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commander_hello developers10:03
commander_anyone on here ?10:04
jplatteHi, I'm about to start creating a new UT App. I have a huge set of Frameworks to select from. Which one should I be using??14:50
jplatteIt's a "QML App with C++ plugin (cmake)", but I still see Frameworks with -html at the end. And -papi, whatever that is.14:50
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jplatteAnd there are the ones without a suffix, of course14:50
jplatteI've selected ubuntu-sdk-15.04.1 for now, I guess I can change it later if someone explains the difference to me and using the -qml actually makes more sense14:52
Dragonkeeperjplatte:  its aimed at the device ur building for15:01
jplatteDragonkeeper: That hardly tells me anything. Which framework do the officially supported devices have?15:02
jplatteAnd what are those suffixes?15:02
Dragonkeeper15.04 , when u plug your device in the version usually shows up to match    and im not 100% on the suffexes15:04
Dragonkeeperthe normal one works for me15:04
jplatteAlright, then I'll remove the .115:05
jplatteWell... The CMake stuff doesn't seem to work15:06
Dragonkeeperunsure,   using qmake seems to work here15:07
jplatteI can run cmake sucessfully through the dialog they have (which is really annoying that I have to click as often, but whatever) and when I try to build it tells me CC and CXX have been configured as15:08
jplatte/usr/bin/arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcc and /usr/bin/arm-linux-gnueabihf-g++15:08
jplatteWhich don't even exist15:08
jplatteNot gonna use qmake, the generated cmake files are magic enough15:09
Dragonkeeperare u trying to load it on a device ?15:09
jplatteI'm only trying to build it right now15:09
Dragonkeeperdo you have desktop kit active ?15:10
jplattelol it works if I run CMake manually15:10
Dragonkeeperu can click projects > build run >   edit build steps ...15:11
jplatteNot sure what exactly you mean15:14
jplatteBut I guess I'll be okay if I only use this hideous SDK thing for project generation, and figure out how to build for my device manually, because building native manually already works better than through the SDK15:15
jplatteThanks for trying to help though15:15
Dragonkeeperthe bar on the left  projects icon15:16
jplatteYeah I have the build and run tab in the project pane15:18
jplattebut I can't see any cmake options that I could switch around15:19
Dragonkeepermake the build steps the same as u do manually :) .  gonna go sleep now, my project is giving me a headache15:19
jplatteOhh, you're talking about the build steps below the cmake stuff15:20
jplatteYeah that's not gonna help15:20
jplattethat's what will be executed after cmake is configured15:20
jplattebut the cmake configuration is the problem15:20
jplatteOkay, so now I can build natively but it doesn't actually create an executable, instead you're supposed to run qmlscene {something}? I guess I'll just wait until this SDK fixes itself. *sigh*15:23
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vthompsonIs there a recommend way to install the latest UI Toolkit that's installed on the rc-proposed image on your development machine? The one in wily (and in the SDK team PPA) appears to be .3.1627+15.10.20150908-0ubuntu1 where as the version in rc-proposed is 1.3.1688+15.04.20151018.1-0ubuntu116:31
vthompsonThat should be 1.3.1627+15.10.20150908-0ubuntu1 above.16:32
dos000howdy )))16:50
dos000how do i compile a first app ?16:50
dos000i installed the ubuntu-sdk from 14.10 but it is still missing some stuff16:50
dos000ile:///home/me/3rdp/apps/ubuntu/samples/test001/app/Main.qml:2 module "Ubuntu.Components" version 1.1 is not installed16:51
dos000how do i get that "Ubuntu.Components" ?16:51
vthompsonsudo apt-get install qtdeclarative5-ubuntu-ui-toolkit-plugin might work, however, if you're running 14.10, maybe the version needs to be 0.116:53
dos000hmmm ...16:53
dos000any idea why this was not installed with ununtu-sdk ?16:53
vthompsonNo, it should be installed with the SDK... not sure why it would not have (if it wasn't)16:54
dos000wohoo .. works now16:56
dos000thanks )))16:57
vthompsondos000, what did you have to do (I got disconnected)16:57
dos000i had to install it )))16:57
dos000vthompson: it was missing that )))16:57
vthompsonah :)16:57
dos000vthompson: would take me years to fix this )))16:57
dos000thank you sir !16:58
vthompsonNo problem!16:58
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