sgclarkwell I do a large chunk of the packaging now, but obviously when I get a paid gig my time will reduce. We definitly need more packagers.00:03
sgclarkclivejo is/was doing some great work there.00:03
sgclarkif we find a few more for when folks are busy with life , that would be great00:04
sgclarkspread the load a bit.00:04
sgclarkanyway, I am off for the evening.00:04
yofelUnpacking analitza4-common (4:4.14.3-0ubuntu2~ubuntu14.04~ppa1) ...00:28
yofeldpkg: error processing archive /var/cache/apt/archives/analitza4-common_4%3a4.14.3-0ubuntu2~ubuntu14.04~ppa1_all.deb (--unpack):00:28
yofel trying to overwrite '/usr/share/kde4/apps/libanalitza/plots/polar.plots', which is also in package analitza-common 4:4.14.2-0ubuntu1~ubuntu14.04~ppa100:28
yofelI'll fix that00:29
mparilloyofel: Does that mean I hold off testing the trusty KDE Apps Upgrade?00:35
mparillohold off is American English for delay.00:36
yofelwell, you can try the default upgrade. This was with kubuntu-full00:36
yofelbut yeah, this will need re-testing once it's built00:36
mparilloThen I will wait a bit. But getting close to my children's bedtime (and therefore mine)00:39
mparilloyofel: please post when you are ready for me to try the upgrade. I will look for it tomorrow. All: Even though I no longer use 14.04 I am glad to participate in this effort.01:35
lordievaderGood morning08:22
BluesKajHiyas all11:26
clivejohi BluesKaj11:27
BluesKajhi clivejo11:29
mparillosgclark: good morning. Last night yofel was uploading one more thing to trusty. 11:41
yofellong published, please re-test11:41
mparilloyofel>  trying to overwrite '/usr/share/kde4/apps/libanalitza/plots/polar.plots', which is also in package analitza-common 4:4.14.2-0ubuntu1~ubuntu14.04~ppa111:41
sgclarkyofel: akonadi is missing ppa tag11:42
mparilloOK, I am ready to re-test11:42
yofelsgclark: as was the one before that, hardly fixable now11:42
sgclarkhmm odd11:43
sgclarkI am using bzr-buildpackage-ppa11:43
yofelone could upload ubuntu4~ppa just to make it obvious11:43
yofelare the other backports in branches somewhere?11:43
* yofel uploaded analitza by hand11:43
sgclarkI am using the bzr11:43
sgclarkas we stopped susing bzr at 4.14.211:44
sgclarkso it kinda fit11:44
yofelok, let me fix that then11:44
mparilloMuon Update Manager still gives me the WARNING: Installing unverified software represents a security risk.11:45
sgclarkmparillo: did you use add-apt-repository to add the ppa?11:45
mparilloI added it to my software sources using Muon Updater.11:45
sgclarkotherwise you need to import the key11:45
sgclarkno clue how muon handles keys11:46
* sgclark doesnt use it11:46
mparilloOK, I will cancel, remove the PPA from Muon Updater and try the command line11:47
mparilloHmm did that and I noticed Independent in my software sources. I do not recall seeing that one before.11:49
sgclarkwhat is that?11:49
mparilloI am not sure where Independent came from. It is on my 14.04 VM (with a fresh install and only rekonq kteatime open-vm-tools-desktop added), but not on this 15.10 netbook.12:00
mparilloIn any case I am doing the add-apt-repository, and it imported the keys. I did an apt update and upgrade and dist-upgrade (all separately and all without my usual -y switch) and they sem to be running smoothly12:02
mparilloSo it looks as if the key is not installed by default (it might be for the regular backports PPA), as they completed sucessfully, and now a re-boot is indicated.12:12
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mparilloRe-booted, and Kate, Dolphin, and Konsole appear to be working (though for some reason in Kate when I open home is looks empty, but if I open root, then go to home, I see the folder with my user name). Is there a version number of any of them that I can check to see if I got the right updates?12:23
mparilloDolphin is 4.14.3. Kate is 3.14.13 and Konsole is 2.13.2 but all three are using KDE Development Platform 4.14.1312:25
mparilloDolphin is 4.14.13. Kate is 3.14.13 and Konsole is 2.13.2 but all three are using KDE Development Platform 4.14.1312:25
sgclarkhmm k, guess that is right12:27
sgclarklet me try to reproduce, may have to file a bug upstream12:28
mparilloI see that the apt-cache policy for kate is 4:4.14.3 which differs from the internal version on the help about menu12:41
sgclarkdoes not happen for me, kate opens Documents which in my case is empty12:49
sgclarkhome directory has all the expected folders12:49
mparilloI tried it again, and kate seemed to work as expected. And I now remember that the packaging version numbers (from apt-cache policy) do not necessarily align with the internal applications version numbers13:00
sgclarkexcellent, thank you very much for all your help mparillo13:04
mparilloMy pleasure. And it is funny, I think I miss Plasma 4. 13:27
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santa_yofel, sgclark: around? I would like to discuss a simple technical detail of kubuntu-automation16:35
soeeyofel: ping16:44
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prthhi Riddell 18:11
santa_Mamarok: sorry in advance if this ping bothers you, is this ok with you https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/kubuntu-devel/2015-October/010066.html ?19:03
Mamaroksanta_: yes, that is OK, you do not need to ask me, see what ahoneybun wrote about it already :)19:05
santa_Mamarok: ok, thank you, I just wanted to be sure ;)19:06
santa_sorry about the first poll btw19:07
Mamarokno problem, I was just a tad astonished you seemd so in a hurry to put dates that were already in the past when you sent the link to :)19:10
mparilloI get santa_ is in a hurry, yes; in a hurry to help with build automation.19:52
Mamarokhe can start right away, the membership is just the icing on the cake :)20:09
valoriemparillo: really? I never miss plasma 2 at all (except the weather widget, and my beloved little Luna/Moon widget)20:26
valoriebut my widgets will come in time, I hope20:26
mparilloSpell-check widget is the widget I miss the most.21:12
valoriehmmm, never heard of that one21:13
valoriemparillo: why not port it?21:13
mparilloOut of my league (at least until the children grow and/or I retire). 22:18
santa_ah, indeed kubuntu-automation is kind of a hurry - unlike the membership, which is less urgent - I have been working a bit on it today22:25
valorieoh good22:26
valorietooling to make the work lighter for everyone seems important22:27

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