zacwallsSo I downloaded the numix flatstudio theme and put in /usr/share/themes and it does not come up as an option in appearance00:43
drcDoes the name conflict with another theme (numix)?  I always put the themes in ~/.themes...it's easier (permissions, etc).00:47
knomelooking at https://github.com/dirruk1/Numix-Flatstudio, if you extracted something like that to /usr/share/themes/numix-flatstudio, it shouldn't work00:48
drcAnd just to be sure, when I put the theme in ~.themes, I rename them (ex: numix-DRC) so there is no conflict.00:48
zacwallsknome, why?00:48
knomethe /usr/share/themes/THEMENAME directory needs to have something that looks more like this: https://github.com/dirruk1/Numix-Flatstudio/tree/master/3.1600:48
zacwallsdrc, I don't have a .themes in my home folder or in my /.local/share00:49
drczacwalls: make one :)00:49
knomeyou can simply create /home/user/.themes00:49
drczacwalls: The real reason I do that is I dislike playing with system files/folders unless I really have to.00:50
drcLess chance to break something.00:51
zacwallslol yeah00:51
zacwallsbeen there before00:51
drcFYI... ~/.icons works also.00:51
drcAnd if you rename the themes ( *.DRC) then you can have several instances of the same theme to play with.00:52
zacwallsknome, I downloaded the one from github you gave me and put it in the /home/zacwalls/.themes and same thing....00:56
knomezacwalls, with what directory name?00:57
zacwallsknome, what?00:57
flocculantwhat directory name?00:57
zacwallswhats the matter with it?00:57
zacwallsknome, the dir is /home/zacwalls/.themes00:58
knomezacwalls, ok... so what does 'ls -l /home/zacwalls/.themes' return (in a pastebin please)00:58
knomeok, so in that case straight to the next one:00:58
knomels -l /home/zacwalls/.themes/Numix-Flatstudio-master00:58
zacwallsknome, http://pastebin.com/XxzBUddV01:00
knomeok, so what did i tell you?01:00
knome02:48  knome: looking at https://github.com/dirruk1/Numix-Flatstudio, if you  extracted something like that to /usr/share/themes/numix-flatstudio,  it shouldn't work01:00
knome02:48  knome: the /usr/share/themes/THEMENAME directory needs to have something  that looks more like this:  https://github.com/dirruk1/Numix-Flatstudio/tree/master/3.1601:00
knomesame goes here01:00
knomeyou need to have gtk-2.0 and gtk-3.0 there, not the 3.14 and 3.16 directories01:01
zacwallsknome so make a tree like this: Numix-Flatstudio/tree/3.16?01:01
knomeputting it *very* literally, you need to have /home/zacwalls/.themes/Numix-Flatstudio-master/gtk-2.0 (and /gtk-3.0)01:02
zacwallsknome, how do I download the files https://github.com/dirruk1/Numix-Flatstudio/tree/master/3.1601:03
knomedon't overcomplicate it, just copy the files from the 3.16 directory to the themes root directory01:03
drczacwalls: Maybe https://github.com/dirruk1/Numix-Flatstudio  The Download.zip on the right side?01:04
zacwallsdrc, already did that01:04
drcor what knome said^^01:04
knomedrc, that won't help; his problem isn't a wrong download, it's that the theme ships two versions, and neither of them isn't picked correctly because the structure of the directories is "wrong" on the branch01:05
drcknome: Yeah, sorry. I DL'd it and saw.01:05
zacwallsknome, do I need to rename 3.14/1601:05
knomezacwalls, no.01:06
zacwallsknome k01:06
knomesee what is inside the 3.16 directory, please01:06
zacwallsknome k01:06
knomethen please, take a moment to think if that is the content i told you you need to have in the themes root directory01:07
zacwallsknome, its files titled gtk-2.0 and gtk-3.001:07
zacwallsthis theme is horrid on xfce..01:10
knomewell, glad you got it working...01:10
zacwallshow to setup conky? I downloaded from the software center now all I get is an responsiveness launcher that says run conky.02:34
zacwallsflocculant, thx02:35
flocculantperhaps - conky is really one of those things that some think ar great ;)02:36
flocculantpersonally a bunch of stuff on my screen is rather 1990's and I was old then02:37
zacwallsflocculant, lol. What do you use?02:37
zacwallsI keep getting a error: conky: missing text block in configuration from my /etc/conky/conky.conf http://pastebin.com/WkWHuTPD03:15
flocculantzacwalls: :) I see no need to see those things :)03:24
flocculantall seems a bit pointless tbh03:24
zacwallsflocculant, what? I rebooted03:25
flocculantyea :) sorry - was commenting on the need for something like conky :)03:25
zacwallsflocculant, I just got bored and really liked its look...03:26
zacwallsNow its pissing me off03:26
zacwallsflocculant, do you know why I am getting that error?03:26
flocculantall seems a bit - oh yea I have a CPU and DRIVE and RAM and TEMp03:27
zacwallsflocculant, lol yeah03:27
flocculantno sorry - nver saw the point :D03:27
zacwallsflocculant, oh lol :p03:28
flocculantzacwalls: also you show the config but what error? if it's some net issue, then eth0 or eth1 isn;t now :)03:29
zacwallsflocculant, conky: missing text block in configuration is the error. My problem is because both files are blank...03:29
flocculantok - someone will be along I hope ... I did say I would look at the config - not had that, possib;ly lucky escape ;)03:31
flocculantreally think conky is so 1980's ..03:32
zacwallsflocculant, you have a better nock off?03:32
flocculantzacwalls: not at all - I said I'd look, and did - some one else might help you better wity conky03:36
flocculantI'd persuade you to lose it :)03:36
zacwallsflocculant, I meant a knock-off conky03:37
flocculantwell - stop it starting :)03:37
flocculantzacwalls: good luck - bed time here :)03:37
zacwallsflocculant, good night :)03:38
caprimorning, im trying xubuntu with my thinkpad t530 in a dockingstation and dual monitor configuration. everything is fine, but when i lock and unlock my two monitors are black and i always have to open my notebook to login again an fix the resolution06:07
caprihow can i fix that behavior?06:08
littlebithi poeple, I have 14.10 running on my system for a while now and I want to upgrade to 15.10. Now, I have this link: http://www.unixmen.com/how-to-upgrade-to-ubuntu-15-04-vivid-vervet-from-ubuntu-14-10-utopic-unicorn/ which tells me how to upgrade it, I wanted to ask around before I blindly trust this link.10:12
Unit193Ah, I see you're asking in #ubuntu.10:22
stephane_Hi !12:41
stephane_I would like to install unbuntu alongside xubuntu... and would like to create a share folder on another partition.. so before to install xubuntu I will create a / folder, a /hom folder, swap partition and a /data folder to share files between the 2 distros...12:44
stephane_but my question is: how to encrypt the /data folder?12:44
stephane_I would use the same method if I want to encrypt the /home folder after to have installed Xubuntu?12:45
drcDon't use encryption, but my best guess would be that you'd have to do after the install.  I <think> the install procedure only has options for full disk and /home.12:45
drc /data ^^12:46
stephane_on ubuntu... yes   on xubuntu its only /home folder which can be encrypted I believe12:46
drcOK, like I said, I don't use encryption :)12:46
stephane_drc:  yes I will have to do it after the install...12:47
xubuntu450qualcuno che parla italiano per aiutarmi a far lavorare la scheda interna wifi di un nc 10 samsung14:25
cfhowlett!es | xubuntu45014:25
ubottuxubuntu450: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.14:25
knobcfhowlett, I think that's italian... lemme try!!14:26
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)14:26
xubuntu450ho seguito la procedura su internetma non so se i driver li ha installati14:26
knobxubuntu450, can you type that out in english?   Not understanding much over here.14:26
cfhowlettdoh!  what can I say except "I'm American.  I come by my ignorance honestly."14:26
knobcfhowlett, nah... =)   I know because I speak spanish, so I recognized it wasn't spanish. =)14:27
xubuntu450join #ubuntu-it14:27
knobxubuntu450, with a /     /join #ubuntu-it14:27
knobOr alternately, try and write in english your questions here! =)14:28
xubuntu450grazie e scusa14:28
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SadStoryIsSadanybody use youtube live on 15.10 without flash?16:05
drcSadStoryIsSad: I haven't before, but I just went there and clicked the first video I saw...it worked...I have flash "ask to use", and it didn't ask, so I'm guessing it works without flash.16:07
SadStoryIsSadyour browser?16:08
drcFF 41.0.216:08
drcStock 'buntu browser.16:09
SadStoryIsSadnothing extra install for it?16:09
drcI just tried with "never activate" flash and it worked.16:10
drcDon't understand your last question.16:10
SadStoryIsSadlive or simple yt video?16:10
drcgive me a url to triple check.16:11
SadStoryIsSadDo you install any other "extra" package to html5 support on Firefox? Maybe something change in about:config? By the way. How many blue box you have on youtube.com/html5?16:12
SadStoryIsSaddrc: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y60wDzZt8yg16:12
drcThat URL doesn't work...so I guess even though everyone saie "live" it really wasn't.  Sorry16:13
SadStoryIsSadsorry for my english... i know it is not the best :/16:13
drcNeither is mine...and I'm a native speaker :)16:14
SadStoryIsSadgood for you :P16:14
yao_ziyuanhi all. just switched from fedora to xunbuntu :)16:14
yao_ziyuanbut one problem: the boot screen is all black. my laptop has the same xunbuntu but it can display the "xubuntu" boot screen fine.16:15
SadStoryIsSadby the way that link is to Sky News live stream and you said doesn't work?16:15
drcSadStoryIsSad: https://i.imgur.com/JhO36R3.png16:17
roninis it possible to change to latin1 in xfce terminal16:18
SadStoryIsSaddrc: thank you. do you change anything in about:config?16:19
drcSadStoryIsSad:   no16:20
SadStoryIsSadthanks ^^16:20
drcronin: Not that I see...lots of options in Terminal Preferences->Advanced->encoding...but I don't see Latin116:21
RockLeeHey guys I have a question. I was connecting my laptop to an HDMI out for the first time. I usually have an anime wallpaper on my desktop, however, my wallpaper reverted to a pic I took at a cultural festival. How can I fix it so that my HDMI out wallpaper stays the same as my normal wallpaper?17:29
RockLeeI don't have any kind of way to connect my pc to an out at home, so it sort of surprised me that the old one from a few months ago popped up when I was doing my presentation17:29
genius3000If you mean, the second display wallpaper "changed", then set the 'all monitors' option when you choose a wallpaper in desktop settings. Might need to have the second display connected.18:03
drcgenius3000: He's long gone.18:06
zacwallsHow can I get Xubuntu to run faster as a whole. Kernel and everything? Because like 70% of my CPU is being used up when I have a small amount of processes running.18:42
Latrodectuscan someone point me to the hashes for xubuntu?18:42
drcLatrodectus: Hashes?18:45
Latrodectusdrc: hash of the packaged iso, to make sure that it has not been tampered with18:46
Latrodectusalso that the torrent downloaded correctly18:46
drcok...quick answer http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/  all releases are under there.18:48
drcnp (find what you meeded?)18:50
drczacwalls: That's a really complicated question...what the hardware specs for your machine, what "processes"...and more.18:52
drcIn short, I doubt anyone can quickly answer you question, without a lot more data.18:53
zacwallsdrc, I have 2gb's of ram, a Pentium Dual-Core processor and I do have a pretty common laptop, A Toshiba Satellite.18:54
drcand old18:55
drc"Pentium Dual-Core" is probably your problem.18:55
drcUnless Pentium Dual-Core doesn't mean the old intel pentium.18:56
zacwallsdrc, I figured. But still, it is not Pentium M or something. Its old but not that old.18:56
zacwallsdrc, it does :/18:56
drcHere's a start. Reboot...open ONLY the Task Manager and see what is using up all the cpu cycles.19:00
zacwallsdrc, it's fine. I just really need a hardware upgrade :/19:01
drcThat too :)19:01
drcand me too...my laptop is 8 years old now :(19:01
zacwallsdrc, yeah, I can't afford a hardware upgrade for a while. :/19:04
drcTBH, about the only thing you're going to be able to do easily is limit what is being used.19:04
drcCheck what plugins on the panel are eating cycles, and what being auto-opened on boot...and that sort of thing.19:06
drcMaybe use "lighter" apps...midori rather than Firefox...abiword rather than libreoffice...etc.19:07
zacwallsdrc, I use a browser called Vivaldi19:09
drcAnd the ultimate tool...use a distro that was designed for older/low-spec-machines (puppy, etc)19:09
drcYou can actually search distrowatch for that sort of distro.19:10
Artemis3zacwalls, and my pentium m powered eeepc runs xubuntu just fine20:06
zacwallsArtemis3, odd...20:09
Artemis3see which process is doing that20:13
mrkrampsxubuntu should run on this device, but another desktop environment/window manager may be a better choice20:18
Artemis3oh yes, just in case, remove apt-xapian-index its evil :320:18
Artemis3nah it runs fine with 2gb of ram20:18
Artemis3perfectly fine20:19
Artemis3the eepc runs the pentium-m like cpu at 630mhz20:19
Artemis3it is a pentium-m with half the cache of a regular pentium m20:20
Artemis3anyway much slower20:20
Artemis3im even running compton20:20
Artemis3(because default compositor tears)20:21
mrkrampsArtemis3, you mean the celeron m, i guess20:21
Artemis3yes i guess thats the one, and its underclocked20:21
Artemis3but i leave it underclocked and its fine. for the browser, i switched to palemoon20:22
mrkrampsyes, that's what wikipedia is telling me20:22
Artemis3that one is not even using a swap file20:22
mrkrampsbut i cannot image this device running the latest xubuntu20:23
Artemis3its on 14.04 LTS atm20:23
Artemis3Xubuntu that is20:23
mrkrampsok, but the RAM was upgraded to max20:23
Artemis316.04 probably brings systemd, but if its like debian, i could just probably install sysvcore or such to get rid of it20:24
Artemis3yes i put 2gb, came with 512mb20:24
mrkrampsactually already 14.04 uses parts of it in terms of logind20:24
Artemis3with 512mb i would be using lxde or less20:24
mrkrampsand 15.04 has full systemd integration20:24
mrkrampsand there's absolutely no reason to not use it20:25
Artemis3but at least its not init 120:25
Artemis3oh i have seen debian jessie installs doing funny things so20:25
Artemis3i'll stay away from it20:26
Artemis3maybe in a few years when the bugs are ironed20:26
Artemis3funny things = kernel panic (not nice)20:28
mrkrampsah ha, which is because of systemd?20:28
Artemis3yup, boot into single mode, install sysvinit-core and it boots.20:30
Artemis3at work we put that package at the preseed20:30
Artemis3end of problems.20:30
Artemis3thing is too buggy for prodoction, seriously20:31
mrkrampsI cannot complain *shrugs*20:36
mrkrampszacwalls, have you already found the process(es) causing most of your cpu load?20:36
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liannai like xubuntu21:04
liannaseems nicely working well from install21:04
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knomelianna, glad to hear, enjoy21:07
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zacwallsmrkramps, no.21:47
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frenbu_hi - i run Xubuntu 14.04.3 LTS, upgraded from 13.04, on a HP Elitebook 2530p laptop - i have an issue when plugging/unplugging the power cord, the network interfaces connection(s) get disconnected but after few second they reconnect. how can i effectively troubleshoot this (logs, configurations)?21:55
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zacwallsSo I am trying to install spotify. Everything was going as normal until this: http://pastebin.com/apQrkwDL22:42
frenbu_zacwalls: try this http://goo.gl/fKBeSL22:52
zacwallsfrebu_ ok22:55
frenbu_zacwalls, you should also install libssl0.9.8 first, on which spotify-client depends --> "sudo apt-get install libssl0.9.8"22:56
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zacwallsfrenbu_, thx :)22:57
zacwallsfrenbu_, E: Package 'libssl0.9.8' has no installation candidate22:58
zacwallsDo you know the repo?22:58
zacwallsDamn thing has been applying changes for 10 min....23:05
frenbu_zacwalls, i found this http://goo.gl/PpZwid look like there's a spotify repo with all you need23:07
zacwallsfrenbu_, thank you :)23:07
Slumlord_anybody game in xubuntu?23:14
Slumlord_having an error message23:14
knomeSlumlord_, why don't you ask the real question23:15
Slumlord_ImportText: unknown struct item loadscreen inpropery slots23:15
Slumlord_ImportText: unknown struct item loadscreen inproperty slots23:15
knomeand this happens where, with what?23:16
Slumlord_Failed to find object `class gametypes.awpgameinfo`23:16
Slumlord_Exiting due to error23:16
Slumlord_happens in terminal23:16
Slumlord_am missing software?23:22
Slumlord_am I missing software?23:22
frenbu_anybody? - i run Xubuntu 14.04.3 LTS, upgraded from 13.04, on a HP Elitebook 2530p laptop - i have an issue when plugging/unplugging the power cord, the network interfaces connection(s) get disconnected but after few second they reconnect. how can i effectively troubleshoot this (logs, configurations)?23:25
genius3000drc2: Downside to having joins/parts/quits ignored and no tab-completion on the Android client. :)23:27
drc2genius3000: yeah, that affects me also, so if the time stamps show it's been a while I just run the mouse over the nick and see if they're still around.23:30
zacwallsfrenbu_, Same problem. How can I install libssl0.9.8?23:31
frenbu_zacwalls, i use italian ubuntu repositories, libssl is located in the "universe" repositories, so you should enable them in your /etc/apt/sources.list or via GUI "Software & Updates" utility23:41
zacwallsfrenbu_, ok23:42
HeadlessHorsemanIn trusty+ OpenSSL has libssl1.0.0, which is the only LTS currently supported in Xubuntu.23:42
zacwallsHeadlessHorseman, frenbu_ I am using 15.10. Also, I don't have a universe repo...23:44
HeadlessHorsemanXfce is in Universe...23:45
zacwallsHeadlessHorseman, odd23:45
HeadlessHorseman!info xfwm423:45
ubottuxfwm4 (source: xfwm4): window manager of the Xfce project. In component universe, is optional. Version 4.12.3-1ubuntu1 (wily), package size 472 kB, installed size 2732 kB23:45
bekks!info libssl1 trusty | HeadlessHorseman23:45
ubottuHeadlessHorseman: Package libssl1 does not exist in trusty23:45
HeadlessHorsemanbekks: As I said, libssl1.0.023:45
bekksHeadlessHorseman: 1.0.0. refers to the package name, the version is 1.0.1f23:46
zacwallsbekks, why does spotify want the older version?23:46
HeadlessHorsemanCorrect, specifically ABI/API.23:46
drc2zacwalls: Are you using USC?23:47
bekkszacwalls: IÄm not using spotify.23:47
zacwallsdrc2, what?23:47
drc2You say you don't have Universe...are you using the Ubuntu Software Center?23:47
zacwallsdrc2, yes sometimes..23:48
drc2zacwalls: humor me :)  search for xfce4-sen in USC.  Any hits?23:48
zacwallsdrc2, one sec23:49
zacwallsnew error http://pastebin.com/iE8XNApr23:49
bekkszacwalls: So install it.23:50
zacwallsbekks, I have the new version and there is no repo on my PC that has it...23:51
zacwallsdrc2, one hit, hardware sensor23:51
bekkszacwalls: Then maybe the spotify client is just too old.23:51
zacwallsbekks, well, what else can I do?23:52
HeadlessHorsemanShould link against newer libs.23:52
zacwallsHeadlessHorseman, what?23:52
drc2zacwalls: The you have Universe (xfce4-sensor...  is in there) Not sure what the problem is then :(23:52
zacwallsdrc2, odd23:52
drc2really? :)23:52
bekksHeadlessHorseman: In case of an ABI change between 0.9.x and 1.x, the old lib is still needed.23:53
HeadlessHorsemanOr, the program should be rebuilt to *link* against newer libs, was my statement.23:53
drc2zacwalls: Have you seen this>  http://unix.itsprite.com/unixtrying-to-install-spotify-with-libssl1-0-0/23:54
zacwallsdrc2, nope...23:54
drc2zacwalls: May be no help but it's the best google could do for me.23:55
zacwallsdrc2, should I do it?23:56
drc2Do what? Read it, sure...nothing you've tried up to now works, what have you got to loose?23:57
zacwallsdrc2, my system. Don't wanna screw up anything too bad....23:57
drc2Then don't.23:58

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