukee_: i see that if you are using 14.04 you're actually using the 15.04 kernel via the HWE stack (3.19)22:39
ChibaPetbviktor: Research! It's the only solution to ignorance. You don't need a ton of RAM. You don't need a UPS. But you seem to have an agenda, so I'll concede all your points and move on with life. :P22:39
daftykinssukee_: trying a newer mainline kernel could be worth a try, but is not without risk (and potentially time wasted)22:40
ubottuThe kernel team supply continuous mainline kernel builds which can be useful for tracking down issues or testing recent changes in the Linux kernel. More information is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds22:40
bviktoryeah, you don't need to have a lot of ram, you can also settle with a slow fs22:40
bviktorfor no good reason22:40
mave_is daisy chaining two display port monitors a no go on ubuntu 14.04? Xrandr does see both monitors and the resolution is correct, but no signal on the second screen.22:40
mave_and hi guys22:40
sukee_daftykins, well right now i am not in the mood for trying new things so i guess i could live with it for a while22:40
zacwallsSo I am trying to install spotify. Everything was going as normal until this: http://pastebin.com/apQrkwDL22:41
ChibaPetbviktor: Conceded! Next?22:41
sukee_daftykins, i am off hope i wont have any problems any sooner! See ya!22:42
bviktorare you trying to imply ram capacity doesn't affect zfs performance or what?22:42
ChibaPetbviktor: You have an agenda and don't want to learn, so I'm conceding all your points in advance.22:42
bviktorthis is not an agenda, these are facts22:42
bviktorbut if you can prove ram reduction doesn't hurt zfs performance, you're right22:43
ChibaPetIf you're already an expert on ARC tuning then I can't really add to your knowledge.22:43
bviktortho all the articles state otherwise22:43
ChibaPetConceded. Next?22:43
bviktorhmm yeah, comparing disk speed to ram speed, another good point22:44
bviktorthey're only a few orders of magnitude different22:44
bviktori'm convinced22:44
k1lzacwalls: that are very very old depencies. libavcodec53 was in 12.0422:44
zacwallsk1l, damn... Well, what should I do?22:45
ChibaPetbviktor: Just one question. Do you actually run the stuff, or are you just quoting things you've read?22:45
bviktori've been benchmarking hunderds of TBs of storage for weeks22:45
ChibaPetI'm asking about ZFS specifically.22:45
bviktoryeah, zfs is also storage iirc22:46
bviktorzfs was part of the tests22:46
bviktorbut you know what, i can play this game, too. i'm on an agenda, so it doesn't matter22:46
k1lzacwalls: good question. try if they have a more recent repo. iirc they have a testing repo. you could try that22:47
ChibaPetI don't really care that much. Real shops buy EMC and NetApp, so you're in a resource constrained environment. That's fine. ZFS should work well there.22:47
bviktoryou can also use oracle for storing your wordpress data, it will make at least as much sense as zfs on a desktop22:47
Bomber4Chatsdaftykins: here?22:47
zacwallsk1l, How do I remove the current one?22:47
Bomber4Chatsplasma crash when i disconnect the external monitor from my laptop22:47
Bomber4Chatsand I'm more than certain that sometimes it causes bigger issues on my system22:48
k1lzacwalls: use the systemsettings-updates and software then 2nd or 3rd tab22:48
Bomber4Chatslike, if i immediatly close the lid to my computer as well22:48
zacwallsk1l, k22:48
daftykinsBomber4Chats: just popping out, i'll be back in a bit but i'm sure someone else can help :)22:48
kostkonzacwalls, latest version of spotify is only 64bit. 32bit skype is a much older version of spotify that's why you are getting those dep problems22:48
Bomber4Chatsjust wanted to use the opportunity to chat from work, where I have the problematic external screen22:49
zacwallskostkon, so what do you suggest I do? Run through wine?22:49
Bomber4Chats2Going mobile22:50
kostkonzacwalls, or use the web interface. or install 64bit UBuntu like the majority of people do in 2015.22:50
zacwallskostkon, I don't have a 64 bit PC..22:50
zacwallsalso running Xubuntu because I have really old hardware...22:50
kostkonzacwalls, ok. what's your cpu btw22:50
zacwallskostkon, Intel Pentium Dual-Core22:51
kostkonzacwalls, that sounds like something that is 64bit to me22:51
zacwallskostkon, how can I check?22:51
k1lintel dualcore is most probably a 64bit22:51
zacwallsbecause I run i38622:51
bekkszacwalls: Can you pastebin "cat /proc/cpuinfo"?22:52
zacwallsbekks, yes22:52
k1lzacwalls: lscpu | awk '/CPU op-mode/ {print}22:52
k1lwait, that doesnt work like it should22:53
bazhangcore duo and core 2 duo, only one of those is 64bit22:53
ChibaPetHm, I got XIM installed and selected, but mapping menu to compose has bested me. I'll try again later. Good night, all.22:54
zacwallsbekks, http://pastebin.com/HP9ALnLC22:54
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k1lzacwalls: sudo lshw -c cpu . then look at the "width"22:54
ChibaPet(I set it in /etc/default/keyboard but it's still tied to the search function in Unity I guess.)22:54
zacwallsk1l, yup 32 bit22:55
k1loh, that is one of the very few 32bit only cpus22:55
bekkszacwalls: Thats a 32bit dualcore CPU, capable of VT-x.22:55
kostkonzacwalls, no "lm" cpu flag so it's a 32bit cpu22:55
zacwallskostkon, yupers22:56
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geniizacwalls: Did you try with sudo ap-get install -o APT::Install-Recommends=0 spotify-client  ( those are all recommends, not depends)22:59
zacwallsgenii, I think I may have just found a solution. But no, I did not...23:00
Bomber4Chats2Anyone interested in helping me figure out why plasma crashes when I remove the external monitor from my laptop?23:03
ubottufrancesco_: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».23:04
edeniquehow to join undernet server ?23:07
bekksedenique: wrong network.23:08
edeniquek thanks23:08
geniiOh, the SSL is a depends. For that you have to ar -x the deb, untar the control file, change the depends part saying ssl version to have (>= 0.9.8) after it, re-tar the control file, and ar -r the control.tar.gz file back into the deb, then dpkg -i the deb file23:10
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genii( or tell it libssl1.0.0 there instead)23:12
d3rxsalguém do brazil ?23:14
rom-how do I resize/assign more disk space to my ubuntu... I installed along with win1023:17
explosivehow much space do you want to give it?23:17
rom-I have 350GB HDD. win10 is 260GB .. I'm thiniking of assigning it 60GB more of it's original 19GB23:19
explosiverom-: shrink win10, then make a /home partition with the 60gb23:21
robertjwhere are device id to driver mapping stored?23:21
rom-using Gparted right?23:22
explosiverom-: would be better to use win10 to shrink it23:22
rom-I have 6GB unallocated before... How do I assign it to /23:24
explosivetype sudo parted -l | nc termbin.com 999923:24
rom-it gave a link23:25
explosiverom-: you'd have to delete the swap and then resize the "/"23:27
dasabhihey how do i search for specific irc channels? i forgot the command, its like /msg alist list something right?23:28
MonkeyDustdasabhi  /msg alis list blah23:28
rom-if I delete it wont it go to ntfs win 10 hdd23:28
explosiverom-: no it'll just be unallocated at the end, then you can resize the first linux partition and extend the filesystem23:29
wileeerom-, why the ext2 what OS is this?23:29
explosiverom-: you can't make a separate /home though cause you have 3 primary partitions already23:30
rom-how do I snap my desktop please so I can show you the GParted window23:30
Bashing-omrobertj: What is your end goal ? does ' sudo blkid -c /dev/null -o list ' suffice ?23:30
explosiveand it's between the win10 and linux one, so you'd have to move the whole linux one back with gparted maybe23:31
explosiverom-: printscreen23:31
robertjBashing-om, i've got a netword card that's had its device ID intentionally set wrong by a vendor23:31
OerHeksrom-, ha ,  4      307GB   313GB  5584MB  extended is not empty...23:31
zacwallshow to install libssl0.9.823:31
OerHeksin that extended is that logical partition23:31
MonkeyDust!find libssl23:31
ubottuFound: libssl-dev, libssl-doc, libssl1.0.0, libssl1.0.0-dbg, libssl-ocaml23:31
robertjBashing-om, it's secretley an X520-based NIC so I want to see if there is a way to force that driver to load23:31
OerHekszacwalls, not, as we are on 1.0.0. something23:31
zacwallsOerHeks, ok23:32
k1lzacwalls: that are way too old depencies. its around 12.04 or even way back. see if the testing repo works better23:32
robertjonce it's done I can then use ethtool to set the offset to set it to the real device id23:32
OerHeksthat installer script is outdated.23:32
rom- 3      287GB   307GB  21.0GB  primary   ext2 is   ext2  / which is 19.56GB and extended 5.20GB23:32
zacwallsk1l, Where can I find it?23:33
Bashing-omrobertj: Sorry, that one is out of my pay-grade .23:33
k1lthere where you found the other one23:33
explosiverom-: you have to shrink the windows one, and move the whole ext2 back into the new unallocated space23:33
explosiverom-: i think gparted can handle that kind of stuff, it might take a while though23:34
MonkeyDustrom-  backup, first, before you start modifying partitions23:34
rom-explosive: I think is better to just let it be... Cos I don't want to have a problem with my ubuntu ... For years I've installed and always have problems that I even deleted whole partition. This time I better let it go...23:36
Bashing-omdasabhi: ' /msg alis list *searchterm* ' looks for channel names containing searchterm. see: ' /msg alis help list ' .23:36
MonkeyDustthe wildcards * are no longer required23:37
explosiverom-: if you need extra space you could mount the ntfs from ubuntu and just use a dir in it maybe23:37
zacwallsLook what I found :) http://packages.bodhilinux.com/bodhi/pool/stable/s/spotify/23:37
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bviktorso... any idea why encrypted ubuntu won't boot after update-initramfs -u ?23:53
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bviktorok it's because of crypttab nvm23:57

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