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luc4Hello! I just installed 15.10 but I just see a black screen. In xorg logs I see “Failed to load module nvidia” (module does not exist)” and “NOUVEAU: failed to initialize extension”. Any idea what I can do?00:41
zsc_38nouveau :(((00:44
zsc_38can you change tty?00:45
luc4zsc_38: yes00:47
luc4zsc_38: that is how I read the log00:48
luc4zsc_38: but actually, I see the mouse pointer properly00:48
luc4zsc_38: it was just in the corner00:48
luc4zsc_38: what is wrong with nouveau? Isn’t the one I need? I have nvidia.00:49
zsc_38well, I have a 780ti and I just did a fresh install of 15.10 earlier today.  I had similar issues but not the same00:50
zsc_38what gpu do you have?00:50
luc4GT 740M00:51
zsc_38well, I went with nvidia-352 and it appears to be working ok so far - apart from plasma-panel taking about a minute to work00:52
luc4zsc_38: I had issues with dual monitors with the binary. But some time has passed, I should give another try…00:52
luc4zsc_38: but if I see the pointer…00:53
zsc_38I also have dual monitors and so far so good00:53
zsc_38but as I said, I only have it installed a few hours00:53
luc4zsc_38: ah ah! It works now.00:53
zsc_38good, I'm not sure which is best to use at the moment myself but that one works for now :)00:54
zsc_38are there any issue with plasma-panel?00:55
luc4zsc_38: I’ve always been working with nouveau… no specific problems.00:55
zsc_38wait, you are still using nouveau?!?00:56
luc4zsc_38: yes, simply reboot three times.00:56
luc4zsc_38: now everything is fine00:57
luc4zsc_38: weird00:57
luc4zsc_38: now every reboot is ok00:57
luc4zsc_38: maybe some problems while creating conf files, don’t know00:57
zsc_38I get very slow login and plasma-panel is unresponsive for about a minute. very annoying00:57
zsc_38UEFI and SSD wasted :(00:58
luc4zsc_38: everything ok with nouveau00:58
luc4zsc_38: also performance pretty good for me00:58
luc4zsc_38: ooh… also audio ok now… 15.04 was a little broken00:59
zsc_38nouveau was so bad for me in 15.04 I will never use it again. also, looking at benchmarks it has abyssmal performance in comparison01:01
zsc_38but hey, if it works for ya it works :)01:02
luc4zsc_38: actually I use this for work. Desktop effects are all I need. Framerate was good, even in dual screen.01:03
luc4ooh even headphones ok01:03
zsc_38ha, I try to do the same but I do need to check out some of my steam games on linux occasionally01:04
zsc_38i haven't even tried sound yet o_O01:04
zsc_38booted it up, sorted the gfx driver and ssh'd in01:04
zsc_38after checking out the new plasma in all its glory01:05
luc4zsc_38: yes yes… this is moving right on… even plasma is getting better01:08
luc4fixed many little bugs for me01:08
luc4actually not so little… 2015 I would expect 4K screens, not audio not working properly but… seems good01:09
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thetejuHey guys,,01:51
thetejuDoes kubuntu multimedia codec and all?01:51
mparilloYou could install kubuntu-restricted-extras, or applications like Google Chrome or VLC that might bundle the codecs, but I think the generals answer is no, not by default.01:53
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byabbablabbyo, is there any way to enable ctrl+alt+backspace to kill x or logout?02:34
bodomHey there, I have just upgraded to 15.10 and now KDE is complaining about 0% battery in systray and login screen. This is a desktop: i have no battery. Is there a way to get rid of this?03:20
amazingalex224not sure, I use desktop and it works fine03:21
bodomwill you borrow me your desktop? :)03:22
amazingalex224and how can u bootup if its at 0% battery?03:22
bodomeasy: it doesn't have a battery at all03:23
amazingalex224ur using a desktop?03:23
bodomyes, as i said03:23
amazingalex224well I did a plain install to 15.1003:23
amazingalex224and I just started using kubuntu today, so I probley wont be of much help03:24
bodom:) ty anyway03:24
amazingalex224ok, np03:24
byabbablabbalex, any problems with plasma?03:28
amazingalex224not really just problems with grub03:29
amazingalex224and windows, but ##windows just says ask a ubuntu channel, and ubuntu says ask ##windows.... so yah03:29
byabbablabbi get random panel crashes and can't figure it, hence my zapping question... no panel to logout03:29
byabbablabbwhat's the issue?03:30
byabbablabbi'm just using kwin_x11 --replace for now :/03:30
amazingalex224well i have 2 hard drives, and I want grub on my 2nd hard drive only but its on my first, where windows is, I dont want grub to have a windows selection, I want it to auto boot windows, and I install grub on 2nd hard drive03:31
amazingalex224does kwin have a selection menu?03:31
byabbablabbi'm not sure what you mean03:31
byabbablabbkwin is part of kde desktop.... we are getting crossed wires03:32
byabbablabbi am also dual booting with windows 10 onseparate ssds03:32
amazingalex224is there a way to delete grub from sda03:32
amazingalex224and just keep grub on /dev/sdb03:32
byabbablabbso you have grub and windows on sda and kubuntu on sdbat the moment?03:33
amazingalex224yes kubuntu on sdb03:34
byabbablabbwhich windows version?03:34
byabbablabbah good03:34
byabbablabbhow did you install it and do you still have the boot media - usb/dvd?03:34
byabbablabbwindows that is03:35
amazingalex224i have a usb03:35
amazingalex224well im downloading a iso03:35
amazingalex224right now for it03:35
byabbablabbok, so you haven't actually been able to try anything yet03:36
amazingalex224i installed it using yumi before but this last time it didnt work03:37
amazingalex224so ill try it again03:37
amazingalex224unless theres a program u can use on kubuntu thats allows u to install windows to a usb03:38
amazingalex224are u still here?03:40
byabbablabbi have only ever done it with windows media03:41
byabbablabbso, burn a disk or create bootable usb in windows03:41
byabbablabbi don't know of a program to create mbr on linux03:41
amazingalex224yumi works, on windows03:42
amazingalex224and I can bootup windows but the last time it didnt work03:42
amazingalex224the previous time before that it worked flawless03:42
amazingalex224ill try it again i guess03:42
byabbablabbwell, today i learned :)03:43
byabbablabbso you can create bootable windows media with yumi in lunux?03:44
amazingalex224if there is yumi for linux03:45
amazingalex224and if it works or not03:45
byabbablabbyou could try winusb - http://askubuntu.com/questions/289559/how-can-i-create-a-windows-bootable-usb-stick-with-ubuntu03:46
byabbablabbi can't vouch for it, however03:47
byabbablabbthen there is the manual method, but I have never tried that03:47
amazingalex224how do i make it so, my kubuntu wont sleep and I can let something download overnight?03:51
byabbablabbenergy saving from the kmenu03:52
amazingalex224just uncheck everything?03:53
amazingalex224that has time?03:53
byabbablabbexactly, yeah03:54
amazingalex224well cuz im downloading the iso from getintopc03:54
amazingalex224and its only downloading at like 0-2mb/s03:54
amazingalex224and usally right below 1mb/s03:54
byabbablabbdownload it from microsoft?03:54
amazingalex224and is taking a while03:54
amazingalex224too late now03:54
amazingalex224its like 75% done03:54
amazingalex224well bye03:55
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ni291187Hi, I just installed Kubuntu 15.10, this is my first time ever installing it, I just came from Windows.06:27
ni291187I connected to the wifi and the Firefox browser opens, but I'm not able to enter in sites. Any suggestions?06:29
ni291187I'm a total noob, please help!06:31
JohnnySparklesHi all07:05
JohnnySparkleseverytime I try and add an external monitor via the kubuntu display settings it seems to cause a crash of the plasma desktop and sends me back to the login07:06
JohnnySparkleswhere should I look for some hints of what the problem is?07:06
CoffeeJJohnnySparkles:  run KSystemLog and look into the X servr log07:17
JohnnySparklesI'm not seeing any errors in there.07:22
JohnnySparklesThe only interesting thing I'm seeing is HDMI-1-0 has no monitor section07:22
JohnnySparklesHDMI-1-0 is the monitor I'm trying to add. Should it have a reference in the xorg.conf? I thought that was what the display settings would do07:23
CoffeeJsystem settings -> display settings should set it up for u07:26
JohnnySparklesyeah, and when I enable it in display settings and click 'apply' I get a black screen and then end up back at the kubuntu login prompt...07:27
JohnnySparklesAnd I'm having trouble finding information on why it crashed so I can google it07:28
CoffeeJ JohnnySparkles the web suggest check the output of "xrandr"07:31
JohnnySparklesah, ok. just xrandr on the command line? Can you post a link?07:32
CoffeeJyes cmd line might have to install it dunno http://askubuntu.com/questions/3056/how-do-i-use-a-second-hdmi-connected-monitor | generally everything that applyes to ubuntu applyes to kubuntu as well07:33
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CoffeeJJohnnySparkles: back from login screen ?07:38
JohnnySparklesno, back from internet outage :)07:39
JohnnySparklesbut at least now I can read about xrandr.07:39
CoffeeJman is your friend :-)07:39
CoffeeJJohnnySparkles:  https://techbase.kde.org/KDE_System_Administration/Environment_Variables#Troubleshooting_and_Debugging has some debugging vars for kde and if it crashed there should be a entry in the system log07:44
JohnnySparkleswow, I fixed it with my first go at throwing together an xrandr command!07:46
JohnnySparklesWill this persist after a reboot or is this just for the current session?07:46
CoffeeJlook if it wrote it to the x config07:47
JohnnySparklesthe xorg.conf looks the same as it did before07:47
CoffeeJthen this will no pesist i think07:48
JohnnySparklesok, I think I've found something on google.07:48
CoffeeJmight think about filing a bug report for the display manager JohnnySparkles07:49
JohnnySparklesI did a "sudo X :2 -configure" to generate a xorg.conf.new that looks substantially different, does that sound about right to you?07:50
CoffeeJis there a monitor section for your two monitors in it ?07:50
JohnnySparklesThere's only one Monitor section and then a Screen section that has multiple inline displays07:51
JohnnySparklesHeh, just realised I can stop squinting and chat to you on my big monitor :)07:52
CoffeeJwell i think its solved then isn it ? JohnnySparkles07:53
JohnnySparklesI'm not sure what you mean07:53
CoffeeJu can add the xrandr cmd to /etc/init.d/rc.local if replacing the xconfig doesnt persist it07:54
JohnnySparkleswhich package should I file the bug report against?07:55
CoffeeJkde has its own bug tracker let me see if i can give u a link07:56
CoffeeJhttps://bugs.kde.org/ JohnnySparkles07:56
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lordievaderGood morning08:22
svend-evGood morning09:05
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snappyCatHi ! After updating my Kubuntu, plasma crashes when  I'm closing/reducing a window, what can I do ?10:50
tanghusHi. Distribution upgrade stalled for 15+ minutes while configuring libsane-common. Can I restart upgrader?11:09
BluesKajHiyas all11:26
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WildPikachudoes running maliit-server crash for anyone else under 15.10?12:16
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robotdevil1wtf why is opera 150 MB12:52
robotdevil1oops nm12:53
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DideirTrouble installing kubuntu 15.1013:50
BluesKajDideir, more details please13:52
DideirI got wrong when installing 15.04 then became worst with 15.10. I am trying to reinstall 15.10 from usb. System doesn't accept13:52
DideirI am trying another download from Wily Weewwolf13:53
DideirI did reinstall fron usb 14.04 working fine but kept 15.04 tried to update from 14.04 doesn't work13:54
BluesKajyou need to do a clean install , 14.10 is no longer supported13:55
DideirYes how13:55
DideirI can only use usb no cd on this machine13:56
BluesKajdo you have separate / and /home partitions?13:56
DideirDon't know that far13:57
hazamonzoHey folks. I just got a hold of a new Thinkpad W541 and decided to stick a copy of Kubuntu on it. I was able to get 15.04 installed but im not sure of the recommended next steps... The performance is REALLY poor (im thinking i'll need to get some better graphics drivers installed). Whats the best approach here?14:00
BluesKajDideir, perhaps you should join #ubuntu-es14:00
BluesKajhazamonzo, which gpu?14:01
DideirUsb works well since I did reinstall 14.04 but kept 15.10 distorted. Don't know if error from usb comes from wrong image or what is on Pc bother the installation14:01
hazamonzoBluesKaj: Umm, let me quickly check (its a workstation so when i purchased it i was only interested in CPU and RAM :) )14:02
hazamonzoBluesKaj: All the specs. http://pastebin.com/ymdnyc9714:03
hazamonzoLooks like a ... W540 NVIDIA Quadro K2100M 2G ?14:03
BluesKajDideir, using a translator doesn't help , join #ubuntu-es so you can speak in your language14:04
hazamonzoBluesKaj: I remember each new laptop i get its a bit tricky with graphics installation14:04
hazamonzoSo any pointers would be appreciated :)14:05
BluesKajhazamonzo, open system settings>driver manager, choose the recommended one after it stops scanning14:07
hazamonzookay. i'll give it a shot just14:08
hazamonzoBluesKaj: Im told the laptop requires no propietary drivers :(14:13
BluesKajhazamonzo, run this in the terminal, sudo lshw -C video14:15
hazamonzoBluesKaj: Let me just jump onto IRC on the laptop in question so i can pastebin the output14:16
hazamonzo_BluesKaj: http://pastebin.com/yUx1emJK14:19
hazamonzoBluesKaj: I hope it means more to you than it does to me :)14:21
BluesKajhazamonzo_, the nouveau driver usually does the job, but the nvidia proprietary drivers do a better job if you have slow downs etc14:21
hazamonzoBluesKaj: Yeah, the whole UI is very choppy and sluggish14:22
BluesKajthe nvidia proprietary driver recommended is part of the kubuntu package14:23
jukiI upgraded to 15.10 and now my laptop boots to black screen.  Any help?14:24
lordievaderIs it intended that the nouveau driver is blacklisted? hazamonzo, BluesKaj?14:24
BluesKajjuki, from 14.10?14:24
juki15.04 BluesKaj14:24
hazamonzolordievader: Im sorry im not sure i follow you..14:24
lordievaderhazamonzo: There is no driver loaded for your nVidia card.14:25
jukiupgraded to the 4.3 rc7 kernel last night... supposedly it has better display support, but still no luck BluesKaj14:25
hazamonzoahhh i see. It might explain the crazy lag :)14:25
lordievaderhazamonzo: Yeah, you are using the framebuffer. Is this intended?14:25
BluesKajlordievader, never had to blacklist the nouveau manually, it's automatic when the proprietary is installed14:26
didierNew image 15.10 didn't work say: "missing parameter in configuration file.Keyword:path " Then14:26
hazamonzolordievader: Nothing is intended at the moment. This is just a fresh install on a new laptop14:26
lordievaderBluesKaj: That is what I am asking. Is that installed and fails to load or something?14:26
didier"gfxboot.c32: not a COM·"R image14:26
BluesKajlordievader, no choppy sluggish response14:26
jukididier: type "help" there14:27
lordievaderhazamonzo, BluesKaj: Was/is the nvidia driver installed?14:27
jukiis that at grub on first boot didier?14:27
hazamonzolordievader: Not that im aware of14:28
jukinot here didier, where the error is14:28
BluesKajhazamonzo, run this, lspci -nnk | grep -i vga -A3 | grep 'in use' , include the quotes14:28
jukigfxboot.c32... type help there14:28
hazamonzoBluesKaj: okay. One mo14:28
didierok. come back14:29
hazamonzo_BluesKaj: No output for that one14:31
lordievaderhazamonzo: What is the output of 'cat /proc/cmdline'?14:32
hazamonzo_lordievader: BOOT_IMAGE=/boot/vmlinuz-4.2.0-16-generic root=UUID=f4a8fb64-bf69-45fb-9b56-0aa092f751c2 ro nomodeset quiet splash vt.handoff=714:33
lordievaderhazamonzo_: Why is nomodeset set?14:34
hazamonzo_lordievader: I knew you were going to ask that. I set that option during the install to get the OS to install14:34
hazamonzo_Before that i was getting blac screen after the whole "try Kubuntu"14:35
hazamonzo_i read elsewhere that someone used this option to get the installation working and he was right, well... i got it installed at least14:35
lordievaderhazamonzo_: Right, that option prevents any driver from loading...14:35
hazamonzo_ahhh okay!14:35
lordievaderThat is why you are using the frame buffer.14:35
hazamonzo_lordievader: So i borked the installation? :)14:36
lordievaderhazamonzo_: No. Remove the parameter and you should be fine.14:37
hazamonzo_lordievader: How might i go about removing that parameter? :)14:37
lordievaderhazamonzo_: Remove it from /etc/default/grub and run sudo update-grub2.14:38
hazamonzo_lordievader: Okay. one moment14:38
hazamonzo_lordievader: All done! Restart?14:41
BluesKajhmm, interesting lordievader what was the clue that indicated nouveau wasn't loading?14:41
lordievaderhazamonzo_: Yes.14:42
lordievaderBluesKaj: It is quite a common case.14:42
lordievaderBluesKaj: When a graphics driver doesn't load it is either blacklisting or nomodesetting.14:42
BluesKajdisplay UNCLAIMED?14:43
lordievaderBluesKaj: Yes, no driver claimed it.14:43
lordievaderAlso the missing bit about the driver ;)14:43
BluesKajso nomodeset unloads the driver and it runs on the framebuffer ?14:44
lordievaderNo, nomodeset prevent the driver from loading at all.14:44
BluesKajyeah , that was strange, missing driver14:44
BluesKajyeah unloads14:45
lordievaderNo, it doesn't unload it. It is never loaded in the first place.14:46
hazamonzoIts just restarting. Sitting on the "Kubuntu" logo and the laptop is working hard14:48
hazamonzoBeen like this for about 3 mins14:48
lordievaderWhat do you see when you hit esc?14:48
hazamonzolordievader: Esc doesn't remove the logo (as it usually would to see whats happening in the background i guess)14:49
hazamonzoAlmost like its frozen?14:49
lordievaderHmm -.-14:49
hazamonzolordievader: Any other thoughts? :)14:51
lordievaderIt should be supported by nouveau... Anyhow what you could do is boot up with the nomodeset, install the nvidia driver and reboot (without the nomodeset again).14:51
hazamonzolordievader: The binary from the NVidia website? Or from the repo?14:52
lordievaderFrom the repo.14:52
hazamonzoworth a shot14:53
BluesKajhazamonzo, never from the nvidia website. it may work for a while until a kernel upgrade comes along14:54
BluesKajbut then you 'll have a broken sytem14:55
lordievaderNah, you just need to recompile the driver against the new kernel. In short more manual work...14:55
hazamonzolordievader: Sorry to be a pain but how can i re-enable the nomodeset option from the grub?14:55
juki15.10 boots into black screen... if i drop to a tty and startx as su it logs into the desktop.  any help?14:56
BluesKajlordievader, well, it's broken then you have to rescue it14:56
BluesKajjuki, did you update and upgrade at the vt/tty?14:57
lordievaderhazamonzo: Press e in the menu then add it after the splash option. (Hold shift to get to the grub menu)14:57
jukiyeah, i probably did at some point to try and fix the no gui issue14:57
BluesKajjuki, install the gpu driver if you know which one it is, trying a different kernel is too drastic15:00
jukiif i get to the desktop using su doesn't that mean the driver works?15:01
jukifrom a tty... if I sudo startx i can get to the desktop15:01
BluesKajdon't use sudo startx , just startx15:02
jukii also created a new user and tried to startx from that standard user but I still get a black screen15:02
jukistartx gives me a black screen.. same as when i regular boot15:02
BluesKajbut I recommend rebooting after installing a driver15:02
jukiadded nomodeset at grub... same issue15:02
hazamonzolordievader: Okay. I got back into the OS, the resoilution is pretty chunky now but th sluggish performance has disappeared15:03
lordievaderhazamonzo: Is a driver loaded?15:03
BluesKajnomodeset as already described prevents the gpu driver from loading15:03
hazamonzoShall i still go ahead with this NVidia driver install from the repo?15:03
jukidoesn't making it to the desktop as SU mean the driver is fine BluesKaj?15:04
BluesKajhazamonzo, try the driver manager in system settings15:04
BluesKajyou don't use su , juki this isn't debian15:05
jukiit's from troubleshooting BluesKaj15:05
lordievaderhazamonzo: Could you answer my question?15:05
hazamonzoBluesKaj: Still no drivers needed in the driver scan :)15:05
jukican't get to the desktop as a regular user, that's my issue15:05
hazamonzolordievader: Sorry im not sure how to check :(15:05
lordievaderhazamonzo: lspci -k |grep -A 3 VGA15:06
jukibut for testing i can sudo startx and get to the desktop, so this I assume is not a video driver issue15:06
BluesKajok juki , nevermind , do what you want ...good luck ]15:07
hazamonzo_lordievader: http://pastebin.com/WCNUjp8015:08
lordievaderhazamonzo_: Nope, no drivers. I'd install the nVidia one if I were you.15:09
hazamonzo_lordievader: Okay i'll give it a try15:09
hazamonzo_lordievader: Getting somewhere though. The resolution might be chunk as hell now but at least its fast :)15:10
BluesKajhazamonzo_, probly the nvidia-34015:10
hazamonzo_BluesKaj: Okay. Just doing a apt-get update15:11
hazamonzo_give me a mo15:11
BluesKajhazamonzo_, the nvidia website will tell you which driver to use, just don't use their version15:12
jukiit was something in the /home partition BluesKaj.  I just reinstalled and formatedd the /home this time and now the desktop loads15:12
hazamonzo_BluesKaj: Ahh okay. Let me have a look then :)15:12
lordievaderhazamonzo_, BluesKaj: Ain't 352 available? That is what the nVidia site gives me.15:13
hazamonzo_lordievader: 352 is in the repo yeah15:13
hazamonzo_just checking the website as BluesKaj recommended15:14
BluesKaji'm surprised that the driver magaer doesn't recommend one15:14
hazamonzo_So would i be best to go for the 352 driver?15:15
BluesKajif nvidia recommends it, yes15:16
hazamonzo_BluesKaj: Looks like it15:17
BluesKajsudo apt install nvidia-352, or use the package manager15:18
hazamonzo_BluesKaj: Its installing :)15:18
hazamonzo_So im a little curious (while this driver installs), why might re-adding the nomodeset and booting back into the OS would the performance improve yet the UI become super chunky?15:19
hazamonzo_I was under the impression i would get the sluggish UI again by re-enabling the nomodeset15:20
BluesKajdefault resolution15:20
hazamonzo_BluesKaj: I checked the Display Configuration and im told its set to the 2880x1620 (im never to remember this new resolution....)15:21
lordievaderhazamonzo_: It might be it switched to the other graphics card....15:21
lordievaderYou are another lucky winner of hybrid system problems!15:21
hazamonzo_lordievader: Ha! I know right? My old laptop was the same :s15:21
lordievaderNow that I think about it, there was some extra package for it.15:21
BluesKajhmm, odd that nvidia-prime wasn't installed in that case15:22
hazamonzo_BluesKaj: I used to have an ATI card in my old desktop. Is there much argument between the better supported graphics cards in linux these days?15:23
hazamonzo_Im.... really not a graphics person15:23
BluesKajhazamonzo_, ati was well supported in linux until amd bought them , down hill ever since15:24
hazamonzo_So Nvidia all the way to be safe :)15:24
* lordievader runs an ATI/AMD15:25
BluesKajI use a plasma tv as a monitor so graphics are important, altho a fancy expensive gpu isn't necessary15:25
hazamonzo_If i can get the second moniter at my office working i'll be happy :)15:26
hazamonzo_okay so the drivers are installed. You need some output before i restart?15:27
hazamonzo_Some sanity checking stuff. Not sure if you're interested15:27
* hazamonzo_ has no idea what it means15:27
hazamonzo_Well just in case before i restart... http://pastebin.com/PNzzP7yd15:29
BluesKajthis is my first with my new ssd. pretty snappy so far altho this being a dev OS there is some odd slow behaviour15:31
didierback on 15.1015:31
didierThough problems with system fonts. they look broken any sugestions15:32
hazamonzoBluesKaj: lordievader: Rebooted, saw the nicer Kubuntu logo, then a quick terminal login screen and now darkness... :s15:32
lordievaderhazamonzo: Autologin?15:33
hazamonzolordievader: Nope15:33
lordievaderHmm, is nvidia-prime installed?15:34
hazamonzolordievader: I only installed nvidia-352. The final output was http://pastebin.com/PNzzP7yd15:34
lordievaderYeah, I know.15:34
hazamonzoIt does mention prime15:34
lordievaderAh, it does. Hmm...15:35
lordievaderBluesKaj? You know more about hybrid systems ;)15:35
hazamonzoWell... CTRL+ALT+F1 and i can still get to a login at least :)15:36
hazamonzoterminal login that is15:37
didierDoes it have to do with graphic options?15:38
hazamonzolordievader: Worth trying to boot with the nomodeset in grub again or?15:39
lordievaderhazamonzo: It might get you a desktop, but it won't get you a workable driver.15:40
hazamonzolordievader: ahh i see15:40
hazamonzoIt was all looking do promising too! :D15:40
BluesKajhazamonzo, could ypu pastebin lspci please15:42
BluesKajis that possible?15:42
hazamonzoBluesKaj: I'll do what i can. Might be a little harder as im restricted to a basic terminal at the moment. Adding nomodeset to try and get into the desktop again failed15:43
hazamonzoBluesKaj: But give me a mo and even if i have to type the output manually i'll do it! :D15:43
hazamonzoBluesKaj: Dang... thats a chunk of output. Was there anything in particular you were looking for?15:46
BluesKajhazamonzo, no to worry , I checked out your laptop, you have a discrete nvidia gpu , not a hybrid15:49
BluesKajnot to15:49
hazamonzoBluesKaj: That sounds about right15:49
BluesKajit makes things simpler to fix15:49
hazamonzoThere are two listed here15:49
hazamonzoAn Intel one and Nvidia one15:49
BluesKajthen you have a hybrid, makes it more difficult, damn lenovo they have so many different versions of the same model15:50
hazamonzoAck. It does get a tad confusing15:51
hazamonzoVGA COmpatible Controller: Nvidia Corp GK106GLM [Quadro k2100M] (rev 1)15:52
BluesKajhazamonzo, the intel is for low level computing , but when the graphics get busy the nvidia takes over.15:52
hazamonzoVGA COmpatible Controller: Intel Corp 4th Gen  integrated graphics (rev 6)15:52
hazamonzoBluesKaj: Yeah I understand, same as my old asus laptop15:52
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BluesKajok do you have switcheroo installed?15:53
hazamonzoBluesKaj: Probably not. Im not sure what that is15:53
hazamonzoThis is a vanilla install of kubuntu aside from the nvidea drivers we installed a moment ago15:54
lordievaderBluesKaj, hazamonzo: I see 2 gpu's http://pastebin.com/WCNUjp8015:54
hazamonzoBluesKaj: lordievader: I think maybe i should have gone for an older laptop :)15:57
BluesKajlordievader, yeah, I saw that afterwards15:58
BluesKajhazamonzo, there's a chance that the nvidis-352 may not work for some reason, remove it and install the nvidia-340, it's a slight regression, but it might work16:01
hazamonzoOh my lord! I just realised (while trying to google the issue) that this thing doesn't have an HDMI port LOL16:01
hazamonzoI should have paid closer attention to the specs :s16:01
hazamonzoBluesKaj: Okay. I'll give it a shot16:01
BluesKajhazamonzo, probly has a dispaly port16:01
BluesKajerr display16:01
hazamonzoSome "Thunderbolt" port :)16:02
hazamonzoand a good 'ol VGA16:02
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hazamonzoahhh thats a bummer... my wireless doesn't seem to be working in this terminal16:04
hazamonzoFound a cat5 cable!! Wooooo!16:11
hazamonzoBluesKaj: I've removed 352 and im installing 34016:11
hazamonzoBluesKaj: lordievader: I appreciate the help guys16:12
hazamonzoAm i right in thinking if the 340 drivers fail to help us then i'd be running out of solutions pretty fast?16:13
BluesKajhazamonzo, well there some very knowledgable users at #ubuntu who might be able help you further16:19
hazamonzoBluesKaj: I tried the 340 drivers with no luck im afraid So i removed them again to see if i can at least get back into the OS16:20
BluesKaj#ubuntu supports all flavours16:20
hazamonzoBluesKaj: And you're right. This isn't really a kubuntu issue im guessing. More a Ubuntu / Nvidia issue16:20
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hazamonzoBluesKaj: lordievader: Thanks again for the help guys :)16:21
BluesKajok , I have to go ..sat afternoon jam today16:21
hazamonzoBluesKaj: Have fun!16:22
TJ-where the heck is the compositor disabler setting in 15.10 installer? I used it a couple weeks ago now I can't find it16:29
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KNROis the fix for this (https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=354230) landed in Kubuntu 15.10 yet?17:33
ubottuKDE bug 354230 in general "Blocking calls from PlasmaNM to BlueZ for 30s" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]17:33
MamarokKNRO: did you read the latest comment?17:36
Mamarokyou can just activate the updates PPA17:36
soeecommited but not released: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/plasma-nm/+bug/150933417:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1509334 in plasma-nm (Ubuntu Wily) "[regression] [sru] plasma-nm blocks temporarily on startup w/o bluetooth device – KDE/Plasma very slow to launch (Kubuntu 15.10)" [Undecided,Fix committed]17:45
Mamaroksoee: the easiest thing is to activate the PPA anyway,  as suggested in the bug report he refers to17:46
KNROMamarok: yup I missed that!17:54
byabbablabbhi all, quick qeustion about link handling in konversation...18:19
byabbablabburls automatically opened in chromium which I didn't want, and I rarely use chromium so I removed it completely. how to have firefox hanle these urls?18:20
byabbablabbor any application for other link types for that matter18:20
Mamarokbyabbablabb: it all depends which browser you set as default in your KDE settings18:46
Mamarokif you want it to use another browser, you can change this in the Konversation settings, in Behavior -> General18:47
byabbablabbperfect! firefox is default but for some reason konversation was opening links in chromium.  thanks i sorte it with your suggestion18:50
Mamarokvishal_: start by not shouting around maybe?19:00
Mamarokall capitals is like shouting19:00
Mamarokvishal_: bulk mails by rotating IP's, sounds like you want to send spam, not sure I want to help youw ith that19:06
vishal_not really19:06
vishal_your Ip can send only a fixed amount of mail till it is whitelisted19:06
vishal_i wanna send more mails19:06
vishal_for now im only testing in my local environment19:07
vishal_but unbale to do the same19:07
Mamarokthe limit for SMTP is at 1k, this not enough? Still sounds like spam, I dont' see another reason to send more than 1k mails per day19:08
vishal_for now im trying in local.19:10
Mamarokfor setting up Exim, have a look here: https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/exim4.html as for rotating IP's no idea how to tweak that, though19:10
byabbablabbwhat is it with people using the return key for punctuation?19:11
Mamarokbyabbablabb: custom on IRC19:11
Mamarokmind you, elipse is not exactly a sane alternative :)19:11
byabbablabbdo you mean that it's actual etiquette to do that rather than a paragraph or so of text?19:13
Mamarokwell, on IRC you usually write one sentence. Of ccourse you can write longer stuff, b ut IRC is limited to 255 characters per "line" anyway, so it will split your stuff19:14
vishal_let me check19:14
austin6598byabbablabb> longer than 3 lines and you better pastebin19:14
Mamarokactually more than 3 lines hs to be frowned upon, as it comes over like flooding on many clients19:15
byabbablabbok.  it's just that I noticed someone else saying they would kick in a different channel for doing exactly what vishal was doing.19:15
byabbablabbbut that's good to know. just use sense when doing so I guess19:16
Mamarokoh, that would ahve been for shouting I guess19:16
byabbablabbit was text just like this19:16
byabbablabband then he would say something else19:16
byabbablabboh wait19:16
byabbablabbi see now19:16
byabbablabb^ this kind of thing19:16
Mamarokbyabbablabb: yes, that is not a good behaviour either19:17
Mamarokbut he didn't do this for just one workd19:17
byabbablabbso a happy medium.  thanks for clearing it up19:17
Mamarokone sentence per line is OK, what is not OK is one line per word19:18
byabbablabbthat makes sense, i just don't wanna be annoying people when asking questions or giving feedback19:18
Mamarokbyabbablabb: there are actually guidelines for IRC in the *buntu namespace, you can have a look here:19:22
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines19:22
Mamarokvishal_: if you have a specific target audience you should consinder a mailinglist or a newsletter19:24
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BlueProtomanIs there any software on vanilla Ubuntu (i.e. through GNOME) that I can't use on Kubuntu?22:55
j4s0nmchr1st0sadd peers23:06
j4s0nmchr1st0s0 peers23:06
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CapsAdminon a laptop i barely use with almost just a clean install of kubuntu firefox keeps redirecting me to malicious sites23:59

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