flocculantprobably why things like pareole break for me - I have no cares :p00:52
drcNo, it's becasue apps don't like you..hence perfect QAL.00:53
flocculantI knew I would WIN00:54
drc8 or 10?00:54
flocculantalways 7 00:54
drcas long as it's not 98ME00:54
flocculantha ha 00:55
knome6 was my favorite number before but now i don't care00:55
flocculantalways 7 00:57
knomebluesabre, you should really join #ubuntu-quality 00:59
knomebluesabre, otherwise me and flocculant start telling you silly things we don't understand, and with our little "manipulation", nor won't you00:59
flocculantyou CAN apparently make ubuntu-bug work with PPAs01:01
flocculantknome: like that? 01:01
knomeheh, well, maybe...01:01
bluesabresuppose I'll join then01:22
bluesabreI wonder if I might regret this01:22
flocculantbluesabre: I promise not to too often link youir quote :D01:25
bluesabrewhich one?01:27
bluesabrethe "give us all your bug reports" one01:28
flocculantthe "we want all your usabilty issues as bugs one01:30
flocculantwhich I make up from 2 ro 3 different quotes01:30
* flocculant should run for office .... 01:30
knomethe bad typing dept.01:31
flocculantwould I win?01:31
flocculantsilly flocculant 01:32
flocculantofc you would :P01:32
drcIt's unanimous01:32
flocculantwoot I win then 01:33
drc<flocculant> I knew I would WIN01:33
drcand with that, I concede and "goodbye"01:34
flocculantI would like to take this opportunityy to win things for drc - we are all equal, or old or stuff01:34
flocculanto 01:34
* bluesabre forgets that his youth escapes a bit more each day01:35
flocculanthe missed winning :(01:35
flocculantbluesabre shouldn't do that 01:35
Unit193bluesabre: Soon you'll be a cranky old man like the rest of us.01:36
knomeor, with some exact surgery, cranky old lady01:36
flocculantha ha01:37
akxwi_daveflocculant, I retried the window snapping last night on real hardware (fresh install) and its working as is.. On my old vm it isnt, however, i have just built a fresh Xneial VM from the 1st iso release and snapping is working fine.  So I'll assume that there is something wrong with my original VM.09:04
akxwi_daveoh and Morning by the way..  :-)09:05
bluesabremorning all10:52
drcOK, Before I dive back into flocculant's "Xfce4 Power Manager Settings" Testcase, I'd like to clear up a little confusion I'm having re: Power Manager plugins.11:46
drcIt appears that there is a Power Manager plugin that is installed in the panel by default and is independent of either the Notification Area or Indicator Plugin.11:47
drcIt also appears that there is a Notification Area Power Manager Indicator/plugin that is activated via the XFCE Power Manager Settings/General Tab (System tray icon)11:49
drcBoth these do the same thing, abeit is slightly different fashions.  Am I correct so far?11:50
drcAnd that the Power Manager plugin is now monochromatic while the "System Tray icon (maybe not the best working, not sure we have a system tray now) is colorized.11:53
drcSO my question is:  Is this by design, we really want both of these?11:54
drcAfter thinking for a bit, I wonder if this results from folks wanting the old "Indicator Plugin" battery indicator?11:55
Unit193Right, so one is an xfce4-panel plugin, one is a tray icon, for say tint2.  The panel plugin should have more features, or generally be slightly better than the plain tray icon.11:59
drcUnit193: From what I see, they do the same thing, except one uses a right click and one uses a left click.12:00
drcHey flocculant, quick question on "Xfce4 Power Manager Settings" Testcase.  Why was Display-> Brightness reduction not tested?12:38
drcOther than some (still) wording on the testcase itself, everything work as advertised.12:40
drcSubmitted a "Pass". But what do you want in the Hardware profile?  I <can> use a inxi -F :)12:41
slickymasterWorkor you can go to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/Hardware drc12:58
slickymasterWorkand then just add the gist github link12:59
drcreading now13:01
Unit193...That is a horrible page.13:04
slickymasterWorkthat's what I use whenever I need to add my hardware profile either on the tracker or LP13:04
slickymasterWorkyes, it is13:04
akxwi_davethats one o fthe reasons i typr mine in the comments.. :-)13:06
drcOK, pretty straight forward until it comes time to "edit the top table only"  How would one go about doing this? I see nothing that would let me edit it.13:10
* drc wonders if he'd get away with just saying "Apple ][" ? 13:14
akxwi_davedare you... :-)13:16
drcTo misquote Red Skelton "He don't know me very well, do he?"13:17
flocculantgood day everyone 13:29
flocculantinstalls are still fubar with the mtab thing I see :)13:30
flocculantoff shortly and will be back Sunday :)13:30
akxwi_davegoing anywhere nice?13:35
flocculantgod-daughter and her family - Brighton 13:44
flocculanthave a good weekend 13:52
akxwi_daveenjoy flocculant, have a good time..14:07
slickymasterWorkdrc, you're not obliged to add yourself to that table14:30
drcI know, I was just wondering if I was missing something obvious.14:31
slickymasterWorkall you need is the gist github link itself, since it's where your hardware specs are listed14:31
slickymasterWorkdid you login successfully in the wiki? 14:32
drcMy guess is no.14:32
slickymasterWorkso that's probably why you weren't able to edit it :P14:33
slickymasterWorktbh the wiki is a pain, anyhow 14:33
drcLike I said, something obvious :)14:33
drcAll I really care about is "what do they want me to put in the "hardware profile" of the test cases"  If Dell 1420n is enough, I'm good.14:34
* slickymasterWork doesn't have a clear answer to that14:36
slickymasterWorkballons would be the one14:36
slickymasterWork* balloons14:36
drcI may just go with that Apple ][ ... see how long it takes someone to ask "Really?"14:37
drcSilly Ubuntu One/wiki/whatever logins...running in circles14:39
drcThat's why I gave it up years ago :(14:39
drcIt seems like it's more about the infrastructure itself than what you do with it14:40
slickymasterWorkyeah it's really annoying 14:40
drcBAH!  Apple ][ it is :)14:41
drchey akxwi_dave ... and congrats on becoming a "made man" :)14:48
akxwi_davedrc, cheers mate14:50
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=== zombiegenii is now known as genii
knomeslickymasterWork, at least you around?16:49
slickymasterWorkyes, I am16:49
knomei was thinking setting up the contributor docs16:50
knomewhat's your take on this:16:50
slickymasterWorkI saw you add it to the blueprint16:50
knomeshould we add it to the same repository or create a new one?16:50
slickymasterWorkI'd go with a new one16:50
slickymasterWorkjust a matter of organization, keeping things tidy 16:51
knomei'll register a new project in lp for that then as well16:51
knomexubuntu-contributor-docs ?16:51
knome(obviously we can always change that..)16:51
slickymasterWorkyes, that's about what I'd call it16:51
knomei'll make some room on the kitchen table and start working on it next then16:51
slickymasterWorkbtw knome, the "HowTo build docs locally"16:51
knomethe what? :)16:52
slickymasterWorkcan I draft it right on the website or do you want me to do it in a pad?16:52
knomesudo apt-get build-dep && make16:52
knomeworks in wily...16:52
slickymasterWorknot that you silly you16:52
knomethat's building docs... locally16:52
slickymasterWorkthe tutorial I'm writting on how to do it16:53
slickymasterWorkit's an item in the blueprint16:53
knomei'm wondering if we need a tutorial16:53
slickymasterWorksilly nilly16:53
knomeam i missing something here?16:53
knomethe tutorial is this:16:53
knome1) sudo apt-get install bzr16:53
slickymasterWorkwell flocculant mentioned it, the need for it, and I do see that there's a need16:53
knome2) bzr branch lp:xubuntu-docs16:54
slickymasterWorkI know that knome 16:54
knome3) sudo apt-get build-dep xubuntu-docs16:54
knomelet's just add that to the contributor docs :P16:54
slickymasterWorkchances are that we may have a lot of potential contributors that just don't know16:54
slickymasterWorkeither way works for me16:55
knomewell i'm not opposed to a blog article either16:55
knomei guess just write it up in the blog16:55
knomeunless you decide to go deeper in the docbook land16:55
slickymasterWorkoki doke16:55
slickymasterWorkone thing I remembered that afterwards will have to go on the contributor-docs is this https://smdavis.us/doku/doku.php?id=playground:sceenshot-stds16:56
slickymasterWorkjjfrv8, ochosi and I kind of settle that'd be the standard 16:56
knomeslickymasterWork, i guess that's debatable, but at least we can link to it :)16:58
slickymasterWorkof course it is, bit it's one standard at least16:58
knomeone con to the seprate repositories is that then it isn't as easy to share the same stylesheet16:58
knomeor at least we need to update both repositories with that when doing updates16:58
slickymasterWorkwell, that focus mainly in the wiki-type of documentation16:59
knomewe want it to look the same as the end-user docs16:59
knomewith some changes, sure16:59
slickymasterWorkno argues there16:59
knomebut mostly the same16:59
slickymasterWorkbut we have to take in consideration the weight of xfce in that particular solution/standard 17:00
slickymasterWorkand sean adopt it to his appps17:01
slickymasterWorkhey so many 'ppp'17:01
knomeoh, you're talking about something else than me17:01
slickymasterWorkwhat are you talking about, then?17:01
knome18:58  knome: one con to the seprate repositories is that then it isn't as easy to share the same stylesheet17:02
knomeso basically, we have an established stylesheet (and a somewhat matching PDF style layer)17:02
knomeif we do a separate repository, it isn't as easy to use the exact same files for this17:02
slickymasterWorkoh, yes17:03
knomeor at least it means that if we make changes, we need to push them to two repositories17:03
slickymasterWorkyes, I agree with that reasoning 17:03
knomealso, if we want to mention the contributor docs from the docs startpage, the easiest way is that they exist in the same repository/package17:03
knomeof course, it would have its own subdirectory17:03
slickymasterWorkI wasn't at all go against it17:04
knomeand all of it would be separated fromt he main docs17:04
knomeso i guess i'll do that - at least for now17:04
knomeit's relatively easily splittable too17:04
slickymasterWorkI was just merely considering that we should somehow reference that standard in there some way17:04
knomeyeah, that's a totally different discussion :P17:05
slickymasterWorkthe goal is to also try to catch some contributors to the xfce documentation17:05
knomecan be17:05
slickymasterWorkon a different topic, I've been going through flocculant's -docs MP and I must say that other than a few minor wording changes it seems great17:06
slickymasterWorkhe has done a great, and thorough, work on it17:07
ochosimy two cents are that we don't necessarily have to follow the style of the xfce docs17:29
knomeochosi, no, i'm about to follow the style of xubuntu docs17:29
ochosithe faenza icon theme is not an ideal choic there since its not maintained for yeras17:29
ochosi(just as an example)17:30
knomessh, i need silence for working17:30
knomei'm just breaking all the docs and i want to do it well17:30
slickymasterWorkhey ochosi 17:30
* ochosi sneaksout17:31
slickymasterWorkI wasn't implying we should follow that style ochosi, just saying that we should somehow link some sort of reference to yet another side/aspect of -docs contribution17:32
ochosihey slickymasterWork 17:33
ochosisorry very slow internet on this train...17:33
ochosiand yeah, to that i agree17:33
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knomeooookay, https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-doc/xubuntu-docs/xenial20:44
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dkesselbluesabre: i need some translator hints for catfish :p20:58
dkesselstrings 25 and 27: in which context are "other" and "any" used?20:59
dkesselonly those two string to do in german now :p21:00
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ochosidkessel: checking...21:13
ochosidkessel: "other" is part of the file type filters21:14
knomeochosi, now you can start writing documentation for contributors :P21:15
ochosias in: documents, folders, images, music, videos,..., other21:15
ochosiknome: doc for contributors in what sense?21:15
knomeochosi, like developer docs21:16
ochosidkessel: so "any" is the same in terms of the date range21:16
knomeochosi, "how to contribute with artwork"21:16
dkesselFile filters... where do i have to click? :?21:16
ochosidkessel: those are in the sidebar21:16
dkesselah. strange enough, those are both translated in my version here... although on launchpad they aren't21:17
ochosidkessel: here's the context for "other" http://i.imgur.com/FGg6NhX.png21:17
dkesselthanks ochosi21:17
ochosino worries21:17
ochosigrep is your friend ;)21:17
ochosi(in case you run into such a problem again)21:17
ochosior you can also check the "Located in.." hint on the launchpad translation site :D21:18
ochosiknome: yeah, i  guess that'd be a nice effort, but why the "now"?21:19
knomeochosi, i just set up the infrastructure for that, we now have a new docbook book in the -docs branch21:20
ochosioh ok21:20
ochosiwell that would be a nice target for 16.0421:20
knomeochosi, ultimately, we can ship that with all releases and have it in docs.xubuntu.org21:20
ochosithen again, are you sure ppl will read docs like that?21:20
knomeno, but then again, i'm not going to put a huge effort on them21:21
knomei mean, we should document our processes as we have done now21:21
knomeand if we can extend that to some of the technical issues, that's good21:21
knomeit's as much a guide to us as to new contributors21:21
knomeat least that's how i imagine it...21:22
ochosiyeah, that makes sense21:25
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knomeslickymaster, see above22:04
slickymasterdoing it already22:05
slickymasterknome, "The Xubuntu status tracker is where the development progress for the current development cycle is tracked and is located at."22:07
slickymasterisn't there an extra 'is' between 'tracked and' 'located'22:08
slickymasterwhat about "The Xubuntu status tracker is where the development progress for the current development cycle is tracked and located at22:08
knomeno, the link tag was faulty and the link didn't show up22:09
knomei pushed a new revision now22:09
knomehappy that you are happy that we can actually work on this now ;P22:10
slickymasterare you referring to rev. 46522:10
slickymasteryeah, lag22:11
slickymasterthe sentence remains the same knome 22:11
knomewell, you can fix it yourself...22:12
slickymasterdon't want to do it if you do not agree with it22:13
knomeno, i just wanted to set some initial content up22:13
slickymasterbranching it anyway22:13
knomethis is by no means final, or well-thought22:13
slickymasterit will also serves the purpose of seeing it in the browser22:14
slickymaster* serve22:14
slickymasterknome, the license file is a clone from the one in the -docs?22:21
knomeslickymaster, yes22:22
slickymasterthanks, it saves the effort of reading it22:23
slickymasteranother quetsion knome, are you thinking in having the common-infrastructure bzr centric?22:24
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knomeno, but for anything that is common for several subtopics22:25
slickymasteryes, agree22:26
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